Drunk lesbian firsttimers

I was sitting around the house one evening all by myself;
the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit
relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend, Jack, was out of town
too, at a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished
Jack was around to let me taste that wonderful cock of his. He’s
gets a beautiful 8” hard on that never ceases to amaze me. He
can stay hard for hours, it seems, and he’s one of the few
uncircumsized men I’ve ever known. The flesh enveloping the head
of his cock turns me on incredibly! I mixed myself a screwdriver and
decided I’d have to take matters into my own hands if I was going to find
sexual relief that evening. I decided to call my friend Lorie and
see if she wanted to come over. She and I sometimes like to
watch X-rated videos together, and it seemed like the perfect
evening for it. She answered the phone, and told me that she
could be over in about an hour. That gave me plenty of time to
get ready, and I went up stairs to my room to get dressed. I really
like wearing sexy lingerie, so I stripped off my skirt and blouse
and went to the dresser. Continue reading Drunk lesbian firsttimers

Party surprise

She was beautiful and she was my next door neighbor. Her name is Donna, and
she came over to welcome me to the building. We had a cup of coffee and some
cake she brought over, but she had to run. Going to her dance class she said.
I had taken some dance, so I asked about it. Apparently it was right across
the street, and many people from the building went, but she wasn’t sure that I
would like it, but, if I wanted I could tag along. There was a smile in her
eyes that wouldn’t let go. I put on my sweats and followed her.

It was three floors up. I was the only man in the place, and I could tell that
this wasn’t a soft workout for chubbies. Every woman there had a body that was
toned like a 64 Rolls. They wore their leotards with the grace of professional
dancers, flowing through the room. Many wore a wide sash of embroidered fabric
around their hips. They smiled at me. I was glad I wore my grey sweats.. they
were loose where it counted. I smiled back. Continue reading Party surprise

Starved for a man

I stared at the computer screen in front of me, suddenly
realizing I’d read the same paragraph a dozen times and still didn’t
know what it said. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t
concentrate, and my body felt alien to me.
I could feel every thread in my underwear. I could feel my
hair brushing against the back of my neck. I could feel my hard
nipples being caressed by my thin cotton shirt. I could hear the blood
whispering through my veins. All the tiny hairs on my body were
standing on end, as though I were under a high tension wire, or
holding onto a Van de Graaff generator. Electricity filled me, making
my head spin and my genitals flood with heat. Hot moisture oozed from
my body, dampening my underwear. My anus tensed and untensed over and
over, aching for something, or someone. Continue reading Starved for a man

Faculty lab

At the time I thought he didn’t notice me. Later I found that
just the opposite was true. I had been watching him for maybe two
months trying to decide what it was about him that made my hormones
go wild. When seated next to him I got so wet that I was worried
about leaving a stain on the chair. I had read about pheromone in
relation to animals, but never thought that people were subject to
the same influences.
Why we frequently found ourselves in such close proximity was
another story. The English department where I taught did not think
a lowly adjunct needed a computer. In fact, they didn’t even think
I merited a desk. In reality, I didn’t need a computer as
programming was just a hobby for me. I just liked the idea of
making a machine my slave. Continue reading Faculty lab

The sexy collegue

I was working at my father’s accounting office for the summer,
I didnt know a thing about the business, but I did know there was
enough ass working there to keep me quite busy for the whole summer.
i had my own office and my duties were to a ssist the office manager.
Most of the time I was on the phone or at lunch.

I became friendly with a number of the women that worked in the
back, as accountants and data entry operators. There was one women in
particular that made my blood boil the minute I saw her. She was
about 27 years old, black hair and green eyes. She was thin, and her
breasts fit her frame being on the small side. I got to know
Stephanie over the next week, having lunch with her and some other
employees. I found out she had been married for a year when she was
21, but could’nt handle being tied down to one person. Continue reading The sexy collegue

Construction worker

Sometimes I amaze myself by my total lack of common sense
when it comes to proving my macho against a female in various
tests of strength. This latest lapse in intelligence was one that I am
sure I’ll never repeat.

I began working with a construction company as a laborer. I was
physically in terrible shape; but, I thought that a few months of
this type of work would allow me to gain some strength and to
shed some of my flab. I began working with the company in the
month of April so that by June I had in fact started to improve my
Continue reading Construction worker

Fucked by three men

As you head down the hall, going to your friend’s penthouse apartment, you
hope no one opens the door and comes out. It’d be real embarrassing to see
you like this.

You knock on your friend’s door, and you hear her say, as she opens the
door,” Forget something?” As she opens her door, her mouth drops, and she
stares at you. She pulls you inside, asking, “What happened? Are you ok?
Should I call a doctor? ” You tell her you are ok, you just want to sit

She goes into the kitchen, and you hear her rummaging around. You start to
cry, feeling just what it was that they did to you. Sure, you enjoyed it
eventually, but it was so humiliating, to be taken like that, without
permission, to be violated in that way. Not by 1 man, but by 3. Continue reading Fucked by three men

Sexy fantasy party

The following weekend couldn’t come fast enough, but on Friday evening
the girls showed up as planned. I having invited six of my friends from
the club around for a drink that night. I showed the girls to their
bedrooms and watched them unpack.

They got showered and changed while I sat and chatted. They soaped and
fingered themselves all over. Lathering their bodies, they worked
their nimble fingers into both love holes, washing them out before
towelling themselves dry and rubbing scented oil into their sexes. Continue reading Sexy fantasy party

Flowering of bondage fantasies

The flowering of our S&M fantasies has been one of the highlights of
our sex life for Kathy and me. We began by using the telephone. I would
call her at work and describe in vivid detail what I planned to do to her
sexually that night. To my delight, I discovered that this excited her
and she walked around at work all day with a wet pussy. Knowing this
turned me on.

Gradually I began to smack her ass during sexplay, as she sat on top of
me or as she lay on her stomach sucking my cock. I would be on my haunches
in front of her, and as she sucked me, I would raise myself up on my knees,
hover over her and bring my palm down on her ass. At frist they were
exploratory smacks: light, but hard enough to make the rounded flesh of
her ass jiggle. Soon, though, I was spanking her full-force, causing her
ass to turn crimson with the imprint of my palm, and her pussy to turn
juicy. Continue reading Flowering of bondage fantasies


I am a doctor. I have been practicing medicine for 15 years.
I have my own practice and I do minor surgery at one of the
clinics in the city. I’m divorced. My husband divorced me in
1975. I mention this because my divorce turned me sour to men.
I think that had some bearing on my decision to undertake this

One afternoon in 1983, a couple came into my office, a hefty
woman, around 45, and a young man around 26 or so. They sat down
and the conversation that was struck that day amazed me and left
me speechless. The woman sat down and the man stood behind her.
She introduced herself then introduced the man. She simply said,
“This is my houseboy and personal slave.” She snapped her
fingers and this young man knelt down beside her chair, never
saying a word. I was shocked. She explained that they lived a
different lifestyle from most people. She explained how her slave
had given his life to her service. Continue reading Operation

Cheated into bondage

Zipperhead’s is a famous store here in Philadelphia. The store is
on South Street, sell cools clothes and shoes, some handcuffs and leather
and stuff, and is a great place just to hang out and watch people in.
Well, I’m in there for a reason yesterday: Saltgirl, whom I am
meeting at a kinky sort of party this weekend, bought a bitchin outfit
she was telling me about, but couldn’t find the wide shiny belt she
needed to really complete the ensemble. No problem. I knew just the
So I’m in there in the bondage-y section to your left as you walk
in and there’s this ultra-cool woman behind the counter, who has
piercings in places well, that you wouldn’t even find in a second-hand
_Gray’s_(which, incidentally, you could buy, just up the street, in
Philly’s largest used bookstore. Continue reading Cheated into bondage


Belt-test at the dojo, you as tester. You come home around ten,
flushed, sore, and exhausted. You sag into a soft chair, your equipment
bag still dangling from your fingers. I remove it from your hand and ask,
“How was it?”

“They were all very big and very good,” you mutter under your
breath, “and seemingly tireless.”


You shake your head. “A glass of water would be great, though.”
You gingerly untie your shoelaces and remove your shoes and socks. I go
into the kitchen and return with the water. “From the tap,” I say. “Not
too cold; don’t want your stomach to cramp, dearest.” Continue reading Tired

Audition turned to be simple fuck

You were understandably excited about the chance to get a starring role in a movie even though you were not familiar with
either the production company nor the director. But when you
arrived at the studio you first thought you must have the wrong
address. To say it was in a bad section of the city would have
been a naive statement. But then the producer who called you
told you that he did art films, so you didn’t really expect him
to have a glossy setup. At least his promise of exposure at the
Cannes Film Festival was enough to dispel any fears you may have

Once you walked inside and saw how nice the reception area was,
and how sophisticated the receptionist, your no longer doubted
the wisdom of your decision. The receptionist greeted you warmly
and asked you to have a seat until Mr. Lamborghini could come for
you. Lamborghini. Even the name was reassuring. Continue reading Audition turned to be simple fuck

Strange bondage

Standing on the street, you’re waiting comes to an end as the white
limosine pulls up directly in front of you. The door opens and you enter the
large back seat area, seeing three other women all dressed as you are. Each
wears a thin white cotton blouse, a short white skirt, white hose, and white
shoes. A bit confused, you sit down and close the door, and the other girls
are looking at you keenly.
One woman looks to be in her mid thirties, with short dark hair and very
piercing blue eyes. She has nice legs and her short skirt shows them off
well. The girl next to her seems only about 18 or 19, with firm, breasts,
and long blonde hair. She has brown eyes, and a sensual mouth. The third
girl is in her early twenties, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She has
the largest breasts of the four of you, and her legs are shapely as well. You
wonder what is going on with the three other women. You remain silent as you
were instructed, but your mind creates questions faster than you can think of
answers. Continue reading Strange bondage

In need for a place to stay

I had placed an ad in the paper to rent a room. Having to pay all of
the rent for such a large house was draining my resources. Besides,
a guy of 18 who had moved away from his parents watchful eyes, needed
to show them that he was self sufficient!

The ad said “Wanted, male, 18 to 24, to share 2 bedroom house, with same.
Rent, $200 per month. Call…” and the number was listed. I had the ad
running for a few weeks and a number of guys came by to look. The house was
a typical batchelor pad, sparse furniture and no frills. It was located
in a quiet neighborhood and far back far from the street and other houses.
I was renting from a couple who had moved to Florida and wanted someone
to take care of the house. Continue reading In need for a place to stay