A couple and me

I’m on vacation with my parents on the Riviera, and like many girls and
guys there, I get around a lot by hitchiking. Most of the time I don’t do it
alone, but today the girl I’m with has to leave early to meet her parents.
She and I are staying in Nice, but every afternoon we go to the beach at
Juan-les-Pins, which is nicer.

So she leaves around 5:00, and I don’t decide to go back to Nice until
7:30. On vacation, my parents let me come home by 9:30, without asking any
questions, but I feel sort of lonely without my friend, and the guys are no
fun, so I decide to go back early.
I put on a short robe over my bathing suit and take my beach bag and
go up to the road and start hitching. Usually you don’t have to wait at all,
but today I avoid cars with single men or groups of men in them. I think it’s
better to get a ride with a couple. It takes longer this way. About 10 cars
with couples pass me by, with my thumb out. After about 10 minutes a gray car
stops, a brand I don’t know (Now I know it was a volvo).
“Where are you going?” the woman asks.
“To Nice, Madame.”
“Good. We are going there ourselves. You may get in.”
She leans over to open the back door, and I get in the car and sit in the
back seat, which is very comfortable.
“Thank you”, I say.
Polite. Always be polite, no?
The man and the woman say “bonjour,” and the car moves off.

Sitting on the right, I can see the man’s profile: he looks about 40 years
old, with very gray hair, but lots of it. He is very tan, and fairly handsome.
When he says “bonjour,” I find his voice beautiful. Not that it’s important,
whether he’s handsome or ugly, but I like to travel with nice people. He is
wearing a white shirt.
Changing sides, I look at the woman: she would be about 30 years old, with
fine features and blond hair, cut short. She has large eyes, which I think are
blue, although I can’t see them very well. She is wearing a blue blouse with
buttons on the back. She turns around:
“What do you think of us?”
“Ha! Well, you know, the mirror works both ways. So what do you think of
She says this with a big smile. She has beautiful white teeth. There is a
very slight gap between her two front teeth. I see that her eyes really are
blue. A touch of irony passes over her face as she looks at me.
“Do you think we make a nice couple?”
I feel a little stupid. I don’t know what to say to this kind of question.
Do they make a nice couple? Yes, you could say that. But I haven’t really
thought about it. I was looking at them because I didn’t have anything else
to do. I knew the route by heart, and there was no more countryside to
“Since you are not saying anything, may I say that I find you rather
attractive? Wouldn’t you say so, Henri?” The eyes of the man appear in the
mirror, studying me. I see his face in the mirror too. He has a certain
virility, with some gentleness to his features. Now that she asks the question,
I would say that I find both of them very nice.
“Very, very attractive,” the man says.
“Well, I think you are both nice. And you’re not bad as a couple.”
“Not bad. You hear that, Henri? But we are a perfect couple. More than
perfect, even. We have the same tastes, the same needs, and the same desires,
at the same exact moments.”

Somewhat impudently, without really being aware of what I am saying, I say:
“And at this exact moment, what do you both want?”
The man and the woman exchange a look, then a small smile.
“Well, if you had asked that question just before we met you, we would have
said that we wanted to go back to our place, and change, before going out to
dinner,” the woman says.
“And now,” the man adds, “we want you.”
This sudden “attack” takes my breath away. I am a little shy, and after
hearing this, I am speechless and a little uncomfortable. And what does that
mean, that a couple “wants me.” At 15, I’m having a hard time imagining what
three people could do. To tell the truth, I’ve never imagined this sort of
thing at all, and the brusque revelation of such a possibility makes me
uncomfortable and attracts me at the same time.
“What do you think of that?” the woman asks, still turned toward me.
“Nothing. I don’t know… What does that mean: you want me?”
“That means,” the man said, “that we would like to have you near us, in our
bedroom, and that we would like to kiss you, and caress you, and a thousand
other things. Both of us. At the same time.”
“What do you think of that?” the woman asks again.
I can’t think of anything to say. The idea appeals to me, but I don’t dare
answer, somehow. Are they making fun of me? Did they say this for a laugh?
Are they pulling my leg? But they look serious, even with their smiles.
“My parents expect me home by 9:30.”
“Good. It is 7:25 now. Here is what I suggest: when we get to Nice, you
come to our place and have a drink. We will take off your clothes and try to
bring you some pleasure, but you can stop or leave whenever you want. We give
you our word of honor, my husband and I.”
So they are married. But they don’t wear rings. Should I go with them?
Honestly, I want to. The idea excites me, and I am proud that they find me
beautiful in this way. If I go with them, it seems to me that I will be
entering the world of adults, for good, and I want that.

“I would like that very much.”
“Very good,” says the woman. “Have you already been with a couple?”
“This is the first time? Really?”
“And have you already been with a man?”
“Yes, a little.”
“You aren’t a virgin?”
“No… Last year, a boy and I…”
“Brava. And did you do it again, often?”
“No, but I have made love many times since then.”
I don’t want them to take me for a girl who doesn’t know what to do.
“Well! Good. But you say that you did not do it again, but…?”
“I didn’t do it with a boy; I did it with girls. I do that often.”
“Oh. You have girlfriends,” the man says.
“Yes, of course.
I say this in a very liberated and mature way.
“That’s very good,” the woman says. “But how old are you?”
“16.” (I grew a year. 16 is better than 15, I think.)
“Do you have a lot of girlfriends?”
“Three or four. But here, I only have one. In Paris I have four of them.”
“So you are a little bit bored here, maybe. Or perhaps, to compensate, you
caress yourself sometimes?”
“Oh… even in Paris, I masturbate often.”
They look at each other again. This time they seem to be thinking about
their good luck. It’s true. I know girls in Paris. I’ve picked them up and
they’ve picked me up. Girls do have these feelings, you know.
“Well, we will try to give you as much pleasure as you find with yourself
or your friends.”

I don’t answer, but this will be difficult for them. When I masturbate or
lick my girlfriends in Paris, or even in Nice with Martine, it seems to me
that I could not have more pleasure. But OK, if they want to try… Little by
little, the idea of being with them excites me, and I’m sure that I’m getting
a little wet. I would like to check with my finger, but I don’t dare.
“OK, Henri?”
“Very good, cherie, very good.”
I see the woman’s arm move toward the man’s legs. The seatback keeps me
from seeing more, but I think she must be caressing him through his pants.
“We are here. We live at the end of this street.”
She turns around to say this, but her left arm is still close to her
husband, and I see it move a little.
I would like to see what she’s doing, but I will never know exactly,
because we arrive and get out of the car.
She says they rented an apartment in this building–a very beautiful, de
luxe sort of building–on the seventh floor, with a balcony and a view of the
sea, as one must.

I am between them in the elevator. The man is not very tall. About 5′ 6″
He is closer to 45 than 40, but he’s still very thin. The woman is about his
height in her flat heels, and she seems to be about 28. Her chest seems large
to me, as do her buttocks. Slender, with long fine legs. We leave the elevator,
and she walks ahead of us down the corridor to unlock the apartment.
“You will come back, I hope,” the woman says, “but since I know you have
little time today, I won’t give you a grand tour of the apartment. You should
see the balcony. The view is really superb. Suppose we have our drink in the
bedroom. Would you like that?”
“It’s over here,” the man says, taking my hand.
“I’ll be back with something to drink,” the woman says. “Do you like scotch?”
“Yes…” (I’ve never tasted it.)
The man and I go into the bedroom. It is beautiful. Paintings hanging on
pale, bright walls. A thick carpet on the floor and a canopy bed that I would
like to own. On the bed, an enormous white fur that must be nice to snuggle up
in. A little table, several chairs, and a mirror on the wall, facing the bed.

“Do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s beautiful.”
“Well, that’s nice. It is important to feel good where you are, no?”
“Well, a glass for everyone. What is your name, by the way?” the woman says
as she comes in.
“That’s very pretty. Well, Lauren, let’s drink to our meeting and free
women like you.”
I drink. A swallow. It burns. I cough.
“We have something else if that’s too strong… You needn’t drink that.”
I am grateful the man says this. With a look of thanks, I put my glass on
the little table. I’ve had enough. It’s clear they are thinking of something
other than drinking. Me too.

But suddenly I’m a little afraid. This is a very special situation, and
it’s the first time for me. In any case, they promised that if I would like to
leave, I can. This reassures me some.
“Come sit down near me, on the bed,” the woman says.
She is already sitting there. I go over and sit near her. The fur on the
bed is very soft.
The man remains standing, for the moment, looking at us.
The woman puts an arm around my shoulders and, with no preliminaries, puts
her lips on mine. Her tongue opens my mouth slightly and moves around inside,
lightly. This kiss affects me very strongly. She pulls me back, gently, and
we tip over onto the bed. She is lightly covering me.
“Take off your top of your bathing suit,” she breathes in my ear.
Yes… I want to take it off. She kisses well. Her lips are soft and warm.
I arch my back a little and move my hands under my back and unbutton the
top. Immediately, the woman unbuttons the top of my robe with her right hand
(her left is still resting on my neck) still kissing me. She lifts up the top
of my bathing suit, which ends up near my chin, and takes one of my breasts in
her hand. She pinches the nipple between two fingers and then takes it all in
her hand, sometimes caressing it softly and sometimes squeezing it hard. Soon
she abandons this breast and takes the other, continuing to caress me; one,
then the other, still kissing me. I feel wonderful. Very fine… For the
moment, I don’t want to leave… I have almost forgotten the man, when I feel
two hands taking off the bottom of my bathing suit. I am in a wonderful place,
and I raise my hips to let the bathing suit slide off completely. Straightening
my head a little, I see the man. He is completely nude, and I cannot take my
eyes off his sex: long, very long, not too thick. Much more beautiful than my
boyfriend’s. He becomes aware that I am looking at him.
“Does this please you?”
I cannot answer, since the woman is still kissing me, but my eyes must have
answered for me: “Yes, this pleases me, a magnificent penis, which should
know how to bring me great pleasure.”
I’m not afraid at all. I feel fine.

I let myself fall back completely. I close my eyes and try to taste my
feelings and sensations as much as I can.
The woman is still caressing my chest, and doing it very well.
Now the man passes his arms under my thighs and holds them rather firmly,
and, delightfully, I feel his mouth on my vagina. I am very wet, and his tongue
travels in, and sometimes makes very quick movements inside, tapping. No girl
or guy has ever done this to me before. The end of his tongue taps inside me and
turns a little, this way and that. A fabulous sensation. I will come quickly
if this continues.

The woman ends her kiss, and now she takes my breasts in her mouth. She
blows on one nipple and flicks it with her tongue, deliciously. My God, how
wonderful. I have never known this. Now the man takes my clitoris between his
lips and inhales it into his mouth, and his tongue slips and turns and licks
me. He does this so well. I feel I am going to come. The woman has one of my
breasts in her mouth, and she is caressing the other with her hand. The man
is licking me faster and faster. I no longer know where I am! I am in a place
where everything is beautiful, magnificent. I scream involuntarily, very
loud. I am aware of my body flailing and snapping when I come. I fall back,
panting, not moving.
How can one have so much pleasure? All that I’ve known till now is nothing
close to this… Thank you for giving me this enormous pleasure.

“So it was good?” the woman asks.
“Oh, yes. Oh, yes…”
“She is a passionate one,” the man says. “And she likes oral sex, I would
“Lie back now, Lauren. That was just an hors-d’oeuvre.”
“Perhaps she would like to go home now,” the man says, smiling.
“Oh… no… I say. I don’t ever want to go home.”
“You are a marvelous girl, Lauren,” the woman says.
“What is your name?”
“Marie-Laure. Do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s pretty, Marie-Laure. Gentle, like you.”
“You can watch us while you recuperate a bit, OK?”
I stretch out comfortably on the bed, my back against the headboard, and
look at the mirror across from me: a very happy girl.
“Would you like to take off all your clothes like us?” the man says.
I look at the woman. With a move of her hand she has undressed. What a
body! This is a real woman. A magnificent chest and a stomach that is almost
completely flat. She has red hair on her vagina, and she turns, letting me
admire her very beautiful derriere: two hemispheres with an extraordinary
graceful outline. I have an irresistable urge to touch them.
They are both standing up, near each other, and they really do make a
beautiful couple, physically. The man is still hard. I admire his sex.
I undress completely, as they suggested, and lie down on the bed again,
letting them look at me.

“You have a very beautiful body, Lauren,” the woman says.
“Oh, no, next to yours…”
“We are differently made, but believe me, you have a body that will please
many men.”
“Men! I make fun of them.”
“Really?” says the man.
“You are different.”
“You are beautiful. Open your eyes, Lauren.”
Don’t worry, I’m not going to close them, I think. They are standing
between the bed and the mirror, near the left column of the bed. I can see
their backs in the mirror.
The woman gets down on her knees between the man’s legs, and she does
something that I have never seen or done myself: she takes his penis in her
mouth. This is called “sucking,” I know, and I feel a certain strange awe,
His penis disappears entirely into her mouth sometimes, then comes out
halfway, then disappears again. Her hand holds it at the base. Sometimes she
takes it out and licks it all over with her tongue, sometimes lengthwise,
sometimes all around. He is very hard.
She puts his penis back in her mouth and sucks hard. She seems to like this
a lot! Is it that good?
My silent question seems to have been heard:
“Would you like to do this yourself?” the woman says.
“I have never done it.”
“So much the better. Come over here. Lie on the bed, on your stomach, so
your mouth will be near my husband.”
I go over. The man is near the bed, and the his sex is about the same
height as the bed. I move over on my hands and knees, and lie with my head near
the man.

“Here is what to do,” he says.
“The most important thing is not to touch my penis with your teeth.”
“Pretend you are licking some ce cream on a stick,” the woman says.
“Don’t bite the stick,” the man says, and smiles.
“Put your mouth around me, and lick me as much as possible with your
tongue, all over. You can breathe, suck, lick, whatever you want. If you are
gifted this way, you will sort of know what to do..”
I am very excited, but somewhat hesitant. I move my face nearer his penis.
Inches from my eyes. It is red, somewhat crimson at the end. It pulses
perceptibly. Beautiful.
“Are you afraid?” the woman says.
No, I’m not afraid. You will see. I open my mouth wide and gulp it in, and
close my lips on it. It fills my whole mouth, warm and vibrant. Alive.
I do what I saw the woman do, moving my face backward and forward, letting his
penis almost leave my mouth and moving my mouth back around it again. This is
strange, but I like it. I get more used to it, and I am very happy to taste
and feel this living penis with my tongue and lips. I move it all the way to
the back of my mouth and begin to lick it all over with my tongue, holding
it fairly strongly with my lips.
“Formidable! You have a marvelous tongue,” the man says.
“Hold his penis with your hands, too,” his wife advises.
My mouth is too small to take it all in, and I hold the part that is still
outside fairly firmly with my hand, moving it in and out of my mouth. Then
I remember the other part, and take it out and lick it from bottom to top,
and go around it with my tongue. His pubic hair is brown and coarse. It rubs
my face. I rub his penis on my cheeks and kiss him here and there. I touch his
testicles carefully. There is less hair near his navel, which I touch with my
tongue. I put his penis back in my mouth and close my eyes.
I prefer to have it in my mouth. I suck more strongly and lick and lick and
purse my cheeks and move back and forth. How nice. I have found something
wonderful.. I will want to do this again, often.

“Stop,” The man says.
I stop, surprised.
“Am I doing something wrong?”
“Oh, no. But I was about to come, and I don’t want to do that now.”
“Really, you liked it?”
“Yes. You have a marvelous talent.”
Marvelous talent. Marvelous tongue. Lots of girls have told me that, but
never a man. I am proud. I want to be a complete woman, sexually, as soon as
“Let’s go to the end of the bed,” the woman says, “we have only begun.”
She says this as she gently touches my face.
I like both of them…

She leans forward with her back to him, and puts her elbows on the bed. I
see her lovely buttocks in the mirror, fuller than mine, not as hard. As she
leans forward, I see her tan back and the bumps of her spine and the way her
ass begins. Splendid. Her legs are slightly apart, and I see her blond pubic
hair in the mirror. She puts her head on her arms; her breasts touch the fur.
The man moves behind her and puts his penis in her vagina. He enters slowly,
with no apparent effort, and when he is well inside her, he takes hold of her
hips and holds her to him very firmly. He doesn’t move forward and backward,
but in a circular way, with his hips. I imagine that this way his penis
touches every part of her inside. I see him begin to caress her in front,
too, with his finger.
The woman is making little noises, sort of cries, as he does this, which
stop sometimes, when the man thrusts his hips forward suddenly. Then she cries
out more intensely, in a satisfied way.
Her large eyes are half closed, but then she looks at me and says:
“Caress yourself, Lauren. I want to see your fingers between your thighs,
while my husband makes love to me. Pretend you are in bed, at night.”
Good idea. No need to ask twice. With a certain feeling of exhibitionism, I
move over to her and open my thighs as wide as I can and begin to masturbate
The man caresses the woman more quickly, with his middle finger, rubbing
all over her clitoris. He thrusts with his hips more often, shaking the bed.
“Caress youself well,” the woman says, “Oh. I am going to come. Stonger,
deeper, cheri. Go, go. Caress yourself, Lauren, I’m coming…”
Now the man moves backward and forward in her with a steady rhythm, fairly
quickly, and his caressing finger is electrified. Her eyes turn up. I stop
masturbating and watch, captivated, until the woman collapses on her stomach
on the bed, her feet on the ground,” the man still inside her, his hand between
the bedspread and her stomach.
Very delicately, he takes away his hand and slowly removes his penis. The
woman does not move; her head rests on her left arm. The man is still hard,
and glistens with her liquid. That’s good. He has not come. I hope a lot more
will happen tonight.

“Since you seem to like licking me, would you like to do that some more?”
“Yes, very much.”
I start to get up.
“No, no. Don’t move.”
I stay as I am, half sitting up, my head leaning lightly against the head-
board. The man gets up on the bed and walks over to stand above me, with one
foot on each side of me. His penis is nice to look at that way. Then he kneels
down, with his knees on each side of my breasts and his penis about an inch
from my mouth. He puts one arm behind my head and moves it forward until my
lips are touching his sex. I open my mouth, and he moves his hips forward and
puts it in. Now he is holding my head with both hands, and I am immobilized.
“Don’t move. Just open your mouth and lick my penis when it is in your
The man begins to move forward and backward in my mouth. Exactly as if it
were my vagina, going deep in my throat sometimes. I move my tongue all over,
licking his penis and sucking him hard.
“What a mouth you have. A palace,” he says.
He moves in and out more rapidly. His penis becomes very large, and I have
to open my jaws wide. I have a lot in my mouth, but this is nice.
“Do you want to come like this?” his wife asks.
“No, no. But you know, this kid is fabulous.”
He continues to go in and out, and I continue to make a sex for him with my
mouth. I breathe as much as I can, each time he withdraws. He slows down.
I close my eyes and feel. A miracle in my mouth. Warm, wonderful darkness
and silence. He moves in and out, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, for a
long time. I don’t know how long. I have stopped thinking. I can only feel.
With my mouth. His wonderful, moving, warm penis. The slow rhythm reminds
me of sailboats with large white wings. I cry. He caresses my face. I love
him. I cry some more. I am so happy. After some time, he stops. I look up.
His eyes are closed, and he is totally still. I move my head to take him in
deeper again, but his wife says:
“No. Not yet. The sightest movement…”
The man opens his eyes and relaxes.
“You are marvelous, Lauren.”
“Well, cheri, perhaps you would leave Lauren to me while you calm down.
Would you like that Lauren?”
“Yes. Very much.” (What a question!)
“OK,” the man says, and he gets off the bed and goes to sit in an armchair,
where he can see everything. His penis is still very hard.

The woman lies down with her head near my thighs.
69. I do it often with my girlfriends, and I like it a lot. Now I can show
them what I know…
She takes me by the hips and swings me on top of her, very quickly. She is
bigger than I am. She takes a pillow and puts it under her buttocks and puts
her knees up in the air, around my body, and we are nose to sex.
“You’ve already done this, I guess.”
“Of course.”
I feel perfectly at ease with them now, and I talk frankly, with no fear.
“Have you ever tried anal intercourse?” the man says.
“Would you like to?” his wife says.
“No. I think it would hurt.”
“Not really,” she says. “And many women have stronger climaxes that way.
Perhaps you are one of them.”
They are marvelous temptors. The idea never really occured to me, but now
that they mention it…
“Well, why don’t you get busy instead of talking,” the man said from the
armchair, where he was gently masturbating.
I get a little crazy. Some things do that to me. I used to ask my boyfriend
to masturbate often, because it excited me a lot. Seeing the man caress his
penis while doing this with his wife is very exciting for me.
The woman puts her tongue in my vagina and moves it around and licks me
very well. Her lips and nose are delightful. She touches me sometimes with her
fingers. I stop watching the man, and put my face between her thighs. She has
a slight odor, different from my girlfriends’, which exites me more.
My mouth and nose and chin are surrounded by hair, which covers her sex
completely. I have to use my fingers, and then, there, a very long clitoris
that guards the cave where I will drink from the sweetest of springs…

We play in these springs, very seriously. And laugh. I don’t know how many
times, or how long. My orgasm is continuous, as is hers, I know, as she
writhes under me. We go crazy. I move my fingers around in her vagina as I
caress her clitoris with my tongue. I feel the shocks of her orgasms with her
clitoris in my mouth. She puts her finger into my anus, a delicious surprise,
and I hold it tight as it moves all around in me, throwing my senses
off-balance. I do the same, leaving three fingers of my other hand in her
vagina. I have never done this to anyone. You can’t think of everything.
I am surprised: once past the entrance, I can move it very freely inside. I
try to do everything I can with it, in this new world.
Her clitoris is still in my mouth and she moves continuously under me,
tasting me constantly, sucking and licking and rubbing and doing things that
feel new to me. She caresses my derriere as I come. And holds me gently, and
pulls me this way and that, and sometimes holds me very firmly with her arms
and legs when I come, which intensifies my climax, as I struggle to thrash
out, without being able to move. I am dimly aware of the weight of the man as
he gets on the bed. The woman takes her finger out of my anus and puts two
fingers in my vagina, moving them rapidly. This excites me even more, taking
me farther away from the world. I continue to work away with my hands and my

I feel the man’s hand spreading my buttocks. Why? I want them both to do
whatever they want with me. I belong to them…
Now his tongue licks my anus, which feels very sweet, a new kind of
pleasure. He points his tongue and tries to enter me there. And she licks me,
and moves her fingers inside me, and I do the same. And I have a tongue in my
anus, and my finger in the woman’s. Mmmmm. I hope this this never ends.
Then the man’s tongue leaves and soon I feel his body, pressing against me.
He pushes his hard and warm penis between my buttocks. I want him to put it
in my vagina. Enter me. I nibble the woman’s clitoris and move my fingers in
her vagina and move my finger in her anus more and more. She sucks in my
clitoris and licks it quickly and continuously. I have never felt higher.
I feel the man’s hand join hers near my vagina, but it does not stay there.
He seems to be wetting his fingers. Take me, soon. I lick frantically now. I
want him inside me. I need him inside me. She had him before, but I haven’t had
him yet. Fuck me!
There. He is moving over me. I think he is taking his sex in his hand,
and… but no, he puts a finger in my anus. He puts it in and takes it out,
several times. Not bad, but it’s not enough for me now. Fuck me. Put your penis
in me. Why doesn’t he understand? And then I realize what he is going to do: my
anus, not my vagina. I am still a virgin there, but not for long. I am so
excited that I feel no fear at all. I want him to take me, there or anywhere
else. The woman said that sometimes the climax is stronger there… Well.
Yes, I feel his penis touching my anus, and I feel the end begin to go in.
Go quickly. I can’t wait.
He presses harder and harder. I don’t feel any pain. His sex is perfectly
lubricated and seems to slide in by itself. Really, I feel no pain, no
tearing. Now I am complete, sexually. The man goes in very cautiously, and
soon I feel his pelvis and pubic hair touching my buttocks.

“Are you OK?”
“Yes,” I say, panting, my mouth in the woman’s sex.
This penis in my derriere brings me a certain sense of regeneration, and my
excitement starts over, fresh again. I suck and lick at the woman’s sex
furiously and move my finger faster in her anus, imagining what the man is
feeling. The woman’s fingers have left my vagina, but her mouth and her
tongue are doing wonderful things to me. Better than I have ever felt before.
What a couple. Now I can say it for sure: You make a beautiful couple.
Now the man moves in me, and I feel something extraordinary: with each
movement I seem to go out of my body. I become another being. My womb is
apotheosis, truth and nirvana. This penis inside me is the instrument of an
ultimate climax, which started with the first movement of the man, one that
will never leave me. It grew slowly in me, and now transcends me. The man moves
faster and faster. I can no longer lick the woman or move my fingers. I stop.
But she continues wonderfully. And his penis moves and moves, tearing out
inarticulate cries of joy. And suddenly, a superclimax comes from some secret
depth and shakes me and carries me away. The man moves very, very fast and
gasps for air. The women licks my clitoris dementedly. I escape the world.

The man thrusts very hard, twice, crushing me completely against the
woman’s sex, and I scream. I feel the man’s sperm jetting within me in bursts.
I grab the fur with my hands and tear at it with my fingernails. I take the
woman’s sex in my mouth again, and I am sure that the three of us come
But for me, it is more than a climax. It is beyond that, outside of
everything. I know this. I believe I will never know such a pleasure again.
We stay there together, her sex in my mouth and her lips on my sex and the
man with his penis, still hard, inside me. Its hardness goes away very slowly,
and I keep the heat of his sex inside me for a long time.

We stopped there for the night. We used the time which remained to lie down
together. I was in the middle, and they each held my hands. It was sweet,
very tender. Taking me home, they said they were leaving the next day for
Cameroun, where the man worked. They had been in France for two months.
We exchanged addresses. I write to them at Christmastime, and they write back.
They were more important to me than I was to them–that night they were
everything for me.