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Faculty lab

At the time I thought he didn’t notice me. Later I found that
just the opposite was true. I had been watching him for maybe two
months trying to decide what it was about him that made my hormones
go wild. When seated next to him I got so wet that I was worried
about leaving a stain on the chair. I had read about pheromone in
relation to animals, but never thought that people were subject to
the same influences.
Why we frequently found ourselves in such close proximity was
another story. The English department where I taught did not think
a lowly adjunct needed a computer. In fact, they didn’t even think
I merited a desk. In reality, I didn’t need a computer as
programming was just a hobby for me. I just liked the idea of
making a machine my slave. Continue reading Faculty lab

out in the woods 1st time outdoor sex

Archive-name: First/outwood.mff

Archive-author: William Bloom

Archive-title: Out in the Woods

It was “Senior Ditch Day”, and a group of us had head out to

Whilhite State Park. It was a beautiful place, set right at the

foot of the mountains. Things were a little uncomfortable for

me, because I was a last minute addition to the party. I didn’t

really plan on going, because my ex-girlfriend, April, was going

to be there.

She broke up with me, because she “couldn’t handle the

relationship.” I think it was because she’s got this prudish

hang-up about only having sex in the missionary position.

Anyway, I noticed that all day long, April and another girl,

Ellen were watching me. Every time I looked in their direction,

they’d look away, and Ellen would look kind of embarrassed. I

could imagine what April had been telling her.

Ellen was kind of pretty. She usually wore clothes that

were too big for her. Her hair hung straight down, and she wore

no make-up. I don’t think I’d ever really saw her with anyone at

school before. It was kind of strange that she was at the party


Ellen never hung with any crowd. She was quiet, and was

definitely out of place with just about anyone. April was

probably doing her a favor by bringing her along. She had been

staying by April’s side all day long.

After a few hours, and one flag football game later, I

noticed that Ellen had left the crowd. I couldn’t see her

anywhere. That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned, it was April. She look kind of sheepish.

“Can you do me a favor, Billy?” she asked.

I felt a little flush of heat in my face. Our last

argument had contained a little line by her that said, “Fine,

don’t do me any favors!” I fought back the urge to remind her of


“I guess so.” I was somewhat of a push over.

“I was telling Ellen about the falls up the mountain,” she

told me.


“She went up there. She didn’t want anyone to come along.

It’s quite a hike, and she might get lost.”

“So, you want me to catch up to her and make sure she

doesn’t,” I said.

“No! I was thinking about you following her, and if she

gets into any trouble, then you can help her.”

Boy, was I a push over. I didn’t like the idea of leaving a

good party, just to follow some girl up a mountain. I picked up

a pack and threw a couple of beers in it, and started up the

trail. I had been to the falls before, and I knew it was a

twenty minute hike.

I was only a few minutes behind Ellen, and soon caught up to

her. I stay behind her, and of to the side of the trail, so that

if she looked back, she wouldn’t see me. I tried to move as

quietly as possible.

The noon sun cut through the trees, and I stripped off my

shirt as I went. My t-shirt was soaked with sweat. I shoved the

shirt in the bag.

After awhile, Ellen reached the pools at the bottom of the

falls. I stayed back in the brush and drank a beer while she

walked around the pools and picked up rocks. I could have killed

April for sending me up here.

For a few moments, Ellen studied a rock, then threw it into

the clear water. This was a beautiful area, and not too many

people knew about it. I watched Ellen as she took off her shoes.

She looked into the water, and dipped her foot. The water must

have been cold. But, a second later, she dove in, with all her

clothes on.

A few seconds passed, and she didn’t come up, I was about to

leave my post and dive in after her, when suddenly she broke the

surface, and took in a big gasp of air. April was really in for


Ellen swam around for awhile, and then decided that it was

time to get out of the water. She pulled herself out of the

water, found a sunny area on the rock, and lay down. She

shivered a few times, then sat up.

For some reason, I knew what was coming next. She pulled

her shirt out, unbuttoned it, and took it off. She wasn’t

wearing a bra, and her tiny little breasts matched the whiteness

of the rest of her torso. She sat back on her hands for a moment

and let the sun shine down on the tiny mounds of her chest.

Satisfied with the heat, she unbuttoned her jeans, stood up

and slid them off, leaving just a pair of wet, white, cotton

panties. Again, she spread herself in the sun.

With her back turned to me, she bent over and gave me the

best view I had had so far. Slowly, she pulled her panties off,

to show me a small, white, round ass, with her tiny brown haired

muff peeking from between her legs. She stood straight, and

stretched in the light, turned a little so that I could see the

front of her.

Her pussy didn’t take up a lot of area between her legs.

Just a little bit of brown, curly hair covered the small “V”.

She had been hiding a nice little body under all those clothes.

She stayed in the sun for a moment, then turned and walked

into the woods. Suddenly, her little swim and nude sunbathing

turned into a nudist fantasy. I decided to follow her, but kept

my distance. After all, she might run into trouble. Right?

It was kind of easy keeping track of her as she walked naked

through trees. Then, she was gone. How had I lost her. There

was a small clearing just a few feet away, but as I walked into

it, I still could not see her.

As I stood there, about to feel panic, I got the feeling I

was being watched. I turned, and at the other end of the meadow

was Ellen. She was standing with her hand lightly folded over

her pussy.

“I think you’re a bit over-dressed, Billy,” she said and

began to walk towards me.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and pulled off my

t-shirt. She was close now, and reached a hand out and touched

my chest. I cupped my hand around one of her breasts. It was

firm, and the nipple was hard. I looked into her eyes, and her

hand wandered down and rubbed my crotch.

“April said you could help me,” she said.

“With what?” I asked, still not believing what was


“Well, I’ve got these great, big fantasies, but, I’ve never

had sex with a man before.” Her hand rubbed harder into my



“Well, I’ve been with April before, and we like to finger

each other, but it’s not the same.”

This was a revelation to me. April never came across as a

bi-sexual type. It’s not that I don’t like bi-sexual girls, in

fact I’m all for it. My first fuck was with my sister, and her

girlfriend. I just didn’t think April was into anything that


“Maybe I can help,” I said.

Her fingers fumbled around my belt, and finally loosened it.

She then unzipped my pants. Her hand pushed in past my briefs,

and her fingers wandered up and down the hard on that I had had

for quite awhile. Her face showed her inexperience, as she

looked surprised at what she was doing.

She pulled her hand out, and backed away, smiling. She

walked off about ten feet, then found a sunny place to lay down.

I pulled off my shoes and socks. Then stripped my pants off, and

threw them to the side.

As I walked towards her, Ellen got to her knees, reached out

her hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock. For a moment,

she just touched it. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft,

and fingered my balls. She studied it intently. Then noticed a

tiny drop of jism on the tip.

She moved closer and lightly flicked it with her tongue.

She must have liked it, because she wrapped her tongue around the

head of my dick, and then tried to swallow it. For a beginner,

she was good. She couldn’t have learned this from April, because

April wouldn’t even think of going down on my cock.

Ellen worked my cock over and over. A couple of times I let

her think I was getting ready to cum, and she got even more

excited and worked even harder. Before long, I cut loose with a

mighty jet of jism. Some of it spilled out of her mouth, but she

quickly brought it back in with her tongue. She fell back onto

the grass and smiled. Her hands fell to her cunt and began to

furiously pump in and out.

“Oh, I’m so horny,” she said, “Help me?”

I nodded, and knelt between her feet. I displaced her hands

with mine, and pushed my fingers in and out of her wet box. Its

own perfume drifted up and gave me new energy. I felt my dick

getting harder than before.

“Eat me, please, eat me,” she pleaded. It was almost a cry.

I didn’t waste anytime. I moved down and plunged my tongue

into her slit. I pried at her door, but is was tight, and

something harder would have to open it. I flicked and sucked at

her clit until she was rocking in the grass. She moaned and

groaned, and even squealed once or twice. This was as much a

treat for me as it was her.

I pulled her legs further apart, and pulled them up to my

shoulders, just as I was aiming my cock at her tight, virgin

cunt, something at the edge of the meadow caught my attention.

April was sitting on a large rock. Stark naked, and

fingering herself madly. There was another surprise. She was a

voyeur. That wasn’t going to stop me now.

I turned my attention back towards the girl under me.

“Fuck me, please. Slide into me, Billy,” she said.

I did just that. Her hole was tight, but it gave under the

gentle pressure of my rod. This time she squealed, and almost

screamed. She threw her whole body into the action. I don’t

know who was pumping harder, me or her, but I do know that her

cunt was trying to swallow my dick whole.

Just before she was about to climax, I pulled out of her,

and moved up her body. I placed my dick between her tiny breasts

and gave her the best tit fuck I could. She bent her head up,

and sucked at the head of my cock and I shot my load in her


I heard a squeak come from the edge of the meadow, and knew

that April had cum, too.

I climbed off of Ellen, turned her over, and lifted her to her

knees. She looked back at me over her shoulder. Her eyes showed

her passion. I parted the lips of her cunt, and pushed my cock

into her. Slowly I began to pump into her and she pumped back

to me. She was fuck crazy.

It wasn’t before long that she was ready to cum, and me,

too. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I slid my

thumb into her butt hole and worked it back and forth. Her

frenzy became a whole new experience for me. Then wildly, we

both came.

We collapsed on the grass and breathed together for some

time. Then, April joined us, and we started all over again.

April surprised me again, and again.

gay sex in the shower

The College Dormitory Shower

Kristen, you sound just scrumptious. I wrote this story for

you… Next time you come skating down my way, you’ve got a place

to stay….. Kristen’s 19, and Sally’s 23, and what a pair they’d


It was 6 A.M. when Kristen hit the showers. She had an 8 o’clock

class….. what was it? Anthropology? God, why did she sign up

for that subject? Oh well, she needed an easy elective. How else

was she going to maintain her busy social schedule? As the hot

water beat softly against her supple skin, the fog started to

clear from her head and she remembered that she wasn’t in her

private shower back home.

She lives in a college dormitory now and the showers were all

open to each other. “Why don’t they provide a little privacy

around here?” Oh well, Kristen secretly enjoyed this new lack of

privacy anyway. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with a

certain sense of excitement, just who would be joining her in the

shower each morning. She would cast her eyes shyly to the floor

and become very quiet as she struggled to find an excuse to look

at her bathing partner.

Just how long do normal women look at each other in the buff?

Would anyone suspect anything if her eyes stopped momentarily to

appreciate certain portions of the female anatomy? Kristen often

worried about this.

After all, she only dated men. She had never been to bed with

another woman. She thought of herself as quite heterosexual. And

yet?—- Oh God, what was she going to do with these new


Kristen’s troubling thoughts were interrupted by the sound of

another shower being turned on. Startled, she glanced across the

tiled floor to the shower opposite her. It was little Sally.

Actually, little Sally wasn’t so little. She was only about 5

feet 1 inches tall, but she had round firm breasts the size of

cantaloupes. Kristen and Sally said good morning to each other

politely and then looked away.

Kristen reached for her soap and worked up a lather. Her hands

went to her own breasts which were quite nice also. She felt

aroused, and her nipples were erect. She started to feel

embarrassed. She pulled her hands away from these sensitive

organs and began to wash her stomach and arms. She dared to sneak

another quick look at Sally.

Sally was bent over reaching for her bottle of shampoo on the

floor. Her back was turned toward Kristen and the view left

nothing to the imagination. Little Sally was wide open. Kristen’s

soapy hands darted back and forth over her own swollen genitals.

She thought, “What am I doing? This is just silly.” But the more

Kristen thought about Sally’s body, and noticed the sexy way she

moved, the more turned on she got.

Kristen’s embarrassment was beginning to turn to guilt. She

wondered what Sally would think of her if she knew how sexually

aroused the sight of her nakedness had made her. Oh, how she

longed to touch her just once, to press her lips against hers —

hard! To wrap her hands around Sally’s gorgeous tits and suck

each nipple into her mouth. Would Sally become wet? Would she

want more? Or would she tell everyone that Kristen was a freak

and that they should keep their doors locked?

Kristen became very frightened by such thoughts. For a moment she

lost her sexual desire and retreat into a secret corner of her


Sally abruptly ended such an escape with “Do you have any

conditioner?” She was all cheery and wide eyed standing directly

in front of Kristen. Her beautiful breasts heaved with a little

girlish sigh. Kristen stumbled for words as she handed Sally the

bottle of conditioner. “Sure – uh – here you are – uh-.” Sally

said thanks in the same cheery fashion as before, and gently

tweaked Kristen’s left nipple, turned and went back to her own


Kristen was totally stunned. ‘Why had Sally touched her nipple?

What did she mean by it? Was she just joking around or does she

entertain some of the same sexual fantasies I do?’ Now Kristen

was determined to find out if Sally was as sexually aroused as

she was.

To hell with what others might find out or think of her. She

wanted Sally, now in the worst way and if there was any chance…

well, the risk is worth it.

Kristen walked deliberately towards Sally. As she approached,

Sally turned and smiled. “Need your conditioner back?” she asked.

Kristen hesitantly took the bottle from Sally’s hand and as she

did her eyes fell upon her breasts. They were so round and firm,

and they stood there at attention as if asking to be admired.

Kristen’s free hand reached for Sally’s right breast. She gently

cupped it and began tracing circles around it with her fingers

not looking at anything but the one breast, hoping that Sally

wouldn’t strike her hand away.

Sally stiffened a little at first but offered no resistance to

Kristen’s advances. As she continued to massage Sally’s breast

with her left hand, Kristen dropped the bottle of conditioner

which created any echo-y sound in the shower stall. She brought

her right hand to Sally’s other breast and squeezed and fondled

both… she had admired them for so long.

The touch of Sally’s skin was ten times more delicious than she

had imagined. Kristen was becoming very aroused and she could

feel her whole body beginning to throb with anticipation, her

heart has pounding so fast, she could feel her pulse beating in

her throat. Vaginal secretions were beginning to flow in

abundance and she could feel them trickling down the inside of

her left thigh. Kristen let out a deep but barely audible moan as

she gloried in the excitement of the moment.

“How is little Sally’s pussy doing,” she asked, as she reached

down with her right hand to caress the dark patch of hair that

covered it. Gently she pulled at the curls and then slowly slid

her middle finger into Sally’s wet pussy. She traced the inner

and outer lips with her exploring finger, they were slippery with

Sally’s excitement. Kristen found her clitoris and began to

massage it gently. The excitement she felt was overwhelming.

Sally struggled to quiet her screams of delight by burying her

face in the crook of Kristen’s neck and shoulder.

Periodically Kristen would bring lubrication from Sally’s vagina

to her clit by inserting her finger a few inches in then out.

Sally’s knees were beginning to get weak and she was holding on

to Kristen very tightly, she whole body was trembling, she felt

like she fall.

The water from the shower was drenching both of them and it was

making things very slippery. Kristen decided she had better make

Sally more comfortable before they both fell and hurt themselves.

As she helped Sally to the floor she came face to face with her

beautiful snatch. She ventured a taste, allowing her tongue to

flick lightly over Sally’s moist lips. Kristen marveled at the

sweet taste of Sally’s deliciously clean sex.

Kristen went wild. She began to suck and lick and mouth every

part of Sally’s womanhood. Her tongue finally came to rest on

Sally’s throbbing love nub. As Kristen slowly and methodically

licked her love button, Sally was writhing on the floor of the

shower in a state of shear ecstasy. Kristen reached up to grasp

both of Sally’s nipples while she continued to feast on her now

very juicy pussy, and as she gently pinched them between her

thumb and forefinger, Sally came….

Sally’s supple body convulsed with waves of pleasure and she let

out a loud moan. Then her body went completely limp and she lay

back against the wall with her eyes closed, breathing very hard.

The only sound was Sally’s breathing and the water running.

Kristen felt very pleased with herself as she looked at the

gentle contented smile on Sally’s face. Then Kristen glanced at

the wall clock as she helped Sally to her feet. It was now 6:45

A.M. Kristen thought, “lucky no one walked in and discovered our

morning interlude.”

They began to gather their things to get out of there before

someone did walk in on them. As they started to leave the room,

Sally grabbed Kristen’s arm gently and asked her, “why don’t you

come down to my room for a few minutes?” Kristen obliged.

Sally’s roommate had already left for class when they arrived. As

they entered the room Sally closed the door and locked it. “You

won’t mind being a little late for class this morning will you,”

Sally asked coyly? Kristen smiled, “No, I won’t mind at all.”

Sally undid the knot in Kristen’s towel and it fell to the floor.

She knelt down and spread Kristen’s pussy lips, exposing her

clit. Kristen’s eyes fluttered closed, and she braced herself

against the door. Her pussy was already wet but as Sally began to

lick gently on her swollen clit her love juices began to flow

like a river down the inside of both thighs. The walls of her

vagina were contracting so hard that her stomach was heaving in

and out in an obvious fashion. Sally’s tongue was flicking and

caressing her clit and she could feel a finger thrusting deep

into her vagina.

Kristen stood rigid, her tan smooth legs tense, stomach muscles

rippling in an effort to keep from screaming her passion. She

felt as if she were going to explode. And she did!!!! all over

Sally!! Her pussy juices gushed out as her entire body shuddered

in ecstasy.

Sally didn’t mind the unexpected shower, she just patted herself

dry with Kristen’s towel and let out a little giggle. Kristen

slowly slumped to a sitting position in front of the door, as

Sally leaned over to share her taste with a long deep passionate

mouth opening kiss. Kristen was lost in her own world of orgasmic


Waking Up To a Huge Cock

I woke up to the sound of noise coming from the next room. It was
daylight Sunday morning but I didn’t know what time it was. I got up and
wandered into the next room and found Barbara in the bathroom but the
noise wasn’t coming from her. She wasn’t dressed yet and I asked her
about the noise. Her 36″ tits were making my horny again. She asked me
how I enjoyed our date together and told her it was great. She said she
loved it too and she was horny again. Just then she walked toward, me
took my hand and led me to the room where the noise was coming from. She
opened the door and on the bed a foxy girl and her boyfriend were in full
swing. She told me it was her sister Janet and Mark. Continue reading Waking Up To a Huge Cock

How Good Is Group SEX

How Good Is Group SEX?

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of group sex. I’ve never tried
it, but it’s part of my fantasies.

I asked a friend who has participated in a number of these scenes and
he said “It’s a bit disappointing. People usually just pair off and
have sex in couples as if they were alone”.

Does group sex ever turn out to involve a lot of people simultaneously
involved with each other? What is the ideal setting for group sex? How
many participants are the ideal number?



I’d say not more than 3 or 4.. depending on what you have in mind.
Anymore than that, and things just become too distracting!


20-May-86 10:32:46

Dear Terry:

3 or 4 … do you think the best would be two males and two females, or
some other configuration? And if 3, should they be two girls and a man
or two men and a girl?



To each his or her own as it were, but 2 couples, 2 male and 2 female
seemed best to me. I also have heard of problems with 3’s, but I think
the ultimate solution is just to have compatible people to begin with.
I’ve had wonderful times with 2 men and a woman, and know of a case
where just the reverse was true.

: * Peter *

Well … my own experience in a couple of such group occasions has been
that the participants didn’t separate off into couples, but pretty much
kept things going on a group level, i.e., everybody was both giving and
receiving mucho stimulation from everyone else. An important
consideration at these times was that the people involved (two men and
two women, plus yours truly) were on the bisexual end of
heterosexuality, so that when us lasses got all sort of wrapped up in
each other, the men participating felt comfortable with giving each
other a hand (so to speak), instead of just keeping their distance from
each other. On the whole, the experience was wonderful, and, I’d
recommend it for folks who want to have some extra-special fun with
close friends.

23-May-86 09:00:07

Dear Brenda:

I’m delighted to learn that it can be as much fun as I imagine it to
be. I suppose that there has to be at least some element of bisexuality
for it to get much beyond the pairing-off into couples stage, and that
you would have to choose the participants with this in mind.

How did you get the whole thing started? Did it just sort of happen, or
did you plan it in advance?

Huggs … Peter

23-May-86 18:04:31


Well, these cheery events happened at a couple of conventions. There
wasn’t really planning as such. We *had* planned to meet with each
other at some point during the con, and it all started out as just some
people sitting around digesting a wonderful dinner. Then, with everyone
sprawled out on the bed, limbs entangled and some pleasant
conversation, we all just sort of gradually starting fiddling with each
other’s hair, and tickling necks, and dropping quick sweet pecks on
shoulders and such, and then someone took someone else’s shirt off, and
it sort of got all mushy and sexy from there.

I haven’t been involved in group sex for a little while now, a couple
of years, but even if the opportunity never pops up again (heaven
forfend!) I treasure those hours greatly.


23-May-86 19:07:45

Sounds like I should go to more conventions! I bet it wasn’t a computer
business convention!

Huggs … Peter

25-May-86 09:14:40

You’re right about that. It was a science-fiction con, actually. Those
folks can get a mite wild given the least excuse. I think it’s a
reflection of the interest itself, people have to be quite open-minded
to accept, for a while, the possibile reality of whatever future, past,
or alternate world that is being written about. And I think this
willingness to open one’s self up to ideas other than those one might
have been taught or pressured into believing, spills over into a lot of
other areas of an sf fan’s life. For what it’s worth (whoops, I meant,
“For what it’s worth,”) I know that there are particular hotbeds of
sf fans who first were exposed to, and became comfortable with, the
idea of group sex through the Robert Heinlein book, STRANGER IN A


25-May-86 14:04:59

So science fiction is where you can make your fantasies come true!
Thanks for the reference to the book – I’ll definitely look it up. I
have recently been told about John Norman’s series of books about GOR,
which also combine science fiction with eroticism. I am looking forward
to reading some of those.

Best wishes … * Peter *

25-May-86 20:53:22

as in many areas, three is the magic number.

25-May-86 22:39:1

Dear Harley,

I thought *seven* was the magic number. Three? Listen, m’love…
when a man says *three*, what he means is: two women and one man! I
think that’s a bit selfish and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Now if we could change the makeup of that threesome…..hmmmm.


25-May-86 23:09:16

So how would you construct a sevensome, (septet?), Eleanor?

By the way, are you aware of the implications of writing Hmmmmmm on
this board?

Higgs …. Peter

26-May-86 19:08:26

Dear Smug Elly-
Actually, I WAS thinking of two men and one women.
It takes 2 men to cope with a woman, you see. they can lend each
other the emotional support that is needed so much when dealing with
you female types.
Peanut Butter huggs

26-May-86 21:52:29


Just *emotional* support?

Oreo Hugggs,

Dear Peter,

I’m pretty much unaware of the implications of everything.

A septet? Depends on who wants the septet, I think. If *I* were going
to have a septet, it would have to be six men and me. Does that sound
a bit greedy? Anyway, they would be my age or older (40+) and they
would all madly adore me. And then…..and then…..

Hey Peter. In Tibet they have polyandry! A woman often marries all of
the brothers in a family. Sound great to me. One to earn a good
living; one to do the yard work; one to keep house; one to take care of
the kids; one to run errands; and one to do the bookwork. Wow! *I*
would have to spend those days reading or strolling in the well-kept

You may not hear from me for a while. I’m checking OAG for flights to


Oh Don’t go, Eleanor! If you leave us all seven of us will miss you


Gosh Peter!!!!!

You left out one tiny detail —————————->


Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug!

28-May-86 00:16:59

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me and Me

Higgs from all of us …. Peter

28-May-86 15:47:14

Actually, Elly dear, two men are needed so that one can hold the
member of the gentle gender down so the other can do something other
than screw for abit.
with milk, (chocolate, of course)
Harley t/

My experience with ‘groups’ was always with small ones; two girls and
me, or two girls and two guys. Generally sex occurred in pairs with an
occasional real threesome. It would seem to me that for larger real
GROUP sex in every sense of the term, some tendency towards bisexuality
becomes a prerequisite. I guess I haven’t got those tendencies. For me
to have sex with another male even in the room, I have to know him
pretty well!

Dear William

I agree. I’d have a problem in having to deal with other males in a
group sex situation. Perhaps my group sex fantasies are really harem
fantasies – other men just don’t come into them!


oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh!

Gosh, Peter. I didn’t know you did windows, too!

Hugggs X 7 !

< b l u s h >




Workout with Lara and Greg

Workout with Lara -4
By: rohit
Angelina opened her eyes sleepy and looked over at the clock, it’s alarm buzzing away monotonously. The display read 9.30 as she somewhat clumsily reached out and turned it off, trying to bring herself awake. Angelina rubbed her eyes and sat up, licking her dry lips. The sheet dropped away from her as she sat up, slipping down to reveal her voluptuous breasts encased in the lacy black negligee she wore, which she’d put on because she wanted to feel sexy when in bed, even when she was alone. Angelina smiled as she felt her nipples harden under the sexy nightwear, thinking of the day she had ahead of her. She’d called Greg the day before to arrange another workout session, and knew it wouldn’t be the kind of workout he’d give every customer.
Right now though, Angelina could only think of coffee. She pulled the sheet back and stepped out of bed, the negligee only reaching down just past her bum as she headed for the kitchen, stifling a yawn as she stretched. Her mind ran over various dirty ideas as to what might happen with Greg as she made the coffee, and felt her pussy moisten, her nipples straining at their lacy covering. She took her mug of coffee back to bed with her, sitting in bed with the sheets up to her stomach. She sipped her coffee, enjoying the taste as she started to properly wake up, feeling horny as she did every morning. Angelina looked sideways to the top draw of her bedside unit, eyeing it lustily, thinking of her favorite vibrator contained within. She licked her bee-stung lips unconsciously as she thought of the toy that she lustily enjoyed every morning just waiting mere inches away.
She pulled her eyes away from the draw and decided to control herself. She didn’t want to give herself anything today, she wanted to get her pleasures from a real man, and she only had to wait a few hours. Angelina finished her coffee and stepped out of bed, shedding the thin nightwear and grabbing her towel. She walked naked to the bathroom, towel in hand and turned the shower on. The room quickly started to steam up as she stepped under the warm soothing water. Angelina gave a contented sigh as the water splashed down over her sexy curves, washing away the sleepiness. As she washed, she started to gently stroke her swollen pussy, just flicking the clit. She mumbled dreamily in pleasure until she realised what she was doing and fairly snatched her hand away, promising herself that she’d be relieved soon.
Angelina finished her shower and dried herself off and took a moment to decide what to wear. It only took her a moment to decide on the “Lara Croft” look with the tiny shorts and the tank top. She didn’t bother to put any underwear on as she slipped into the cool material, feeling the rough seams on her smooth, shaven pussy lips. She shivered slightly in pleasure as she felt a tingle of pleasure from her pussy and squeezed her thighs together to prolong it. Angelina looked down to see her hard nipples poking through the tank top clear as day and felt them harden even more, feeling the wetness of her aching pussy, a slight gasp escaping her pouty lips. She slipped into her long coat and drew it around her shapely body, covering the outfit and her obvious arousal.
She headed out to the gym, walking the down to the large building on the edge of the city. She felt so sexy as cool winds blew around her bare legs, hearing her high heels clicking on the pavement as she walked along the street. A smile slid across her lips as she thought what people might think if they knew she was wearing the Lara Croft outfit and going commando underneath her flowing long coat. She giggled slightly as she turned the corner onto the road she needed, just a couple of minutes from the training centre.
Angelina clicked up the steps and through the front doors of the gym, the drop of the breeze making her coat flutter, offering a slight glimpse of her luscious leg to a young man by reception. She simply gave him a smile as she breezed past him, heading down to meet Greg personally in their training area. She found him doing some stretches near the boxing ring, limbering up. He looked up and smiled as she walked into the gym, eyeing her voluptuous figure as she walked up.
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Finger Masturbation

Clarissa awoke to a darkened room. She strained to see the clock. 7:45. She couldn’t believe she had slept for so long. She looked around and noticed Sam was gone. “Oh God,” she thought, “What have I done?” Her mind raced to the events of hours past. She was filled with half guilt and half with a tingle of pleasure. She crawled out of bed and walked gingerly into the bathroom. She was still a little sore from her first fuck. Sam’s cum had dried onto her belly and now crusty and flaky. She giggled as she thought about the look on Sam’s face as he shot his wad. She was thankful her parents were out of town, though, what if mom had walked in? Clarissa cringed at the thought. Or worse yet, what about Ferguson? Aaaarrgghh!! Clarissa turned the water on for her shower. She looked at her near perfect body in the mirror. She noticed her face was a little flushed (glowing?). She stepped into the shower and grabbed the soap. She started scrubbing her pubic area and slowly ran the bar of soap over her clit. The sensation got her aroused. She took her free hand and started massaging around her pussy while soaping her clit. The combination was turning her on. She parted her pssy lips with two fingers and started to shove the soapbar in. It was almost too big but she was getting hot. She got part of the corner in and began making cicular motions with it. She kept rubbing her pussy lips, clit and her whole pubic area as she shoved the soapbar a little further in. She felt that tingling sensation coming on. In a matter of minutes she had a crashing orgasm as she inserted her finger into her rectum. She then proceeeded to wash the rest of her body and rinse off.

Party games – Games

Ted and Donna usually threw a party about once a month, inviting their
closest “party friends” and a smattering of new faces. This party was very
typical of Ted & Donna; plenty of wine, good food, and several nice clean
private rooms upstairs where people could get away from the crowd. And it
was CROWDED! I had to move sideways through most of the crowd just to get
to the kitchen and collect my “glad you could make it” kiss from Donna.

The party wound down about one in the morning, leaving only about twenty
of us to sit around and talk. Ted usually made sure everyone left sober,
or with a sober driver, keeping car keys for people until the next morning.
Of the twenty people left, none of us had much to drink, but just enough to
make us feel happy and friendly. Ted brought out one of his party-games that
he invented, and started explaining the rules for the benifit of the new
faces. Simple rule really. Ted would read a card (Donna read his) and the
person designated would either do what the card said or lose an article of
clothing (Ted’s decision of ‘article’ was final). Everyone had waited for
this part of the party — “the games”.

We sat in a loose boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, but there seemed to be several
extra girls. Two of them sat to my right. Ted asked us to first introduce
ourselves to the group by first name, with a short statement of what our
favorite sex-act was. The blonde to my right was named Kelly, and her ‘act’
was tit-fucking (she had large breasts), and the redhead next to her was
Jennifer who said that her favorite act was giving head. My turn and I said
my favorite (truthfully) was also giving head (to girls) and getting too.
By the time we went around the room, most of the guys were showing bulges and
the gals I’m sure were getting wet.

Ted started with the far end of the circle, at the end of the couch. The
guy sitting there was asked to “pick a person of the opposite sex and do some-
thing to them you wouldn’t do in public”. Normally this game started with
guys being “shy” and picking their girlfriends and doing something like kiss-
ing a breast or mouthing their pussies through their clothes (no you couldn’t
undress them to do it!).

Several guys and gals were ‘unattached’ (me being one of them) and one guy
was brash enough when his turn came with ‘pick a person and remove an article
of clothing without using your hands’ to pick on Donna — the host’s wife!
Donna was a cheerful redhead who played the games with a lusty good humor.
The fellow unbuttoned Donna’s blouse with his lips, pulling it from her skirt
and dropping it on the sofa. Then it was my turn.

Somehow I always thought Ted cheated, giving the “good” cards to people
he knew, wanted to embarass or both. His opportunity came. The card said
‘With eyes closed turn 3 times and pick a person (of opposite sex) and kiss
them for at least one minute. Then identify the person after sitting down.
Eyes closed until seated’. Whew! Donna stood me in the middle of the room,
and turned me thrice. I began to point and I navigated by the room lights,
trying to pick out one of several girls I’d been eyeing. I made a choice.
She came up to me, and we kissed. Tenatively at first, then my tounge seemed
to be drawn into her mouth, her arms around my neck (my hands had to remain
at my sides said Ted; no clues that way). The longer we kissed the more we
rubbed our bodies together and the hotter our tounges got. Ted let us go
for a two minutes and almost had Donna throw cold water on us. When seated
I was asked to point to the gal. I looked right at her and winked, and she
was sure I knew (I did), but I pointed to a blonde across the room. Everyone
laughed and the redhead I’d kissed got to remove my shirt.

This went on, getting progressivly hotter and raunchier until most of us
were naked. Ted’s house rules declared garter-belts and stockings as non-
clothes (they kept them on because Ted found ’em sexy) and the same went for
crotchless panties, men’s g-strings (they can’t hide a hard-on) and for
push-up bras with open nipples. One gal had her bra on since it just cupped
her tits underneath, and another had the garter-belt/stockings. The redhead
and blonde next to me were both down to panties and I was buff-naked. My
turn came just as Ted swapped decks, saying it was time for the “REALLY ADULT”
cards! (Thanks old buddy! Thanks a bunch!)

I was suprised when he read the card. Ted had a whole new deck of cards
(all were hand made anyhow), and some of these had some really ‘open’ actions
for the players. My card was; ‘Pick any player or players and do something
very arousing for the other players for five minutes. You can have 30 seconds
to discuss it once you choose your partners’. I looked at Ted and he judged
that I could pick up to two players to participate with me, beyond that it
would have to arouse the rest of the people there. The big breasted blonde
leaned over and whispered in my ear and I smiled at her. “I need one other
gal” I said, and the redhead’s volunteered like a shot. We huddled together,
Kelly bouncing over to ask Ted’s opinion about a rule (removing clothes —
it was ok now), and we made our plans.

Kelly knelt on the floor, close to the sofa, her head about a foot from
the knees of another nude blonde with a partially shaved pussy. Jennifer
came alongside and I knelt behind Kelly, hard and ready. Jennifer rubbed
Kelly’s ass, her head bending over to lick at my flagpole while she asked me
if I really wanted to fuck this blonde.
“Would you like to fuck her pussy nice and hard?” Jennifer asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Yes what?” Jennifer teased, her tounge barely touching my rod.
“I’d like to fuck her pussy, nice…and HARD.”
“Would you like to cum inside her?” Jennifer teased again, licking towards
my cock as I tried to reply.
“Yesss.. I’d like to cum deep inside her pussy.”
“I’m going to guide you into her…make you move with my hands…fuck her
with your body…your cock.” Jennifer said. Her voice was very even and she
sounded like she was describing cooking a meal or something equally dull.
Kelly sat there, Jennifer’s hands running around her ass, between her legs,
and over her back. Her big tits were hanging straight down, her ass arched
up to receive my cock if it ever got there. Looking around the room, several
very prominent hard-ons were in evidence, some with female hands around them.
Everywhere I looked, nipples were hard and erect, even in the warmth of the
room. Jennifer had moved Kelly’s panities aside, exposing a wet slit for my
cock. Almost no one could see that, but knew that Kelly still had her panties
on (and most were waiting for them to come off).
“Oooo. You’re sooo hard!” Jennifer said, stroking my cock with her fingers.
“I’ll bet you really want to fuck her good now!”
“Yessss. Really nice and hard!” I moaned back.
“Mmmmm.” Jennifer teased again. “Why don’t I put you against her pussy with
just her panties in the way?”
She pulled my cock forward, placing the head directly on Kelly’s bare slit,
holding me from pushing forward. She moved my cock up and down against the
girl’s slit, making us both moan.
“I bet if I let go, you’ll push right through her panties and fuck her hot
dripping pussy really hard won’t you?” Jennifer hissed. “Rip right through
her panties to fuck her wet, dripping cunt!”
“Ohhh GOD!” I moaned. “Let me fuck her!”
She let go dramatically, her hands raised by her shoulders as she said,
“YES. FUCK HER PUSSY! Slam into her!” and she pushed on my ass hard.
I slipped into Kelly’s wet cunt, sliding my cock easily all the way into
her wet hole. She gave a loud gasp when I pushed, and Jennifer’s showman-
ship continued.
“Ohhhh Jesus! Right through her fucking panties! Jesus you’re so hard!”
Buried to the hilt, I looked up at a sultry brunette, her fingers were
dancing on her clit while her boyfriend pinched her nipples. He was jacking
himself, eyes wide on us.
Jennifer’s hands pulled and pushed on my hips, making me pump in and out
of Kelly’s wet cunt. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon I needed
help and was slamming against the blonde’s ass in blind lust. Jennifer’s
words echoed in my brain.
“Ohhhh yeaah! Make her big tits bounce!” She hissed, “Make her cum with
that cock shoved up her cunt!”
I gazed around the room, seeing one gal sucking off her boyfriend, her
head turned to watch us. Ted had some brunette astride his lap, his hands
cupping her tits. Donna was getting her pussy licked by some guy, watching
us and tweaking her nips. My eyes found Jennifer, next to us. She was on
her knees, sitting back on her heels, one hand was fingering her pussy, the
other busily fondling her tits. Kelly was thrusting back at me hard and
fast, and I could feel her contract around my cock, her own orgasm starting.
I watched Jennifer as I fucked Kelly, slamming into her rough and hard.
Kelly began to come, moaning and holding back against me. I kept on pounding
her, raising up and grabbing her hips.
I looked up and saw that Donna’s eyes were closed, her orgasm arriving as
her partner kept tounging her. I felt my own boiling semen rising in my cock
and felt myself about to come. Almost everyone was involved in some sort of
carnal activity now, not just us. The brunette was approaching her orgasm,
still jacking her boyfriend. I pulled out of Kelly, and stood, turning to
Jennifer, her hand pumping her pussy, her eyes glazed over.
“Here baby…” I said, holding my cock to her, “You wanted me to cum!”
I put my cock against the side of her face, pointing down, and she moaned
as Kelly’s wetness made it slide against her cheek. She’d just stuck out
her tounge to lick at it when I started coming.
Hot, thick, white cum spurted onto her face, splashing against the side of
her tounge. I crouched lower, and spurted again, washing her chest and her
right tit with hot cum. She started licking at my cock, her hand jerking
against her own orange bush madly. The third or fourth spurt landed a thick
gob of cream on her left nipple, and her other hand quickly rubbed it over
her tit. I grabbed her head and guided her mouth to my cock, spurting three
more times into her mouth. She moaned loudly around the mouthful, her hand
moving sporadically against her cunt. When she finished, she released my
cock, and leaned back, spreading her legs in front of her.
Kelly had been getting herself off watching and now bent down to lick the
white drops of cum from Jennifer’s right tit. Jen and I looked around and
she saw a guy trying to jack off onto a gal’s small breasts while she sat
there letting another blonde lick her pussy. Jen smiled at them, and issued
some encouragement.
“Oooooo yeah! Shoot your jizz all over her!” She smiled. “It feels sooo
good when you cum on our tits!”
We watched as he unloaded about a gallon of sperm onto her tits, some of
it running down her stomach to be licked up by the blonde. The gal took
the guys cock and sucked him dry while rubbing his cream all over her tits.
Kelly saw Jennifer rubbing her clit while watching, so she took her turn.
“Lay back and spread your legs you horny slut!” She hissed at Jennifer.
Jennifer promptly laid back and Kelly bent the girl’s legs back, turning
her pussy straight up. I watched her eat redhead pussy, my cock returning
to hardness again.
Some gal behind me moaned, and I saw her begin fucked by her boyfriend
while a gal licked her tits, and she sucked another guy. She was trying to
make the guy come in her mouth without success, so I moved over to help her
get him off. I sat next to them on the floor and said loudly enough for all
of them to hear me “Ohhh yeah! Suck him off! You’d love to feel him cum in
your mouth wouldn’t you?”
“UmmmmmmHmmmm” was her reply.
“You want to taste his hot cum flooding your mouth…thick creamy cum in
your mouth…dripping down your chin…onto your tits…all over your face!”
“Ohhh suck his cock. He’s gonna cum right in your mouth! Watch you try
to swallow the gallon of hot jism…hear you drinking his cum!”
“Ohhhhh yeaaaahh!” The guy moaned, his hips shaking.
“Urggurglll” she moaned too as he shot his sperm into her mouth.
I watched her swallow most of his cum, some shining on her lips as he
pulled out and collapsed next to her. I turned my attention back to Kelly
and Jennifer, still on the floor.
I moved back and pulled Kelly from Jen’s pussy, kissing her long and hard,
tasting Jen’s cum on the blonde’s lips and tounge. Then I started to lick
Jen’s dripping cunt too. Her legs came down around me, and she started to
pleade with me.
“Nooo!” She moaned. “Don’t eat me…Fuck me! Get your cock in me!”
I moved up and positioned myself, her fair legs encircling my hips. Kelly
moved up and sat over Jen’s face. As I slid my cock into her sopping pussy,
I heard Jen moan.
“Yesss. Let me lick you too.” She said to Kelly.
As we slipped into our carnal world, Jen’s legs urged me faster and deeper
into her. Her hips rocked against me, twising and lifting, a motion I’d never
felt before. We fucked each other hard, her hands were pulling the blonde’s
bush against her face, her tounge and lips making wet noises. On and on,
deeper and harder, faster. Quickly I felt my come rising again, and knew
that I’d have to slow down or come. Jennifer didn’t let up. She wanted my
cock pounding her, fucking her. Kelly leaned forward and kissed me, and I
cupped her sweaty breasts, feeling them over. I whispered to her and she
Kelly got off of Jen, pulling her up to her large tits. Jen’s head was
in her lap, almost like a baby’s, sucking the large nipples. I was still
slamming her cunt hard, and she was pulling on her own smaller nipples, making
them stretch her tits out. Suddenly I pulled out of her and moved quickly
up to Kelly’s tits. When Jen opened her eyes and saw me starting to spurt
onto Kelly’s big tits she went crazy. I came with Kelly leaning back just
a bit, spurting streams of sticky cum onto her tits, between them and then
finally on her face and lips. She sat there enjoying it, licking the sperm
from her lips. Jen sat up and cupped her hands under Kelly’s drooping tits,
catching the cum in small pools in her palms. She raised on hand to her own
tits, rubbing the cum over them. The other she licked off. Kelly grabbed
Jen’s head and pushed it between her tits, rubbing her face against those
massive breasts. After a moment, I pulled Jen’s face up, glistening with
my cum. Kelly grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard, her tounge in
Jen’s mouth. For her part, Jen buried two fingers inside Kelly’s pussy,
keeping them both hot. I bent over and whispered to them.
“You two are such hot, foxy sluts!”
They both moaned and Jen broke the kiss to suck my cock for a second, then
she resumed their kiss. I moved behind her and with my semi-hard cock, I
resumed the interrupted fuck that she deserved.
I watched as three guys jacked off on a gal who had beautiful tits with
nipples that covered their ends, large and dark areolae. Two gals were on
either side of her, stroking her tits and her mound, edging the guys on to
make them all come. One gal was getting it from behind while she helped and
her tits bounced happily as she fucked her partner back. When the three
studs started to come, the other gal grabbed their cocks and aimed their
jism where ever it suited her. The first guy was aimed on the girl’s tits,
some of the cum landing on the girl aiming the cock. He was followed quickly
by the second, and she jerked him into the girl’s mouth, being sure not to
get it all on target, rubbing the cock over the girl’s lips. The girl with
large nipples was licking her lips when the third guy came. He had a monster
cock and the girl jacked him off into her own mouth, where she could only
get part of her mouth around him. The effect was cum pouring out of her
mouth as he shot off. She quickly pulled him down to the other girl’s face
and made him shoot the rest on both their faces while she kissed the big
nippled girl.
I hadn’t realized what watching that tableau had done until Jen cried out
and I then found that my cock was rubbing her cervix as I pounded her pussy.
I was so incredibly horny that I wanted to fuck her for hours, but she had
to say the one thing that makes me pop.
“Ohhh God…cum in me…cum in my cunt…Shoot your jism in my cunt!”
I felt it about to shoot, and so did she.
“YES! YES! BABY! CUM in meee! Cum in my cunnnnnttt!”
I exploded for the third and last time of the night, deep inside her hot
cunt. I could feel the wash of hot sperm flooding into her, just as she had
felt my cock engorge as I started to come. The three of us collapsed in a
heap together, tired and sweaty.
People were getting tired, resting up for the next go if the could, and I
watched the big nippled brunette walk over and sit down next to Kelly and
Jen. I lay behind Jennifer, my cock still inside her. The girl introduced
herself as Gayle.
“I loved what you guys did.” She said, then to Kelly, “And I love your
breasts! You’ve got such great tits!”
Kelly laughed and looked at Gayle’s sperm drenched nipples. “It seem some
guys like your tits a lot too!”
Gayle leaned over and kissed Kelly, running her hands over those large
breasts. She leaned down and sucked on a nipple. Kelly moaned. Jennifer
gave my cock a squeeze with her pussy, and leaned back, giving Gayle access
to Kelly’s pussy. The two of them, cum drenched and sweaty began again
to arouse themselves.
Jen and I watched for a while, then moved off to a corner together. It was
about 4 am when Jen and I dressed and left. We had breakfast together and
I took her home. We went in and went right to bed, and this time, we fell
asleep in each other’s arms.