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Construction worker

Sometimes I amaze myself by my total lack of common sense
when it comes to proving my macho against a female in various
tests of strength. This latest lapse in intelligence was one that I am
sure I’ll never repeat.

I began working with a construction company as a laborer. I was
physically in terrible shape; but, I thought that a few months of
this type of work would allow me to gain some strength and to
shed some of my flab. I began working with the company in the
month of April so that by June I had in fact started to improve my
Continue reading Construction worker

Sexy fantasy party

The following weekend couldn’t come fast enough, but on Friday evening
the girls showed up as planned. I having invited six of my friends from
the club around for a drink that night. I showed the girls to their
bedrooms and watched them unpack.

They got showered and changed while I sat and chatted. They soaped and
fingered themselves all over. Lathering their bodies, they worked
their nimble fingers into both love holes, washing them out before
towelling themselves dry and rubbing scented oil into their sexes. Continue reading Sexy fantasy party

Cheated into bondage

Zipperhead’s is a famous store here in Philadelphia. The store is
on South Street, sell cools clothes and shoes, some handcuffs and leather
and stuff, and is a great place just to hang out and watch people in.
Well, I’m in there for a reason yesterday: Saltgirl, whom I am
meeting at a kinky sort of party this weekend, bought a bitchin outfit
she was telling me about, but couldn’t find the wide shiny belt she
needed to really complete the ensemble. No problem. I knew just the
So I’m in there in the bondage-y section to your left as you walk
in and there’s this ultra-cool woman behind the counter, who has
piercings in places well, that you wouldn’t even find in a second-hand
_Gray’s_(which, incidentally, you could buy, just up the street, in
Philly’s largest used bookstore. Continue reading Cheated into bondage


Belt-test at the dojo, you as tester. You come home around ten,
flushed, sore, and exhausted. You sag into a soft chair, your equipment
bag still dangling from your fingers. I remove it from your hand and ask,
“How was it?”

“They were all very big and very good,” you mutter under your
breath, “and seemingly tireless.”


You shake your head. “A glass of water would be great, though.”
You gingerly untie your shoelaces and remove your shoes and socks. I go
into the kitchen and return with the water. “From the tap,” I say. “Not
too cold; don’t want your stomach to cramp, dearest.” Continue reading Tired

Strange bondage

Standing on the street, you’re waiting comes to an end as the white
limosine pulls up directly in front of you. The door opens and you enter the
large back seat area, seeing three other women all dressed as you are. Each
wears a thin white cotton blouse, a short white skirt, white hose, and white
shoes. A bit confused, you sit down and close the door, and the other girls
are looking at you keenly.
One woman looks to be in her mid thirties, with short dark hair and very
piercing blue eyes. She has nice legs and her short skirt shows them off
well. The girl next to her seems only about 18 or 19, with firm, breasts,
and long blonde hair. She has brown eyes, and a sensual mouth. The third
girl is in her early twenties, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She has
the largest breasts of the four of you, and her legs are shapely as well. You
wonder what is going on with the three other women. You remain silent as you
were instructed, but your mind creates questions faster than you can think of
answers. Continue reading Strange bondage

Enough for today

After Julie got up and made breakfast for the children and
sent them out to play and was about ready to have some coffee,
Becky came into the kitchen. Becky looked a bit haggard and tired
as if she had been drinking the night before. Julie, on the other
hand, looked fresh and ready for the world.
“Morning Becky.” Julie said,”You leave Ralph still sleeping
his life away ?”
“Yes. He needs plenty of sleep for his job as you well know.
Also he could not believe what happened last night and wanted to
talk all night. I don’t really believe it either and if someone
had told me about it, I would have called them a liar.” Continue reading Enough for today

Sexual Adventures

Erica’s first year after State U. had turned out to be very
disappointing for romance. She’d made friends, but just hadn’t found
any guys to play with.
She went through her wardrobe and selected an outfit for a
night on the town. First the black stockings attached to a satin garter
belt. Next a pair of almost luminescent white panties, followed by a
loose silk blouse and an above-the-knee skirt. Lastly, some medium
heels, a tailored jacket, some light makeup and perfume.
Erica decided to head to the Max Club, a northside bar that
wasn’t too crowded. That night the crowd was lively if small. It didn’t
take her to long to attract the attentions of a tall blond guy. He was
wearing a subdued leather jacket and black jeans. He strode over to her
table with another bottle of the beer she was drinking. Continue reading Sexual Adventures

Sexy Summer Vacation

Well, it was so much fun that the boys (Dave and Jim) decided to spend a summer
vacation together as well. Needless to say Cathy and I were going to be used
for their kinky perversions again. I was dripping cunt juice just thinking
about it. Now that it has happened, I am going to tell you about it.
Dave and I arrived late on Sunday afternoon. Jim and Cathy were already there
and had dinner ready for the barbecue. No one mentioned doing anything kinky.
We just waited until someone started something. Nothing kinky happened that
night. Dave gave me a good fuck, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next
morning we got up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Jim and Cathy were
already making pancakes and coffee. The sight of the syrup made me giggle and
that got Cathy giggling as well. Jim told Dave that these two dirty-minded
girls needed to be taught some breakfast manners. Dave agreed and took my arm
and bent me over the table. As he lifted up my robe to expose my ass to Jim,
Cathy was getting bent over next to me. Soon there were two asses bared for the
boys to see and punish. First Dave gave me a smack on each ass cheek, Jim did
the same to Cathy. Then they switched, Jim smacked my ass, Dave did Cathy’s.
Then they switched and increased the number to two smacks per ass cheek. Then
switch and spank, then switch, increase to three smacks, then switch again. Now
there were four pink, tender ass cheeks showing. I had received harder
spankings before, but these were enough to get me hot and the grin on Cathy’s
face told me she wanted to get started on the kinky stuff too. Continue reading Sexy Summer Vacation

A couple and me

I’m on vacation with my parents on the Riviera, and like many girls and
guys there, I get around a lot by hitchiking. Most of the time I don’t do it
alone, but today the girl I’m with has to leave early to meet her parents.
She and I are staying in Nice, but every afternoon we go to the beach at
Juan-les-Pins, which is nicer.

So she leaves around 5:00, and I don’t decide to go back to Nice until
7:30. On vacation, my parents let me come home by 9:30, without asking any
questions, but I feel sort of lonely without my friend, and the guys are no
fun, so I decide to go back early.
I put on a short robe over my bathing suit and take my beach bag and
go up to the road and start hitching. Usually you don’t have to wait at all,
but today I avoid cars with single men or groups of men in them. I think it’s
better to get a ride with a couple. It takes longer this way. About 10 cars
with couples pass me by, with my thumb out. After about 10 minutes a gray car
stops, a brand I don’t know (Now I know it was a volvo). Continue reading A couple and me

I see you

I see you every week on this bus, and have wanted to approach you
for a long time. But I don’t, because the only reason I’m interested in
you is to fuck you, and I’d never betray my boyfriend to do it. If only
he wasn’t living in another state right now…
So every week I sit a few seats behind you…you sit in one of
the senior citizen seats and chat with the bus driver, so if I sit in the
first seat that faces forward, I have a great view. It’s a long bus ride
late at night, so we’re usually the only two on it, and you get off only
a few stops before I do.
When I get home, I go to bed and fantasize about having sex with
you. First I prepare myself for bed, brushing my teeth and washing my
face just as I always do. I take off my clothes and get into bed, beginning
to get excited by the feeling of the soft flannel sheet against my body.
My right hand snakes down to my cunt and starts its work, while my mind
starts its fantasy. Continue reading I see you

I want you tonight

I don’t know what it was, to start with. It was late, for one
thing, a long day with another tomorrow – the whole list of reasons why
not. So, “take me to bed?” I asked.

“No, take you -in- bed”, was your reply, voice soft and deep.

So, we undressed, quickly, and I went off to the bathroom to
clean up. The lights were off when I got out, and I could see you lying
there, with the covers kicked back, by the light from behind me, just
before I turned that one off too. I made my way over to the bed, slowly
in the dark, letting my eyes adjust to show me your form stretched out
there. And I knew I wanted you tonight… Continue reading I want you tonight

Denise Wet Cunt

God, it felt so good to be away from home. A dorm room to share
with one other girl. And her sister right here in campus.
The few weeks Sue had been home had been unbelievable. She
wondered if Sue realized the tiger she had unleashed. It seemed like
the only thing she had on her mind any more was sex. She couldn’t get
Her roommate was a mousy little brunette named Pam. Not bad
looking, just very shy and withdrawn. Denise sometimes wondered if Pam
even knew what sex was.
Well, maybe she did. She seemed interested enough when Denise
mentioned some of her own exploits since school started.
It had been a very satisfying night. Joe knew what he was doing.
He’d eaten her to several climaxes, then fucked her to several more.
Her pussy was still full of his cum and she could still taste it from
the blow job she’d given him.
Denise quietly let herself into the room, knowing that it was late
and Pam was most likely asleep. She heard a sound and softly walked
toward the source. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Denise made
out the form of her roommate, obviously not asleep, and equally
obviously unaware of Denise’s entrance. Continue reading Denise Wet Cunt

Two Moist Cunts Riding Throbbing Cock

A kinky episode happened two summers later. Mary was working
for a bank in a ritzy resort town. Her bank manager needed some
video survellience equipment installed and Mary recommended me.

Her boss (a late 30’s divorcee) called me and offered the
job. It was going to take me about two weeks to complete
everything she wanted done at the bank and at home, so she
offered to put me up at her place while I did the work. When I
got there and talked to Mary, I found out that her boss had been
punishing her ass every Friday night since she started work, and
Mary loved it. I also found out the real reason the boss (I can’t
remember her name so I will call her Linda) wanted the video
equipment was to catch her employees (tellers at the bank and
maid at home) doing something wrong so she could try to punish

I did the work at her house first, because the maid was out
of town for the week and Linda wanted the cameras hidden from the
maid. That Friday night, we tried out the cameras and recorder by
taping Linda and I punishing Mary. Linda really enjoyed getting
licked by Mary while I fucked Mary’s cunt and ass. That Saturday,
the three of us romped around the house and pool stark naked,
sucking and fucking everything we could. Linda may have been
twice our age but she was a really enthusiastic fucker.

Saturday night we went to dinner and an x-rated movie. Both
ladies wore tube tops, denim miniskirts and sandles (no bras, no
panties) and they were very hot. After the movie, we bent Mary of
the hood of the car, pulled up her skirt and spanked her ass
right there in the parking lot. Then Linda pulled down Mary’s
tube top and we both sucked on her tits, fingering her cunt and
ass until Mary was begging for a fucking. We allowed Mary to
strip completely naked and suck my cock a bit, then we laid her
out on the hood of the car again, this time face up. As I opened
her legs and slid my cock into her hot juicy cunt, Linda hiked up
her skirt and sat her cunt down on Mary’s mouth. Later we went
back to Linda’s for a late night swim and more fucking. Continue reading Two Moist Cunts Riding Throbbing Cock

Moto Gays

I had just spent a glorious week end at the beach sunning and splashing
in the waves. The main purpose of my visit was to attend a family
wedding, but I took utmost advantage of the sun and water. My skin was
a little more golden and I had noticed even
lighter streaks in my blond hair. I was on my way home and week end
traffic was not `holiday busy`, but definitely week end busy. I had been
driving for about 3 and a half hours and was planning to stop for the
night shortly
because the effects of the sun and swimming made me feel so relaxed to
the point of drowsy.

I love to drive fast in my red Trans Am and the traffic was
getting heavier in the left
lane from those drivers who won’t get over once they’ve passed. Continue reading Moto Gays