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I am a doctor. I have been practicing medicine for 15 years.
I have my own practice and I do minor surgery at one of the
clinics in the city. I’m divorced. My husband divorced me in
1975. I mention this because my divorce turned me sour to men.
I think that had some bearing on my decision to undertake this

One afternoon in 1983, a couple came into my office, a hefty
woman, around 45, and a young man around 26 or so. They sat down
and the conversation that was struck that day amazed me and left
me speechless. The woman sat down and the man stood behind her.
She introduced herself then introduced the man. She simply said,
“This is my houseboy and personal slave.” She snapped her
fingers and this young man knelt down beside her chair, never
saying a word. I was shocked. She explained that they lived a
different lifestyle from most people. She explained how her slave
had given his life to her service. Continue reading Operation


Well, the day had finally come. Here you were, standing in front of a
camera, getting your picture taken. Except, of course, it wasn’t at any
studio. Time for the old home photo album. You and your lover had talked
about it for some time, after you had admitted to him that you enjoyed
looking at the women in the men’s magazines, like Playboy, and Penthouse.
But, you had told him, they seemed a little tame, and that you got more
excited and envious when you were looking at the more graphic pictures in
Hustler. The ones where the women would hold their pussy open and show the
pinkness inside. For some reason, it looked more fun. Continue reading Photographer

Metro Orgasm

We meet for the first time in a crowded subway station in Manhattan. I, a
successful investment banker, dressed in only the finest. You are dressed in a
beautiful white evening dress that just barely covers your ass. We get on the
train together just casually exchanging glances and I find I seat in the back.
You are forced to stand in front of me holding a handle attached to the subway
car. People are squezing you from all sides, it is 5:25 and everybody is going
home for the evening. It is a normal trip home you think until you feel a hand
caressing your ass ever so gently. You think to yourself that somebody
probably brushed up against you but it continues with more intensity. I am
going to make this lady come, I think devilishly to myself as I rub your ass,
just enough to make you wet for my future plans. You can’t believe how hot
this train has suddently become. I procede to step two of my plan. I run my
fingers down your leg so slightly that you barely feel them. When I get to the
bottom, I slowly work my way back up to your awaiting tunnel of love. I am
not too surprised to learn that you aren’t wearing any panties. I keep
thinking to myself what I would love to do to this beautiful creature if there
weren’t hundreds of people around. I procede to put my hand on your bare ass
under your dress. I can feel the heat your body is radiating. You Jump when I
run my finger between your checks giving you unmesurable pleasure. I feel your
wetness emminating from your steamy cunt. I gently carress your pussy and
flick your clit with my middle finger. You push your hips out to me to enhance
your pleasure. Just at this moment, I pull my hand away and continue to read
my Wall Street Journal. I wouldn’t want you to come that easily? You can’t
believe this unbelievable pleasure has ended so abruptly. “Damm. Just when I
was about to come. Oh well. I will just have to finish the job myself when I
get home,” you think to yourself as you peek over your shoulder. You see four
men sitting behind you all within reach and all looking at you except for a
hansome wall street type reading his paper. You quickly rule him out and
decide it must have been that dirty minded old man with the sly grin. You give
him a quick smile, after all you haven’t been this hot since the time your
older brother’s friend sneaked into your room and woke you by licking your
pussy or the time you walked in on your brother while he was masterbating and
coming all over your virgin panties. The subway stops at your exit and you are
disappointed that you have to get off. You walk two blocks and enter your
apartment feeling along the way that you are being followed. You quickly go to
your dressing table and withdrawl your handy artificial cock, unfortunately the
batteries are dead. You go to the bathroom and turn on the water in the tub to
HOT, the same condition you are in. You take off all of your clothes and just
as you are about to get in, the doorbell rings. You have a lovely body and are
a bit of an exhibitionist so you procede to the door completely naked with your
dildo in your left hand………

Sally the stewardess

Back in the middle 60’s, I owned an apartment complex near
O’Hare field which catered to airline personnel and
expecially stewardesses. In those days, the stews were young
and perky, not like the grandmothers who fly today.

We ran a courtesy car to the airport every hour and
occasionally when we had more than a full load, either the
building manager or myself would run out to pick up the
overflow in our personal cars. On the night I will tell you
about, I was ready to leave to go to a night baseball game at
Sox park with my manager when I got the call from our driver
that there was one stewardess at American Airlines he couldn’t
pick up. Continue reading Sally the stewardess

Anna The Gorgeous Woman

Anna is a very beautiful woman. She is tall, blonde, and tans to
a gorgeous golden hue.

I’ve worked with her on a project for quite some time and have had
fantasies about her from the start. I feel an attraction to her
every time that I see her.

I’d noticed her looking at me at times when we’ve worked together
but neither one of us have voiced anything. She knows that I’m
married and I’ve been too frightened to say anything since I know
that not only is she married, but I could be very wrong about the
way that I’ve interpreted her looks.

There have been many times though that I have longed to kiss the
back of her neck as she leaned forward while we worked at the
computer. She has very sensuous shoulders and neck. Continue reading Anna The Gorgeous Woman

Meet In Flesh

I walked off the jetway and spotted her right away. Even though
I had a GIF picture of her, I wasn’t sure if I’d know her, but there
was no doubt in my mind. I stepped up to her and asked, “Cindy?”

“Ed?” She smiled at me, hesitating. I know how she felt, I
felt the same way. Here was this person I had been… well, intimate
with, all via computer, and now we were seeing each other in person
and still felt awkward. I gave her a hug, and she murmured in my ear,
“It’s good to hold you, finally.”

I stepped back for a moment to appraise her better. She did
look good in person, tall and slim but with a full, shapely figure. I
thought to myself, “I am a lucky guy.” Continue reading Meet In Flesh

Pussy Addicted Sailor

I started sailing on freighters when I was 18 years old. That was back in
1967, and I’ve been sailing ever since. It’s a good life for a guy who likes
to be free, travel and have adventures.

Not the same kind of adventures the old timers had on those sailing vessels,
though. Those days belong to ancient history.

I’m talking about bedroom adventures. That was what I was looking for when
I started out and I’m still looking for them, although I have had them all
around the world. Continue reading Pussy Addicted Sailor