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Moto Gays

I had just spent a glorious week end at the beach sunning and splashing
in the waves. The main purpose of my visit was to attend a family
wedding, but I took utmost advantage of the sun and water. My skin was
a little more golden and I had noticed even
lighter streaks in my blond hair. I was on my way home and week end
traffic was not `holiday busy`, but definitely week end busy. I had been
driving for about 3 and a half hours and was planning to stop for the
night shortly
because the effects of the sun and swimming made me feel so relaxed to
the point of drowsy.

I love to drive fast in my red Trans Am and the traffic was
getting heavier in the left
lane from those drivers who won’t get over once they’ve passed. Continue reading Moto Gays

Lustful Chick

Daybreak arrives too quickly. The bedroom seems to glow, lit by the morning
sun filtering through the trees. I awake slowly from a wonderful dream – a
dream filled with sexual encounters of the best kind. As I lay in the morning
reverie, I become aware of a presence in bed with me. The presence is her –
under the sheets inspecting my penis. Not wanting to disturb her, I continue
to lay quietly while she is at work.

Her body is at right angles to mine. I can’t see what she is doing, but I can
feel it. I feel her breath on the hairs of my leg. Hovering over my penis,
she gingerly touches it with her fingertips; rolling it over to inspect the
underside. My penis lies there, limp, against my leg; not yet responding to
her attention.

She once told me how curious it was that something so small and soft could
become something so large and hard. And how she delighted in holding and
sucking on my limp cock and feeling it grow in her hand and mouth. Continue reading Lustful Chick

Sex At Work

It was early morning in the Faculty lounge; in fact, it was way too early for

some. Dr. Maxwell Jones, otherwise known as Mac to his friends and colleagues,

sat enjoying his coffee in relative silence. It was his first day as a Professor

at the Institute for Science and Technology and already he was bored to tears. He

stared idly into the newspaper, propping his feet on the coffee table, while

lounging his tall frame on the hard couch. Continue reading Sex At Work