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I am a doctor. I have been practicing medicine for 15 years.
I have my own practice and I do minor surgery at one of the
clinics in the city. I’m divorced. My husband divorced me in
1975. I mention this because my divorce turned me sour to men.
I think that had some bearing on my decision to undertake this

One afternoon in 1983, a couple came into my office, a hefty
woman, around 45, and a young man around 26 or so. They sat down
and the conversation that was struck that day amazed me and left
me speechless. The woman sat down and the man stood behind her.
She introduced herself then introduced the man. She simply said,
“This is my houseboy and personal slave.” She snapped her
fingers and this young man knelt down beside her chair, never
saying a word. I was shocked. She explained that they lived a
different lifestyle from most people. She explained how her slave
had given his life to her service. Continue reading Operation

Date On Friday

After I left Teri’s apartment the next day, I thought back on
what she had said about her husband. She did love him and didn’t
want to leave him, but the fact remained he was a lousy lay. A
good provider and considerate, but just no good in bed. And since
she had gotten pregnant, he was afraid of harming her and hadn’t
laid a hand on her since. She understood, but understanding didn’t
ease the itch between her legs. We also talked about our
relationship and decided to play it as it came. I had no desire
for a long term relationship and she wasn’t about to leave her
husband, so it seemed we were playing equal hands.

On Monday, when I saw her at work, I had to smile. I didn’t
have to wonder what she looked like under her clothes, I knew. But
that didn’t stop me daydreaming about her. For her part, she
seemed happier than before and we shared a secret smile
remembering how we had fucked the night away just a day or two

I’ll admit I spent a good deal of the week thinking about her
and the way she sucked my cock. I remember the way she would moan
as I ran my hands over her body and played with her tits and
pussy. And how she responded to being eaten and fucked. And the
way her pussy had held onto my cock after I came deep inside her.

On Wednesday, we got to talk alone and made a date for Friday
night, since he husband was due back in town on Sunday. She didn’t
want to take any chances of hurting him, so she wanted to keep
Saturday night free. Continue reading Date On Friday

out in the woods 1st time outdoor sex

Archive-name: First/outwood.mff

Archive-author: William Bloom

Archive-title: Out in the Woods

It was “Senior Ditch Day”, and a group of us had head out to

Whilhite State Park. It was a beautiful place, set right at the

foot of the mountains. Things were a little uncomfortable for

me, because I was a last minute addition to the party. I didn’t

really plan on going, because my ex-girlfriend, April, was going

to be there.

She broke up with me, because she “couldn’t handle the

relationship.” I think it was because she’s got this prudish

hang-up about only having sex in the missionary position.

Anyway, I noticed that all day long, April and another girl,

Ellen were watching me. Every time I looked in their direction,

they’d look away, and Ellen would look kind of embarrassed. I

could imagine what April had been telling her.

Ellen was kind of pretty. She usually wore clothes that

were too big for her. Her hair hung straight down, and she wore

no make-up. I don’t think I’d ever really saw her with anyone at

school before. It was kind of strange that she was at the party


Ellen never hung with any crowd. She was quiet, and was

definitely out of place with just about anyone. April was

probably doing her a favor by bringing her along. She had been

staying by April’s side all day long.

After a few hours, and one flag football game later, I

noticed that Ellen had left the crowd. I couldn’t see her

anywhere. That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned, it was April. She look kind of sheepish.

“Can you do me a favor, Billy?” she asked.

I felt a little flush of heat in my face. Our last

argument had contained a little line by her that said, “Fine,

don’t do me any favors!” I fought back the urge to remind her of


“I guess so.” I was somewhat of a push over.

“I was telling Ellen about the falls up the mountain,” she

told me.


“She went up there. She didn’t want anyone to come along.

It’s quite a hike, and she might get lost.”

“So, you want me to catch up to her and make sure she

doesn’t,” I said.

“No! I was thinking about you following her, and if she

gets into any trouble, then you can help her.”

Boy, was I a push over. I didn’t like the idea of leaving a

good party, just to follow some girl up a mountain. I picked up

a pack and threw a couple of beers in it, and started up the

trail. I had been to the falls before, and I knew it was a

twenty minute hike.

I was only a few minutes behind Ellen, and soon caught up to

her. I stay behind her, and of to the side of the trail, so that

if she looked back, she wouldn’t see me. I tried to move as

quietly as possible.

The noon sun cut through the trees, and I stripped off my

shirt as I went. My t-shirt was soaked with sweat. I shoved the

shirt in the bag.

After awhile, Ellen reached the pools at the bottom of the

falls. I stayed back in the brush and drank a beer while she

walked around the pools and picked up rocks. I could have killed

April for sending me up here.

For a few moments, Ellen studied a rock, then threw it into

the clear water. This was a beautiful area, and not too many

people knew about it. I watched Ellen as she took off her shoes.

She looked into the water, and dipped her foot. The water must

have been cold. But, a second later, she dove in, with all her

clothes on.

A few seconds passed, and she didn’t come up, I was about to

leave my post and dive in after her, when suddenly she broke the

surface, and took in a big gasp of air. April was really in for


Ellen swam around for awhile, and then decided that it was

time to get out of the water. She pulled herself out of the

water, found a sunny area on the rock, and lay down. She

shivered a few times, then sat up.

For some reason, I knew what was coming next. She pulled

her shirt out, unbuttoned it, and took it off. She wasn’t

wearing a bra, and her tiny little breasts matched the whiteness

of the rest of her torso. She sat back on her hands for a moment

and let the sun shine down on the tiny mounds of her chest.

Satisfied with the heat, she unbuttoned her jeans, stood up

and slid them off, leaving just a pair of wet, white, cotton

panties. Again, she spread herself in the sun.

With her back turned to me, she bent over and gave me the

best view I had had so far. Slowly, she pulled her panties off,

to show me a small, white, round ass, with her tiny brown haired

muff peeking from between her legs. She stood straight, and

stretched in the light, turned a little so that I could see the

front of her.

Her pussy didn’t take up a lot of area between her legs.

Just a little bit of brown, curly hair covered the small “V”.

She had been hiding a nice little body under all those clothes.

She stayed in the sun for a moment, then turned and walked

into the woods. Suddenly, her little swim and nude sunbathing

turned into a nudist fantasy. I decided to follow her, but kept

my distance. After all, she might run into trouble. Right?

It was kind of easy keeping track of her as she walked naked

through trees. Then, she was gone. How had I lost her. There

was a small clearing just a few feet away, but as I walked into

it, I still could not see her.

As I stood there, about to feel panic, I got the feeling I

was being watched. I turned, and at the other end of the meadow

was Ellen. She was standing with her hand lightly folded over

her pussy.

“I think you’re a bit over-dressed, Billy,” she said and

began to walk towards me.

I knew exactly what she was talking about and pulled off my

t-shirt. She was close now, and reached a hand out and touched

my chest. I cupped my hand around one of her breasts. It was

firm, and the nipple was hard. I looked into her eyes, and her

hand wandered down and rubbed my crotch.

“April said you could help me,” she said.

“With what?” I asked, still not believing what was


“Well, I’ve got these great, big fantasies, but, I’ve never

had sex with a man before.” Her hand rubbed harder into my



“Well, I’ve been with April before, and we like to finger

each other, but it’s not the same.”

This was a revelation to me. April never came across as a

bi-sexual type. It’s not that I don’t like bi-sexual girls, in

fact I’m all for it. My first fuck was with my sister, and her

girlfriend. I just didn’t think April was into anything that


“Maybe I can help,” I said.

Her fingers fumbled around my belt, and finally loosened it.

She then unzipped my pants. Her hand pushed in past my briefs,

and her fingers wandered up and down the hard on that I had had

for quite awhile. Her face showed her inexperience, as she

looked surprised at what she was doing.

She pulled her hand out, and backed away, smiling. She

walked off about ten feet, then found a sunny place to lay down.

I pulled off my shoes and socks. Then stripped my pants off, and

threw them to the side.

As I walked towards her, Ellen got to her knees, reached out

her hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock. For a moment,

she just touched it. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft,

and fingered my balls. She studied it intently. Then noticed a

tiny drop of jism on the tip.

She moved closer and lightly flicked it with her tongue.

She must have liked it, because she wrapped her tongue around the

head of my dick, and then tried to swallow it. For a beginner,

she was good. She couldn’t have learned this from April, because

April wouldn’t even think of going down on my cock.

Ellen worked my cock over and over. A couple of times I let

her think I was getting ready to cum, and she got even more

excited and worked even harder. Before long, I cut loose with a

mighty jet of jism. Some of it spilled out of her mouth, but she

quickly brought it back in with her tongue. She fell back onto

the grass and smiled. Her hands fell to her cunt and began to

furiously pump in and out.

“Oh, I’m so horny,” she said, “Help me?”

I nodded, and knelt between her feet. I displaced her hands

with mine, and pushed my fingers in and out of her wet box. Its

own perfume drifted up and gave me new energy. I felt my dick

getting harder than before.

“Eat me, please, eat me,” she pleaded. It was almost a cry.

I didn’t waste anytime. I moved down and plunged my tongue

into her slit. I pried at her door, but is was tight, and

something harder would have to open it. I flicked and sucked at

her clit until she was rocking in the grass. She moaned and

groaned, and even squealed once or twice. This was as much a

treat for me as it was her.

I pulled her legs further apart, and pulled them up to my

shoulders, just as I was aiming my cock at her tight, virgin

cunt, something at the edge of the meadow caught my attention.

April was sitting on a large rock. Stark naked, and

fingering herself madly. There was another surprise. She was a

voyeur. That wasn’t going to stop me now.

I turned my attention back towards the girl under me.

“Fuck me, please. Slide into me, Billy,” she said.

I did just that. Her hole was tight, but it gave under the

gentle pressure of my rod. This time she squealed, and almost

screamed. She threw her whole body into the action. I don’t

know who was pumping harder, me or her, but I do know that her

cunt was trying to swallow my dick whole.

Just before she was about to climax, I pulled out of her,

and moved up her body. I placed my dick between her tiny breasts

and gave her the best tit fuck I could. She bent her head up,

and sucked at the head of my cock and I shot my load in her


I heard a squeak come from the edge of the meadow, and knew

that April had cum, too.

I climbed off of Ellen, turned her over, and lifted her to her

knees. She looked back at me over her shoulder. Her eyes showed

her passion. I parted the lips of her cunt, and pushed my cock

into her. Slowly I began to pump into her and she pumped back

to me. She was fuck crazy.

It wasn’t before long that she was ready to cum, and me,

too. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I slid my

thumb into her butt hole and worked it back and forth. Her

frenzy became a whole new experience for me. Then wildly, we

both came.

We collapsed on the grass and breathed together for some

time. Then, April joined us, and we started all over again.

April surprised me again, and again.

Fucked prego


Greta spent most of her mornings behind her desk, dutifully working.

She was a Dutch girl from Utrecht, and she took her job pretty seriously. But every now and then she clicked over to a Dutch women’s forum to read up on other women and their bumps. Most of the topics were standard – about hormones and the nesting instinct – but one caught her eye.

‘Does your pregnancy make you insatiable?’it read in Dutch. She went on to explore the list and read the testimonies of many different Dutch women who found themselves not only with morning sickness in the first trimester, but craving physical attention from their husbands.

Though she would blush to admit it to anyone in the office, these women were right. She had never felt (or it seemed looked) as sexy as she did when she was pregnant.

Her ash brown hair looked alive. The early wrinkles under her eyes seemed to heal up.

It must be a girl she thought – for all of these female hormones to be exploding all over her body.

‘Oh my God – it’s so sexy’ she thought. She thought of her husband Max fucking her the way he did. He was a really good lay – and he had a nice sized dick. Just the thoughts of sizing up her husbands elephant trunk exciting her and she thought she really just had to go pee to cool herself off, and let some of that hot piss satisfy her for now.

She got up from the desk and started to walk towards the door when Robert came in.

Robert was about 7 years younger than she was, she reckoned, and he was the cutest boy at work – the one that was a little shy, but with a sweet side. The one, who if stuck on a desert island with, she would have no problem using to continue the human species.

‘Good morning, Robert,’she said in her soft Germanic accent. ‘Good morning, Greta’he replied. There was something so comforting in his body – she thought. Whenever she had to get close to him in the office it was as if every muscle relaxed. Sex signals, she thought. Radar. She was no twit. Buts she had a date to go the restroom and to ease her itch.

In the restroom she guided herself towards the last stall and sat down. There was a newspaper on the floor and she began to read on about those funny Americans Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie – as her naked finger snaked its way up and down her ravine.

She looked down and she liked what she saw. She loved her vagina – and she loved it more now that she was pregnant. She loved tracing a signature over her pink lips and relished pushing her clit ever so slightly. She began to work her slender fingers and developed a sort of groove or rhythm as she read on about the news. She knew she really shouldn’t get off in the ladies toilet, but her finger kept its rhythm and so she began to squeeze her leg muscles and rub her flesh.

She began to think about Max and his big muscle and how it filled her box up. She really enjoyed the late night fuckings they had had. But she knew that not just Max could get her off in a quick way so she would have to go a little dirty. As she toyed with her wet flesh she began to envision another man – a bit silent, a bit dark, but handsome and warm – with a long body, and a long penis.

As he guided her to the bed in her fantasy she opened herself to him and let him have his way with her. She enthusiastically sucked him and let him have her ass and her face and finally her pussy – yes her pussy, where he would shoot his thick hot load. Mmm. The pleasure.

She continued to itch at herself – building a rhythm and embracing the strong man of her fantasy who took her ass, who took her everything, who used her like a rubber and threw her away.

Christ he was big. He stretched her with that big cock… GASP. When you withhold a loud orgasm the one that comes is a bit different and Greta essentially felt her body implode. It was like that idea of seeing stars. She felt a bit delirious and her body began to chill and convulse. Cold sweat built up on the back of her neck. She was light headed but then reclaimed her sense of place

‘Ah,’ She thought. ‘Now that is what English-speakers call ‘the big O.”

After she had calmed her pink pussy lips in the ladies, Greta returned to clarity. She remembered that Max was having a show that Thursday night in a comedy production in North Beach.

She had promised him to get as many of her coworkers to come, and so she dutifully announced to her coworkers when she got back from the ladies that they should all come and spend $5 to see Max and his colleagues perform at the church.

‘I’m going, Robert’ said matter of factly. ‘My girlfriend’s sister is in that show.’

Robert looked cute, Greta thought in a relaxed way. Maybe he was her mystery date in the ladies. ‘Oh,’ Greta smiled from behind her work station. ‘See you there.’


City Thursdays in Spring sometimes were wet and moist, sometimes were cold and windy, but on special occasions were humid and warm a prelude to summer.

Bars filled up after work, and all the good looking city people got together to drink beer, shoot pool, and engage in ancient courting rituals.

While Katrina and Robert needed neither spirits nor atmosphere to get their grooves on, they decided to have a few beers before catching her sister Lila in the show at St. Agnes.

The performance was called “Bare as a Bodkin” and it was some sort of raunchy take on Shakespeare. As they walked to the theater the two began to hold hands.

‘You know some people from work might be here tonight,’ Robert said trying to make small talk.

‘Oh yeah, who?’ asked Katrina. ‘Well, I know that Greta’s husband Max is performing, so I guess we’ll see Greta.’

‘Oh’ said Katrina. ‘That’s cool.’

Robert could tell that Katrina was a bit jealous. The truth was she knew that he probably liked her – she knew her boyfriend’s postures, his language, the way he said a woman’s name. Sensing his girlfriend’s apprehension he decided to proclaim her lack of accessibility to him.

‘Yeah, she’s expecting,’ he said.

‘Oh yeah?’ Katrina said, returning from her analytical detachment. ‘How far a long is she?’

‘Three months, ‘Robert answered.

When they got to St. Agnes they saw that it was going to be a big show. The line was out the church’s basement door and all sorts of hipster kids were outside smoking and joking.

Katrina and Robert waited in line, and slowly worked their way to the table where two young women, dressed as nymphs out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, took their $10 and stamped their hands. They then proceeded into the main chamber, which was entirely black and surrounded by bleachers. Katrina and Robert worked their way up to the top of one side and got a good seat.

Robert strained to recognize any of the guys from work, but couldn’t see anybody. Then out of the corner of his eye he spied her shape across the stage and at the front row. She was dressed in a dark velvety dress and had on black heels. She looked SEXY.

The bleachers began to fill up until the whole room was heavy with breathing and anticipation – when one of the nymphs came on stage and launched into a very risque sonnet. The audience laughed, but Robert was preoccupied with the mass across from him. He thought about her bump and he felt a noticeable twang in his penis.

There were several men on stage, but Robert couldn’t tell which one was Max. He assumed he was the bigger guy – but who knew. All he knew is that he just wanted to keep sneaking glances at his coworker Greta, and he did until she got up about half an hour into the show – just about the same time he felt a pressure on his bladder from the beer he had had earlier.

He asked one of the non-acting nymphs to point him towards the restrooms and she instructed him to go through a series of doors towards the back of the church, behind the kitchen. He almost got lost, but finally wound his way through the maze to the men’s restroom where he let go of his huge burden. He cleaned himself off and buttoned up and turned around to leave, all the time thinking of Greta and her legs and her bump, and her smile. He ‘must have a crush’he thought, hoping that if he classified his emotions they would go away.

But then he saw her coming the opposite direction. In her gorgeous medieval outfit. Their eyes met and he felt like he had been shot with 120 volts of energy.

‘Hi Greta.’

‘Oh – it’s so good you came,’ she said. She seemed cheerful and less industrious than her normal workself. They exchanged a bit of awkward body language but then Robert blurted out ‘You look really nice tonight.’

‘Thank you, so do you’ she said. This was terrible he thought. He had to do something. He had to say something, and the alcohol in his system just let his true thoughts slip out without warning.

‘I think you look really nice – especially because you are pregnant,’ he said.

‘Oh you are not the only one who has noticed,’ Greta replied with a grin. ‘I have noticed too. I think I am having a girl because of all this estrogen in my body. ‘She reached down and touched her bump and moved closer to him.

‘Here, feel,’ she said. ‘Feel my bump.’ She pulled her nervous hand closer and put it on her belly.

The bump felt somewhere between soft and hard. He was nervous to touch it too heavily, but felt calmed by the bump. She looked up at him, a kind of deep glare in her eyes and breathed heavily. ‘You know Robert,’ she said with a hysterical tinge to her voice.

‘I really want to kiss you. Will you kiss me?’

he leaned forward and kissed her forehead and then her nose, and then…my God…her mouth. ‘I just feel so sexy since I have been pregnant,’ Greta said sensitively, wrapping her arms around his tree trunk of a waist. ‘I just feel so aroused all the time.’

They began to kiss and Robert felt like a 14 year old in the middle of his first time. The air seemed so cold and he felt afraid because he was kissing another man’s wife, and afraid because she was pregnant, but overwhelmed by whatever pheromones escaped from her body and deeply in love with her scent, a scent he had breathed so deeply.

‘Please come with me’ she said, leading him down a hall way through a door to a dark room. She flicked on a switch and there hung many robes worn by priests and lay people.

‘Here’ she said, ‘help me take this thing off.’ Robert helped her lift the skirt off her trim body revealing nothing underneath but her angelic form – her tiny, yet swollen breasts, like a 15 year-old’s, so soft they would fit perfect in his hand. And of course her tummy, which started at the base of her rib cage, and protruded out in a natural arc just like he had thought of – perfect, hot and growing.

‘Can I?,’Robert hesitated. ‘Can I kiss it?’ She planted hot kisses on his cheeks and guided his face down to her bump. He kneeled before her and began to plant little daisies of kisses along the lining of her skin, hiding them in her pelvic valleys, and stopping to feel her curly black pubic hair tickle his chin.

She looked so gorgeous in the cloakroom light and he felt a bit overwhelmed down on his knees. But he stood up and she began to unbutton his shirt and pants. They soon were both completely hot and naked and she decided to take advantage of the situation.

‘Robert – I want you to fuck me’she said. ‘I want you in every orifice of me’she said as she guided his cock towards her thigh. She then slowly kneeled down and began to plant kisses along his rod, looking up to savor the feeling of another man’s big dick in her palm. Robert, as she expected, was quite long and thick and engorged by the sight of her angelic body. She felt so hot as she let his big thickness come into her mouth. She toyed with his p-spot as he grabbed masses of her hair and stood at attention and continued to bob her head up and down on his big dick. He mumbled and a certain giddiness began to spur in his testes as the night air hit his shaft as she savored him. He thought about where he would fuck her, in her throat, in her puckered little ass, that tight little ass, and finally deep in her mystic oven, where the next generation was brewing.

Sex At Work

It was early morning in the Faculty lounge; in fact, it was way too early for

some. Dr. Maxwell Jones, otherwise known as Mac to his friends and colleagues,

sat enjoying his coffee in relative silence. It was his first day as a Professor

at the Institute for Science and Technology and already he was bored to tears. He

stared idly into the newspaper, propping his feet on the coffee table, while

lounging his tall frame on the hard couch. Continue reading Sex At Work

Becky trained by spanking hard

Becky’s Training
Young slender Becky Larson had been, as ordered, secured over the top of
the large oak table in my private dinning chamber.
She was dressed in a crisp schoolgirl uniform consisting of a starched
white blouse which buttoned up the front, a short plaid skirt,
white knee highs, white cotton panties/bra and her hair had been put up
in little schoolgirl pig-tails.
Becky was tied with her shapely smooth legs pinioned with narrow black
leather straps at the knees, her ankles bound together and then tied to

a rope leading to the right table leg and her trim white arms pulled and

stretched out in front of her, her narrow wrists tied to ropes leading to

the tables opposite end


Before being tied, becky had been made to lay over a fat sofa pillow,

placed at the end of the large oak table, and designed to ensure that her

young, tender bottom was raised and the center of focus as one entered

the long room.

The ropes had been tied to allow enough slack for becky to raise her

upper torso some, or to arch her back and push her young bottom cheeks up

and out in a big girl swell if order to.

A large ornamental, beveled mirror on the wall in front of her allowed

her master to view her facial expressions at anytime.

As I walked in to the room, lightly tapping the long supple birch

rod against my black riding boots, a stern look crosses my face. I

looked forward to providing becky with her first real slavegirl whipping.

Becky’s clear blue eyes widen with fear at the sight of the rod. Her

petite, slim, coltish legs lightly rubbing together with nervous

anticipation of

the feel of that rod across her plump schoolgirl bottom cheeks.

Becky opened her mouth, starting to question….to plead to be let off,

but not a word started before I cut her off sharply…. “Be silent

Becky” I ordered her in a calm voice, “the only sound we are going to

hear this afternoon is the sound of this birchrod skinning your young


I smiled as I stroked the birch rod softy across her bottom cheeks.

Young Becky Larson, 16 years old, a little tramp runnaway from the

streets of Seattle. Robert had seen her often, panhandling money,

hanging out with delinquent boys, intoxicated, or high, slouched up

against the side of some downtown office building, or walking through the

crowd down at the market, looking for tourists from Iowa, or Kansas, with


wallets, and easily distracted by a pretty blond girl in a too short or


tight skirt who accidently rubs against them while one of the boys picked

their pockets.

Robert never got over how easy it was, how clean, and sudden and final.

A phone call, some private words and a picture faxed, and now blond

headed, willowy, plump bottomed Becky Larson, a new residient of Cheluna


Becky had been there a week, a long week, long enough to know better

then to hesitate at a Master’s command, and long enough to know better

then to refuse a request.

I set the long whippy birchrod down and gently caressed Becky’s pretty,

open- expressioned face, poking my finger in her small mouth, enjoying

the sensation of her soft lips and gentle tongue wetting my fingers as I

slowly pistoned them in and out. I withdrew my finger, smearing her

saliva across her lips, making them shine.

“I’m very unhappy with you Becky, very disappointed,” I tell

her in a low soft voice, ” I thought I had taught you better…”

I walked around the end of the table and was confronted with the

exciting double cheekswell of this trim bottomed girl strapped over for


I wasted no time in flicking the end of the birch rod under Becky’s

little schoolgirl skirt, and flipping it up on to her back. There it

was, that robust, plump little ass I had seen straining against her tight

slut jeans on the streets of Seattle only last week.

The elastic tightness of her white schoolgirl knickers straining with

the plump fullness of becky’s rear cheeks, broadened and fattened by

her bent posture..

I took the tail of Becky’s skirt and tucked it up under the thick

leather waist strap. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her white

panties and slowly lowered the material, watching her ass flesh compress

and then roll out from under the desending material.

I sucked in my breath and felt my heart start to pound in my chest as

Becky’s ass was, once again, in its perfection, now completely bare to

my view.

I pulled a table chair up directly behind Becky’s firm teenage bottom

and sat down right behind her, letting my eyes enjoy the contours and fat

fullness of her rear cheeks.

God, how I had longed to see this little delinquent’s trim white ass,

just like this, bound over and swelled out, waiting to feel the sting of

the birchrod across those pearly white orbs, or to feel the fullness of

my pleasure rod buried deep in her backside, her arms restrained, her

trim schoolgirl hips bent over the top of this broad oak table.

Becky’s soft white bottom had been raised by her bent posture, her

schoolgirl bottom cheeks slightly parted by the enforced posture.

Becky’s legs trembled slightly as she felt my hand fondle the slight

heaviness of her chubby rear orbs. I bounced them up and down lewdly in

the palm of my hands, each small bottom cheek occupying one of my warm

palms, watching as the fat of her rear mounds jiggled with the

movement of my hands, smiling at the soft protest of this indignity

uttered by becky.

I leaned forward and gave becky a few light kisses across the white

expanse of her broadened bottom cheeks, savoring the delicious feel and

taste of her milky white hillocks.

I pulled my head back and quickly stood up. There would be more time

for that later, for studying and mapping…….with my mouth, my tongue,

my lips…. learning about every inch of that exciting fleshy bottom.

Now Becky was going to get the whipping of her life, a lesson is slave

girl discipline designed to ensure compliance with her master’s wishes

in the future.

I pick up the birch rod and step back a few paces, moving the chair to

the side and watching Becky start to compress her bottom cheeks, her arms

pulling against the restraints tied tightly around each wrist.

I smile as I hear becky in the background start to plead, no doubt

asking for another chance, but my mind was fully occupied with the plump

full ass now contorting in a lewd dance over the table top.

I fish a pair of old panties out of my coat pocket, with one hand,

swishing the whippy birch rod through the air with my other and relishing

the sound the fine instrument made..

“You’ll do anything, anyway, my dear Becky. You know what’ll happen

if you don’t…”,

I smile at her in the mirror and wad up the panties and push them into

her mouth.

“If those panties leave your mouth at any point, your punishment will

be increased ten-fold. Do you understand me Becky ?”

Becky silently nods her head, her eyes wide with fear.

I take a few steps back, standing to the right of becky, and bring

the whippy-ended birchrod up sharply and step forward, bring the rod

through the air sidewayswith a backhanded motion, and deliver a fine cut

low down across becky’s straining asscheeks.


The rod blazed a bright red strip across the young girl’s bottom

cheeks, low, where her upper legs swell into her bottom. Becky pulls

hard against her restaints, her curly blond pig-tails flying in to the

air with the smarting impact of the blow, her legs tensed and her bottom

cheeks compressing hard, and then bounding up.

I step forward again, my eyes glued to the bare trim rounded pallor

of Becky’s bottom cheeks, tensing and shifting, her hips contorting over

the top of the fat pillow cushion.

” Keep your chubby little backside quite still for it Becky….push

those hips back up over that pillow you young tramp…..”

………. WHIP

………………….. WHIP …………….. WHIP……….

I delivered three quick hard cuts right through the middle of Becky’s

young tender bottom flesh, the rod singing through the air, the impacts

sounding like pistol shots as they meet Becky’s churning white bottom


……………. WHIP….

.another cut delivered with vicious accuracy across becky’s ass, aimed

low, and at an angle, stripping Becky low down across the top of her bound

legs, and letting the tip of the whippy-ended birch rod ride up, just

catching her across the puppy fat fuller cheekswell low down on her


Becky was frantic, she let out a long low gasp of agony, then a series

of fast paced loud objections, her pretty blond head turning from side

to side

rapidly, her mane sweeping across the

polished oak table top, her knees trying to draw up and rubbing

against each other under the leather binding strap.

I tapped the rod on the top of her now quivering young bottom, enjoying

the sight of the angry red lines now starting to grow against the white

background of her plump bottom cheeks.

Becky was tensing and releasing her little bottom halves, squirming

across the top of the pillow booster in lewd and seductive fat assed


Her young bottom would drive out, hips raised and buck back as far as

the straps would allow, giving her a wanton and whorish look, like a


inviting her lover to take her bottom in a fit of honeymoon passion.

” I’m going to break you this afternoon Becky, just like a young filly

is broke to the bridal….

……….. WHIP………. WHIP……..I gave her two hard brisk strokes

across the plump center of her shaking ass cheeks…..

“I’ll have obedience from you …… WHIP ………becky.”

.”…………bend tighter, I want a full bottomed

cheekswell……….WHIPWHIP………. you chubby bottomed little


… WHIP………. WHIP……two more stinging reminders, delivered down

low, across the fatter cheekswell of becky’s bottom lobes….

” we have all afternoon becky, no interruptions…” … WHIP!!!………..


…….”.when I am finished with you…we’ll have an obedience


WHIP!!!………… WHIP!!!

Again and again I whipped her plump teenage backside , my mind lost

in a haze of erotic discipline. My cock was straining against the rough

fabric of my wool trousers, and my breathing was coming in large gulps,

sucking giant mouthfuls of air in to

my lungs as I let the rod fall across the middle of Becky’s girlish white


“Better get use to this

Becky………..WHIPWHIPWHIP!!!!…………..use to slavegirl discipline”

“You’ll have master’s who enjoy whipping little tramps like you……”..

…….WHIPWHIPWHIPWHIP!! …..three hard whips on the back of becky’s

trim slender thighs….!

“slavegirl whippings and ……WHIP………….. slavegirl sex up that

tight little bottom of yours…..” WHIP……. WHIP……

I dropped the burchrod and pulled the chair back up behind Becyk’s

welted and contorting bottom cheeks. Becky, crying into her panty gag,

her small shoulders shaking a little with each sob.

She couldn’t keep her rear mounds from bounding up and down, trying to

climb over the top of the table, her legs tensing and her tiptoes pushing

hard in to the floor as the fire like stripes work their way deep intothe

plump flesh of her trim little 16 year old asscheeks..

I lean forward and run my hands over her chubby welted bottom lobes,

feeling the heat radiate from her stripped rear flesh. I lean in to her

ass, rubbing my cheeks against her soft bottom, feeling Becky flinching

at the slight touch of my face….feeling the warmth of her whipped bottom


I turn my head, and pursing my lips, I start place gentle, soft,

pouting, kiss-kisses, tracing across the burning welts, my lips enjoying

the warm red marks on her tender bottom flesh.and becky’s small jumps and

quiverings as my lips touched her tender rear flesh.

..”Ahhhhh, you mark beautifully becky…..”.

I push my chair back a little and look at the back of her sunkissed

thighs. The white surface marked with 8 or 10 narrow red lines where just

the end of the whippy birchrod had snapped across the back of her trim

bound legs.

I kissed her there, kissing slowly down the back of her thighs, slowly

down the right thigh, kissing and making gentle licking swipes with my

tongue along the narrow red lines, then more of my lips, mouthing her

trim tanned legs, down, all the way down until I reached the black leather

ties around her knees.

I start low and work my way back up Becky’s other leg, gently kissing

the soft

tender flesh, licking and making little sucking sounds as I taste her

suntanned skin, marked with the effects of the whip welts.

I return to becky’s warm bottom flesh, kissing her right cheek in small

little circles, kiss-kissing gentle little bumble bee buzz kisses in

tight little circle motions across her bottom cheeks, feeling her bottom

cheeks flinch with each soft burning kiss..

…then little…. nipping kisses, now, capturing her soft bottom flesh

for a mere instance between my teeth….now…sharp lover’s kisses,

snapping little nips using my teeth, up and down and across her warm

stripped ass flesh

…..running my tongue, held flat and soft and wet across the

wider expanses of her ass where it was swelled out the most, licking her

bottom flesh like an ice creme cone with broad flat tongue strokes…

.then kissing again, little circles of kisses… lips hard and

unyeilding…fast hard kisskissing on top of her bottom, rapidly covering

her …kisskissing cheek to cheek…my hand, running up between her bound

legs, feeling the satin smooth skin of her inner thighs,

kisskissing her bottom flesh, my hand finding her soft woman fold,

playing with her with my thumb, between her pussy lips…kissing her

bottom hard….bigger circle kisses…

I slowly start to expand the little circle, bigger and bigger circle

kisses, covering her tender rear flesh now with wet, full mouthed, big

lipped kisses,

licking my way across her bottom flesh, my lips wet across the soft

surface of her cheeks, tracing my tongue across her, leaving a trail of

my wet lust across her plump bottom.

I shift slightly, and unbutton my trousers. My cockhead snakes out of

the vent of my pants and rests lightly against becky’s trim lower thigh.

I lean forward and start kissing her left cheeks, feeling Becky flinch

at the softest poutpouts I was delivering. My other hand is now busy

rubbing small circular patterns over her warm, tender, right ass lobe,

I’m raking small handfuls of her ass flesh between my fingers and

squeezing a little, feeling the warm flesh well up betwen my splayed

fingers, contracting and releasing my hand in gentle squeezes,


then kisskiss…squeezesqueeze ………kisskiss..

..then letting go of her bottom cheek and running the edge of my thumb

between her bottom halves, trailing my thumb down her bottom groove,

letting my thumb linger for a moment on top

of her anal bud, still kisskissing her other cheek…my mouth wet and my

lips big, soft….

feeling the damp warmness of her hidden valley, becky flinching as my

thumb edge touches her anus……

I start sucking little mouthfuls of her abuse left cheek’s ass flesh in

to my mouth, sucking her bottom flesh right up in to my mouth, holding it

and worrying it with my teeth,

her plump rear flesh…. between my teeth….. giving her captured

bottom flesh smarting nips that cause her to shake and buck over the

pillow roll..

I pull my head back and breathing hard, look at the double cheekswell of

young Becky Larson, the schoolgirl slave, her young ass welted and

streaked with the results of a slave girl whipping, wet and with little

red marks where my lips, my mouth had kissed her….

Young Becky Larson, flinching and swishing over top of the fat sofa

roll, ….her misfortune to possess such an exciting rear

view, destined to be trained as a pleasure girl, serving masters that

enjoy testing their whips across a sassy young girl’s bottomcheeks,

I lean forward again, fondling and fiddling with her ass, kissing and

sucking mouthfuls of her exciting warm, soft bottom flesh between my

lips, tasting her….murmuring to her to push her bottom up, to show me

an exciting big girl swell , push her hips back into me..

…….I’m nipping her along the fuller lower cheeks with my teeth,

capturing this puppy ffat skin and making small circles with the tip of my

tongue around the flesh held gently between my teeth,……..


……..dropping my head down further, running the hard pointed tip of my

tongue along the crest right under her bottom cheeks, at the top of her

leg, where she swells and her leg

meets the overhang of her girlish ass..exploring the crease of her

overhang with my warm hard tongue.

I part Becky’s asscheeks and placed the littlest softest warm pouting

butterfly kisses all up and down along the inside of her rear cheeks, slow

fluttering kisses, one little kiss then stopping,

then an inch down and another light butterfly kiss just inside her

open bottom lobe….First inside one cheek, then turning my head and

a pouting little butterfly kisses on the inside of the other cheek..

……god, my head is spinning… I’m lost in a sea of white bottom


..I start mounding her ass cheeks up in my clenched hands, squeezing the

cheeks in from the side as I continue to kiss her inside her fat bottom

lobes, then switching……… side to side….squeezing her bottom lobe

fat to my

face….then kisskiss , squeeze.. .kisskissing.. .plumping one lobe


the other, my head, my lips turning fast in time with me plumping her


….kissing becky now all up and down inside both


…..plumping her bottom and kisskissing her …….

…… I rear my head up, turning my attention back to her full swelled

plump bottom, now taking giant mouthfuls of her plump rear cheekskin

in to my lips, sucking her bottom flesh in to my open wet mouth very


sucking as much of becky’s ass flesh between my open mouth as I can.

..hard.sucking….giant mouthfuls of her bottom cheeks,,,..

becky bucking her hips, trying to turn away from this lewd use of her

bottom………letting my open mouth and my soft lips travel across her

expanded ass cheeks…….

using my teeth to nibble across her swelled plump bottom orbs like I was

eating corn on the cob….nibbling straight across from one cheek to the

other in a straight line, capturing her rear cheekskin between my teeth


for an instance…nipnip…then right on across…nipnipping …..across

both twitching lobes…..then dropping down an inch and nibbling becky

back across the other way……turning my head sideways, and nipping up

and down becky’s young rear mounds…

…….now, my lips again soft and moist….traveled kissingly across

every wonderful inch of the her welted teenage bottom flesh, I’m musing

and nuzzling her across the plump womanly underswell of her rear mounds,

feeling them jiggle a little with her protests…..

I craned my neck a little as I fingered back the soft folds of her

femnine flesh and start kiss-kissing her puffy girlflesh gently…up and

down her pussy lips, now and then swiping my tongue between her pussy

lips, tasting becky, smelling her dampmness, until Becky is flinching

her legs, and I can hear small gasps escaping from her lips.

I spread her warm red bottom globes, holding them apart and blew a

little gentle breeze across her exposed rear flower.

Becky let out a muffled whinny at feeling the cool air circulate across

her exposed anus…………

I ignored her protest, holding her bottom cheeks hard apart, pushing my

lips in between her open bottom cheeeks, …….quite mad with lust now,

I pucker my lips full, wetting them with my tongue, and start placing

lickety-lick wet mouthed kisses on the top of her tender exposed anal bud.

” oh god becky…you ass”…..kisskissing……”did your boyfriend play

with you like this becky………” …..kisskissing, pouting wet

kisses……”…..did you let him play with your ass becky”……”.push

that bottom


……kisskiss….”no shyness now……I bet alot of men have wanted you

like this..

….wanted to play with your bottom becky”….kISSKISSING……….”does

that” kisskiss….”plump bottomed becky”… ..more ..warm wet

mouthing of her tight little bud…..kissing, gentle sucks…..and pouting

lipped kissing…… Becky is clenching her little white bottom cheeks,

her ass contractions pressing against the side of my face, now resting

between her cheeks, she

protests from behind her panty gag, humiliated, embarrassed, shocked a

man would hold her bottom cheeks open, putting wet soft kisses right on

top of her dark little vortex,

embarrassed at this use of her body, even after the whipping, still

objecting to this lewd assult

on her most private of spots.

Her legs jerk in suprise and I can feel her torso rear up as I swiped

the tip of my tongue across her tight anal flower.

“Push that bottom right out Becky……..kisskissing…… I murmer to


..”.I want a big girl swell to those bottomcheeks”..


…….” do it now becky” I panted, my breathing ragged…

.”or do you want “…..pout kissing…. . “want more”


.. “of the birchrod….”

I leaned my face forward, parting Becky’s bottom cheeks further,

intruding as much of my face as I can between her parted rear lobes. I

was mad with desire, unable to contain my lust for this schoolgirl’s


I let my lips poutpout again across her dark vortex, very tenderly and

slowly letting my warm wet wide open lips lay outlined around her dark

flower, my moist breath condensing on her bottom opening….and then ever

so slowly would bring my lips together… softly, warm, gentle caresses

with my lips …..then letting the tip of my tongue tickle her private

spot, softly closing my wet lips across

the top of her anus…. pouting gently kisses on her tight rear


tongue just touching her tender bud as my lips held soft and moist close



my lips pursed and releasing….holding becky’s warm raised cheeks in the

palm of my hands while my lips and mouth map her…bunching her white

bottom flesh against the side of my face…compressing her in to my face

as i tickle her

anal opening with my tongue…my warm breath breezing across her bottom

opening…. …I started making my tongue pointy, and flicking her quickly

across her

anal flower……….then again pursing my lips and settling down for very

long soft wet intimate kissess.

I pull back and can see my cock, straining with lust, its head large and

angry, the stem solid and standing away from my trouser vent at a 45

degree angle.

I get up from my chair and look at Becky’s face, turned sideways, her

damp, tear filled eyes clear to me in the the mirror. She has a

questioning look, wondrering if that is all, has her master’s lust been


I smile.

“You didn’t think a little schoolgirl discipline would completely

satisfy me did you?”,

I laugh, drunk on desire, this young blond who I had secretly followed

down 5th avenue every night afterwork, timing her

comings and goings so I could be presnt as she paraded her little

schoolgirl ass under some too tight cotton shorts, young becky larson,

who I had walked behind in the shops at the farmner’s market, my hands

in my trouser pockets to keep my lust from other eyes. as I watched her

bottom cheeks shift and sway, in her thin denim jeans…..hoping to catch

her bending over some stall table, reaching across a table, her trim ass

cheeks pushed back…

no, my lust, my obsession with young Becky Larson would last for awhile,

would last for as long as she was allowed to remain at Cheluna

Mansion, until some master called for her and one night she would be

gone…..taken to who knows where……

” Oh, no Becky….I haven’t forgotten what you refused me this


Becky lets out a loud muffled protest, pleading with her eyes. She is

making small mewing sounds from behind the panty gag, trying to beg ,

trying to convey how much she doens’t want this……

I undo the top button on my trousers and let them drop to the floor, my

cock now standing straight and hard and angry….fully exposed to the

bound schoolgirl,,,,

I pull a small tube of lubricant from my coat pocket, and smear a light

sheen of the lubricant up and down my penis head, watching becky’s eyes

follow the movement of my hands across my fully erect cock in the

mirror reflection.

I coat the end of my finger and push them between becky’s parted

asscheeks, running my goo coated finger up and down between her clenching

warm chubby bottom halves.

Becky’s rear mounds clench hard as I find her anus and lightly traced

small soft circles all around the little ridges that lined her anal bud.

She gasped as I slowly insert my finger in to her bottom, first just

the tip, crossing her tight opening, then slowly making her take more and

more of my warm goo coated finger up her backside.

I start to slowly frigging her teenage backside with my finger, pushing


finger in slowly, feeling the tight anal ring expand over the thicker part

of my finger, then letting it slide back out, till just the tip was

inside her bottom. I’d gently push an inch of my coated finger in to her,

then let it slide back out, then two inches, and let it slide back

out….watching becky tense her legs, her white bottom cheeks swishing a

little from side to side, and her knees rubbing together….

I would slowly push my finger in her and gently turn and twist it…small

ahlf circles while fully up her backside….my finger worrying

her little tight ring, and then slowly start

working my finger in and out of her tensing bottom, pushing now till it

was all the way in, up

so snug and full in her backside…reliving night time fantasies for this

girl that had occupied me for months…..

I started to more quickly frig becky’s tight little bottom, pushing more

of my index finger into her anus, pumping my finger in and out in a slow

deliberate motion, working her little bottom ring with small twists as I

pushed in, then pulling out at a faster pace, feeling Becky jerk alittle

as I tuned my hand over, this way and that, twisting my finger in a

small rotation while I held it deeply enbedded in Becky’s bottom.

I could hear small urgent “ohhhhs and Ahhhhhs and nooos” coming from

this captured girl’s panty filled mouth, caught betwen the humiliation of

having her bottom so openly and unabashly played with…an object of

simple lust…..openly frigged with a man’s warm wet gooey finger, and

the arousal now starting to overtake her outrage. I pull my finger all the

way out, watching Becky’s opening go suddenly small.

I stand up and push my self forward, my erect cock laying in the

warmth of Becky bottom divide, letting the head of my penis loll in

between the globes of her ass, savoring the moment; knowing how tight its

going to be and revelling in the humiliation this young schoolgirl is

about to receive.

I start to slowly push the head of my penis past her small tight anal


holding my breath, the veins on my forhead showing with the starin of my


Becky’s muffled cries are becoming louder as the pressure builds and

the humiliation of her anal deflowering starts.

Finger Masturbation

Clarissa awoke to a darkened room. She strained to see the clock. 7:45. She couldn’t believe she had slept for so long. She looked around and noticed Sam was gone. “Oh God,” she thought, “What have I done?” Her mind raced to the events of hours past. She was filled with half guilt and half with a tingle of pleasure. She crawled out of bed and walked gingerly into the bathroom. She was still a little sore from her first fuck. Sam’s cum had dried onto her belly and now crusty and flaky. She giggled as she thought about the look on Sam’s face as he shot his wad. She was thankful her parents were out of town, though, what if mom had walked in? Clarissa cringed at the thought. Or worse yet, what about Ferguson? Aaaarrgghh!! Clarissa turned the water on for her shower. She looked at her near perfect body in the mirror. She noticed her face was a little flushed (glowing?). She stepped into the shower and grabbed the soap. She started scrubbing her pubic area and slowly ran the bar of soap over her clit. The sensation got her aroused. She took her free hand and started massaging around her pussy while soaping her clit. The combination was turning her on. She parted her pssy lips with two fingers and started to shove the soapbar in. It was almost too big but she was getting hot. She got part of the corner in and began making cicular motions with it. She kept rubbing her pussy lips, clit and her whole pubic area as she shoved the soapbar a little further in. She felt that tingling sensation coming on. In a matter of minutes she had a crashing orgasm as she inserted her finger into her rectum. She then proceeeded to wash the rest of her body and rinse off.

First Group Sex Party

The evening was not going well and Cheryl knew it. Only fifteen,
she had almost passed out when a college junion had asked her here.
Telling her mother and father that she was going to a girlfriends house
for the night, she met her date, Billy, at a convenience store near her
home. Just getting in the car made her feel much older than her years.
Now, several hours later, sitting on a couch in a crowded
fraternity house, she was feeling like fifteen again. A bunch of guys
had made a big fuss over her when she first arrived but quickly turned
their attentions to girls who were much older than she. While she had
danced a couple dances, even her own date seemed to have abandoned her.
She hadn’t seen him in over 45 minutes. And, after the several drinks
she had been given and the joints she had been offered, she was feeling
a bit high and drowsy. At this point, all she wanted to do was head
for home.
As the party droned on, Cheryl found it harder and harder to
concentrate on what was going on. All of the conversations seemed to
merge into one and the music seemed to enter into a slow motion mode.
She closed her eyes and leaned back against the couch, quickly falling
She woke with a start to find that the blaring music had been
quieted down and that the crowd had thinned considerably. Soft music
was gently playing in the background and the bright lights had been
dimmed to mild shadows. As her eyes adjusted, she realized that a
couple had joined her on the couch. Glancing to her left, she saw the
two locked in a deep kiss. Cheryl saw that the girls hand was on the
guys crotch and was slowly rubbing it.
Looking away, Cheryl felt flushed and hoped that the couple hadn’t
noticed her staring. Across the room, she saw a girl laying on the
floor between two guys. The girls sweater had been pushed up and one
of the guys was playing with and sucking on her bare breasts. The
other guy lay kissing the girl with his hand resting between her legs.
In fact, everywhere she looked, there were people making out.
From the hallway she heard the sound of a girl moaning softly and,
though dark, she could make out an outline of a couple making love.
Suddenly, out of no where, her date appeared. Billy sat down hard
next to her and the couple next to them on the couch adjusted a bit to
their left. Cheryl glanced over and saw that the girls head had made
its way down and had replaced her hand at the guys crotch. She stared
as she realized that the girl had the guys cock in her mouth and was
slowly sucking up and down on it.
“So, what’s doin’,” Billy asked her quietly.
The sound of his voice made her jump.
“Nothing, I guess I fell asleep,” Cheryl replied.
“I’ll say, you were out for about an hour. You OK?” he asked.
“I think so.”
Billy leaned over and kissed her softly on the cheek. Cheryl felt
herself flush and, in spite of herself, getting excited.
“What ya want ta do?” Billy asked.
“I don’t know,” Cheryl replied, answering honestly. She had only
ever kissed a boy once before and that boy was as nervous as she was.
She had heard girlfriends talk about going all the way and about sex
but had figured most of them were lying about it. Anyway, Billy was a
nice guy and she figured he wouldn’t press her for something she didn’t
want to do. She felt Billy’s arm wrap around her shoulder and pull her
closer to him.
Cheryl again felt Billy reach to kiss her only this time he pulled
her closer to him. As she tried to relax, she felt his tongue press
against her lips.
“Relax,” he whispered softly, “Just relax and let yourself go
Cheryl let her lips part a bit and felt Billy’s tongue enter her
mouth. A combination of the pot, the drinks, and being overly tired
played against Cheryl’s ability to resist. Besides, she was enjoying
all of this too much to stop.
As they sat there kissing, Cheryl felt Billy’s hand slide up her
blouse and cup a breast through the material. No one had ever touched
her like that before and she felt a low, soft moan escape her lips.
Billy took that as permission to go on.
Billy slowly pulled away from her and leisurely began to unbutton
her blouse from the top. Cheryl leaned forward and grabbed his hands,
stopping him, but Billy gently released himself from her grip and
continued until her blouse hung softly open.
Cheryl tensed as she felt Billy reach behind her and fumble with
the hooks of her bra. Again she leaned forward and tried to stop him,
this time by trying to divert his attention with a kiss. Billy kissed
her back, again thrusting his tongue into her mouth, but continued to
work on the hooks.
Cheryl felt a sudden relaxation of material as the bra hooks
snapped open. Pulling away from her slightly, Billy lifted the bra
cups above Cheryl’s breasts. Cheryl felt a shiver as Billy leaned
forward and took a small nipple into his mouth. She looked around the
room, sure that everyone there was staring at her. To her surprise, no
one even noticed. In fact, everyone seemed to have progressed much
further than they had when she last noticed them.
The threesome on the floor in front of her had stripped completely
and the girl was straddling one of the guys while the other guy knelt
in front of her. In the shadows, Cheryl could see the outline of the
guy’s cock sliding in and out of the girl’s body at two locations.
Next to her, she saw that the girl was continuing to work on the
guy’s cock with her mouth as the guy slowly stroked her hair. She
could see the faint, shadowy outline of his cock slowly slide in and
out of the girls mouth.
Quickly, Cheryl’s attention was turned back to Billy. She felt
herself being pushed sideways towards the other couple on the couch as
Billy lowered his head to her chest. She could feel the warmth of the
boy’s body beside her and felt the girl’s hair tickle her bare neck as
the girl’s head bobbed up and down. Billy was gently sucking a nipple
shooting feelings through Cheryl’s body that she had never known
before. As she tried to relax she felt the other boy’s hand slowly
slide over her shoulder and come to rest on her bare breast, lightly
fingering the nipple.
If Billy noticed the other boy’s hand, he didn’t react. Instead,
Cheryl felt his hand high on her leg, slowly moving up her thigh until
it came to rest between her legs. There she felt Billy slowly start to
caress her through the course jean material.
Cheryl’s mind began to race. She wasn’t sure she was ready for
all of this but she really didn’t know how to go about stopping it.
The idea of having sex was both exciting and frightening, the idea of
doing what the girls she had seen doing, sucking on guy’s cocks with
their mouths, was terrifying. Her thoughts were interrupted when she
felt Billy grab her hand and urge her to the floor below. As she slid
from the couch, the other guy who had been feeling her breast gave it
one last firm squeeze, sending a chill of almost pleasant pain through
Cheryl’s body.
Cheryl began to lay down on the floor but Billy stopped her and
began to undo her belt. Cheryl thought to herself that this was going
to be it, if she let him do this, she would have let go of all control.
She allowed him to loosen her belt and unhook her jeans. Lifting
herself a bit, she felt Billy’s hands work the tight slacks down her
hips and off of her legs.
Now laying there clad only in her panties and loosened bra and
shirt, Cheryl felt herself wanting to cry and run out of the house.
But things had gone much to far for that, and she didn’t want anyone
there to think of her as only a child. She wanted Billy to like her
and, because she was terribly afraid that he wouldn’t if she didn’t go
along, she let him proceed.
Billy lay almost on top of her and began to kiss her, thrusting
his tongue deep inside of her mouth. She felt his hands roving over
her body, cupping and lightly squeezing her breasts, running across her
stomach and laying gently between her legs. Slowly she felt his head
leaving her face and, gingerly licking her neck, move down and again
take a nipple into his mouth. She felt her breasts grow sensitive
under his touch, again sending new and exciting feelings throughout her
body. But, this time, he did not stop there.
Pausing only for a few moments, he continued downward, letting his
tongue flow easily across her stomach. She felt every muscle in her
body tense as his tongue caressed her skin. As he reached her naval,
she felt his hand slide under the elastic of her cotton panties and
touch the crease of her leg, sending shivers through her entire body.
Again lifting up slightly she allowed him to push the thin material
over her hips and down her legs. He pushed them off her legs with one
of his own.
Again sliding slowly down, Cheryl felt Billy’s warm breath now
against her thighs. Closing her eyes she focused on the boy between
her legs and his soft kissing of her skin. Slowly she felt him move
his tongue up towards her pubic area and, in a move that almost caused
her to moan out, felt him touch her gently there with his tongue. She
lay her hands over his head and gently fingered through his hair.
Ever so slowly, Billy let his tongue probe through the light hair
that covered her mound. A slight dampness there and almost continuous
involuntary twitching on her part told him where to touch, lick and
kiss. The taste was more fresh than he had ever had before and, slowly
inserting a finger into her, he came to the realization that she was a
More excited than ever, Billy left his place and quickly moved up to
again kiss her deeply on the lips. Cheryl tasted herself for the first
“You’ve never done this before, have you?” Billy softly whispered
in her ear.
Cheryl shook her head, almost imperceptably.
“I’m going to make it nice for you kid. I’m going to show you
things you’ve never dreamed of.”
Cheryl smiled at him, not sure he even saw her face in this
darkness, then hugged him tighly against her.
“Isn’t there someplace we can go, someplace alone?” Cheryl asked
“This is OK. You’re among friends here. It’s all OK.”
“But,” the words were cut off in mid-sentence as Billy again was
kissing her.
Cheryl lay there holding him in her arms and wondered if this was
what love felt like. She thought to herself that he must really like
her to be doing all of this and the idea that here was a college junior
making all of this fuss over her was more of a turn on than anything he
had actually done.
Cheryl felt Billy again pull away from her slightly and expected
him to again let his mouth find her breasts. This time though, he
knelt up a bit and undid his belt. She lay back and watched as he
pulled his jeans down to his knees in one motion, then lay back and
kicked them completely off. She realized that his underwear had come
off as well. Taking Cheryl’s hand, Billy placed in on his already hard
“That’s it, yeah, that’s it. Soft, yeah, that’s it,” Billy
Cheryl felt the hard member under her hand pulse as she held it
softly. She began to instinctively rub it slowly up and down in her
“Oh, baby, that’s it, yeah,” Cheryl heard Billy whisper.
Billy let his right arm slide under her neck and he urged her to
rest her head on his chest. Through the darkness she gazed down at the
thing she had in her hand. She had, of course, seen erect cocks on
animals before but had never seen one on a man.
Billy began caressing her hair, placing light downward pressure on
the back of her head. Cheryl knew from watching the other girls in the
room what he wanted her to do. Suddenly it didn’t seem quite so bad.
He had done that to her and it had felt great. Besides, she was now
positive that he really liked her and she certainly didn’t want to risk
losing him. She attempted to act like she had been in this position
Slowly, and kissing Billy’s chest and then stomach, Cheryl let her
head slowly slide down towards his cock. When she reached what she
considered to be an adequate distance from it, she lay her head back
down on his lower stomach and continued to caress his cock with her
hand and lightly blow a cool stream of air across the head of it.
“Oh baby, yeah. That’s it, that’s it,” Billy half said and half
moaned. “Yeah, that’s it.”
Cheryl realized that he had spoken loud enough for everyone in the
room to hear but by now she really didn’t care. She slowly moved her
head forward and lightly kissed the tip of Billy’s cock. As she moved
back away from it, she licked her lips and tasted something salty on
Billy now was pushing on the back of her head and she again moved
forward, again kissing the head of it, all the while stroking it with
her hand.
“God, baby, yes. Oh, God,” escaped Billy’s lips.
“This isn’t bad,” Cheryl thought to herself. In fact, she was
enjoying it, it made her feel much older than her fifteen years to have
a guy responding so readily to her touch.
“Take it in your mouth,” Billy whispered. “Suck on it.”
Cheryl let the head of it slowly slide between her lips and sucked
in lightly. The salty taste was stronger now but Cheryl found it
somehow pleasant. She felt Billy strain his hips upward and let him
move his cock into her mouth. As he relaxed downward, she went with
him, letting her tongue slide against the side. She felt involuntary
spasms in it.
The two adopted a slow, steady rhythm as Billy moved his hips up
and then down, letting his cock slide slowly in and out of the
teenager’s mouth. After several minutes, Cheryl felt him gently pull
her head back towards him, carefully easing her onto her back.
Billy rolled on top of her and Cheryl came to a full realization
what was about to occur. Billy kissed her hard on the lips and
positioned his body between her legs. She felt the hard head of his
cock against her blocked opening and felt Billy slowly begin to exert
pressure against her.
As the head slowly entered her, she felt a twinge of pain. As she
jerked a little, Billy stopped and pulled out.
“It’s OK, baby, it’s all OK,” he whispered. “Just relax and go
with it, it’ll be OK.”
“I’m OK,” Cheryl whispered up at him.
Again, Cheryl felt Billy pressing himself against her again she
felt a twinge of pain as the head entered her. When she tensed up this
time, Billy did not stop, instead continuing to push harder into her.
Suddenly, there was an intense hurt that made her gasp out loud and
Billy lay against her, half in and half out of her.
Laying still until he felt her relax a little, Billy slowly began
moving in and out of her, gently at first and not pressing any further
into her. She was not the first virgin he had broken in but she was
certainly the most exciting. He leaned down and gently kissed into her
ear. Cheryl felt chills run through her body.
Cautiously, Billy let each downward thrust move further and
further into Cheryl’s body. After only a few more strokes, he could
feel the base of his cock pressing against her pelvis. There he stayed,
grinding slowly against her. He could feel the young girl’s sweat pour
off of her as she lay there moaning under him.
The pain had long since gone for Cheryl and she accustomed herself
to the organ that had violated her. All thoughts other than the boy on
top of her and her own feelings were blocked out as she lay there with
her eyes closed. She felt Billy start to move in and out of her more
easily now and sensed something of an urgency in his movements. She
found herself aware of the sounds that were coming from her own body,
the low moans of pleasure as Billy picked up his pace of movement.
Suddenly and, without warning to Cheryl, Billy pulled out from
inside of her and came to his knees. With that, Cheryl opened her eyes
to see several faces gazing down at her from above. Someone had turned
a hall light on and the illumination danced across her bare chest.
Billy had manuevered his way around to Cheryl’s head and was
positioned with his cock only inches from her head. Cherly gazed at
it, seeing it glisten with her own wetness. A sickening feeling came
over her as Billy rubbed the damp member across her face, letting it
come to rest on her lips. Cheryl glared around above her, there were
four sets of eyes looking down, but to her it seemed like the world was
“Take it in your mouth,” Billy almost whispered. “Go ahead, it’s
good for you.”
With that he gently slapped it against her lips.
“Go ahead hon, it tastes good,” Cheryl heard from a female voice
above her.
“Hey Billy, you mind?” one of the male voices questioned.
“Nah, go ahead,” Billy replied.
With that, Cheryl felt a new body lay down between her legs and,
before she could react, she felt a new erect cock pressing against, and
into her. With that, she found Billy pushing himself against her lips.
“Come on, open up.” There was a certain urgency in Billy’s voice.
Stunned, Cheryl parted her lips and allowed Billy to enter her mouth.
“Fuck, suck, fuck, suck, fuck, suck, fuck, suck”…..softly, starting
with one voice then progressing until all those standing above her had joined
in. Cheryl lay on her back staring up at the unknown faces gazing down at
her, Billy’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth with some other guy fucking
her roughly at the same time.
“Come, come, come, come, come”……the chant changed to. And with it,
Cheryl felt the man begin to screw her even harder. Each move again became
painful as he plunged faster and faster into her. The same was happening with
Billy, she continually had to move her head to the side to accomodate him.
Finally Billy tensed and grabbed her head, slamming his cock into her
throat. Gagging, Cheryl suddenly found her mouth full of a hot, gooey,
liquid, very salty and bitter. She felt herself starting to choke violently
but Billy held her head in place and continued to drive himself into her.
Almost at the same time, the guy fucking her quickly pulled himself from
her and began jerking his hand up and down his cock. Glancing down towards
him, Cheryl looked just in time to see his cock spurt it’s juices out towards
her. She felt the warm fluid spray up across her chest and stomach.
After only a few seconds, it was over. Cheryl lay there sobbing softly
as Billy pulled away from her and stood up. The guy who had been screwing her
a few moments before stood up and took the hand of another girl and was
walking away.
“My turn now….” was all Cheryl heard before closing her eyes tightly
and wishing it all away.

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