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I want you tonight

I don’t know what it was, to start with. It was late, for one
thing, a long day with another tomorrow – the whole list of reasons why
not. So, “take me to bed?” I asked.

“No, take you -in- bed”, was your reply, voice soft and deep.

So, we undressed, quickly, and I went off to the bathroom to
clean up. The lights were off when I got out, and I could see you lying
there, with the covers kicked back, by the light from behind me, just
before I turned that one off too. I made my way over to the bed, slowly
in the dark, letting my eyes adjust to show me your form stretched out
there. And I knew I wanted you tonight… Continue reading I want you tonight

Pussy Addicted Sailor

I started sailing on freighters when I was 18 years old. That was back in
1967, and I’ve been sailing ever since. It’s a good life for a guy who likes
to be free, travel and have adventures.

Not the same kind of adventures the old timers had on those sailing vessels,
though. Those days belong to ancient history.

I’m talking about bedroom adventures. That was what I was looking for when
I started out and I’m still looking for them, although I have had them all
around the world. Continue reading Pussy Addicted Sailor

Waking Up To a Huge Cock

I woke up to the sound of noise coming from the next room. It was
daylight Sunday morning but I didn’t know what time it was. I got up and
wandered into the next room and found Barbara in the bathroom but the
noise wasn’t coming from her. She wasn’t dressed yet and I asked her
about the noise. Her 36″ tits were making my horny again. She asked me
how I enjoyed our date together and told her it was great. She said she
loved it too and she was horny again. Just then she walked toward, me
took my hand and led me to the room where the noise was coming from. She
opened the door and on the bed a foxy girl and her boyfriend were in full
swing. She told me it was her sister Janet and Mark. Continue reading Waking Up To a Huge Cock