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Sexy Summer Vacation

Well, it was so much fun that the boys (Dave and Jim) decided to spend a summer
vacation together as well. Needless to say Cathy and I were going to be used
for their kinky perversions again. I was dripping cunt juice just thinking
about it. Now that it has happened, I am going to tell you about it.
Dave and I arrived late on Sunday afternoon. Jim and Cathy were already there
and had dinner ready for the barbecue. No one mentioned doing anything kinky.
We just waited until someone started something. Nothing kinky happened that
night. Dave gave me a good fuck, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next
morning we got up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Jim and Cathy were
already making pancakes and coffee. The sight of the syrup made me giggle and
that got Cathy giggling as well. Jim told Dave that these two dirty-minded
girls needed to be taught some breakfast manners. Dave agreed and took my arm
and bent me over the table. As he lifted up my robe to expose my ass to Jim,
Cathy was getting bent over next to me. Soon there were two asses bared for the
boys to see and punish. First Dave gave me a smack on each ass cheek, Jim did
the same to Cathy. Then they switched, Jim smacked my ass, Dave did Cathy’s.
Then they switched and increased the number to two smacks per ass cheek. Then
switch and spank, then switch, increase to three smacks, then switch again. Now
there were four pink, tender ass cheeks showing. I had received harder
spankings before, but these were enough to get me hot and the grin on Cathy’s
face told me she wanted to get started on the kinky stuff too. Continue reading Sexy Summer Vacation

Homosexual Freedom

The drive from his parents estate to Thomas Marcourt college was a
long one at just over three hours, but it had been peaceful and beautiful.
Summer had begun to wind down, but the foliage remained green and vibrant
along the winding country roads. Mitchell enjoyed staring out at this
beautiful scenery which set him in a pensive mood. He reflected on his
summer in France and the last big party his friends had thrown for him
before he left for college.
Only one city and a few small towns broke the entrancing forest
scenery as they headed toward Thomas Marcourt: a small all-male private
college with a reputation for academic excellence. It was located in a
small town with a bigger city about a 20 mile drive north. Continue reading Homosexual Freedom