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Two Moist Cunts Riding Throbbing Cock

A kinky episode happened two summers later. Mary was working
for a bank in a ritzy resort town. Her bank manager needed some
video survellience equipment installed and Mary recommended me.

Her boss (a late 30’s divorcee) called me and offered the
job. It was going to take me about two weeks to complete
everything she wanted done at the bank and at home, so she
offered to put me up at her place while I did the work. When I
got there and talked to Mary, I found out that her boss had been
punishing her ass every Friday night since she started work, and
Mary loved it. I also found out the real reason the boss (I can’t
remember her name so I will call her Linda) wanted the video
equipment was to catch her employees (tellers at the bank and
maid at home) doing something wrong so she could try to punish

I did the work at her house first, because the maid was out
of town for the week and Linda wanted the cameras hidden from the
maid. That Friday night, we tried out the cameras and recorder by
taping Linda and I punishing Mary. Linda really enjoyed getting
licked by Mary while I fucked Mary’s cunt and ass. That Saturday,
the three of us romped around the house and pool stark naked,
sucking and fucking everything we could. Linda may have been
twice our age but she was a really enthusiastic fucker.

Saturday night we went to dinner and an x-rated movie. Both
ladies wore tube tops, denim miniskirts and sandles (no bras, no
panties) and they were very hot. After the movie, we bent Mary of
the hood of the car, pulled up her skirt and spanked her ass
right there in the parking lot. Then Linda pulled down Mary’s
tube top and we both sucked on her tits, fingering her cunt and
ass until Mary was begging for a fucking. We allowed Mary to
strip completely naked and suck my cock a bit, then we laid her
out on the hood of the car again, this time face up. As I opened
her legs and slid my cock into her hot juicy cunt, Linda hiked up
her skirt and sat her cunt down on Mary’s mouth. Later we went
back to Linda’s for a late night swim and more fucking. Continue reading Two Moist Cunts Riding Throbbing Cock

Meet In Flesh

I walked off the jetway and spotted her right away. Even though
I had a GIF picture of her, I wasn’t sure if I’d know her, but there
was no doubt in my mind. I stepped up to her and asked, “Cindy?”

“Ed?” She smiled at me, hesitating. I know how she felt, I
felt the same way. Here was this person I had been… well, intimate
with, all via computer, and now we were seeing each other in person
and still felt awkward. I gave her a hug, and she murmured in my ear,
“It’s good to hold you, finally.”

I stepped back for a moment to appraise her better. She did
look good in person, tall and slim but with a full, shapely figure. I
thought to myself, “I am a lucky guy.” Continue reading Meet In Flesh

Fantasy Science Fiction Sex Story

Her eyes adjusting to the faint glow of the monitor’s lights, she awoke.
Every inch of her skin was cold, but that was to be expected after ten years
in thermo freeze. The room was not as she remembered it. Once shiny metal
cabinets were now covered with dust; debris littered the floor. She glanced
over at the three other thermo tanks in the room, there lights were out. This
meant that her companions had already evacuated or more likely that they were

Slowly, she lifted herself off the bed on which she lay, ducking her head
to avoid the glass cover which had protected her for the last ten years.
She walked stiffly over to the next tank. Commander Barton’s body was still
inside, while her pulse and respiratory indicators showed her to be dead. The
other two tanks, which were reserved for the two men of the crew, also
contained bodies with no detectable respiration or heartbeat. She was the only
surviving member of her squad. Continue reading Fantasy Science Fiction Sex Story

Pussy Addicted Sailor

I started sailing on freighters when I was 18 years old. That was back in
1967, and I’ve been sailing ever since. It’s a good life for a guy who likes
to be free, travel and have adventures.

Not the same kind of adventures the old timers had on those sailing vessels,
though. Those days belong to ancient history.

I’m talking about bedroom adventures. That was what I was looking for when
I started out and I’m still looking for them, although I have had them all
around the world. Continue reading Pussy Addicted Sailor