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Flowering of bondage fantasies

The flowering of our S&M fantasies has been one of the highlights of
our sex life for Kathy and me. We began by using the telephone. I would
call her at work and describe in vivid detail what I planned to do to her
sexually that night. To my delight, I discovered that this excited her
and she walked around at work all day with a wet pussy. Knowing this
turned me on.

Gradually I began to smack her ass during sexplay, as she sat on top of
me or as she lay on her stomach sucking my cock. I would be on my haunches
in front of her, and as she sucked me, I would raise myself up on my knees,
hover over her and bring my palm down on her ass. At frist they were
exploratory smacks: light, but hard enough to make the rounded flesh of
her ass jiggle. Soon, though, I was spanking her full-force, causing her
ass to turn crimson with the imprint of my palm, and her pussy to turn
juicy. Continue reading Flowering of bondage fantasies

Audition turned to be simple fuck

You were understandably excited about the chance to get a starring role in a movie even though you were not familiar with
either the production company nor the director. But when you
arrived at the studio you first thought you must have the wrong
address. To say it was in a bad section of the city would have
been a naive statement. But then the producer who called you
told you that he did art films, so you didn’t really expect him
to have a glossy setup. At least his promise of exposure at the
Cannes Film Festival was enough to dispel any fears you may have

Once you walked inside and saw how nice the reception area was,
and how sophisticated the receptionist, your no longer doubted
the wisdom of your decision. The receptionist greeted you warmly
and asked you to have a seat until Mr. Lamborghini could come for
you. Lamborghini. Even the name was reassuring. Continue reading Audition turned to be simple fuck

Memory Of The Woman

The crisp autumn air filled my lungs as I walked from the
parking lot to the post office. The warmth of the sun perfectly
counteracted the chill in the air. This was what the weather in
heaven was like, if there was any weather there. Or if there was
a heaven. I passed a couple of LaRouche supporters, trying to
spread their version of reality to a mother with one arm full of
infant and another full of at least three weeks of mail. I
reached for the door, considering the injustice of life. As I
opened it to enter the lobby, a vaguely familiar woman walked out.
“Thank you,” she said as she passed through the door I was
holding open. I turned to watch as she headed toward the parking
lot. She moved with an assured stride and just enough wiggle to
be interesting. I almost collided with another postal patron when
I turned to walk into the lobby. “Excuse me,” I said, “it’s
Monday.” As if that excused my inattentive behavior. Actually,
my mind was racing, trying to find that bit of memory that the
woman had stirred. Continue reading Memory Of The Woman

Nympho Nurse

My most unusual and erotic sexual experience occurred several years ago near
the end of my sophomore year in college. I had just finished an afternoon
exam and thought I would stop by a campus bar for a few beers on my way home.
The bar I stopped at was a grad student hangout, but was also occasionally
frequented by locals. I liked the place because of the diverse crowd and
because they had the cheapest beer on campus.

When I walked in I was startled at how busy the place was at four in the
afternoon. Every table had someone sitting at it! This really wasn’t a
problem since each table was very long with benches on each side leaving
me several seating possibilities. I got a beer at the bar and positioned
myself at the end of a table near the back of the bar. Sitting at the
other end of the table were several women in nurses uniforms. From
the the smattering of conversation I heard over the sound of the juke box,
I gathered that they had just finished an unusually rough shift at the local
hospital. They must have been there a while because there were several empty
pitchers on the table. Continue reading Nympho Nurse

Anna The Gorgeous Woman

Anna is a very beautiful woman. She is tall, blonde, and tans to
a gorgeous golden hue.

I’ve worked with her on a project for quite some time and have had
fantasies about her from the start. I feel an attraction to her
every time that I see her.

I’d noticed her looking at me at times when we’ve worked together
but neither one of us have voiced anything. She knows that I’m
married and I’ve been too frightened to say anything since I know
that not only is she married, but I could be very wrong about the
way that I’ve interpreted her looks.

There have been many times though that I have longed to kiss the
back of her neck as she leaned forward while we worked at the
computer. She has very sensuous shoulders and neck. Continue reading Anna The Gorgeous Woman