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Hot and sweaty honey

She was so hot. I just loved to look at her as she left her
apartment. No matter when or for what reason she look very sexy. She
had the kind of body that just screamed ‘fuck me’. And that is what
I wanted to do. She was kind of short but had those perfect legs
that gave the illusion of going on for ever. She had that long,
thick hair that was just perfect to nuzzle in too. I watched her
everyday, and I knew her habits. On weekdays morning she dressed in a
short dress type suit. All stiff and business-like, the type that
made men and women equal in the workplace. Later she would come home
and change for jogging. She wore some tight sweat pants and
amorphous shirt. Because she had some huge breast she wore in of
those tight jogging bras. Every day she came back all hot and sweaty
making me really horny. Continue reading Hot and sweaty honey