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Movie Star

A small ad caught Joy’s eye on the morning of January 5th as she
was sorting through the various sections of the New York Times. She
read it, paused, reread it. She chuckled softly, turned to the front
page, and read about the downing of two Libyan planes as she downed
her toast and coffee.

Ten minutes later she was looking at the ad again. She got up from
the table and dug around in a kitchen drawer for the scissors, then
re- turned and carefully snipped the ad. She folded it and slipped
it in the coupons pocket of her purse. Then she went to work.

It was lunchtime when Joy fished the ad out of her purse, picked up
the phone, and dialed the number. Busy. She put the receiver back
in its cradle on her desk, put her chin in her hands, and stared at
the un- shrinkable pile of papers in her IN basket. Sigh. She
picked up the phone again, dialed. A distant phone began to ring. A
tired voice answered. “Sunset Personnel Agency. May I help you?”

“Uh, I’m responding to the ad you placed in the New York Times today.
About extras for a movie?”

“Thank you, just a minute while I connect-” Silence, and then some
awful elevator music. Hum de dum… Continue reading Movie Star

Waking Up To a Huge Cock

I woke up to the sound of noise coming from the next room. It was
daylight Sunday morning but I didn’t know what time it was. I got up and
wandered into the next room and found Barbara in the bathroom but the
noise wasn’t coming from her. She wasn’t dressed yet and I asked her
about the noise. Her 36″ tits were making my horny again. She asked me
how I enjoyed our date together and told her it was great. She said she
loved it too and she was horny again. Just then she walked toward, me
took my hand and led me to the room where the noise was coming from. She
opened the door and on the bed a foxy girl and her boyfriend were in full
swing. She told me it was her sister Janet and Mark. Continue reading Waking Up To a Huge Cock

Workout with Lara and Greg

Workout with Lara -4
By: rohit
Angelina opened her eyes sleepy and looked over at the clock, it’s alarm buzzing away monotonously. The display read 9.30 as she somewhat clumsily reached out and turned it off, trying to bring herself awake. Angelina rubbed her eyes and sat up, licking her dry lips. The sheet dropped away from her as she sat up, slipping down to reveal her voluptuous breasts encased in the lacy black negligee she wore, which she’d put on because she wanted to feel sexy when in bed, even when she was alone. Angelina smiled as she felt her nipples harden under the sexy nightwear, thinking of the day she had ahead of her. She’d called Greg the day before to arrange another workout session, and knew it wouldn’t be the kind of workout he’d give every customer.
Right now though, Angelina could only think of coffee. She pulled the sheet back and stepped out of bed, the negligee only reaching down just past her bum as she headed for the kitchen, stifling a yawn as she stretched. Her mind ran over various dirty ideas as to what might happen with Greg as she made the coffee, and felt her pussy moisten, her nipples straining at their lacy covering. She took her mug of coffee back to bed with her, sitting in bed with the sheets up to her stomach. She sipped her coffee, enjoying the taste as she started to properly wake up, feeling horny as she did every morning. Angelina looked sideways to the top draw of her bedside unit, eyeing it lustily, thinking of her favorite vibrator contained within. She licked her bee-stung lips unconsciously as she thought of the toy that she lustily enjoyed every morning just waiting mere inches away.
She pulled her eyes away from the draw and decided to control herself. She didn’t want to give herself anything today, she wanted to get her pleasures from a real man, and she only had to wait a few hours. Angelina finished her coffee and stepped out of bed, shedding the thin nightwear and grabbing her towel. She walked naked to the bathroom, towel in hand and turned the shower on. The room quickly started to steam up as she stepped under the warm soothing water. Angelina gave a contented sigh as the water splashed down over her sexy curves, washing away the sleepiness. As she washed, she started to gently stroke her swollen pussy, just flicking the clit. She mumbled dreamily in pleasure until she realised what she was doing and fairly snatched her hand away, promising herself that she’d be relieved soon.
Angelina finished her shower and dried herself off and took a moment to decide what to wear. It only took her a moment to decide on the “Lara Croft” look with the tiny shorts and the tank top. She didn’t bother to put any underwear on as she slipped into the cool material, feeling the rough seams on her smooth, shaven pussy lips. She shivered slightly in pleasure as she felt a tingle of pleasure from her pussy and squeezed her thighs together to prolong it. Angelina looked down to see her hard nipples poking through the tank top clear as day and felt them harden even more, feeling the wetness of her aching pussy, a slight gasp escaping her pouty lips. She slipped into her long coat and drew it around her shapely body, covering the outfit and her obvious arousal.
She headed out to the gym, walking the down to the large building on the edge of the city. She felt so sexy as cool winds blew around her bare legs, hearing her high heels clicking on the pavement as she walked along the street. A smile slid across her lips as she thought what people might think if they knew she was wearing the Lara Croft outfit and going commando underneath her flowing long coat. She giggled slightly as she turned the corner onto the road she needed, just a couple of minutes from the training centre.
Angelina clicked up the steps and through the front doors of the gym, the drop of the breeze making her coat flutter, offering a slight glimpse of her luscious leg to a young man by reception. She simply gave him a smile as she breezed past him, heading down to meet Greg personally in their training area. She found him doing some stretches near the boxing ring, limbering up. He looked up and smiled as she walked into the gym, eyeing her voluptuous figure as she walked up.
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