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Three girls two guys

A month ago, my girl friend Jill and I got to talking with a waitress at a
local restaraunt and we really hit it off. Her name was Chris and she said she
had two hung guys who were coming over to her place when she got off work… and
we were welcome to join them. We accepted her invitation quickly and met her
when she left the restaraunt.
About a half hour after getting to her place, Chris disappeared to get out
of her “work clothes”. I was sitting right next to Jeff on the sofa, while Jill
and Pete were making out across the room. Jeff’s finger touched under my chin
and I turned to look at him. I kissed him, feeling his lips slowly part, and
his tongue gently stroked my lips. I parted my lips and let his tongue enter
my mouth, eagerly swirling my tongue around his. Continue reading Three girls two guys

Get Together

I was at a local topless dance bar with a buddy of mine. I was kind of
a regular there, coming in about once a month or so. One of the reasons I was
a regular was sitting on my lap at the moment. Her name was Julie, and she
worked most Saturday nights, which was when I usually came in. Naturally she
was very pretty, blonde, tanned, slender, with small breasts (but real and
nicely shaped), great legs, and an ass to die for.

On top of the very nice physical package she was friendly, chatty and gave
a WONDERFUL lap dance. She touched as much as the law would allow, and maybe a
bit more. And as time had gone on (this was the sixth time I had come in
during the past 5 months) her dances for me had gotten just a little more
risque, a little hotter, a little more daring. She let me touch her back quite
a bit too, but I was always careful not to go over the line. It was still
great. She also gave lip-kisses. Most of the girls would only give you a
little nip on the cheek. Little details like that mean a lot to me.

Anyway, we were there and my buddy got up to go to the restroom. As he
walked away, I sighed, considering the fact I only had $22 bucks left of the
$130 I had started with, and observed that it was unfortunate the evening was
going to have to end fairly soon. Continue reading Get Together

gay sex in the shower

The College Dormitory Shower

Kristen, you sound just scrumptious. I wrote this story for

you… Next time you come skating down my way, you’ve got a place

to stay….. Kristen’s 19, and Sally’s 23, and what a pair they’d


It was 6 A.M. when Kristen hit the showers. She had an 8 o’clock

class….. what was it? Anthropology? God, why did she sign up

for that subject? Oh well, she needed an easy elective. How else

was she going to maintain her busy social schedule? As the hot

water beat softly against her supple skin, the fog started to

clear from her head and she remembered that she wasn’t in her

private shower back home.

She lives in a college dormitory now and the showers were all

open to each other. “Why don’t they provide a little privacy

around here?” Oh well, Kristen secretly enjoyed this new lack of

privacy anyway. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with a

certain sense of excitement, just who would be joining her in the

shower each morning. She would cast her eyes shyly to the floor

and become very quiet as she struggled to find an excuse to look

at her bathing partner.

Just how long do normal women look at each other in the buff?

Would anyone suspect anything if her eyes stopped momentarily to

appreciate certain portions of the female anatomy? Kristen often

worried about this.

After all, she only dated men. She had never been to bed with

another woman. She thought of herself as quite heterosexual. And

yet?—- Oh God, what was she going to do with these new


Kristen’s troubling thoughts were interrupted by the sound of

another shower being turned on. Startled, she glanced across the

tiled floor to the shower opposite her. It was little Sally.

Actually, little Sally wasn’t so little. She was only about 5

feet 1 inches tall, but she had round firm breasts the size of

cantaloupes. Kristen and Sally said good morning to each other

politely and then looked away.

Kristen reached for her soap and worked up a lather. Her hands

went to her own breasts which were quite nice also. She felt

aroused, and her nipples were erect. She started to feel

embarrassed. She pulled her hands away from these sensitive

organs and began to wash her stomach and arms. She dared to sneak

another quick look at Sally.

Sally was bent over reaching for her bottle of shampoo on the

floor. Her back was turned toward Kristen and the view left

nothing to the imagination. Little Sally was wide open. Kristen’s

soapy hands darted back and forth over her own swollen genitals.

She thought, “What am I doing? This is just silly.” But the more

Kristen thought about Sally’s body, and noticed the sexy way she

moved, the more turned on she got.

Kristen’s embarrassment was beginning to turn to guilt. She

wondered what Sally would think of her if she knew how sexually

aroused the sight of her nakedness had made her. Oh, how she

longed to touch her just once, to press her lips against hers —

hard! To wrap her hands around Sally’s gorgeous tits and suck

each nipple into her mouth. Would Sally become wet? Would she

want more? Or would she tell everyone that Kristen was a freak

and that they should keep their doors locked?

Kristen became very frightened by such thoughts. For a moment she

lost her sexual desire and retreat into a secret corner of her


Sally abruptly ended such an escape with “Do you have any

conditioner?” She was all cheery and wide eyed standing directly

in front of Kristen. Her beautiful breasts heaved with a little

girlish sigh. Kristen stumbled for words as she handed Sally the

bottle of conditioner. “Sure – uh – here you are – uh-.” Sally

said thanks in the same cheery fashion as before, and gently

tweaked Kristen’s left nipple, turned and went back to her own


Kristen was totally stunned. ‘Why had Sally touched her nipple?

What did she mean by it? Was she just joking around or does she

entertain some of the same sexual fantasies I do?’ Now Kristen

was determined to find out if Sally was as sexually aroused as

she was.

To hell with what others might find out or think of her. She

wanted Sally, now in the worst way and if there was any chance…

well, the risk is worth it.

Kristen walked deliberately towards Sally. As she approached,

Sally turned and smiled. “Need your conditioner back?” she asked.

Kristen hesitantly took the bottle from Sally’s hand and as she

did her eyes fell upon her breasts. They were so round and firm,

and they stood there at attention as if asking to be admired.

Kristen’s free hand reached for Sally’s right breast. She gently

cupped it and began tracing circles around it with her fingers

not looking at anything but the one breast, hoping that Sally

wouldn’t strike her hand away.

Sally stiffened a little at first but offered no resistance to

Kristen’s advances. As she continued to massage Sally’s breast

with her left hand, Kristen dropped the bottle of conditioner

which created any echo-y sound in the shower stall. She brought

her right hand to Sally’s other breast and squeezed and fondled

both… she had admired them for so long.

The touch of Sally’s skin was ten times more delicious than she

had imagined. Kristen was becoming very aroused and she could

feel her whole body beginning to throb with anticipation, her

heart has pounding so fast, she could feel her pulse beating in

her throat. Vaginal secretions were beginning to flow in

abundance and she could feel them trickling down the inside of

her left thigh. Kristen let out a deep but barely audible moan as

she gloried in the excitement of the moment.

“How is little Sally’s pussy doing,” she asked, as she reached

down with her right hand to caress the dark patch of hair that

covered it. Gently she pulled at the curls and then slowly slid

her middle finger into Sally’s wet pussy. She traced the inner

and outer lips with her exploring finger, they were slippery with

Sally’s excitement. Kristen found her clitoris and began to

massage it gently. The excitement she felt was overwhelming.

Sally struggled to quiet her screams of delight by burying her

face in the crook of Kristen’s neck and shoulder.

Periodically Kristen would bring lubrication from Sally’s vagina

to her clit by inserting her finger a few inches in then out.

Sally’s knees were beginning to get weak and she was holding on

to Kristen very tightly, she whole body was trembling, she felt

like she fall.

The water from the shower was drenching both of them and it was

making things very slippery. Kristen decided she had better make

Sally more comfortable before they both fell and hurt themselves.

As she helped Sally to the floor she came face to face with her

beautiful snatch. She ventured a taste, allowing her tongue to

flick lightly over Sally’s moist lips. Kristen marveled at the

sweet taste of Sally’s deliciously clean sex.

Kristen went wild. She began to suck and lick and mouth every

part of Sally’s womanhood. Her tongue finally came to rest on

Sally’s throbbing love nub. As Kristen slowly and methodically

licked her love button, Sally was writhing on the floor of the

shower in a state of shear ecstasy. Kristen reached up to grasp

both of Sally’s nipples while she continued to feast on her now

very juicy pussy, and as she gently pinched them between her

thumb and forefinger, Sally came….

Sally’s supple body convulsed with waves of pleasure and she let

out a loud moan. Then her body went completely limp and she lay

back against the wall with her eyes closed, breathing very hard.

The only sound was Sally’s breathing and the water running.

Kristen felt very pleased with herself as she looked at the

gentle contented smile on Sally’s face. Then Kristen glanced at

the wall clock as she helped Sally to her feet. It was now 6:45

A.M. Kristen thought, “lucky no one walked in and discovered our

morning interlude.”

They began to gather their things to get out of there before

someone did walk in on them. As they started to leave the room,

Sally grabbed Kristen’s arm gently and asked her, “why don’t you

come down to my room for a few minutes?” Kristen obliged.

Sally’s roommate had already left for class when they arrived. As

they entered the room Sally closed the door and locked it. “You

won’t mind being a little late for class this morning will you,”

Sally asked coyly? Kristen smiled, “No, I won’t mind at all.”

Sally undid the knot in Kristen’s towel and it fell to the floor.

She knelt down and spread Kristen’s pussy lips, exposing her

clit. Kristen’s eyes fluttered closed, and she braced herself

against the door. Her pussy was already wet but as Sally began to

lick gently on her swollen clit her love juices began to flow

like a river down the inside of both thighs. The walls of her

vagina were contracting so hard that her stomach was heaving in

and out in an obvious fashion. Sally’s tongue was flicking and

caressing her clit and she could feel a finger thrusting deep

into her vagina.

Kristen stood rigid, her tan smooth legs tense, stomach muscles

rippling in an effort to keep from screaming her passion. She

felt as if she were going to explode. And she did!!!! all over

Sally!! Her pussy juices gushed out as her entire body shuddered

in ecstasy.

Sally didn’t mind the unexpected shower, she just patted herself

dry with Kristen’s towel and let out a little giggle. Kristen

slowly slumped to a sitting position in front of the door, as

Sally leaned over to share her taste with a long deep passionate

mouth opening kiss. Kristen was lost in her own world of orgasmic


my first Sex in the forest

The Forest Surround

(MF, 1st time, Medieval)

Christina, daughter of Landaus the woodsman, stood

staring with pride at her betters as they passed by

in splendid procession. She could see Lord Malinov

riding beside his lady’s litter and was hoping to see

the wondrous Lady Diana.

The people loved her not just for her beauty but for

her beneficent influence upon the Court. Ever since

she arrived at the castle their lord had been kind

and generous to his people.

Cheers went up as Lord Malinov threw the obligatory

coins to the crowd, his magnificent presence dazzling

all the girls – and many of the men too, if the truth

were told.

Christina’s heart swelled as his cortege of young

warriors faithfully trooped across the meadow road

bridge in the wake of their lord and lady. Their liege

lord was returning in triumph from the Holy Land, and

stories of his valor had flown like dragon’s fire

through the villages.

Christina had been moved to tears by the story of Sir

Andrew, the young knight who had saved his lord by

taking an arrow in the chest that had been aimed at

Lord Malinov. She could see the young man resting

comfortably on a cart, in a place of honor just behind

Lady Diana’s litter.

Christina’s tears began to flow again when she thought

of the bravery of this perfect young knight, and of his

terrible wound.

At last the procession passed into the Castle Malinov.

All the fine people would be making merry tonight. It

was Solstice, and a banquet would be held as usual.

Christina, along with many other peasant women living

in the forest surround, had been charged to help with

the festivities. Living so close to the castle meant

they were often required to serve their master at table

when a big feast was in the making. Christina had often

served in the kitchen as a child.

However, grown-up now, she had been instructed for the

first time to serve in the great hall. Lady Malinov

always required her serving wenches to ‘be of comely

nature and person.’ As a perfect hostess, it was only

natural that the Lady Diana would want to please her

guests’ visual, as well as culinary, tastes.

Christina thrilled at the thought of serving the nobles

that very evening; she could hardly wait. She happily

skipped homewards, day-dreaming of feasts, of gentle-

folk and handsome knights…


Several hours later, in the warm castle kitchens…


Christina’s Aunty Bessy shouted from her place in front

of the hearth: “Christina girl! Keep your mind on the

task at hand, will ye!”

Christina blushed when she realized that she’d been

standing and gazing at her reflection in the silver

tray she’d been instructed to polish. “Sorry, aunty.

I must have been daydreaming. It’s just that I’m so

excited to be serving gentlefolk; I’ve always longed

to do it. Oh, aunty! Isn’t it just wonderful to be so

close to so much glitter and fine trappings.”

Her aunty just grunted and turned back to the roasting

boar turning on the spit over the fire, while Christina

looked once more at her reflection in the gleaming


The boys in the village often commented on her good

looks. Christina just knew she could turn all heads,

even those of her betters, if she was properly washed

and groomed. She was proud of her looks, and had always

been careful with her body, not doing any of the

foolish things some of the local girls got up to. She

was sure she was meant to be something special, more

than just a farmer’s wife.

Hearing her aunty start to grumble again, Christina

quickly went back to work, preparing for that night’s



…Night is falling. The great hall is alive

with music and revelry…


Pageantry and gaiety had always been like a drug to

Christina. Tonight she’d been assigned to a position

at the head of the hall, which meant that she’d be

serving her lord and lady, and also the guests of

honor. She was so nervous at first that she thought

she was going to faint, and almost did when the

gracious Lady Diana turned towards her and smiled as

Christina was filling her glass.

Christina made sure to place herself close to handsome

young Sir Andrew, the bravest knight in the realm. Sir

Andrew was a mystery to the common folk in the forest

surround. He came from across the narrow sea, and spoke

with a strange accent. His parents were almost mythical

figures. Eli The Bearded was known by one and all as

a great war leader in his land, while the Lady Cyrrh,

his wife, was both feared and respected on both sides

of the water for her magical powers.

Christina made a special effort to please the young

knight with the illustrious pedigree, waiting on his

every whim, always at hand when he looked as if he

might want something.

The feasting and entertainment continued late into the

evening, by which time many of the guests were well

into their cups, and boisterous in their merry-making.

As she weaved between the guests conversing at the

table, Christina noticed Sir Andrew favoring her with

a smile, not to mention a wink of his eye! She was

ecstatically happy to have been noticed by such a

handsome and illustrious knight.


Later that evening, the embers were burning low…


As the night wore on, the serving girls had less and

less to do. Making one of her rounds, Christina was

both surprised and pleased when Sir Andrew reached out

and pulled her down on to the bench next to him.

“You’re a pretty wench!! What’s your name?”

She blushed with embarrassment and excitement,

answering in a small voice: “Christina, great sir.”

He laughed at her timid response and said, cheerfully:

“You sound shy, but you weren’t too shy to flirt with

me just now.”

Christina was taken aback. Had she been that obvious?

Oh well, at least he’d noticed her! She answered

softly: “I hope I did not offend the great lord. It

was not what I intended.” She gave him her most

appealing ‘innocent little girl’ look. She’d used that

look to great effect on the peasant boys in her

village, and wondered how a nobleman would react to

such a rustic device.

Sir Andrew saw before him a very pretty peasant girl,

with a very fetching look on her lovely face. Having

her so close to him was making him sexually aroused.

He was surprised to feel anything at all. His wound,

and the sea travel, combined with little opportunity

or inclination, had meant that he hadn’t shared a

woman’s bed for more than six months.

As, however, he looked into this girl’s lovely eyes,

a need grew within him. He smiled at her and, gently

pulling her towards him, kissed her soft lips.

Though she tried not to show it, Christina was beside

herself with excitement. A noble knight had actually

kissed her. She could die now, and life would have been

fair to her. Joy and love surfaced in her as she kissed

him back, pushing her supple young body against his in

sudden urgent need. One of her hands came to rest

comfortably on the young man’s crotch, hidden under

the table.

Christina didn’t really know what she was doing, but

Caroline, her older cousin, had told her that men liked

having that part touched by women.

Sir Andrew almost choked when he felt her hand between

his legs, and his eyes widened as she massaged his

growing erection through the material of his breeches.

Does she have any idea what she’s doing?, he wondered.

They sat together for hours, while the feasting

gradually died down and guests began making their way

into the darker recesses of the great hall, to sleep.

Sir Andrew, as befitting a knight, had his own area by

the north wall. His sleeping quarters were smallish,

but reasonably private, and his thoughts turned towards

using this privacy to bed this pretty wench. When the

great Lord Malinov and the beautiful Lady Diana rose

to toast Solstice, all who still could held their

goblets high and chanted their lords’ name the

prescribed amount of times.

With a flourish of his robes Lord Malinov turned and,

his lady at his side, dismounted from the dais. They

made their way past their guests, nodding to the

occasional friend; pausing here and there.

The royal couple halted at Sir Andrew’s side, and Lord

Malinov wished him the very best of fortune. To

Christina’s amazement, Lady Diana leaned forward and

kissed Sir Andrew on the cheek, whispering: “Thank you,

kind sir. Your service to the kingdom, and to me, has

created a debt I can never repay. I can never thank

you enough for taking my husband’s life into your

hands, and will always be grateful to you.”

She stood up, her back erect, her perfect body held

with dignity, and her eyes shining with tears of


Christina watched in a kind of ecstasy the noble

couple’s graceful exit from the great hall. Her recent

thoughts about having a good time, and relieving the

lust that had been building within her, had disappeared.

Admiration for her liege lord and his lady fair over-

whelmed her, bringing tears to her eyes.

Sir Andrew watched his little serving wench gaze at

the retreating figures of her lord and mistress, and

thought he was seeing the flush of innocent youth at

the moment of perfection. Though not more than 23

himself, he saw the innocent happiness radiating from

the young girl’s face as a light in darkness.

His need was growing again, and he thought to himself:

‘I will have her flower tonight. I’ll take her

virginity, and be whole again.’ The thought stirred his

loins, and he leant over and cupped one hand over one

of Christina’s soft, round breasts.

Christina started at the intimate contact, but then

accepted it gladly. Turning her clear blue eyes on the

young knight’s dark, smoldering ones, she kissed him

deeply, which in turn made him more urgent in his own


Suddenly, without a word, he stood up and pulled

Christina to her feet. Taking her by the hand, he led

her into the dark recesses of the great hall, toward

his pallet. The young couple giggled together as they

stumbled over lesser knights and guests, forced to make

do with reed mats on the hall floor.

Christina was shocked to see couples copulating in

plain sight, some being watched as a kind of show by

their neighbors. She giggled nervously when she passed

them, her knight responding by passionately kissing her

neck and ear.


The great hall. A knight’s billet…


Sir Andrew lit a small taper before getting the young

servant girl to stand before him and beginning to

undress her. She wore simple clothing, without either

buttons or snaps, just peasant-style little ties that

were easy to undo.

While he removed her garments one by one, Christina

stood very still, her arms slightly out from her sides,

wondering what Sir Andrew was planning for her. She had

no experience in this sort of affair.

Her heart pounded as her body was lovingly uncovered

by her paramour. Deciding at last she ought to do

something herself, she started unbuttoning Sir Andrew’s

tunic while he was still engaged in removing her

garments. Soon the young couple were both standing


Sir Andrew was aware that he was hard again, and

marveled at it. There’d been a time when he thought

he’d never feel lust again, but now, standing before

this common, but beautiful little vixen, he was fully

erect, and horny as a goat. Her body promised him all

the physical delights that a woman could offer.

He reached out to fondle her delightful breasts, and

was pleased to see her dusky-pink nipples harden at

his touch.

Christina hadn’t realized how beautiful a man’s body

could be. She’d assumed that, under their clothing,

all men were like her Uncle George – hairy and rough.

She’d seen her uncle working in the fields without his

shirt, and saw little resemblance between that memory

and the almost hairless, well-muscled body of Sir


She noticed his terrible scar at the place where the

arrow had entered his body. She reached out to touch

the spot, at the same moment looking downward and

seeing the evidence of his maleness pointing at her.

Christina was fascinated by the sight of Sir Andrew’s

straining penis. She’d never thought before about a

man’s sexual organ. Of course, growing up as she had

in the fields of the forest surround, she’d seen

animals doing it, and naturally had seen her little

brother nude on many occasions. But they hadn’t looked

anything like the meaty pole that was standing erect

before her.

Unsure of what was expected of her, she shyly reached

out her hand and touched the aroused organ. It felt

hot, almost burning, to her cool hand. Intrigued, she

gripped the young knight’s erect penis and gently


Sir Andrew groaned, immensely enjoying the sensation.

He was, indeed, a little surprised that this young

beauty was acting in such a forward manner. He was used

to girls accepting his advances as if he were entitled

to make them, but this one was lively indeed.

Christina began pulling the smooth skin of her lover’s

penis up and down the shaft, revelling in the pleasure

she saw on Sir Andrew’s face. She was enjoying herself

too; the feel of his hot sex in her hand stirred

strange feelings inside her. She wanted this beautiful

man more than anything, and was more than willing do

anything he asked of her.

Her cool touch on his hot erection was all that was

needed to make Sir Andrew convinced he’d be able to

perform the sexual act. Indeed, he felt so aroused

that he started to worry that he might come too soon.

He began exploring the young girl’s body with his

hands, running them over her smooth skin; her

shoulders, soft breasts, thighs and flat stomach. She’s

truly a lovely wench, he thought, considering himself

fortunate that he could look forward to having her that


As her hand smoothed his precum fluid over his shaft,

he felt himself begin to lose control and reached out

to stop her. Holding her lovely shoulders with his

battle-scarred hands, he gently pushed Christina down

onto his pallet, still marveling at the perfection he

saw by the dim light of the taper.

Nuzzling his swollen sex organ in between her legs, Sir

Andrew parted her sweet nether lips with his thumb and

forefinger, and pushed his bulging cockhead into her,

stretching the opening into her vagina.

Christina’s eyes opened wide when she felt him fumbling

at her crotch. She knew, in a general way, what he was

doing; she just didn’t know quite what would come next.

When his manhood opened her up she gasped in surprise,

amazed that something that big could possibly fit

inside her. She closed her eyes and tried to concen-

trate on what was being done to her.

It felt strange, and a little painful, but Christina

didn’t care about the pain. She was being taken by a

nobleman, and on Solstice. If she became pregnant, she

would be important and have high status in the village.

And to happen on Solstice would make it doubly lucky.

The thought of having Sir Andrew’s baby made her eager

and excited.

Meanwhile, the knight was having a little trouble

forcing himself into the young serving wench, because

her tunnel was exceptionally tight. He approved that

in principle, but it meant he would have to hurt her.

Might as well get it over with, he thought.

He thrust his hips downward, forcing his now-slick

shaft deep into Christina.

“Ooowwee! Gggod!” she moaned when the pain knifed

through her body.

Sir Andrew moved his lips to her ear and said quietly:

“Don’t worry. I’ve just taken your flower. You’ll feel

fine in just a minute, I promise. Trust me, will you?”

Christina lay quietly under her handsome knight, tears

welling up in her eyes, her legs spread for his plea-

sure. She nodded, waiting for him to do his will,

whatever that might be.

He placed his hands on either side of Christina’s

chest, and levered his upper body up and away from

hers so he could look into her eyes. “You trust me,

don’t you? I won’t hurt you unnecessarily. You do know

that, don’t you?”

He smiled encouragingly, and Christina almost forgot

the pain. Then he moved inside her again and the pain

momentarily returned, but not for long.

The knight was so overwhelmed by his desire after so

long abstinence that it took just a few strokes in and

out of Christina’s warm, velvety tunnel for him to

achieve orgasm. Thrusting himself against Christine’s

pelvic bone, he felt the once-familiar release he’d

missed for so long, his seed spurting copiously from

his body into hers. The resulting intense orgasmic

relief was a feeling he’d almost forgotten.

Christina now began enjoying herself. She joyed in

being rodded by this beautiful young man, and was

beginning to match his moves when he suddenly tensed,

simultaneously pushing his organ hard into her. His

body’s vigorous thrust, pressing against her pubic

mound, sent a thrill right through her, and at the

same time she felt Sir Andrew’s hot sperm jet into

her womb. It tickled, as spurt after spurt forced its

way deep inside.

She uttered an involuntary sigh of satisfaction, while

her lover grunted as he emptied his seed into her.


The great hall. Sounds of pleasure

fill the night…


After that first time there was no stopping Christina,

and she and her knight copulated time and again, all

the night through. There were some gruff rebukes from

neighbors, offended by the noise of their lovemaking,

but the young lovers took no notice.

Christina was in love. She’d never expected to find

anyone that could make her feel so happy. As far as she

was concerned, Sir Andrew was perfect in mind and body,

almost godlike, and, indeed, before the night was over

she was worshipping him like a god.

In the morning she awoke to find that her lover had

already left the hall. Most of the knights were

expected to perform in jousting and other manly arts

as the festival continued, and Sir Andrew had gone to

the jousting field.

She remained for a while in his bed, feeling warm and

sated. Stretching like a well-fed kitten, Christina

thought dreamily about the night that had just passed,

and wondered if Sir Andrew would want to try something

different tonight. She was prepared for anything, and

smiled at the thought.


Outside, in the forest surround, on the

jousting ground…


Sir Robert addressed his young friend with a tinge of

admiration in his voice. “So, young fellow, who was

that ravishing wench you bedded last night?”

Sir Andrew, who was watching some young bucks dueling

in the competition yard, answered in a distracted tone:

“Dunno. Can’t remember her name, but she was a great

fuck. Why don’t you try her out tonight?”

Sir Robert looked a little surprised. “You’re sure

about that, are you? Of course, if you really don’t

want her any more I’ll be happy to bed her.”

Sir Andrew said carelessly: “With my wound I couldn’t

take two nights like that in a row. Besides, I’ve got

my eye on another wench who served me breakfast a

little while ago. So feel free.”