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Pregnant lustful babe

Teri’s body had always fascinated me. She was in her early
20s, slender, with medium sized tits, and a well maintained
figure. It was obvious to me she was proud of her body and took
good care of it. She wasn’t tall, about 5′ 1″, and had brownish
blonde hair, which she wore a little longer than her shoulders.
She was invariably pleasant and always had a “Good morning, Mr
Franks” whenever she saw me.

Teri worked down the hall from me as a secretary in another
office. She and my secretary were office pals and often had lunch
together or chatted during their coffee breaks. Whenever she would
stop by to talk with Marcia, I’d see her in the outer office and
would fantasize about what her body looked like without clothes. Continue reading Pregnant lustful babe

How Good Is Group SEX

How Good Is Group SEX?

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of group sex. I’ve never tried
it, but it’s part of my fantasies.

I asked a friend who has participated in a number of these scenes and
he said “It’s a bit disappointing. People usually just pair off and
have sex in couples as if they were alone”.

Does group sex ever turn out to involve a lot of people simultaneously
involved with each other? What is the ideal setting for group sex? How
many participants are the ideal number?



I’d say not more than 3 or 4.. depending on what you have in mind.
Anymore than that, and things just become too distracting!


20-May-86 10:32:46

Dear Terry:

3 or 4 … do you think the best would be two males and two females, or
some other configuration? And if 3, should they be two girls and a man
or two men and a girl?



To each his or her own as it were, but 2 couples, 2 male and 2 female
seemed best to me. I also have heard of problems with 3’s, but I think
the ultimate solution is just to have compatible people to begin with.
I’ve had wonderful times with 2 men and a woman, and know of a case
where just the reverse was true.

: * Peter *

Well … my own experience in a couple of such group occasions has been
that the participants didn’t separate off into couples, but pretty much
kept things going on a group level, i.e., everybody was both giving and
receiving mucho stimulation from everyone else. An important
consideration at these times was that the people involved (two men and
two women, plus yours truly) were on the bisexual end of
heterosexuality, so that when us lasses got all sort of wrapped up in
each other, the men participating felt comfortable with giving each
other a hand (so to speak), instead of just keeping their distance from
each other. On the whole, the experience was wonderful, and, I’d
recommend it for folks who want to have some extra-special fun with
close friends.

23-May-86 09:00:07

Dear Brenda:

I’m delighted to learn that it can be as much fun as I imagine it to
be. I suppose that there has to be at least some element of bisexuality
for it to get much beyond the pairing-off into couples stage, and that
you would have to choose the participants with this in mind.

How did you get the whole thing started? Did it just sort of happen, or
did you plan it in advance?

Huggs … Peter

23-May-86 18:04:31


Well, these cheery events happened at a couple of conventions. There
wasn’t really planning as such. We *had* planned to meet with each
other at some point during the con, and it all started out as just some
people sitting around digesting a wonderful dinner. Then, with everyone
sprawled out on the bed, limbs entangled and some pleasant
conversation, we all just sort of gradually starting fiddling with each
other’s hair, and tickling necks, and dropping quick sweet pecks on
shoulders and such, and then someone took someone else’s shirt off, and
it sort of got all mushy and sexy from there.

I haven’t been involved in group sex for a little while now, a couple
of years, but even if the opportunity never pops up again (heaven
forfend!) I treasure those hours greatly.


23-May-86 19:07:45

Sounds like I should go to more conventions! I bet it wasn’t a computer
business convention!

Huggs … Peter

25-May-86 09:14:40

You’re right about that. It was a science-fiction con, actually. Those
folks can get a mite wild given the least excuse. I think it’s a
reflection of the interest itself, people have to be quite open-minded
to accept, for a while, the possibile reality of whatever future, past,
or alternate world that is being written about. And I think this
willingness to open one’s self up to ideas other than those one might
have been taught or pressured into believing, spills over into a lot of
other areas of an sf fan’s life. For what it’s worth (whoops, I meant,
“For what it’s worth,”) I know that there are particular hotbeds of
sf fans who first were exposed to, and became comfortable with, the
idea of group sex through the Robert Heinlein book, STRANGER IN A


25-May-86 14:04:59

So science fiction is where you can make your fantasies come true!
Thanks for the reference to the book – I’ll definitely look it up. I
have recently been told about John Norman’s series of books about GOR,
which also combine science fiction with eroticism. I am looking forward
to reading some of those.

Best wishes … * Peter *

25-May-86 20:53:22

as in many areas, three is the magic number.

25-May-86 22:39:1

Dear Harley,

I thought *seven* was the magic number. Three? Listen, m’love…
when a man says *three*, what he means is: two women and one man! I
think that’s a bit selfish and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Now if we could change the makeup of that threesome…..hmmmm.


25-May-86 23:09:16

So how would you construct a sevensome, (septet?), Eleanor?

By the way, are you aware of the implications of writing Hmmmmmm on
this board?

Higgs …. Peter

26-May-86 19:08:26

Dear Smug Elly-
Actually, I WAS thinking of two men and one women.
It takes 2 men to cope with a woman, you see. they can lend each
other the emotional support that is needed so much when dealing with
you female types.
Peanut Butter huggs

26-May-86 21:52:29


Just *emotional* support?

Oreo Hugggs,

Dear Peter,

I’m pretty much unaware of the implications of everything.

A septet? Depends on who wants the septet, I think. If *I* were going
to have a septet, it would have to be six men and me. Does that sound
a bit greedy? Anyway, they would be my age or older (40+) and they
would all madly adore me. And then…..and then…..

Hey Peter. In Tibet they have polyandry! A woman often marries all of
the brothers in a family. Sound great to me. One to earn a good
living; one to do the yard work; one to keep house; one to take care of
the kids; one to run errands; and one to do the bookwork. Wow! *I*
would have to spend those days reading or strolling in the well-kept

You may not hear from me for a while. I’m checking OAG for flights to


Oh Don’t go, Eleanor! If you leave us all seven of us will miss you


Gosh Peter!!!!!

You left out one tiny detail —————————->


Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug!

28-May-86 00:16:59

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me and Me

Higgs from all of us …. Peter

28-May-86 15:47:14

Actually, Elly dear, two men are needed so that one can hold the
member of the gentle gender down so the other can do something other
than screw for abit.
with milk, (chocolate, of course)
Harley t/

My experience with ‘groups’ was always with small ones; two girls and
me, or two girls and two guys. Generally sex occurred in pairs with an
occasional real threesome. It would seem to me that for larger real
GROUP sex in every sense of the term, some tendency towards bisexuality
becomes a prerequisite. I guess I haven’t got those tendencies. For me
to have sex with another male even in the room, I have to know him
pretty well!

Dear William

I agree. I’d have a problem in having to deal with other males in a
group sex situation. Perhaps my group sex fantasies are really harem
fantasies – other men just don’t come into them!


oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh! oooh!

Gosh, Peter. I didn’t know you did windows, too!

Hugggs X 7 !

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