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In need for a place to stay

I had placed an ad in the paper to rent a room. Having to pay all of
the rent for such a large house was draining my resources. Besides,
a guy of 18 who had moved away from his parents watchful eyes, needed
to show them that he was self sufficient!

The ad said “Wanted, male, 18 to 24, to share 2 bedroom house, with same.
Rent, $200 per month. Call…” and the number was listed. I had the ad
running for a few weeks and a number of guys came by to look. The house was
a typical batchelor pad, sparse furniture and no frills. It was located
in a quiet neighborhood and far back far from the street and other houses.
I was renting from a couple who had moved to Florida and wanted someone
to take care of the house. Continue reading In need for a place to stay


Well, the day had finally come. Here you were, standing in front of a
camera, getting your picture taken. Except, of course, it wasn’t at any
studio. Time for the old home photo album. You and your lover had talked
about it for some time, after you had admitted to him that you enjoyed
looking at the women in the men’s magazines, like Playboy, and Penthouse.
But, you had told him, they seemed a little tame, and that you got more
excited and envious when you were looking at the more graphic pictures in
Hustler. The ones where the women would hold their pussy open and show the
pinkness inside. For some reason, it looked more fun. Continue reading Photographer

Sex At Work

It was early morning in the Faculty lounge; in fact, it was way too early for

some. Dr. Maxwell Jones, otherwise known as Mac to his friends and colleagues,

sat enjoying his coffee in relative silence. It was his first day as a Professor

at the Institute for Science and Technology and already he was bored to tears. He

stared idly into the newspaper, propping his feet on the coffee table, while

lounging his tall frame on the hard couch. Continue reading Sex At Work