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The sexy collegue

I was working at my father’s accounting office for the summer,
I didnt know a thing about the business, but I did know there was
enough ass working there to keep me quite busy for the whole summer.
i had my own office and my duties were to a ssist the office manager.
Most of the time I was on the phone or at lunch.

I became friendly with a number of the women that worked in the
back, as accountants and data entry operators. There was one women in
particular that made my blood boil the minute I saw her. She was
about 27 years old, black hair and green eyes. She was thin, and her
breasts fit her frame being on the small side. I got to know
Stephanie over the next week, having lunch with her and some other
employees. I found out she had been married for a year when she was
21, but could’nt handle being tied down to one person. Continue reading The sexy collegue


I am a doctor. I have been practicing medicine for 15 years.
I have my own practice and I do minor surgery at one of the
clinics in the city. I’m divorced. My husband divorced me in
1975. I mention this because my divorce turned me sour to men.
I think that had some bearing on my decision to undertake this

One afternoon in 1983, a couple came into my office, a hefty
woman, around 45, and a young man around 26 or so. They sat down
and the conversation that was struck that day amazed me and left
me speechless. The woman sat down and the man stood behind her.
She introduced herself then introduced the man. She simply said,
“This is my houseboy and personal slave.” She snapped her
fingers and this young man knelt down beside her chair, never
saying a word. I was shocked. She explained that they lived a
different lifestyle from most people. She explained how her slave
had given his life to her service. Continue reading Operation


Belt-test at the dojo, you as tester. You come home around ten,
flushed, sore, and exhausted. You sag into a soft chair, your equipment
bag still dangling from your fingers. I remove it from your hand and ask,
“How was it?”

“They were all very big and very good,” you mutter under your
breath, “and seemingly tireless.”


You shake your head. “A glass of water would be great, though.”
You gingerly untie your shoelaces and remove your shoes and socks. I go
into the kitchen and return with the water. “From the tap,” I say. “Not
too cold; don’t want your stomach to cramp, dearest.” Continue reading Tired

Audition turned to be simple fuck

You were understandably excited about the chance to get a starring role in a movie even though you were not familiar with
either the production company nor the director. But when you
arrived at the studio you first thought you must have the wrong
address. To say it was in a bad section of the city would have
been a naive statement. But then the producer who called you
told you that he did art films, so you didn’t really expect him
to have a glossy setup. At least his promise of exposure at the
Cannes Film Festival was enough to dispel any fears you may have

Once you walked inside and saw how nice the reception area was,
and how sophisticated the receptionist, your no longer doubted
the wisdom of your decision. The receptionist greeted you warmly
and asked you to have a seat until Mr. Lamborghini could come for
you. Lamborghini. Even the name was reassuring. Continue reading Audition turned to be simple fuck

Metro Orgasm

We meet for the first time in a crowded subway station in Manhattan. I, a
successful investment banker, dressed in only the finest. You are dressed in a
beautiful white evening dress that just barely covers your ass. We get on the
train together just casually exchanging glances and I find I seat in the back.
You are forced to stand in front of me holding a handle attached to the subway
car. People are squezing you from all sides, it is 5:25 and everybody is going
home for the evening. It is a normal trip home you think until you feel a hand
caressing your ass ever so gently. You think to yourself that somebody
probably brushed up against you but it continues with more intensity. I am
going to make this lady come, I think devilishly to myself as I rub your ass,
just enough to make you wet for my future plans. You can’t believe how hot
this train has suddently become. I procede to step two of my plan. I run my
fingers down your leg so slightly that you barely feel them. When I get to the
bottom, I slowly work my way back up to your awaiting tunnel of love. I am
not too surprised to learn that you aren’t wearing any panties. I keep
thinking to myself what I would love to do to this beautiful creature if there
weren’t hundreds of people around. I procede to put my hand on your bare ass
under your dress. I can feel the heat your body is radiating. You Jump when I
run my finger between your checks giving you unmesurable pleasure. I feel your
wetness emminating from your steamy cunt. I gently carress your pussy and
flick your clit with my middle finger. You push your hips out to me to enhance
your pleasure. Just at this moment, I pull my hand away and continue to read
my Wall Street Journal. I wouldn’t want you to come that easily? You can’t
believe this unbelievable pleasure has ended so abruptly. “Damm. Just when I
was about to come. Oh well. I will just have to finish the job myself when I
get home,” you think to yourself as you peek over your shoulder. You see four
men sitting behind you all within reach and all looking at you except for a
hansome wall street type reading his paper. You quickly rule him out and
decide it must have been that dirty minded old man with the sly grin. You give
him a quick smile, after all you haven’t been this hot since the time your
older brother’s friend sneaked into your room and woke you by licking your
pussy or the time you walked in on your brother while he was masterbating and
coming all over your virgin panties. The subway stops at your exit and you are
disappointed that you have to get off. You walk two blocks and enter your
apartment feeling along the way that you are being followed. You quickly go to
your dressing table and withdrawl your handy artificial cock, unfortunately the
batteries are dead. You go to the bathroom and turn on the water in the tub to
HOT, the same condition you are in. You take off all of your clothes and just
as you are about to get in, the doorbell rings. You have a lovely body and are
a bit of an exhibitionist so you procede to the door completely naked with your
dildo in your left hand………

Giving Pleasure

The curtains wave softly, the fresh spring scent of lilacs blowing
in through the window. The scent just exists, neither demanding notice
nor escaping it. The soft hues of blue and violet wrap the room in a
peaceful cocoon of quiet. I study the room with great care. I want
everything to be perfect. I light the tubular candles, placed
strategically around the room. The dancing flames cause the room to
appear to shimmer. The music of the Masters waft softly through the
room. Satisfied the room is now perfect, I go down to await your
arrival. Tonight I wish to give only pleasure. It shall be your night.
The night that you surrender only to the sensations of your body. And,
in the giving to you, I know I shall find rare delights to satiate my own
Your knock on the door brings my mind back to the present.
Taking the glass of chilled wine, your favorite, I meet you at the door.
The sheer pale blue negligee swirls around my body when I open the
door. Ahhh. The look in your eyes tells me you are finding the view
enjoyable. A smile tugs at your lips as you pretend not to comprehend
this unexpected greeting, or its significance. I take your hand and draw
you into the foyer. You draw me close to you, bending down to cover
my mouth with yours, your tongue gently probing. Our tongues twirl
about each other, sending thrills down my body. Continue reading Giving Pleasure

Get Together

I was at a local topless dance bar with a buddy of mine. I was kind of
a regular there, coming in about once a month or so. One of the reasons I was
a regular was sitting on my lap at the moment. Her name was Julie, and she
worked most Saturday nights, which was when I usually came in. Naturally she
was very pretty, blonde, tanned, slender, with small breasts (but real and
nicely shaped), great legs, and an ass to die for.

On top of the very nice physical package she was friendly, chatty and gave
a WONDERFUL lap dance. She touched as much as the law would allow, and maybe a
bit more. And as time had gone on (this was the sixth time I had come in
during the past 5 months) her dances for me had gotten just a little more
risque, a little hotter, a little more daring. She let me touch her back quite
a bit too, but I was always careful not to go over the line. It was still
great. She also gave lip-kisses. Most of the girls would only give you a
little nip on the cheek. Little details like that mean a lot to me.

Anyway, we were there and my buddy got up to go to the restroom. As he
walked away, I sighed, considering the fact I only had $22 bucks left of the
$130 I had started with, and observed that it was unfortunate the evening was
going to have to end fairly soon. Continue reading Get Together

Movie Star

A small ad caught Joy’s eye on the morning of January 5th as she
was sorting through the various sections of the New York Times. She
read it, paused, reread it. She chuckled softly, turned to the front
page, and read about the downing of two Libyan planes as she downed
her toast and coffee.

Ten minutes later she was looking at the ad again. She got up from
the table and dug around in a kitchen drawer for the scissors, then
re- turned and carefully snipped the ad. She folded it and slipped
it in the coupons pocket of her purse. Then she went to work.

It was lunchtime when Joy fished the ad out of her purse, picked up
the phone, and dialed the number. Busy. She put the receiver back
in its cradle on her desk, put her chin in her hands, and stared at
the un- shrinkable pile of papers in her IN basket. Sigh. She
picked up the phone again, dialed. A distant phone began to ring. A
tired voice answered. “Sunset Personnel Agency. May I help you?”

“Uh, I’m responding to the ad you placed in the New York Times today.
About extras for a movie?”

“Thank you, just a minute while I connect-” Silence, and then some
awful elevator music. Hum de dum… Continue reading Movie Star

Small Bondage Bonus

I had been retained through a consulting firm to advise a small, but
very lucrative, corporation through a complicated problem. The complications
could have cost this business well into the multi-million dollar range
had I not sucseeded in the endeavor. After some long hours of hard work
I was ultimately able to accomplish our goal. The owner of this little
company, (I’ll use fictitious names in this narrative for modesty’s sake
as well as clarity) Joan Sumpter, was certainly a unique individual. She
and I spent a great deal of time together over the months of my employment.
Working virtually hand in hand, we had gotten to know each other rather well.
For all intents and purposes She appeared to be a brash, impetus woman to
most people. However, as she and I got to know each other over time, most
of this turned out to be a facade. In her business persona, she may have
seemed like a bit like a shark to some, but outside that arena I found her
to be a charming, intelligent woman. Continue reading Small Bondage Bonus

A couple and me

I’m on vacation with my parents on the Riviera, and like many girls and
guys there, I get around a lot by hitchiking. Most of the time I don’t do it
alone, but today the girl I’m with has to leave early to meet her parents.
She and I are staying in Nice, but every afternoon we go to the beach at
Juan-les-Pins, which is nicer.

So she leaves around 5:00, and I don’t decide to go back to Nice until
7:30. On vacation, my parents let me come home by 9:30, without asking any
questions, but I feel sort of lonely without my friend, and the guys are no
fun, so I decide to go back early.
I put on a short robe over my bathing suit and take my beach bag and
go up to the road and start hitching. Usually you don’t have to wait at all,
but today I avoid cars with single men or groups of men in them. I think it’s
better to get a ride with a couple. It takes longer this way. About 10 cars
with couples pass me by, with my thumb out. After about 10 minutes a gray car
stops, a brand I don’t know (Now I know it was a volvo). Continue reading A couple and me

Two Cunts Two Cocks

I don’t know how many of you have read about the skiing vacation I
took last last winter. It was a rather boring until my boyfriend Dave
and his friend Jim decided to do some very kinky things to Jim’s
girlfriend Cathy and me, of course. None of the individual activities
were new to me, but the combination of things did get me very excited.
Cathy on the other hand was quite innocent of these kinky
entertainments. The vacation turned out to include her first assfuck,
her first time naked in front of more than one guy at a time, her
first time naked (in a sexual context) in front of a girl(me), her
first enema, her first outdoors fuck, her first lesbian kiss, her
first swapping, her first time with two cocks at once, her first
lesbian licking, her first lesbian fingering, her first taste of
pussy, (lots of lesbian firsts in here) etc, etc, etc…

Well it was so much fun that the boys (Dave and Jim) decided to spend
a summer vacation together as well. Needless to say Cathy and I were
going to be used for their kinky perversions again. I was dripping
cunt juice just thinking about it. Now that it has happened, I am
going to tell you about it.

Dave and I arrived late on Sunday afternoon. Jim and Cathy were
already there and had dinner ready for the barbecue. No one mentioned
doing anything kinky. We just waited until someone started something. Continue reading Two Cunts Two Cocks

Fucking Total Stranger

Late one night, as she finishes her studying for the exam, she feels a great
desire to log on the computer. She drives in to the cluster. Waiting there is
a message from a man. A stranger to her,but it says to call him later. She is
the adventurous sort so she chats on the computer for a while, then decides to
call him on-line. They speak only briefly for he is doing some work. He says
for her to call him when she returns home. It was very late but she agrees.

She’s a bit nervous about calling this man. She has a strange sensation going
through her body but it is quite an arousing one. Her roommate has long since
gone to bed, so she virtually has the place to herself. She hears the phone
ring in her ear. It sounds as if in a hollow chamber calling out her name. He
finally answers. They chat for a bit, just general BS. It is a cold rainy night
and she is feeling a bit uncomfortable. He asks if he can come over, but she
can’t say anything. The words stick in her throat. She knows what is on his
mind. His voice is tantilizing. The storm is weakening her resistence. Without
an answer, he says he’ll be over in 15 minutes. As she is waiting she begins
to think of why she let him come over. She doesn’t know. Continue reading Fucking Total Stranger

Nympho Nurse

My most unusual and erotic sexual experience occurred several years ago near
the end of my sophomore year in college. I had just finished an afternoon
exam and thought I would stop by a campus bar for a few beers on my way home.
The bar I stopped at was a grad student hangout, but was also occasionally
frequented by locals. I liked the place because of the diverse crowd and
because they had the cheapest beer on campus.

When I walked in I was startled at how busy the place was at four in the
afternoon. Every table had someone sitting at it! This really wasn’t a
problem since each table was very long with benches on each side leaving
me several seating possibilities. I got a beer at the bar and positioned
myself at the end of a table near the back of the bar. Sitting at the
other end of the table were several women in nurses uniforms. From
the the smattering of conversation I heard over the sound of the juke box,
I gathered that they had just finished an unusually rough shift at the local
hospital. They must have been there a while because there were several empty
pitchers on the table. Continue reading Nympho Nurse

Date On Friday

After I left Teri’s apartment the next day, I thought back on
what she had said about her husband. She did love him and didn’t
want to leave him, but the fact remained he was a lousy lay. A
good provider and considerate, but just no good in bed. And since
she had gotten pregnant, he was afraid of harming her and hadn’t
laid a hand on her since. She understood, but understanding didn’t
ease the itch between her legs. We also talked about our
relationship and decided to play it as it came. I had no desire
for a long term relationship and she wasn’t about to leave her
husband, so it seemed we were playing equal hands.

On Monday, when I saw her at work, I had to smile. I didn’t
have to wonder what she looked like under her clothes, I knew. But
that didn’t stop me daydreaming about her. For her part, she
seemed happier than before and we shared a secret smile
remembering how we had fucked the night away just a day or two

I’ll admit I spent a good deal of the week thinking about her
and the way she sucked my cock. I remember the way she would moan
as I ran my hands over her body and played with her tits and
pussy. And how she responded to being eaten and fucked. And the
way her pussy had held onto my cock after I came deep inside her.

On Wednesday, we got to talk alone and made a date for Friday
night, since he husband was due back in town on Sunday. She didn’t
want to take any chances of hurting him, so she wanted to keep
Saturday night free. Continue reading Date On Friday

Homosexual Freedom

The drive from his parents estate to Thomas Marcourt college was a
long one at just over three hours, but it had been peaceful and beautiful.
Summer had begun to wind down, but the foliage remained green and vibrant
along the winding country roads. Mitchell enjoyed staring out at this
beautiful scenery which set him in a pensive mood. He reflected on his
summer in France and the last big party his friends had thrown for him
before he left for college.
Only one city and a few small towns broke the entrancing forest
scenery as they headed toward Thomas Marcourt: a small all-male private
college with a reputation for academic excellence. It was located in a
small town with a bigger city about a 20 mile drive north. Continue reading Homosexual Freedom