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Drunk lesbian firsttimers

I was sitting around the house one evening all by myself;
the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit
relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend, Jack, was out of town
too, at a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished
Jack was around to let me taste that wonderful cock of his. He’s
gets a beautiful 8” hard on that never ceases to amaze me. He
can stay hard for hours, it seems, and he’s one of the few
uncircumsized men I’ve ever known. The flesh enveloping the head
of his cock turns me on incredibly! I mixed myself a screwdriver and
decided I’d have to take matters into my own hands if I was going to find
sexual relief that evening. I decided to call my friend Lorie and
see if she wanted to come over. She and I sometimes like to
watch X-rated videos together, and it seemed like the perfect
evening for it. She answered the phone, and told me that she
could be over in about an hour. That gave me plenty of time to
get ready, and I went up stairs to my room to get dressed. I really
like wearing sexy lingerie, so I stripped off my skirt and blouse
and went to the dresser. Continue reading Drunk lesbian firsttimers

Party surprise

She was beautiful and she was my next door neighbor. Her name is Donna, and
she came over to welcome me to the building. We had a cup of coffee and some
cake she brought over, but she had to run. Going to her dance class she said.
I had taken some dance, so I asked about it. Apparently it was right across
the street, and many people from the building went, but she wasn’t sure that I
would like it, but, if I wanted I could tag along. There was a smile in her
eyes that wouldn’t let go. I put on my sweats and followed her.

It was three floors up. I was the only man in the place, and I could tell that
this wasn’t a soft workout for chubbies. Every woman there had a body that was
toned like a 64 Rolls. They wore their leotards with the grace of professional
dancers, flowing through the room. Many wore a wide sash of embroidered fabric
around their hips. They smiled at me. I was glad I wore my grey sweats.. they
were loose where it counted. I smiled back. Continue reading Party surprise

Starved for a man

I stared at the computer screen in front of me, suddenly
realizing I’d read the same paragraph a dozen times and still didn’t
know what it said. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t
concentrate, and my body felt alien to me.
I could feel every thread in my underwear. I could feel my
hair brushing against the back of my neck. I could feel my hard
nipples being caressed by my thin cotton shirt. I could hear the blood
whispering through my veins. All the tiny hairs on my body were
standing on end, as though I were under a high tension wire, or
holding onto a Van de Graaff generator. Electricity filled me, making
my head spin and my genitals flood with heat. Hot moisture oozed from
my body, dampening my underwear. My anus tensed and untensed over and
over, aching for something, or someone. Continue reading Starved for a man

Becky trained by spanking hard

Becky’s Training
Young slender Becky Larson had been, as ordered, secured over the top of
the large oak table in my private dinning chamber.
She was dressed in a crisp schoolgirl uniform consisting of a starched
white blouse which buttoned up the front, a short plaid skirt,
white knee highs, white cotton panties/bra and her hair had been put up
in little schoolgirl pig-tails.
Becky was tied with her shapely smooth legs pinioned with narrow black
leather straps at the knees, her ankles bound together and then tied to

a rope leading to the right table leg and her trim white arms pulled and

stretched out in front of her, her narrow wrists tied to ropes leading to

the tables opposite end


Before being tied, becky had been made to lay over a fat sofa pillow,

placed at the end of the large oak table, and designed to ensure that her

young, tender bottom was raised and the center of focus as one entered

the long room.

The ropes had been tied to allow enough slack for becky to raise her

upper torso some, or to arch her back and push her young bottom cheeks up

and out in a big girl swell if order to.

A large ornamental, beveled mirror on the wall in front of her allowed

her master to view her facial expressions at anytime.

As I walked in to the room, lightly tapping the long supple birch

rod against my black riding boots, a stern look crosses my face. I

looked forward to providing becky with her first real slavegirl whipping.

Becky’s clear blue eyes widen with fear at the sight of the rod. Her

petite, slim, coltish legs lightly rubbing together with nervous

anticipation of

the feel of that rod across her plump schoolgirl bottom cheeks.

Becky opened her mouth, starting to question….to plead to be let off,

but not a word started before I cut her off sharply…. “Be silent

Becky” I ordered her in a calm voice, “the only sound we are going to

hear this afternoon is the sound of this birchrod skinning your young


I smiled as I stroked the birch rod softy across her bottom cheeks.

Young Becky Larson, 16 years old, a little tramp runnaway from the

streets of Seattle. Robert had seen her often, panhandling money,

hanging out with delinquent boys, intoxicated, or high, slouched up

against the side of some downtown office building, or walking through the

crowd down at the market, looking for tourists from Iowa, or Kansas, with


wallets, and easily distracted by a pretty blond girl in a too short or


tight skirt who accidently rubs against them while one of the boys picked

their pockets.

Robert never got over how easy it was, how clean, and sudden and final.

A phone call, some private words and a picture faxed, and now blond

headed, willowy, plump bottomed Becky Larson, a new residient of Cheluna


Becky had been there a week, a long week, long enough to know better

then to hesitate at a Master’s command, and long enough to know better

then to refuse a request.

I set the long whippy birchrod down and gently caressed Becky’s pretty,

open- expressioned face, poking my finger in her small mouth, enjoying

the sensation of her soft lips and gentle tongue wetting my fingers as I

slowly pistoned them in and out. I withdrew my finger, smearing her

saliva across her lips, making them shine.

“I’m very unhappy with you Becky, very disappointed,” I tell

her in a low soft voice, ” I thought I had taught you better…”

I walked around the end of the table and was confronted with the

exciting double cheekswell of this trim bottomed girl strapped over for


I wasted no time in flicking the end of the birch rod under Becky’s

little schoolgirl skirt, and flipping it up on to her back. There it

was, that robust, plump little ass I had seen straining against her tight

slut jeans on the streets of Seattle only last week.

The elastic tightness of her white schoolgirl knickers straining with

the plump fullness of becky’s rear cheeks, broadened and fattened by

her bent posture..

I took the tail of Becky’s skirt and tucked it up under the thick

leather waist strap. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her white

panties and slowly lowered the material, watching her ass flesh compress

and then roll out from under the desending material.

I sucked in my breath and felt my heart start to pound in my chest as

Becky’s ass was, once again, in its perfection, now completely bare to

my view.

I pulled a table chair up directly behind Becky’s firm teenage bottom

and sat down right behind her, letting my eyes enjoy the contours and fat

fullness of her rear cheeks.

God, how I had longed to see this little delinquent’s trim white ass,

just like this, bound over and swelled out, waiting to feel the sting of

the birchrod across those pearly white orbs, or to feel the fullness of

my pleasure rod buried deep in her backside, her arms restrained, her

trim schoolgirl hips bent over the top of this broad oak table.

Becky’s soft white bottom had been raised by her bent posture, her

schoolgirl bottom cheeks slightly parted by the enforced posture.

Becky’s legs trembled slightly as she felt my hand fondle the slight

heaviness of her chubby rear orbs. I bounced them up and down lewdly in

the palm of my hands, each small bottom cheek occupying one of my warm

palms, watching as the fat of her rear mounds jiggled with the

movement of my hands, smiling at the soft protest of this indignity

uttered by becky.

I leaned forward and gave becky a few light kisses across the white

expanse of her broadened bottom cheeks, savoring the delicious feel and

taste of her milky white hillocks.

I pulled my head back and quickly stood up. There would be more time

for that later, for studying and mapping…….with my mouth, my tongue,

my lips…. learning about every inch of that exciting fleshy bottom.

Now Becky was going to get the whipping of her life, a lesson is slave

girl discipline designed to ensure compliance with her master’s wishes

in the future.

I pick up the birch rod and step back a few paces, moving the chair to

the side and watching Becky start to compress her bottom cheeks, her arms

pulling against the restraints tied tightly around each wrist.

I smile as I hear becky in the background start to plead, no doubt

asking for another chance, but my mind was fully occupied with the plump

full ass now contorting in a lewd dance over the table top.

I fish a pair of old panties out of my coat pocket, with one hand,

swishing the whippy birch rod through the air with my other and relishing

the sound the fine instrument made..

“You’ll do anything, anyway, my dear Becky. You know what’ll happen

if you don’t…”,

I smile at her in the mirror and wad up the panties and push them into

her mouth.

“If those panties leave your mouth at any point, your punishment will

be increased ten-fold. Do you understand me Becky ?”

Becky silently nods her head, her eyes wide with fear.

I take a few steps back, standing to the right of becky, and bring

the whippy-ended birchrod up sharply and step forward, bring the rod

through the air sidewayswith a backhanded motion, and deliver a fine cut

low down across becky’s straining asscheeks.


The rod blazed a bright red strip across the young girl’s bottom

cheeks, low, where her upper legs swell into her bottom. Becky pulls

hard against her restaints, her curly blond pig-tails flying in to the

air with the smarting impact of the blow, her legs tensed and her bottom

cheeks compressing hard, and then bounding up.

I step forward again, my eyes glued to the bare trim rounded pallor

of Becky’s bottom cheeks, tensing and shifting, her hips contorting over

the top of the fat pillow cushion.

” Keep your chubby little backside quite still for it Becky….push

those hips back up over that pillow you young tramp…..”

………. WHIP

………………….. WHIP …………….. WHIP……….

I delivered three quick hard cuts right through the middle of Becky’s

young tender bottom flesh, the rod singing through the air, the impacts

sounding like pistol shots as they meet Becky’s churning white bottom


……………. WHIP….

.another cut delivered with vicious accuracy across becky’s ass, aimed

low, and at an angle, stripping Becky low down across the top of her bound

legs, and letting the tip of the whippy-ended birch rod ride up, just

catching her across the puppy fat fuller cheekswell low down on her


Becky was frantic, she let out a long low gasp of agony, then a series

of fast paced loud objections, her pretty blond head turning from side

to side

rapidly, her mane sweeping across the

polished oak table top, her knees trying to draw up and rubbing

against each other under the leather binding strap.

I tapped the rod on the top of her now quivering young bottom, enjoying

the sight of the angry red lines now starting to grow against the white

background of her plump bottom cheeks.

Becky was tensing and releasing her little bottom halves, squirming

across the top of the pillow booster in lewd and seductive fat assed


Her young bottom would drive out, hips raised and buck back as far as

the straps would allow, giving her a wanton and whorish look, like a


inviting her lover to take her bottom in a fit of honeymoon passion.

” I’m going to break you this afternoon Becky, just like a young filly

is broke to the bridal….

……….. WHIP………. WHIP……..I gave her two hard brisk strokes

across the plump center of her shaking ass cheeks…..

“I’ll have obedience from you …… WHIP ………becky.”

.”…………bend tighter, I want a full bottomed

cheekswell……….WHIPWHIP………. you chubby bottomed little


… WHIP………. WHIP……two more stinging reminders, delivered down

low, across the fatter cheekswell of becky’s bottom lobes….

” we have all afternoon becky, no interruptions…” … WHIP!!!………..


…….”.when I am finished with you…we’ll have an obedience


WHIP!!!………… WHIP!!!

Again and again I whipped her plump teenage backside , my mind lost

in a haze of erotic discipline. My cock was straining against the rough

fabric of my wool trousers, and my breathing was coming in large gulps,

sucking giant mouthfuls of air in to

my lungs as I let the rod fall across the middle of Becky’s girlish white


“Better get use to this

Becky………..WHIPWHIPWHIP!!!!…………..use to slavegirl discipline”

“You’ll have master’s who enjoy whipping little tramps like you……”..

…….WHIPWHIPWHIPWHIP!! …..three hard whips on the back of becky’s

trim slender thighs….!

“slavegirl whippings and ……WHIP………….. slavegirl sex up that

tight little bottom of yours…..” WHIP……. WHIP……

I dropped the burchrod and pulled the chair back up behind Becyk’s

welted and contorting bottom cheeks. Becky, crying into her panty gag,

her small shoulders shaking a little with each sob.

She couldn’t keep her rear mounds from bounding up and down, trying to

climb over the top of the table, her legs tensing and her tiptoes pushing

hard in to the floor as the fire like stripes work their way deep intothe

plump flesh of her trim little 16 year old asscheeks..

I lean forward and run my hands over her chubby welted bottom lobes,

feeling the heat radiate from her stripped rear flesh. I lean in to her

ass, rubbing my cheeks against her soft bottom, feeling Becky flinching

at the slight touch of my face….feeling the warmth of her whipped bottom


I turn my head, and pursing my lips, I start place gentle, soft,

pouting, kiss-kisses, tracing across the burning welts, my lips enjoying

the warm red marks on her tender bottom flesh.and becky’s small jumps and

quiverings as my lips touched her tender rear flesh.

..”Ahhhhh, you mark beautifully becky…..”.

I push my chair back a little and look at the back of her sunkissed

thighs. The white surface marked with 8 or 10 narrow red lines where just

the end of the whippy birchrod had snapped across the back of her trim

bound legs.

I kissed her there, kissing slowly down the back of her thighs, slowly

down the right thigh, kissing and making gentle licking swipes with my

tongue along the narrow red lines, then more of my lips, mouthing her

trim tanned legs, down, all the way down until I reached the black leather

ties around her knees.

I start low and work my way back up Becky’s other leg, gently kissing

the soft

tender flesh, licking and making little sucking sounds as I taste her

suntanned skin, marked with the effects of the whip welts.

I return to becky’s warm bottom flesh, kissing her right cheek in small

little circles, kiss-kissing gentle little bumble bee buzz kisses in

tight little circle motions across her bottom cheeks, feeling her bottom

cheeks flinch with each soft burning kiss..

…then little…. nipping kisses, now, capturing her soft bottom flesh

for a mere instance between my teeth….now…sharp lover’s kisses,

snapping little nips using my teeth, up and down and across her warm

stripped ass flesh

…..running my tongue, held flat and soft and wet across the

wider expanses of her ass where it was swelled out the most, licking her

bottom flesh like an ice creme cone with broad flat tongue strokes…

.then kissing again, little circles of kisses… lips hard and

unyeilding…fast hard kisskissing on top of her bottom, rapidly covering

her …kisskissing cheek to cheek…my hand, running up between her bound

legs, feeling the satin smooth skin of her inner thighs,

kisskissing her bottom flesh, my hand finding her soft woman fold,

playing with her with my thumb, between her pussy lips…kissing her

bottom hard….bigger circle kisses…

I slowly start to expand the little circle, bigger and bigger circle

kisses, covering her tender rear flesh now with wet, full mouthed, big

lipped kisses,

licking my way across her bottom flesh, my lips wet across the soft

surface of her cheeks, tracing my tongue across her, leaving a trail of

my wet lust across her plump bottom.

I shift slightly, and unbutton my trousers. My cockhead snakes out of

the vent of my pants and rests lightly against becky’s trim lower thigh.

I lean forward and start kissing her left cheeks, feeling Becky flinch

at the softest poutpouts I was delivering. My other hand is now busy

rubbing small circular patterns over her warm, tender, right ass lobe,

I’m raking small handfuls of her ass flesh between my fingers and

squeezing a little, feeling the warm flesh well up betwen my splayed

fingers, contracting and releasing my hand in gentle squeezes,


then kisskiss…squeezesqueeze ………kisskiss..

..then letting go of her bottom cheek and running the edge of my thumb

between her bottom halves, trailing my thumb down her bottom groove,

letting my thumb linger for a moment on top

of her anal bud, still kisskissing her other cheek…my mouth wet and my

lips big, soft….

feeling the damp warmness of her hidden valley, becky flinching as my

thumb edge touches her anus……

I start sucking little mouthfuls of her abuse left cheek’s ass flesh in

to my mouth, sucking her bottom flesh right up in to my mouth, holding it

and worrying it with my teeth,

her plump rear flesh…. between my teeth….. giving her captured

bottom flesh smarting nips that cause her to shake and buck over the

pillow roll..

I pull my head back and breathing hard, look at the double cheekswell of

young Becky Larson, the schoolgirl slave, her young ass welted and

streaked with the results of a slave girl whipping, wet and with little

red marks where my lips, my mouth had kissed her….

Young Becky Larson, flinching and swishing over top of the fat sofa

roll, ….her misfortune to possess such an exciting rear

view, destined to be trained as a pleasure girl, serving masters that

enjoy testing their whips across a sassy young girl’s bottomcheeks,

I lean forward again, fondling and fiddling with her ass, kissing and

sucking mouthfuls of her exciting warm, soft bottom flesh between my

lips, tasting her….murmuring to her to push her bottom up, to show me

an exciting big girl swell , push her hips back into me..

…….I’m nipping her along the fuller lower cheeks with my teeth,

capturing this puppy ffat skin and making small circles with the tip of my

tongue around the flesh held gently between my teeth,……..


……..dropping my head down further, running the hard pointed tip of my

tongue along the crest right under her bottom cheeks, at the top of her

leg, where she swells and her leg

meets the overhang of her girlish ass..exploring the crease of her

overhang with my warm hard tongue.

I part Becky’s asscheeks and placed the littlest softest warm pouting

butterfly kisses all up and down along the inside of her rear cheeks, slow

fluttering kisses, one little kiss then stopping,

then an inch down and another light butterfly kiss just inside her

open bottom lobe….First inside one cheek, then turning my head and

a pouting little butterfly kisses on the inside of the other cheek..

……god, my head is spinning… I’m lost in a sea of white bottom


..I start mounding her ass cheeks up in my clenched hands, squeezing the

cheeks in from the side as I continue to kiss her inside her fat bottom

lobes, then switching……… side to side….squeezing her bottom lobe

fat to my

face….then kisskiss , squeeze.. .kisskissing.. .plumping one lobe


the other, my head, my lips turning fast in time with me plumping her


….kissing becky now all up and down inside both


…..plumping her bottom and kisskissing her …….

…… I rear my head up, turning my attention back to her full swelled

plump bottom, now taking giant mouthfuls of her plump rear cheekskin

in to my lips, sucking her bottom flesh in to my open wet mouth very


sucking as much of becky’s ass flesh between my open mouth as I can.

..hard.sucking….giant mouthfuls of her bottom cheeks,,,..

becky bucking her hips, trying to turn away from this lewd use of her

bottom………letting my open mouth and my soft lips travel across her

expanded ass cheeks…….

using my teeth to nibble across her swelled plump bottom orbs like I was

eating corn on the cob….nibbling straight across from one cheek to the

other in a straight line, capturing her rear cheekskin between my teeth


for an instance…nipnip…then right on across…nipnipping …..across

both twitching lobes…..then dropping down an inch and nibbling becky

back across the other way……turning my head sideways, and nipping up

and down becky’s young rear mounds…

…….now, my lips again soft and moist….traveled kissingly across

every wonderful inch of the her welted teenage bottom flesh, I’m musing

and nuzzling her across the plump womanly underswell of her rear mounds,

feeling them jiggle a little with her protests…..

I craned my neck a little as I fingered back the soft folds of her

femnine flesh and start kiss-kissing her puffy girlflesh gently…up and

down her pussy lips, now and then swiping my tongue between her pussy

lips, tasting becky, smelling her dampmness, until Becky is flinching

her legs, and I can hear small gasps escaping from her lips.

I spread her warm red bottom globes, holding them apart and blew a

little gentle breeze across her exposed rear flower.

Becky let out a muffled whinny at feeling the cool air circulate across

her exposed anus…………

I ignored her protest, holding her bottom cheeks hard apart, pushing my

lips in between her open bottom cheeeks, …….quite mad with lust now,

I pucker my lips full, wetting them with my tongue, and start placing

lickety-lick wet mouthed kisses on the top of her tender exposed anal bud.

” oh god becky…you ass”…..kisskissing……”did your boyfriend play

with you like this becky………” …..kisskissing, pouting wet

kisses……”…..did you let him play with your ass becky”……”.push

that bottom


……kisskiss….”no shyness now……I bet alot of men have wanted you

like this..

….wanted to play with your bottom becky”….kISSKISSING……….”does

that” kisskiss….”plump bottomed becky”… ..more ..warm wet

mouthing of her tight little bud…..kissing, gentle sucks…..and pouting

lipped kissing…… Becky is clenching her little white bottom cheeks,

her ass contractions pressing against the side of my face, now resting

between her cheeks, she

protests from behind her panty gag, humiliated, embarrassed, shocked a

man would hold her bottom cheeks open, putting wet soft kisses right on

top of her dark little vortex,

embarrassed at this use of her body, even after the whipping, still

objecting to this lewd assult

on her most private of spots.

Her legs jerk in suprise and I can feel her torso rear up as I swiped

the tip of my tongue across her tight anal flower.

“Push that bottom right out Becky……..kisskissing…… I murmer to


..”.I want a big girl swell to those bottomcheeks”..


…….” do it now becky” I panted, my breathing ragged…

.”or do you want “…..pout kissing…. . “want more”


.. “of the birchrod….”

I leaned my face forward, parting Becky’s bottom cheeks further,

intruding as much of my face as I can between her parted rear lobes. I

was mad with desire, unable to contain my lust for this schoolgirl’s


I let my lips poutpout again across her dark vortex, very tenderly and

slowly letting my warm wet wide open lips lay outlined around her dark

flower, my moist breath condensing on her bottom opening….and then ever

so slowly would bring my lips together… softly, warm, gentle caresses

with my lips …..then letting the tip of my tongue tickle her private

spot, softly closing my wet lips across

the top of her anus…. pouting gently kisses on her tight rear


tongue just touching her tender bud as my lips held soft and moist close



my lips pursed and releasing….holding becky’s warm raised cheeks in the

palm of my hands while my lips and mouth map her…bunching her white

bottom flesh against the side of my face…compressing her in to my face

as i tickle her

anal opening with my tongue…my warm breath breezing across her bottom

opening…. …I started making my tongue pointy, and flicking her quickly

across her

anal flower……….then again pursing my lips and settling down for very

long soft wet intimate kissess.

I pull back and can see my cock, straining with lust, its head large and

angry, the stem solid and standing away from my trouser vent at a 45

degree angle.

I get up from my chair and look at Becky’s face, turned sideways, her

damp, tear filled eyes clear to me in the the mirror. She has a

questioning look, wondrering if that is all, has her master’s lust been


I smile.

“You didn’t think a little schoolgirl discipline would completely

satisfy me did you?”,

I laugh, drunk on desire, this young blond who I had secretly followed

down 5th avenue every night afterwork, timing her

comings and goings so I could be presnt as she paraded her little

schoolgirl ass under some too tight cotton shorts, young becky larson,

who I had walked behind in the shops at the farmner’s market, my hands

in my trouser pockets to keep my lust from other eyes. as I watched her

bottom cheeks shift and sway, in her thin denim jeans…..hoping to catch

her bending over some stall table, reaching across a table, her trim ass

cheeks pushed back…

no, my lust, my obsession with young Becky Larson would last for awhile,

would last for as long as she was allowed to remain at Cheluna

Mansion, until some master called for her and one night she would be

gone…..taken to who knows where……

” Oh, no Becky….I haven’t forgotten what you refused me this


Becky lets out a loud muffled protest, pleading with her eyes. She is

making small mewing sounds from behind the panty gag, trying to beg ,

trying to convey how much she doens’t want this……

I undo the top button on my trousers and let them drop to the floor, my

cock now standing straight and hard and angry….fully exposed to the

bound schoolgirl,,,,

I pull a small tube of lubricant from my coat pocket, and smear a light

sheen of the lubricant up and down my penis head, watching becky’s eyes

follow the movement of my hands across my fully erect cock in the

mirror reflection.

I coat the end of my finger and push them between becky’s parted

asscheeks, running my goo coated finger up and down between her clenching

warm chubby bottom halves.

Becky’s rear mounds clench hard as I find her anus and lightly traced

small soft circles all around the little ridges that lined her anal bud.

She gasped as I slowly insert my finger in to her bottom, first just

the tip, crossing her tight opening, then slowly making her take more and

more of my warm goo coated finger up her backside.

I start to slowly frigging her teenage backside with my finger, pushing


finger in slowly, feeling the tight anal ring expand over the thicker part

of my finger, then letting it slide back out, till just the tip was

inside her bottom. I’d gently push an inch of my coated finger in to her,

then let it slide back out, then two inches, and let it slide back

out….watching becky tense her legs, her white bottom cheeks swishing a

little from side to side, and her knees rubbing together….

I would slowly push my finger in her and gently turn and twist it…small

ahlf circles while fully up her backside….my finger worrying

her little tight ring, and then slowly start

working my finger in and out of her tensing bottom, pushing now till it

was all the way in, up

so snug and full in her backside…reliving night time fantasies for this

girl that had occupied me for months…..

I started to more quickly frig becky’s tight little bottom, pushing more

of my index finger into her anus, pumping my finger in and out in a slow

deliberate motion, working her little bottom ring with small twists as I

pushed in, then pulling out at a faster pace, feeling Becky jerk alittle

as I tuned my hand over, this way and that, twisting my finger in a

small rotation while I held it deeply enbedded in Becky’s bottom.

I could hear small urgent “ohhhhs and Ahhhhhs and nooos” coming from

this captured girl’s panty filled mouth, caught betwen the humiliation of

having her bottom so openly and unabashly played with…an object of

simple lust…..openly frigged with a man’s warm wet gooey finger, and

the arousal now starting to overtake her outrage. I pull my finger all the

way out, watching Becky’s opening go suddenly small.

I stand up and push my self forward, my erect cock laying in the

warmth of Becky bottom divide, letting the head of my penis loll in

between the globes of her ass, savoring the moment; knowing how tight its

going to be and revelling in the humiliation this young schoolgirl is

about to receive.

I start to slowly push the head of my penis past her small tight anal


holding my breath, the veins on my forhead showing with the starin of my


Becky’s muffled cries are becoming louder as the pressure builds and

the humiliation of her anal deflowering starts.

Workout with Lara and Greg

Workout with Lara -4
By: rohit
Angelina opened her eyes sleepy and looked over at the clock, it’s alarm buzzing away monotonously. The display read 9.30 as she somewhat clumsily reached out and turned it off, trying to bring herself awake. Angelina rubbed her eyes and sat up, licking her dry lips. The sheet dropped away from her as she sat up, slipping down to reveal her voluptuous breasts encased in the lacy black negligee she wore, which she’d put on because she wanted to feel sexy when in bed, even when she was alone. Angelina smiled as she felt her nipples harden under the sexy nightwear, thinking of the day she had ahead of her. She’d called Greg the day before to arrange another workout session, and knew it wouldn’t be the kind of workout he’d give every customer.
Right now though, Angelina could only think of coffee. She pulled the sheet back and stepped out of bed, the negligee only reaching down just past her bum as she headed for the kitchen, stifling a yawn as she stretched. Her mind ran over various dirty ideas as to what might happen with Greg as she made the coffee, and felt her pussy moisten, her nipples straining at their lacy covering. She took her mug of coffee back to bed with her, sitting in bed with the sheets up to her stomach. She sipped her coffee, enjoying the taste as she started to properly wake up, feeling horny as she did every morning. Angelina looked sideways to the top draw of her bedside unit, eyeing it lustily, thinking of her favorite vibrator contained within. She licked her bee-stung lips unconsciously as she thought of the toy that she lustily enjoyed every morning just waiting mere inches away.
She pulled her eyes away from the draw and decided to control herself. She didn’t want to give herself anything today, she wanted to get her pleasures from a real man, and she only had to wait a few hours. Angelina finished her coffee and stepped out of bed, shedding the thin nightwear and grabbing her towel. She walked naked to the bathroom, towel in hand and turned the shower on. The room quickly started to steam up as she stepped under the warm soothing water. Angelina gave a contented sigh as the water splashed down over her sexy curves, washing away the sleepiness. As she washed, she started to gently stroke her swollen pussy, just flicking the clit. She mumbled dreamily in pleasure until she realised what she was doing and fairly snatched her hand away, promising herself that she’d be relieved soon.
Angelina finished her shower and dried herself off and took a moment to decide what to wear. It only took her a moment to decide on the “Lara Croft” look with the tiny shorts and the tank top. She didn’t bother to put any underwear on as she slipped into the cool material, feeling the rough seams on her smooth, shaven pussy lips. She shivered slightly in pleasure as she felt a tingle of pleasure from her pussy and squeezed her thighs together to prolong it. Angelina looked down to see her hard nipples poking through the tank top clear as day and felt them harden even more, feeling the wetness of her aching pussy, a slight gasp escaping her pouty lips. She slipped into her long coat and drew it around her shapely body, covering the outfit and her obvious arousal.
She headed out to the gym, walking the down to the large building on the edge of the city. She felt so sexy as cool winds blew around her bare legs, hearing her high heels clicking on the pavement as she walked along the street. A smile slid across her lips as she thought what people might think if they knew she was wearing the Lara Croft outfit and going commando underneath her flowing long coat. She giggled slightly as she turned the corner onto the road she needed, just a couple of minutes from the training centre.
Angelina clicked up the steps and through the front doors of the gym, the drop of the breeze making her coat flutter, offering a slight glimpse of her luscious leg to a young man by reception. She simply gave him a smile as she breezed past him, heading down to meet Greg personally in their training area. She found him doing some stretches near the boxing ring, limbering up. He looked up and smiled as she walked into the gym, eyeing her voluptuous figure as she walked up.
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Submissive slave g

“G” is a submissive who has taken an oath of slavery to me, her
master. She is tall and very slender with blonde hair that falls to
her shoulders Her legs are long with a lovely taper to the waist.
Her breasts are pert with saucy red nipples. She has a very sensual
mouth and a lovely face. She loves her status and finds unique
pleasure in performing her duties as I assign them. I realized a
submissiveness in “G” when I first met her. I decided to train her
as a sex slave and see just how submissive she was and how far she
was willing to go. Her first task was to pose as a slave before the
camera. I had her dress in garterbelt, hose, heels and a leather
collar. She readily accepted this uniform and was a stimulating
visual experience. She was bound to the bed and photographed in
various humiliating positions, all of which communicated her sub-
missive nature and enjoyment of her status.

It was during this photo session that I realized that “G” was a
true submissive and was able to satisfy my dominate personality. I
placed my slave in several exposing poses and ensured that her
posture and position displayed her sexuality and humility to full

As slave “G” passed her first test with unique enthusiasm I
decided to test her level of pain endurance and obedience. She
was bound to the bed, face down at wrists and ankles by white cords.
She was instructed to request each stroke of the whip, count it’s
number out loud, and thank her master after each stroke. The whip
strokes where light initially but soon progressed to forcefully,
strategically placed, strokes of pain. Could the slave follow in-
structions and yet maintain control over her feelings and emotions?
Did she have the endurance that I required? Slave “G” performed
remarkably well for her first experience with discipline. She was
able to ask for and tolerate several strokes of the whip thus con-
firming my belief that she truly accepted her status as a sexual

During this discipline session I was stimulated by the sight of her
naked buttocks squirming at the kiss of each whip stroke and the
resulting marks of discipline that were engraved upon her cheeks. This
visual conformation of her punishment session was also recorded on film
so that the session could be recalled after it faded from my mind.
After reviewing the photographs that had been taken I decided to record
the next session on videotape for a more realistic review and critique
of her performance. I set up the equipment in the living room and
called my slave to position in front of the camera. I had her kneel on
the sofa, facing the wall with her ass toward the camera and bound her
wrists to fixtures spaced on the wall. As I stood back to appraise my
slave’s appearance I could see the sexual excitement of the moment in
her posture and conduct. Slave “G” was stimulated by the situation and
was eager yet apprehensive of what was to follow.

I probed her body and toyed with her ass, cunt and breasts for
several minutes and took her to the brink of orgasm several
times only to stop and not allow her sexual relief. Slave “G”
soon realized the total control that I maintained over her. Her
twisting and quivering body only served to amplify the
frustration she was suffering at my control. Soon she was
begging for relief and this became an excellent opportunity to
take my slave to new situations and experiences that she would
be required to endure as a sex slave.

I gave slave “G” several strokes of the whip while fettered to
the wall and then released her only to bind her to an ottoman in
front of the camera. She was on her belly with her wrists bound
behind her back and her legs spread wide. I used the whip again
on her ass and left the marks of slavery engraved. She was told
that she would be given to others to use as they saw fit if she
did not perform to my satisfaction. The video camera recorded
the events of a new slave in training and her attempt to please
her master. Slave “G” was able to accept several strokes of the
whip and count each one even as her ass was rebounding from the
pain. At the conclusion of the whip session I was extremely
happy that slave “G” had proved herself so well and was also
sexually stimulated by the realization that I now owned a truly
submissive sex slave. My sexual relief was also a test for my
newly acquired slave. Was she able to suck cock while bound and
without the use of her hands ? Could she swallow a full load of
her masters cum without gagging or creating a mess? Slave “G”
again responded in a truly subservient manner and sucked my cock
until I shot my load deep into her throat . Despite her efforts,
slave “G” was unable to swallow my full load and after leaving
my cum on her face I proceeded to punish her with another
whipping and realized that cock sucking would require more
effective training before I was satisfied with her performance.
The video tape was used to critique her performance and point
out the areas that she needed to improve upon.

My business soon required my transfer to another part of the
country and it became obvious that slave “G” was soon to make a
lifelong commitment to slavery or depart her masters company.
Being a true submissive and having found a new lifestyle that
gave her the discipline that she longed for, slave “G” followed
her master to his new environment. It was at this time I
realized my responsibility as a master and that my newly
acquired slave would need a set of rules to live by and follow
if I was to continue to enjoy her devotion to me. I developed
the rules for slavery and had slave “G” read them aloud. She was
to acknowledge them by her signature to a slave oath and
contract thus making a lifelong commitment to her master that
she would perform her duties without question or hesitation.
Throughout this early period in the new surroundings slave “G”
was frequently tested and disciplined. I developed new bondage
devices such as leather wrist handcuffs.

I decided to train slave “G” to become accustomed to severe
temperature changes to her body. Slave “G” was bound to the bed
by her wrists and ankles and I toyed with her cunt and nipples
until she was begging for release and orgasm. I then used ice
cubes rubbed over her nipples and pussy to make her accustomed
to the cold. The agony of this training was evident in her body
manipulations and facial expressions. I soon placed a few ice
cubes in her cunt and allowed her to melt the cubes with her
natural body heat. I also desired to train slave “G” to accept
the discomfort of heat. To effect this goal I used two methods
of subjecting slave “G” to heat. The first and most erotic was
the use of hot wax dripped from a burning candle. This method is
very effective since the slave is allowed to watch the candle
burn. I would drip the wax on slave “G”‘s breasts and ass and
would vary the distance from the skin to adjust the temperature
from stimulating to painful. It was also exciting to sit back
and gaze upon the splotches of hardened wax stuck to her nipples
and belly. The other training method I employed was the use of
Ben-Gay ointment on slave “G”‘s nipples, ass, and crotch. This
method is an extremely effective punishment since the effects
are long lasting and tortuous. Ben-Gay may also be used while
you take your slave out in public but do not desire to cause a
public spectacle. With slave “G”, just the threat of such
punishment will extract a most humble attitude and desire to

My next training session with slave “G” was designed to test her
desire for others to witness her status and to test her
willingness to appear in public as a slave. I had slave “G”
dress in her slave outfit; hose, heels, and garter belt and sent
her to the corner store for some personal items. since it was
cold and snowing I allowed slave “G” to wear a long coat but it
could only have the top two buttons buttoned.

This was not a difficult test but it did prove embarrassing for
slave “G” as the coat fell open and exposed her bare legs and
cunt as she climbed out of the car. Once inside the store, slave
“G” was required to wait in line to pay for the purchases and
the mere thought of her nakedness under the coat was sufficient
to cause her to return to the car, her cunt dripping wet. I’m
sure the men in the store were able to identify the sexual odor
that the slave was giving off. When slave “G” returned to the
car she had difficulty getting in without her coat falling open
and displaying her cunt to those parked next to us. Although
embarrassed due to her exposure slave ” G” was willing to do
what ever her master desired.

The next project I decided to attempt was to pierce slave “G”‘s
nipples and cunT. I felt that this would be an excellent gift
from my slave and at the same time serve a useful purpose and
provide an erotic physical adornment to her body. I told slave
“G” that I wanted her nipples pierced first, then when I was
satisfied I would have her cunt done so that a small gold chain
could be attached to any or all of the piercings and I could lead her
by the chains. I decided that the easiest method would be to use self
piercing earrings and have slave “G” wear them until the tissue was
healed. I took slave “G” to a local jewelry store and had her
purchase the earrings and at the same time I instructed her to
purchase a gold ankle chain with the word “SLAVE” engraved upon
it. I was sure that the combined purchases would cause slave “G”
some embarrassment. The clerk at the store asked slave “G” a
second time what she wanted engraved upon the ankle chain and
then looked at her with the knowledge of slave “G”‘s status as a
bondage sex slave. When slave “G” returned home I had her change
into her slave outfit and placed the ankle chain upon her left
ankle. She was instructed that it was never to be removed, for
it was to be a constant reminder of her slavery. Next, I had
slave “G” place the earrings upon her nipples and told her to
look at her self in the mirror. As I stood behind her and
commented on the erotic nature of her jewelry I also felt her
cunt and noticed that the ring s indeed had an erotic effect
upon my slave. Unfortunately the rings did not exert sufficient
pressure to pierce the nipples and I was left with only visions
in my mind of my slave standing before me with gold rings
attached to her nipples and a thin gold chain dangling from
them. I decided to use this failure as a test of my slave’s
devotion to her lifestyle. I told slave “G” that she was to
pierce her own nipples as an act of love and devotion to her
master. She accepted this task and collected the needle and
alcohol necessary for the task. At this time I had to depart due
to my job but told slave “G” that I expected to come home to a
slave with pierced nipples in a few months. This task was slave
“G”‘s downfall. She was unable to find the courage necessary to
make this total commitment to her master. I guess that I will be
forced to carry out the piercing or send her to a professional
to have the task completed. I wonder if slave “G” is willing to undergo
the pain and embarrassment of having another complete the task?

*****THE END*****

Party games – Games

Ted and Donna usually threw a party about once a month, inviting their
closest “party friends” and a smattering of new faces. This party was very
typical of Ted & Donna; plenty of wine, good food, and several nice clean
private rooms upstairs where people could get away from the crowd. And it
was CROWDED! I had to move sideways through most of the crowd just to get
to the kitchen and collect my “glad you could make it” kiss from Donna.

The party wound down about one in the morning, leaving only about twenty
of us to sit around and talk. Ted usually made sure everyone left sober,
or with a sober driver, keeping car keys for people until the next morning.
Of the twenty people left, none of us had much to drink, but just enough to
make us feel happy and friendly. Ted brought out one of his party-games that
he invented, and started explaining the rules for the benifit of the new
faces. Simple rule really. Ted would read a card (Donna read his) and the
person designated would either do what the card said or lose an article of
clothing (Ted’s decision of ‘article’ was final). Everyone had waited for
this part of the party — “the games”.

We sat in a loose boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, but there seemed to be several
extra girls. Two of them sat to my right. Ted asked us to first introduce
ourselves to the group by first name, with a short statement of what our
favorite sex-act was. The blonde to my right was named Kelly, and her ‘act’
was tit-fucking (she had large breasts), and the redhead next to her was
Jennifer who said that her favorite act was giving head. My turn and I said
my favorite (truthfully) was also giving head (to girls) and getting too.
By the time we went around the room, most of the guys were showing bulges and
the gals I’m sure were getting wet.

Ted started with the far end of the circle, at the end of the couch. The
guy sitting there was asked to “pick a person of the opposite sex and do some-
thing to them you wouldn’t do in public”. Normally this game started with
guys being “shy” and picking their girlfriends and doing something like kiss-
ing a breast or mouthing their pussies through their clothes (no you couldn’t
undress them to do it!).

Several guys and gals were ‘unattached’ (me being one of them) and one guy
was brash enough when his turn came with ‘pick a person and remove an article
of clothing without using your hands’ to pick on Donna — the host’s wife!
Donna was a cheerful redhead who played the games with a lusty good humor.
The fellow unbuttoned Donna’s blouse with his lips, pulling it from her skirt
and dropping it on the sofa. Then it was my turn.

Somehow I always thought Ted cheated, giving the “good” cards to people
he knew, wanted to embarass or both. His opportunity came. The card said
‘With eyes closed turn 3 times and pick a person (of opposite sex) and kiss
them for at least one minute. Then identify the person after sitting down.
Eyes closed until seated’. Whew! Donna stood me in the middle of the room,
and turned me thrice. I began to point and I navigated by the room lights,
trying to pick out one of several girls I’d been eyeing. I made a choice.
She came up to me, and we kissed. Tenatively at first, then my tounge seemed
to be drawn into her mouth, her arms around my neck (my hands had to remain
at my sides said Ted; no clues that way). The longer we kissed the more we
rubbed our bodies together and the hotter our tounges got. Ted let us go
for a two minutes and almost had Donna throw cold water on us. When seated
I was asked to point to the gal. I looked right at her and winked, and she
was sure I knew (I did), but I pointed to a blonde across the room. Everyone
laughed and the redhead I’d kissed got to remove my shirt.

This went on, getting progressivly hotter and raunchier until most of us
were naked. Ted’s house rules declared garter-belts and stockings as non-
clothes (they kept them on because Ted found ’em sexy) and the same went for
crotchless panties, men’s g-strings (they can’t hide a hard-on) and for
push-up bras with open nipples. One gal had her bra on since it just cupped
her tits underneath, and another had the garter-belt/stockings. The redhead
and blonde next to me were both down to panties and I was buff-naked. My
turn came just as Ted swapped decks, saying it was time for the “REALLY ADULT”
cards! (Thanks old buddy! Thanks a bunch!)

I was suprised when he read the card. Ted had a whole new deck of cards
(all were hand made anyhow), and some of these had some really ‘open’ actions
for the players. My card was; ‘Pick any player or players and do something
very arousing for the other players for five minutes. You can have 30 seconds
to discuss it once you choose your partners’. I looked at Ted and he judged
that I could pick up to two players to participate with me, beyond that it
would have to arouse the rest of the people there. The big breasted blonde
leaned over and whispered in my ear and I smiled at her. “I need one other
gal” I said, and the redhead’s volunteered like a shot. We huddled together,
Kelly bouncing over to ask Ted’s opinion about a rule (removing clothes —
it was ok now), and we made our plans.

Kelly knelt on the floor, close to the sofa, her head about a foot from
the knees of another nude blonde with a partially shaved pussy. Jennifer
came alongside and I knelt behind Kelly, hard and ready. Jennifer rubbed
Kelly’s ass, her head bending over to lick at my flagpole while she asked me
if I really wanted to fuck this blonde.
“Would you like to fuck her pussy nice and hard?” Jennifer asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Yes what?” Jennifer teased, her tounge barely touching my rod.
“I’d like to fuck her pussy, nice…and HARD.”
“Would you like to cum inside her?” Jennifer teased again, licking towards
my cock as I tried to reply.
“Yesss.. I’d like to cum deep inside her pussy.”
“I’m going to guide you into her…make you move with my hands…fuck her
with your body…your cock.” Jennifer said. Her voice was very even and she
sounded like she was describing cooking a meal or something equally dull.
Kelly sat there, Jennifer’s hands running around her ass, between her legs,
and over her back. Her big tits were hanging straight down, her ass arched
up to receive my cock if it ever got there. Looking around the room, several
very prominent hard-ons were in evidence, some with female hands around them.
Everywhere I looked, nipples were hard and erect, even in the warmth of the
room. Jennifer had moved Kelly’s panities aside, exposing a wet slit for my
cock. Almost no one could see that, but knew that Kelly still had her panties
on (and most were waiting for them to come off).
“Oooo. You’re sooo hard!” Jennifer said, stroking my cock with her fingers.
“I’ll bet you really want to fuck her good now!”
“Yessss. Really nice and hard!” I moaned back.
“Mmmmm.” Jennifer teased again. “Why don’t I put you against her pussy with
just her panties in the way?”
She pulled my cock forward, placing the head directly on Kelly’s bare slit,
holding me from pushing forward. She moved my cock up and down against the
girl’s slit, making us both moan.
“I bet if I let go, you’ll push right through her panties and fuck her hot
dripping pussy really hard won’t you?” Jennifer hissed. “Rip right through
her panties to fuck her wet, dripping cunt!”
“Ohhh GOD!” I moaned. “Let me fuck her!”
She let go dramatically, her hands raised by her shoulders as she said,
“YES. FUCK HER PUSSY! Slam into her!” and she pushed on my ass hard.
I slipped into Kelly’s wet cunt, sliding my cock easily all the way into
her wet hole. She gave a loud gasp when I pushed, and Jennifer’s showman-
ship continued.
“Ohhhh Jesus! Right through her fucking panties! Jesus you’re so hard!”
Buried to the hilt, I looked up at a sultry brunette, her fingers were
dancing on her clit while her boyfriend pinched her nipples. He was jacking
himself, eyes wide on us.
Jennifer’s hands pulled and pushed on my hips, making me pump in and out
of Kelly’s wet cunt. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon I needed
help and was slamming against the blonde’s ass in blind lust. Jennifer’s
words echoed in my brain.
“Ohhhh yeaah! Make her big tits bounce!” She hissed, “Make her cum with
that cock shoved up her cunt!”
I gazed around the room, seeing one gal sucking off her boyfriend, her
head turned to watch us. Ted had some brunette astride his lap, his hands
cupping her tits. Donna was getting her pussy licked by some guy, watching
us and tweaking her nips. My eyes found Jennifer, next to us. She was on
her knees, sitting back on her heels, one hand was fingering her pussy, the
other busily fondling her tits. Kelly was thrusting back at me hard and
fast, and I could feel her contract around my cock, her own orgasm starting.
I watched Jennifer as I fucked Kelly, slamming into her rough and hard.
Kelly began to come, moaning and holding back against me. I kept on pounding
her, raising up and grabbing her hips.
I looked up and saw that Donna’s eyes were closed, her orgasm arriving as
her partner kept tounging her. I felt my own boiling semen rising in my cock
and felt myself about to come. Almost everyone was involved in some sort of
carnal activity now, not just us. The brunette was approaching her orgasm,
still jacking her boyfriend. I pulled out of Kelly, and stood, turning to
Jennifer, her hand pumping her pussy, her eyes glazed over.
“Here baby…” I said, holding my cock to her, “You wanted me to cum!”
I put my cock against the side of her face, pointing down, and she moaned
as Kelly’s wetness made it slide against her cheek. She’d just stuck out
her tounge to lick at it when I started coming.
Hot, thick, white cum spurted onto her face, splashing against the side of
her tounge. I crouched lower, and spurted again, washing her chest and her
right tit with hot cum. She started licking at my cock, her hand jerking
against her own orange bush madly. The third or fourth spurt landed a thick
gob of cream on her left nipple, and her other hand quickly rubbed it over
her tit. I grabbed her head and guided her mouth to my cock, spurting three
more times into her mouth. She moaned loudly around the mouthful, her hand
moving sporadically against her cunt. When she finished, she released my
cock, and leaned back, spreading her legs in front of her.
Kelly had been getting herself off watching and now bent down to lick the
white drops of cum from Jennifer’s right tit. Jen and I looked around and
she saw a guy trying to jack off onto a gal’s small breasts while she sat
there letting another blonde lick her pussy. Jen smiled at them, and issued
some encouragement.
“Oooooo yeah! Shoot your jizz all over her!” She smiled. “It feels sooo
good when you cum on our tits!”
We watched as he unloaded about a gallon of sperm onto her tits, some of
it running down her stomach to be licked up by the blonde. The gal took
the guys cock and sucked him dry while rubbing his cream all over her tits.
Kelly saw Jennifer rubbing her clit while watching, so she took her turn.
“Lay back and spread your legs you horny slut!” She hissed at Jennifer.
Jennifer promptly laid back and Kelly bent the girl’s legs back, turning
her pussy straight up. I watched her eat redhead pussy, my cock returning
to hardness again.
Some gal behind me moaned, and I saw her begin fucked by her boyfriend
while a gal licked her tits, and she sucked another guy. She was trying to
make the guy come in her mouth without success, so I moved over to help her
get him off. I sat next to them on the floor and said loudly enough for all
of them to hear me “Ohhh yeah! Suck him off! You’d love to feel him cum in
your mouth wouldn’t you?”
“UmmmmmmHmmmm” was her reply.
“You want to taste his hot cum flooding your mouth…thick creamy cum in
your mouth…dripping down your chin…onto your tits…all over your face!”
“Ohhh suck his cock. He’s gonna cum right in your mouth! Watch you try
to swallow the gallon of hot jism…hear you drinking his cum!”
“Ohhhhh yeaaaahh!” The guy moaned, his hips shaking.
“Urggurglll” she moaned too as he shot his sperm into her mouth.
I watched her swallow most of his cum, some shining on her lips as he
pulled out and collapsed next to her. I turned my attention back to Kelly
and Jennifer, still on the floor.
I moved back and pulled Kelly from Jen’s pussy, kissing her long and hard,
tasting Jen’s cum on the blonde’s lips and tounge. Then I started to lick
Jen’s dripping cunt too. Her legs came down around me, and she started to
pleade with me.
“Nooo!” She moaned. “Don’t eat me…Fuck me! Get your cock in me!”
I moved up and positioned myself, her fair legs encircling my hips. Kelly
moved up and sat over Jen’s face. As I slid my cock into her sopping pussy,
I heard Jen moan.
“Yesss. Let me lick you too.” She said to Kelly.
As we slipped into our carnal world, Jen’s legs urged me faster and deeper
into her. Her hips rocked against me, twising and lifting, a motion I’d never
felt before. We fucked each other hard, her hands were pulling the blonde’s
bush against her face, her tounge and lips making wet noises. On and on,
deeper and harder, faster. Quickly I felt my come rising again, and knew
that I’d have to slow down or come. Jennifer didn’t let up. She wanted my
cock pounding her, fucking her. Kelly leaned forward and kissed me, and I
cupped her sweaty breasts, feeling them over. I whispered to her and she
Kelly got off of Jen, pulling her up to her large tits. Jen’s head was
in her lap, almost like a baby’s, sucking the large nipples. I was still
slamming her cunt hard, and she was pulling on her own smaller nipples, making
them stretch her tits out. Suddenly I pulled out of her and moved quickly
up to Kelly’s tits. When Jen opened her eyes and saw me starting to spurt
onto Kelly’s big tits she went crazy. I came with Kelly leaning back just
a bit, spurting streams of sticky cum onto her tits, between them and then
finally on her face and lips. She sat there enjoying it, licking the sperm
from her lips. Jen sat up and cupped her hands under Kelly’s drooping tits,
catching the cum in small pools in her palms. She raised on hand to her own
tits, rubbing the cum over them. The other she licked off. Kelly grabbed
Jen’s head and pushed it between her tits, rubbing her face against those
massive breasts. After a moment, I pulled Jen’s face up, glistening with
my cum. Kelly grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard, her tounge in
Jen’s mouth. For her part, Jen buried two fingers inside Kelly’s pussy,
keeping them both hot. I bent over and whispered to them.
“You two are such hot, foxy sluts!”
They both moaned and Jen broke the kiss to suck my cock for a second, then
she resumed their kiss. I moved behind her and with my semi-hard cock, I
resumed the interrupted fuck that she deserved.
I watched as three guys jacked off on a gal who had beautiful tits with
nipples that covered their ends, large and dark areolae. Two gals were on
either side of her, stroking her tits and her mound, edging the guys on to
make them all come. One gal was getting it from behind while she helped and
her tits bounced happily as she fucked her partner back. When the three
studs started to come, the other gal grabbed their cocks and aimed their
jism where ever it suited her. The first guy was aimed on the girl’s tits,
some of the cum landing on the girl aiming the cock. He was followed quickly
by the second, and she jerked him into the girl’s mouth, being sure not to
get it all on target, rubbing the cock over the girl’s lips. The girl with
large nipples was licking her lips when the third guy came. He had a monster
cock and the girl jacked him off into her own mouth, where she could only
get part of her mouth around him. The effect was cum pouring out of her
mouth as he shot off. She quickly pulled him down to the other girl’s face
and made him shoot the rest on both their faces while she kissed the big
nippled girl.
I hadn’t realized what watching that tableau had done until Jen cried out
and I then found that my cock was rubbing her cervix as I pounded her pussy.
I was so incredibly horny that I wanted to fuck her for hours, but she had
to say the one thing that makes me pop.
“Ohhh God…cum in me…cum in my cunt…Shoot your jism in my cunt!”
I felt it about to shoot, and so did she.
“YES! YES! BABY! CUM in meee! Cum in my cunnnnnttt!”
I exploded for the third and last time of the night, deep inside her hot
cunt. I could feel the wash of hot sperm flooding into her, just as she had
felt my cock engorge as I started to come. The three of us collapsed in a
heap together, tired and sweaty.
People were getting tired, resting up for the next go if the could, and I
watched the big nippled brunette walk over and sit down next to Kelly and
Jen. I lay behind Jennifer, my cock still inside her. The girl introduced
herself as Gayle.
“I loved what you guys did.” She said, then to Kelly, “And I love your
breasts! You’ve got such great tits!”
Kelly laughed and looked at Gayle’s sperm drenched nipples. “It seem some
guys like your tits a lot too!”
Gayle leaned over and kissed Kelly, running her hands over those large
breasts. She leaned down and sucked on a nipple. Kelly moaned. Jennifer
gave my cock a squeeze with her pussy, and leaned back, giving Gayle access
to Kelly’s pussy. The two of them, cum drenched and sweaty began again
to arouse themselves.
Jen and I watched for a while, then moved off to a corner together. It was
about 4 am when Jen and I dressed and left. We had breakfast together and
I took her home. We went in and went right to bed, and this time, we fell
asleep in each other’s arms.

Battle of sexes

Battle of sexes
By: Sandeep/Zarina
Hello friend, Sandeep here again with a new story of cross dressing. As this is my latest achievement after seeing ISS which is pleasurable and I thank ISS for this new achievement and would let them find new achievements to enjoy the real life. Me (Sandeep) wife Zarina had recently found out about my cross-dressing. She was a little upset at first, but then seemed to be more accepting of it as time went by. I came home from a business trip a couple of weeks ago to a welcome that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I had taken quite a few of my clothes with me, and spent every minute possible on my trip dressed. Even in meetings I was wearing satin panties, stockings, garters and toe rings under my business suits.
When I arrived home, my wife told me to get undressed because she had run me a bath. She had run a bubble bath and sprinkled rose petals on the water. She told me to get in, and then she helped me wash. After that, she helped me shave my legs nice and smooth.
She brought me a pair of my sexiest black satin panties with lace side panels and a matching bra, and asked me to put them on along with my new 38c silicone forms. Once I had them on, she got out the nail polish and we painted each others toes and fingernails. By this time my panties could barely contain my hardness, but there wasn’t going to be any relief just yet. She had laid out a sexy little outfit for me Ц thigh high stockings with a garter belt, a little short black skirt with a tight white top, and black platform slides. I put them on, and then she helped me with my hair and makeup, finishing off with a coating of bright red lipstick. She was dressed in some pretty skimpy clothes as well, and she had our digital camera ready. She had us strike several suggestive poses, both alone and with each other. When she was photographing the two of us we were kissing and feeling each other up Ц the pictures turned out very hot.
After some time taking photos, things were so hot that we abandoned the camera and just started making out hot and heavy on the bed. During that session she was on top of me, and pulled my hands above my head and bound them to the headboard. Then she went away for a few minutes. When she came back, she straddled me on the bed and asked if I was ready for a big surprise. I was ready to shoot my load as I said yes. She stood on the bed above me, slid her panties down over her ankles and slowly raised her skirt. I couldn’t believe my eyes she had bought herself an 8″ strap-on dildo, and it was swaying in the air above me. She said that she had been sucking my cock all these years, and since I wanted to be a girl so badly it would be my turn now to suck hers. She lowered herself down and straddled my chest, unbuttoning my top as she did, exposing my breasts. She slid her cock in between them just as I had often done to hers, squeezing my tits around it as she slid in and out between them.
Then she brought her cock to my lips and told me to suck it. I brought out my tongue and licked all along it, then all around the tip. I loved the feeling of it. I opened my mouth and let her slide her cock into my hot waiting mouth, closing my lips around it, loving the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of my hot little mouth. My wife told me that I looked like a total cock sucking slut, and I got harder than I had ever been before. As she continued to fuck my face, I filled my panties with a load of hot sticky cum. She reached into my panties and brought the cum out on her fingers, and spread it on the end of her strap-on. Then she made me lick her fingers clean, and then fucked my face some more with her cock until I had licked that clean as well. Then she told me that it was time for her to make me a total woman. She untied me from the headboard, and told me to get on my hands and knees and raise my ass in the air for her. I could not believe it Ц my wife wanted to fuck me from behind and make me her little cock slut.
She slid my skirt and panties off of me, leaving me in just my bra, stockings and heels. I got on all fours, and spread myself for her. She leaned in and started kissing and licking my tight little hole, then started lubing it up along with spreading lube on her strap-on.
My wife then knelt behind me and started pressing her cock against my tight little hole. I was totally blown away Ц doggy style is one of her favorite positions, and I couldn’t count the times that I had fucked her like this, and now she was going to fuck me the same way. I asked her to stop teasing me and fill me with her cock. She told me I needed to tell her exactly what she should do. I begged her to fuck me like a cock hungry slut, to fill my ass with her hard cock. She started sliding it in slowly. I resisted a little at first because it was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but as she got farther in I relaxed and started to really enjoy the feeling of submitting to her cock entering me. Once she was all the way in she started to grind her crotch against my ass, then started sliding in and out, giving my hole a good hard fucking and making me feel like a complete woman. Having my wife fuck me had gotten me totally hard again. She leaned forward and whispered that she needed a good fucking, and told me to roll over on my back. I did, my hard on sticking straight up. She pulled off the strap-on and settled her cunt over my aching cock. She was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt her before.
As she leaned forward and sucked on my nipples, I asked her if she had liked fucking her new girlfriend up the ass, and she said she did. I told her that she could fuck me anytime she wanted, and she said she planned on it. She was sitting up riding me with one hand on my tits and one playing with her own when I couldn’t hold back anymore and filled her cunt with a load of my cum. She moved up and put her face over my mouth and told me to eat my cum out of her cunt. As I was lapping it up, enjoying the taste of my cum mixed with her juices she came hard, squirting all over my face and totally messing up my makeup. As we were laying together afterwards I asked what had changed her mind about my dressing. She said that while I was away on my trip she had been doing some research about cross-dressing online and had read some stories that got her very hot, so she decided to try some of the ideas out. This has become our normal life and share the happiness equally and liked it. Well friend how u like this type of story do write on