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Cheated into bondage

Zipperhead’s is a famous store here in Philadelphia. The store is
on South Street, sell cools clothes and shoes, some handcuffs and leather
and stuff, and is a great place just to hang out and watch people in.
Well, I’m in there for a reason yesterday: Saltgirl, whom I am
meeting at a kinky sort of party this weekend, bought a bitchin outfit
she was telling me about, but couldn’t find the wide shiny belt she
needed to really complete the ensemble. No problem. I knew just the
So I’m in there in the bondage-y section to your left as you walk
in and there’s this ultra-cool woman behind the counter, who has
piercings in places well, that you wouldn’t even find in a second-hand
_Gray’s_(which, incidentally, you could buy, just up the street, in
Philly’s largest used bookstore. Continue reading Cheated into bondage

Meet In Flesh

I walked off the jetway and spotted her right away. Even though
I had a GIF picture of her, I wasn’t sure if I’d know her, but there
was no doubt in my mind. I stepped up to her and asked, “Cindy?”

“Ed?” She smiled at me, hesitating. I know how she felt, I
felt the same way. Here was this person I had been… well, intimate
with, all via computer, and now we were seeing each other in person
and still felt awkward. I gave her a hug, and she murmured in my ear,
“It’s good to hold you, finally.”

I stepped back for a moment to appraise her better. She did
look good in person, tall and slim but with a full, shapely figure. I
thought to myself, “I am a lucky guy.” Continue reading Meet In Flesh

Two Titty Fuckers

As I walked in the door, coming home from the office, I saw my wife Carolyn
standing by the cabinet preparing dinner. Carolyn has a body built like a
brick shit house with all the fixtures in the right place. Today she looked
especially good wearing a skimpy halter top with a pair of low cut shorts that
fit snugly around her ass with the outline of her bikini panties showing

Crossing the room and walking up behind her I reached around and cupped one of
her tits with my hand while caressing her ass with the other and gave her a
little nibble on the earlobe. “Whats for dinner?” I asked while dropping my
hand from her tit to rub her cunt suggestively. Continue reading Two Titty Fuckers