Denise Wet Cunt

God, it felt so good to be away from home. A dorm room to share
with one other girl. And her sister right here in campus.
The few weeks Sue had been home had been unbelievable. She
wondered if Sue realized the tiger she had unleashed. It seemed like
the only thing she had on her mind any more was sex. She couldn’t get
Her roommate was a mousy little brunette named Pam. Not bad
looking, just very shy and withdrawn. Denise sometimes wondered if Pam
even knew what sex was.
Well, maybe she did. She seemed interested enough when Denise
mentioned some of her own exploits since school started.
It had been a very satisfying night. Joe knew what he was doing.
He’d eaten her to several climaxes, then fucked her to several more.
Her pussy was still full of his cum and she could still taste it from
the blow job she’d given him.
Denise quietly let herself into the room, knowing that it was late
and Pam was most likely asleep. She heard a sound and softly walked
toward the source. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Denise made
out the form of her roommate, obviously not asleep, and equally
obviously unaware of Denise’s entrance.
Pam lay on her bed, covers down around her ankles, legs spread
wide, stroking her twat.
I’ll be damned, Denise thought, there is some life in that girl.
As she watched the other girl masturbate, Denise felt an itch in
her own pussy. Raising her skirt and baring her naked muff, she began
fingering herself as she walked closer.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she spoke softly.
Startled, Pam stopped and tried to hide her nakedness with her
“Don’t let me stop you, you were obviously enjoying yourself. Let
me tell you about tonight.”
As she related the events of the night in detail, she continued
fingering herself, pausing occasionally to slowly undress. Before
long, Pam was again stroking herself as she listened.
After Denise finished her story, the girls continued to
masturbate. Denise quickly noticed that Pam was watching her intently.
She filed that fact away for future reference.
Before she drifted off to sleep, Denise gave some thought to what
had transpired. How could she exploit it?
When she woke up that morning, she padded around the room naked.
She decided to stay that way. She noticed Pam looking at her from time
to time and appearing nervous. Denise made it a point to casually
stroke herself from time to time.
Her display was having its desired effect. As the day progressed,
she could tell that Pam was getting more and more turned on.
Right before bed, Denise went to the bathroom. When she returned,
Pam was in her bed, the sheet pulled up. In the dim light, it was
obvious that she was fingering herself under the sheet.
Denise walked over and gently pulled back the sheet. Pam’s hand
was at her muff, several fingers buried in her twat.
“Hey, you don’t have to hide.” she said as she sat down on the
end of the bed.
As Pam continued to finger herself, Denise began caressing her own
body. “I know you like to watch, don’t you?”
Pam offered no reply, but continued her actions, watching her
roommate with rapt attention. Denise’s exhibitionist acts coincided
perfectly with Pam’s voyeurism.
Denise found herself getting nearly as much enjoyment out of being
watched. She felt her own climax nearing. When Pam shuddered in her
orgasm, Denise went over the top.
Before returning to her own bed, Denise hugged Pam to her.
For the next few days, Denise made no new overt moves. Their
masturbation sessions were becoming a nightly thing. Pam seemed to
accept her nudity in the room and seemed less concerned about her own
state of dress.
It was a few nights later when Denise made her next move. She was
returning from a late date when she found Pam leaning back in the
recliner, stroking herself. Denise stood at the head of the chair and
watched for a moment, before reaching over to stroke Pam’s boobs.
Pam moaned in response and increased her efforts. Denise
continued her efforts, pinching Pam’s swollen nipples. Before long,
Pam nearly shuddered as her orgasm hit her. Denise quietly bent over
and kissed her lightly.
Pam said nothing about Denise’s actions, but the scene was
repeated several times in the ensuing days.
Denise allowed things to continue at this level for awhile. The
following weekend, she decided to turn the heat up a notch. Pam was
out shopping and would be back shortly. Denise settled herself in the
same chair Pam used and began leisurely stroking herself. When she
heard the key in the door, she sped up her efforts.
Behind her, she heard Pam enter. She knew Pam could see her and
knew what she was doing. Would Pam respond and return the favor?
Denise heard footsteps and felt Pam’s presence behind her. She
continued her efforts, ignoring her roommate. Finally, she felt a pair
of hesitant hands reach for her tits. Denise thrust her breasts
against the exploring hands. Emboldened, Pam began caressing them in
It was time to up the ante again. Denise slowly pressed the seat
back further. Softly, she said, “Kiss them, please…”.
Pam vacillated in her fondling for a moment, but then continued.
A moment later, she lowered her head to Denise’s left tit and warily
flicked her tongue across the nipple.
“Oh yes, that feels great.” Denise breathed. “More!”
Pam began sucking in earnest, first one breast and then the other.
Denise reached back with her free hand to Pam’s chest to stroke
Pam’s breasts. Hmmm, no bra under the blouse. Her roommate was
loosening up. She stroked the other girl’s tits through the thin
material. She could feel the nipples harden. Slowly, Denise
unbuttoned the blouse and caressed the naked mounds.
Sensing her climax nearing, Denise concentrated on herself. Pam
seemed to sense her readiness and increased her suckling. The
stimulation was enough to send Denise over the top to a thundering
Afterwards, she rose shakily from the chair and took Pam in her
arms, giving her a long soulful kiss by way of thanks.
A little later Denise came out of the bathroom to find Pam,
sitting naked on her bed, masturbating. “Want some help?” she
questioned. When there was no reply, Denise sat down on the bed next
to Pam and began caressing the breast nearest to her. When she leaned
over to kiss the other girl, Pam returned her kisses, their tongues
probing each other’s mouth. When Denise finally broke the kiss, it was
to lean down and suckle her roommate’s tit. Pam thrust her nipple
against the assaulting lips. When Denise slid a hand down to Pam’s
cunt, Pam slid her own fingers out of the way of the invading hand.
Denise continued sucking on Pam’s breasts as she fingered her
pussy. When she felt the girl’s climax nearing, she ceased her
suckling and lowered her head to the vagina she’d been fingering. It
took but a few strokes of her tongue before Pam reacted.
“Yes, yes, yes! I’m coming…..!”
Denise continued her licking, shortly bringing the brown-haired
girl to yet another orgasm.
“How can I thank you?” Pam queried.
Denise looked at her with a smile.
Pam quickly caught on. “But, of course! One good turn deserves
another. Tell me what you want me to do.”
“Kiss me.”
The girls engaged in a lingering kiss, their tongues exploring
each others mouth. Denise broke the kiss long enough to say, “Play
with my tits.”
As they continued to kiss, Pam fondled her roommate’s breasts.
She did not have to be told her next duty. Breaking the kiss, she
lowered her mouth to Denise’s left breast to lick and suck it.
“Oh, yes. Now play with my pussy while you suck my tits.”
Pam eagerly began fingering the other girl’s cunt as she continued
her oral ministrations.
“Eat me!”
Pam dove between Denise’s spread legs and eagerly, if inexpertly
began licking her womanhood. Although new at this, she quickly figured
out what to do. Just do what would feel good to her.
Denise was going wild. She leaned back. “Lick my ass and play
with my cunt.” she commanded.
Pam was quick to obey, first licking the crack, then thrusting her
tongue into Denise’s asshole.
Denise could feel her orgasm nearing. “I’m almost there. Eat my
Pam switched her concentration back to the other girl’s cunt,
increasing her efforts until Denise nearly shrieked with joy as she
“Ahhh, that was great.” She looked long at the other girl. “You
enjoyed that almost as much as I did, didn’t you.”
Denise though about what had happened. Her mousy little roommate
was now her willing sex slave. This could be very interesting.

Damn, she was getting good, Denise thought about Pam. Her
roommate had become expert at pleasing a girl. And more submissive all
the time.
Denise knew Pam was a virgin. Have to correct that. All in good
time. She had just the guy to do it. Keep it in the family. Her
brother Chris would be perfect. But first, she had to get Pam ready.
She’d introduced Pam to a vibrator, both for use on herself and
others. Denise had to admit to her own voyeuristic tendencies. She
got off watching Pam frig her cunt or ass with a vibrator almost as
much as when Pam used one on her.
The evening had gone well. Popping out of a cake dressed in a
bikini for a birthday surprise had been fun, but the real fun had come
later. It was a surprise for one of the members of the soccer team.
After things got really going, she’d had fun with the entire team.
After the birthday boy had gotten in his licks (and sucks, and fucks),
she’d had the entire team. More than once, she’d taken on three guys
at once.
Her cunt and ass were still full of cum when she walked into the
dorm room. Pam was waiting for her. She quickly undressed and laid on
her bed. “Eat my snatch.” she ordered the other girl.
Pam obediently placed herself between Denise’s legs and began
lapping her cunt. As Denise described the events of the evening, Pam
increased her efforts.
“Like the taste of jism? Well, we’ll do something about that this
weekend. Right now, keep licking, I’m almost there.” In little time,
she exploded in yet another climax.
The rest of the week was uneventful. On Friday night, they
checked into a nearby hotel to await Chris’s arrival the next morning.
When Chris arrived the next morning, Denise had Pam ready. After the
small talk was dispensed with, it was time for action.
Denise turned on some soft music. She sat her brother down in a
chair. Turning to Pam, she said, “Dance for us, a little strip tease.”
Pam obediently began to sway to the music, slowly undoing the
buttons of her blouse. Once her blouse had been removed, her skirt
slowly followed suit. After Pam had lingeringly removed her panties,
Denise told her, “Enough for now. Play with yourself.”
Clad in demi-bra, garterbelt, stockings and heels, Pam continued
to slowly dance while she caressed her body. When she appeared quite
aroused, Denise ordered her to stop again.
She ordered Pam to kneel between her brother’s legs. “Unzip his
pants. Good, now pull out his prick. That’s right, now stroke it.
Okay, pull his pants off.”
“Now, kiss the head of his dick. Okay, play with his balls.
Good, now suck his cock.”
As Denise watched, Pam continued to blow her brother,
enthusiastically, if not expertly deep throating his cock while gently
caressing his balls. All the while, Chris was moaning with pleasure.
“That’s it, keep sucking. Deeper. Swallow it. All the way down
to the root.”
Pam compliantly followed orders, deep throating Chris’s cock.
Almost gagging, she continued to suck his engorged penis, stroking his
testicles at the same time.
When it became obvious that Chris was nearing climax, Denise
ordered, “You will swallow all his cum, every last drop.”
Moments later, when Chris erupted, Pam took his entire phallus
down her throat, assuring her getting his entire load.
Pam’s ordeal was far from over. While Chris recuperated, Denise
presented her snatch and commanded the other girl to lick it. The
spectacle of the lesbian action only quickened Chris’s recovery.
When Denise had obtained her own satisfaction and saw that her
brother was ready for another round, she directed Pam to fellatiate him
again. When his cock was at full attention and well-lubricated with
Pam’s saliva, Denise ordered her onto the bed on hands and knees.
Chris, divining his sister’s intention, positioned himself between
Pam’s legs and placed the head of his prick between the globes of her
ass, at the entrance to her anus.
Seeing the look on Pam’s face, Denise demanded, “Don’t say a word.

Take what you get.”
When Chris first parted her anal ring, Pam winced and bit her lip
to stifle a cry. As he began to further violate her asshole, she
fucked back at the invading prick, forcing it deeper into her bowels.
Chris reacted by increasing the speed of his thrusts, pounding into her
virgin asshole.
Meanwhile, Denise knelt before her. “Eat my snatch.” she
demanded. Pam buried her face in the redhead’s muff, sucking her clit
while her asshole was being reamed.
At last, Chris bathed her innards with another load of cum, as his
sister climaxed from the oral ministrations she was receiving.
Denise gave Pam no respite, ordering her to suck Chris’s cock back
to life again. Before long, his prick was again rampant.
This time, Denise commanded Pam to lie on her back, legs spread.
Chris positioned himself at her cunt, ready for the final deflowering.
“Okay, Chris, ram it in her. Pop her cherry.”
Chris thrust his swollen manhood into Pam’s waiting pussy. Pam
let out a cry as her hymen ruptured. Chris gave her no respite,
pistoning in and out of her pussy.
Pam accepted the onslaught, clenching down with her vaginal
muscles. Chris continued fucking until his prick exploded with his
third load of cum. Exhausted, he rolled off Pam onto the bed.

I’m in heaven, Denise thought, as she eagerly sucked the red-
headed cunt before her. At the same time, her own snatch was being
eaten by the brunette.
The red pussy was quickly replaced by a blonde one. Denise wasted
no time resuming her cunnilingus on the new pussy, as everyone adjusted
to the new addition.
Everybody was here now. Soon it would be time to get ready for
the party. But, for now, it was time to enjoy each other. Dennie
could feel her climax nearing as Pam licked. She redoubled her effort
on Judy’s quim.
She felt Judy tremble as her expert tonguing took the blonde over
the top. Her own orgasm was not far behind.
The foursome rested on the bed for a few hours until it was time
to get ready.
Judy dressed all in black. Black stockings, black leather skirt,
black leather low-cut vest that laced in the front, and black heels.
Dennie opted for a green outfit. Green bikini top, heels, and an
almost floor-length skirt, but slit to the hips on both sides. Sue was
wearing a blue micro miniskirt and sheer blouse.
Pam was dressed the most seemingly modestly. A white dress with
long skirt that buttoned up to her neck.
As the guests arrived, they were greeted warmly by their
hostesses. Before long, the party was in full swing.
As time past, the partying became more raucous. Subtle feels were
giving way to overt groping. Following orders, Pam had slowly been
undoing buttons on her dress. First, several from the bottom, then one
at the top. As time went by, more and more of her nylon-clad legs were
By the time the dress was undone to near her crotch and her
breasts were nearly exposed, she was approached by one of the men.
“Where have you been hiding? You’re a luscious little treat.”
With that, he took her in his arms and kissed her.
Pam responded to his kisses, opening her mouth to admit his
tongue. As they kissed, his hands roamed over her body. Cupping her
buttocks, a suspicion grew in his mind. He slid his hand between their
bodies. His fingers parted the already mostly opened dress near Pam’s
crotch. Sliding upward, they encountered Pam’s naked pussy.
As the probing fingers explored, Pam parted her legs slightly to
allow better access. A finger slipped deep into her cunt.
Suddenly, the finger was removed. Her would-be lover was led away
by another girl, apparently his date.
The by-play had not been missed. Judy was sitting on the couch
nearby. Her vest now undone, her tits were being caressed by a man on
one side, a girl on the other. She’d watched Pam’s actions. She
called her over.
“I think it’s time to take off your dress, Pam.”
Pam obeyed, undoing the last buttons left holding the dress closed
and letting it drop to the floor. Underneath the seemingly modest
dress it was revealed that she wore only stockings, garter belt, and a
cupless bra.
“Eat me, dear.” Judy told her.
Pam obediently dropped to her knees between Judy’s widespread
legs, slid up Judy’s skirt to exposed her blonde muff, and lowered her
mouth to the waiting pussy.
Judy leaned back and groaned as Pam’s tongue explored her moist
cunt. Without needing to be told, the girl on Judy’s left replaced her
hand with her lips, sucking on Judy’s swollen nipple.
Judy meanwhile had undone the man’s pants to her right and was
stroking his erect cock.
It didn’t take long for Judy to climax from Pam’s ministrations.
She looked down at Pam afterward. “Bill would just love a blow job,”
indicating the man whose prick she’d been stroking.
Pam dutifully positioned herself in front of Bill and swallowed
his dick. Meanwhile, Judy was sucking another dick that had been
presented to her.
Pam rapidly brought Bill off, swallowing his entire load of cum.
She looked at Judy expectantly.
“Betty needs her cunt licked.” Judy told her.
Harry, whose cock Judy had been sucking, moved out of the way.
Pam placed herself between Betty’s legs and eagerly began licking her.
Meanwhile, Harry knelt behind Pam. “Spread your legs.” Judy ordered.
As Pam obeyed, she felt Harry’s member at the entrance to her
vagina. He thrust into her, burying himself deep inside her. Pam
increased the vigor of her licking as Harry impaled her, fucking her
Across the room, Dennie had discarded her top and was leaning over
a chair as another girl greedily sucked on her tits. Her skirt was
bunched up around her waist as a guy fucked her from behind.
Two men who had been watching Pam commented to Judy, “she almost
acts like your slave.”
“She is.”
“Watch. You two want her?”
“You bet!”
Betty was reaching her second orgasm when Harry finally came.
After he pulled out, Pam looked at Judy, as if for orders.
“Okay, now these two gentlemen. Guys, what’s your pleasure?”
“A blow job.”
“I’ll fuck her ass while she blows you.”
Pam needed no coaxing. As she knelt on all fours, a stiff prick
was presented to her waiting mouth, while the guy behind her was
loosing up her asshole in preparation for his cock. Before long, she
was being assaulted from both ends, eagerly sucking the cock that was
actively fucking her mouth and grinding her hips against the one
reaming her asshole.
Sue, meanwhile, was watching the action from another chair,
straddling her partner’s lap, his prick buried in her cunt. Her blouse
now open, his hands were reaching around to fondle her exposed breasts.
The two men continued to fuck the willing girl. “God, her
asshole’s tight!”
“And she sucks like a vacuum.”
Pam continued her actions, bringing the prick she was sucking to
an explosive climax. A short while later, her ass was also filled with
a load of cum.
Sue quickly called Pam over. “Suck his balls and my twat.”
Pam placed her mouth at the juncture of the two bodies and began
flogging the exposed parts with her tongue. The sensation drove Sue
wild. “Don’t stop! Keep it up! More!” she cried as she crested to
an orgasm. Pam continued, driving Sue to yet another climax as her
partner filled her with his jism.
Others were starting to catch on to the situation. Another man
walked over to Pam. “Suck my balls and stroke my dick, I want to come
all over your tits.”
Pam acquiescently positioned herself properly and began tonguing
his testicles as she stroked his manhood. It seemed to grow in size
under her care. When she felt his balls tightened, she increased her
efforts and was rewarded with a layer of cum over her tits as she
rubbed the head of his penis over her boobs.
And so it went the rest of the evening.