Drunk lesbian firsttimers

I was sitting around the house one evening all by myself;
the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit
relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend, Jack, was out of town
too, at a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished
Jack was around to let me taste that wonderful cock of his. He’s
gets a beautiful 8” hard on that never ceases to amaze me. He
can stay hard for hours, it seems, and he’s one of the few
uncircumsized men I’ve ever known. The flesh enveloping the head
of his cock turns me on incredibly! I mixed myself a screwdriver and
decided I’d have to take matters into my own hands if I was going to find
sexual relief that evening. I decided to call my friend Lorie and
see if she wanted to come over. She and I sometimes like to
watch X-rated videos together, and it seemed like the perfect
evening for it. She answered the phone, and told me that she
could be over in about an hour. That gave me plenty of time to
get ready, and I went up stairs to my room to get dressed. I really
like wearing sexy lingerie, so I stripped off my skirt and blouse
and went to the dresser. I picked out a black lace-trimmed garter
belt, sheer black stockings, a pair of satin bikini panties,
and a very pretty black half-cup bra that I’d just purchased at
Victoria’s Secret. I topped it off with a snug-fitting, low-cut
blouse and short skirt. I looked and felt like a real hot little
slut, and looked forward to Lorie’s arrival.

Before going back downstairs, I went to my closet and got my `toy
box’ down from the shelf. It contained my collection of dildoes
and other sex toys. I tucked the box under my arm and took it
down to the living room, tucking it under the coffee table where
it would be out of the way until I was ready for it. Lorie arrived
about 15 minutes later, and I had my Dad’s collection of X-rated
tapes lined up next to the VCR. While Lorie checked out the tapes,
I went into the kitchen and mixed us each a cocktail. When I
returned, Lorie was sitting on the couch rolling a joint.
“Did you pick out a tape, Lorie?” I asked, handing her her drink.
“Yeah, I did,” she said. “Let’s watch `Deep Throat’. I know
we’ve seen it before, but I really like to watch them suck all
that cock!” she said, as she lit the slim joint. I put the tape
in the VCR and started it rolling as Lorie stepped over and
handed me the joint. I drew the smoke deep into my lungs and
almost immediately felt the effect of the sweet-tasting pot.
I hadn’t had any really good pot in a while, and it was a real
treat. I sat in the armchair and Lorie laid back on the couch as
we watched the action on TV. Linda Lovelace was on her knees in
front of this very hard and well-hung stud, his cock planted
firmly between her lips. I glanced over at Lorie and could tell
she was starting the get excited already; she was squirming a
little while watching the screen intently. She obviously wasn’t
wearing a bra, and her nipples were getting hard and pressing
against her leotard. Lorie has beautiful breasts, and I was
getting almost as turned on watching her as the TV. “Oh, look
at that handsome cock!” she exclaimed. “Oh, I wish I had a
cock like that to enjoy!” “Would you like to suck a cock that
big?” I asked her. “That BIG!” she exclaimed. “The bigger,
the better for me! I’ve never seen a cock so big I couldn’t
handle it!” She began to roll another joint, and I watched
her fingers working. She has beautifully manicured nails and
long, slender fingers; altogether, quite elegant. We both had
one eye on the screen, watching the girls fucking and sucking
with great abandon. I could feel myself starting to get wet
and started moving my legs to ease the itch. I went to the
kitchen to mix us each another cocktail while Lorie finished
the joint, and while there I ran one hand under my skirt and
rubbed my pussy a little. It felt so nice! I knew it wouldn’t
be long before I’d need to do some serious fooling around.
When I returned I was surprised to see that Lorie had one
hand under the hem of her skirt; she said she didn’t really
appreciate masturbation and prefered to wait until she could
latch on to a real cock. I smiled when she glanced up at me in
the doorway. “Oops! You caught me!” she said with a sly grin.
“No problem,” I assured her as I handed her the cocktail. “I’ve
been waiting for you to loosen up. Doesn’t that feel good,
after all?” She admitted that it did, and I encouraged her to lie
back and enjoy it. She fired up the second joint, and as we
passed it back and forth, Lorie kept one hand on her bush and
slowly rubbed herself while still watching the screen. Now Linda
was getting fucked from the rear by one guy while a second had
his cock shoved deep into her throat and a third stood on the
side and jerked himself off. We both paused to watch closer as
the first guy pulled out of her pussy and shot a huge load of cum
all over her ass, followed shortly by the second guy shooting his
load on her face as the third came in her hair. All in all, quite
an arousing scene. We finished the joint and I moved over
on the couch next to Lorie. She once again had her hand under
her skirt, and I reached over and pulled it up so that I
could see her fingers massaging her clit and rubbing up and
down her slit. I leaned down so that my face was quite close
to her and I could smell the sweet juices building in her crotch.
I’d never watched another woman so closely, and was awed
at the sight of Lorie’s fingers gently rubbing and manipulating
her clit. I could see the wetness starting to ooze from between
her beautiful pink lips and form in little beads against the fine
blonde hair of her bush. I could almost feel the heat rising from
her crotch. Her panties had long since been tossed aside, and I
reached around and unfastened the catch on her skirt. Without
pausing, she lifted her hips from the couch and let me tug it
off. I tossed the skirt aside. I was watching Lorie so intently
that I’d completely forgotten the tape that was still rolling.
I was just barely conscious of the sound in the background,
moaning and greedily slurping at stiff cocks. I was too enthralled
with my friends actions to pay any attention. Watching her was
getting me horny as hell myself, and I stood up and slipped out
of my skirt. Lorie smiled when she saw my garter belt and
stockings, and stopped rubbing herself just long enough to
reach over and help me slide my panties down and toss them aside.
I grabbed at the hem of my blouse and yanked it over my head.
My nipples were hard with excitement and stood out over the
lace trim of my pretty half-cup bra. Before sitting down on
the couch again, I grabbed at Lorie’s blouse and pulled it off,
revealing her own beautiful breasts. Lorie’s breasts are somewhat
larger than my own, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to
fondle them. Sitting down next to her, I cupped her left breast
in my palm and started squeezing it gently. With my free hand,
I started rubbing my pussy. I was already soaked, and easily
slid two fingers into my hot slit. I took Lorie’s nipple between
my fingers and slowly rolled it back and forth, tugging gently.
She was moaning softly now, lying back with her eyes closed and
enjoying my efforts. “Oh, Susan,” she moaned. “That feels so good!
Oh, I wish you had a cock so that I could feel you inside me!”
I’d almost forgotten the toy box I’d hidden on the floor.
I immediately reached down and pulled it out and set it on the
coffee table, opening the lid. Lorie stopped to see what I was
doing, and smiled with glee as I began setting my collection of
dildoes and other toys on the table. She immediately grabbed my
largest tool, a 10″ black rubber cock, and started rubbing it
against herself, the shaft parting her pussy lips. She rubbed the
length of the shaft up and down her pink lips until it was soaked
with juice. Then, as I lowered my head for a closer look, she
placed the head at her hole and gently pressed the tip of the
shaft into her. She withdrew it briefly and then pressed forward
once again, this time a little deeper. She slid the shaft in and
out of her steaming pussy, going a but deeper with each stroke,
until she had a good 8 inches inside of her. With almost the full
length inside of her, she paused and began to wiggle her hips,
grinding the rubber cock against her and forcing it yet deeper
inside. As she busily fucked, I reached over and began to rub her
clit with my fingers. I looked up and Lorie was lying back on the
couch, her eyes closed, enjoying every moment and every sensation.
Slowly, tentatively, I moved my mouth closer to her crotch, gently
touching her bush with my tongue. Receiving no protest, I started
to lick the juices that were clinging to her hair, slowly moving
to her clit. She began sliding the huge rubber cock in and out of
her pussy once again, and was moaning softly. “Oh, Susan,” she
muttered. “Oh, that feels so good….ummmm….yes….oh, yes.”
I could tell that my friend was approaching her climax, and before
long I felt her tighten and raise herself up from the couch. She
was moving the dildo in long, hard strokes now, and as she began
to cum, she plunged it into her pussy to the hilt. “Oh, God!” she
screamed. “Oh yes! I’m coming! Ohhhhhhh!” She had a long and
apparently very satisfying orgasm, and after several minutes,
she relaxed and opened her eyes. My tongue was still licking at
her clit, and I eagerly licked up the flood of juice that had
come flowing from her. I moved her hand from the dildo and took
it myself, wiggling it back and forth gently while slowly withdrawing
it from her. When I had removed the wonderful toy, I once again
moved down to her bush and slipped my tongue between her pussy
lips. I’d never eaten another woman’s pussy this way, and it was
making me feel more excited than I’d been in a long time. I licked
her with long strokes of my tongue, eagerly lapping up her
sweet-tasting juices. Surprisingly, she tasted somehow stronger
than my own juices when I licked them from my fingers. I kept
running my tongue up and down between her soft pink lips,
ocassionally darting into her hole and across her clit until
she started moaning once again. “Oh, Susan…that’s so good!
Oh, your tongue feels so nice! I’ve never been eaten like this
before!” It wasn’t long before she tensed once again and I tasted
more sweet, hot juice as she climaxed one more time. She
collapsed on the couch, spent from the excitement, and rested
with her eyes closed for several minutes. The videotape had ended
at some point, but I had no recollection of it. While Lorie
recovered from my attentions, I stood up and reached around to
unfasten my bra. I slipped the cups from my breasts and tossed
the garment on to a chair. Now, clad only in my garter belt and
stockings, I sat next to Lorie and took her in my arms and kissed
her. Our lips met and her tongue lashed out at mine. We embraced
and hugged each other as we kissed. Her soft lips, her smooth
flesh, the very idea of making love to another woman, excited me
to no end. I could feel drops of pussy juice running down my
thighs. “Lorie, would you make love to me? I aksed softly.”
Without a word, she changed positions and placed her head on my
thigh. She reached up with her fingers and started rubbing my
clit lightly, spreading my pussy lips with two fingers. She had
the same rubber cock that she had enjoyed so in her other hand,
and started rubbing the head against me in slow strokes. I
relaxed as I felt the head of the dildo pressing against my
parted lips, and Lorie pressed the shaft slowly into me. It was
large that it almost felt like it would split me apart, but with
a few deft strokes it was inside me. She slowly worked the huge
shaft in and out of me, pushing deeper and deeper into me with
each stroke. My pussy didn’t seem to have the capacity that hers
did, and 8 inches or so was all that I could comfortably
accomodate. It felt so good to get fucked like this by one of my
best girl friends! While she worked the wonderful dildo in
and out of my hot pussy, Lorie reached up and squeezed and
teased my nipples and breasts with her free hand. I love to
have my breasts played with, and her efforts brought me very
close to climax. I felt the pressure beginning to build
inside of me, and in a matter of moments my body shuddered in
orgasm. As soon as the waves of passion subsided, I felt the
hard rubber shaft being withdrawn and replaced by Lorie’s soft
lips and tongue. She licked and nibbled at my soaked pussy like no one
ever had before. Her tongue darted in and out of my hole and
brushed over my clit, sending new waves of pleasure surging
through me. I couldn’t move, but just laid back and enjoyed her
efforts. Suddenly, I felt something new, a slight pressure at the
opening of my tight asshole. Lorie had a slim dildo in one hand
and was pressing it into my anus. My muscles tightened
mometarily, then relaxed as the tip of the shaft penetrated me. I
wasn’t used to taking anything that way, but after the first
shock passed, I found it quite exciting. I did my best to relax,
and soon Lorie had almost 6 inches of the slim plastic shaft
eased into me, and she hardly missed a lick with her tongue. She
slowly worked the dildo in and out of my ass as she ate me, and
the combined sensations were a total delight! Needless to say, it
wasn’t long before I was enjoying my second magnificent orgasm of
the evening. After we’d both had a chance to relax, Lorie rolled
another joint and I fixed us each yet another cocktail. We picked
another video and put it in the machine, lying back on the couch
in a warm embrace and watching as `Little Oral Annie’ came to
life on the screen. It was one of the most magnificent evenings
I’ve ever had, and Lorie and I get together now whenever we have
the chance.