Enough for today

After Julie got up and made breakfast for the children and
sent them out to play and was about ready to have some coffee,
Becky came into the kitchen. Becky looked a bit haggard and tired
as if she had been drinking the night before. Julie, on the other
hand, looked fresh and ready for the world.
“Morning Becky.” Julie said,”You leave Ralph still sleeping
his life away ?”
“Yes. He needs plenty of sleep for his job as you well know.
Also he could not believe what happened last night and wanted to
talk all night. I don’t really believe it either and if someone
had told me about it, I would have called them a liar.”
Julie said nothing as she prepared the coffee and placed the
small cream bottle on the table between them. Becky looked at the
bottle and then touched it to see if the contents were cold.
“Don’t worry Becky. It’s fresh this morning. I used the other
for my wake-up coffee when I fed the kids.”
Becky had been nervous when she got up, not knowing what to
expect when she saw Julie and now, with this remark, realized that
last night had not been some kind of wierd dream. As she sat there
sipping her coffee which now had been diluted with milk from the
cream bottle , Becky looked over Julie and noticed that although
her cousin weighed over 200 lbs and was not very tall, she still
was quite attractive in her own way. Becky could see the oversize
tits pressing against the thin material of Julie’s blouse and the
nipples were clearly visable. Becky wondered if Julie had finished
milking them and if she….. No! This was morning and a new day.
“I’m glad your up and Ralph is still in bed,” Julie stated.
“I want you to stay here and watch the kids while I go to the Mall
to get a few things. If Charlie should decide to get up, tell him
that he can make his own lunch as I probably won’t be back until
late afternoon”
“I think that I may pick up a new skirt at the Mall and then
might visit my friend Ann if she is home.” Saying this, Julie
finished her coffee in one gulp and headed into the bedroom. A few
minutes later, she appeared wearing a blouse she had for a long
time and had never worn and her usual polyester slacks.
“Bye-bye Becky,” she said,”Wish me luck.”
Julie departed from her street driving slowly as normal but
when she got out of sight, she jammed the gas pedal to the floor.
She was so excited that she could hardly think. This would be the
first time in her life she would be flashing her pussy to the
public and she wanted to get started. All morning she could think
of nothing else and waiting for Becky to get up had been hell.
The mall was empty this early on a Sunday morning and she
could park near the entrance which was happily near a womens’
clothing store. Here she picked out a nice yellow pleated skirt
which had a hemline about five inches above her knees. Never had
she worn such a piece of clothing but when she tried it on, she
knew it was the one for her new life style and did suit her looks.
With her normal house-wife attire and without any make-up, Julie
was just a plain Jane but with the new skirt and blouse and just a
hint of make-up she knew she was attractive.
“Do you suppose I could wear this out ?” Julie asked the
“Most certainly, just go back to the changing room and put it
on. No problem.”
After paying, Julie went to the changing room and put on the
skirt,removing her panties at the same time. She put both her old
slacks and the panties in the shopping bag and left the store,
heading directly for her car to get rid of the bag and its
As she put the bag in the car, Julie felt a twitch of fear
along with a slight shudder. She considered what she was
doing,then smiled to herself and returned to the mall.
As she walked down the central corridor of the mall, Julie
could feel the fresh air circulating under her skirt and the
breezy feeling between her legs was both refreshing and exciting.
She wondered what people would say if they actually knew she had
no panties on and was about to flash some poor guy.
Observing that the B. Dalton book store was not yet open,
Julie stopped at a fast food shop for some coffee and a roll.
After making her purchase, she seated herself out of the direct
view of the door and facing a second line of tables along the
other wall of the mini-restaurant. No sooner had she sat down then
a middle aged couple took the opposite table. The wife was facing
her husband and he was almost directly facing Julie.
“Well, I might as well give this a try. I don’t think he will
cause any trouble no matter what.” Julie thought to herself. She
then reached down to adjust her shoe and brushed up her skirt
nearly to where her panty line would have been. Casually looking
around, she discovered that she did indeed have the husband’s
attention. Absently she stroked the inside of her thigh as if lost
in thought and observed the man out of the corner of her eye. He
was not taking his eyes of Julie and she found this exciting. She
then looked at her skirt as if checking for a spot and lifted the
hem line and gave him a short but clear view of her naked pussy.
This caused an immediate reaction as he choked on his soft
drink. He was still coughing when Julie left the table and
continued down the corridor of the mall. “It really does work.”she
thought to herself.
Thinking to herself how brazen she had become in the last
twenty-four hours, Julie smiled to herself again. This was the
first time in years she had done that and she realized that she
was no longer feeling sorry for herself but rather looking
foreward to living life to its maximum. She looked down at her
enormus tits and thought that although they are big and heavy,
they sure do provide entertainment. While some people would call
her fat, Julie now knew that she had something to offer besides
her usually pleasant disposition and willingness to help others.
These thoughts of life quickly disappeared as she reached the
center Information Desk area of the mall as she saw a small crowd
watching a band set up for a mall concert. It was not the concert
or the band that caught Julie’s attention but the individuals who
made up the crowd, and one in particular, the security guard.
This guard was dressed in a light tan uniform , rather
tightly fitting and he gave the apearance of being more interested
in the girls in the crowd than anything else. Taking advantage of
the number of people milling about, Julie came up behind the guard
and brushed her tits on his back. He turned quickly and when he
saw Julie and her tits, he smiled and turned back, holding his
ground. Julie repeated the same movement again and this time he
did not turn but leaned back slightly into her soft chest area.
With this Julie moved away but knew he would be keeping an eye on
As she moved about the crowd, Julie could see the guard
following her and so she decided to make her move. She moved in to
the most crowded are and waited. In less that a minute, the guard
was beside her. She looked at him and smiled then very quietly
said,”Give me your hand.” As she took his hand with her left, she
lifted her skirt with her right and placed his thumb right in the
damp slit of her cunt, rubbed it back and forth for a second, then
pushed his hand away and walked out of the group.
It would be difficult to describe the look on the face of the
guard as he walked out of the group but from the new bulge in his
pants, there was no question about where his mind was.
“I’ll bet he tells all his friiends about this and no one
will believe him,” thought Julie to herself as she entered the
book store which had just opened. She walked through the entire
store and, finding she was the only customer with no one to flash,
decided to leave the mall. As she left the book store, there was
the guard again. As she walked along, he came along side and asked
her if she had a minute.
“Yes, what can I do for you ?”, she inquired. “If you know of
some quiet little room here in the mall, I might have a few
moments to spare in any case.”
The guard was speechless. He merely nodded and motioned her
to follow him. They walked back toward the center stopped and told
Julie to wait a couple of minutes, then follow him into a closed
off passage way which he opened and entered first.
Julie, heart beating a mile a minute, walked about a bit,
then followed the guard into the passage way. As she closed the
entry door behind her, the guard montioned her into a small un-
occupied office with a desk and a couple of chairs. For a moment,
they stood looking at each other, then Julie sat up on the desk
and lifted her skirt, revealing her huge thighs and the happy spot
in between. She saw the bulge in his pants getting larger and as
she checked her pussy, it too was wet and ready.
“Would you like to see my tits and suck on them before I suck
your dick ?”
Still not saying anything, the guard lifted Julie’s blouse
and put his mouth to one of Julie’s enormous tits which were full
of milk by now. When the first squirt of milk entered his mouth,
he jumped back, not knowing what was happening. One look at
Julie’s face smiling down at him and he realized that this was
milk he had tasted. He then returned to the tit and sucked like
mad, draining it in a few minutes. When he started for the next
tit, Julie shook her head no and pushed his head down to her belly
and spread her legs wide. The guard needed no further instructions
and went right to work, sucking on Julie’s pussy. He licked the
lips, sucked on the clit and tried to fuck her with the tongue.
Just before she was about to come, he stopped and whipped out his
wang and said,”My turn now.”
Julie took the rigid prick in her mouth and geltly licked and
sucked her way right to the hair line. She could feel the head
touching the back of her throat on each down-stroke. As she
withdrew, she held the head in her lips and ran her tongue all the
way around the grove, then underneath to the extra-sensitive spot.
On each stroke, she could feel the twiching and could see the ball
sack drawing closer to the body and the guard came closer and
closer to his climax. Just as he was about ready, Julie stopped
and said,”Fuck me now!”
Julie lie down on the desk with her legs hanging over and the
guard rammed his rock hard dick in so far that Julie thought she
could feel it in her throat again. It took only a few rapid
strokes and the guard came. Julie could feel the contractions of
his dick and the hot jet of come blasting its way into the hot
box. He must have been without a woman for a long while because
the quantity of come was quite large, enough so that it over
flowed the cunt and dripped down Julie’s thighs.
Once the guard was through, Julie sat up and sucked the
excess come from the now limp rod. She then lay back and finger
fucked herself to a climax for the guards viewing pleasure and
also her own. As she pumped away at herself, she could hear the
slopping sound of fingers splashing come around inside. She
thought about Becky’s tongue lapping up and down and she thought
about the taste of the other security gurad’s come that she had
sucked out of Becky. With all of these thoughts, Julie came with a
sudden rush. She did not get dizzy this time but the feeling was
still very intense.
As she sat up and looked at the guard, Julie thought to
herself,”I really have lost control of myself but it sure is fun
and I don’t think I want to go back to my old style of life.”
“We have to get out of here before anyone comes,” the guard
said, looking at the door like he expected someone to come barging
right in.
“Don’t worry about me, you go on and leave and I will leave
in a few minutes. If anyone comes in , I’ll say I had to adjust my
clothing. See you later, maybe.”
After the guard left, Julie wiped the come off her inner
thighs with her hand, sucking the fluid from her fingers as she
did so. When theree appeared no more dripping down her legs, Julie
left the passage way through an outside door and returned to her
“I guess this is enough for one day,” she thought to herself,
and drove home.