Fucked by three men

As you head down the hall, going to your friend’s penthouse apartment, you
hope no one opens the door and comes out. It’d be real embarrassing to see
you like this.

You knock on your friend’s door, and you hear her say, as she opens the
door,” Forget something?” As she opens her door, her mouth drops, and she
stares at you. She pulls you inside, asking, “What happened? Are you ok?
Should I call a doctor? ” You tell her you are ok, you just want to sit

She goes into the kitchen, and you hear her rummaging around. You start to
cry, feeling just what it was that they did to you. Sure, you enjoyed it
eventually, but it was so humiliating, to be taken like that, without
permission, to be violated in that way. Not by 1 man, but by 3.

Laura comes back with coffee for you. As she hands it to you, you almost
drop it, your hands are shaking so badly. She puts her hands around yours,
to help you hold it, and her hands are warm on yours, and reassuring. You
calm a bit. As you sit and sip the coffee, strong and black, she asks if
you want to talk about it. So you decide to let it out, between sobs. But,
the longer you go on, the more you remember how it really felt on your
body. You calm visibly, and go on, the words just flowing out of you.

You think it’s strange that Laura is squirming so much on the couch next to
you. She must be appalled at the treatment you received. But how could she
know how it felt, to be taken that way? As you tell your story, she goes
into the kitchen and comes back with a warm, wet towel. She mops your face,
trying to be careful of the bruise that is welling up on your cheek from
the slap the man gave you. She gets a piece of ice and wraps it up, and
holds it to your cheek. You are almost done with your coffee, and your
story, so you set the cup down.

You tell her you need someone close now, someone who cares. She puts her
arms around you, and holds you tight. You hug her for dear life. It’s so
good to know someone DOES care. You start crying again. When you have
finally let it out, you take your head off of her shoulder. As you lift
your head, she kisses your bruised cheek, telling you things will be ok.

She then proceeds to tell you that 2 years ago, the same thing happened to
her. Not 3 guys, but only 2, and that was 2 too many. You feel a kindred
thread reach between the two of you. She DOES understand. She says she had
no one at the time, and she’s glad to be here for you. She suggests you
take a hot shower, to get the “dirt” from you. You agree.

“Besides, you can’t go anywhere in that messed up dress anyway.” she says.

You go into the bathroom, disrobe and turn the water on. Stepping into the
hot shower, you close the door, and let the heat beat down on you. She has
a shower massage on the shower head, and you set it to “pulse”. The sore
muscles relax, and you let you mind wander. You find that you are not mad
at the men, just feel sorry for them, that they have such problems that
they have to beat up and rape women.

Your eyes jerk open as you hear the shower door open. Opening the door,
Laura has come in to see if you need anything. You had already washed their
come from inside you, and washed your hair.

“No, I’m fine, thanks.” (Why is she looking at you so hard?)

“How about your back? Can you reach that?”

“No, I can’t. My shoulder is too stiff. You could do that for me, if you

“OK,” she says. “But I’ll have to get in with you. I’ll get all wet. I was
due for a bath anyway. Shower’s just as good. This place has a LOT of hot

You agree, and she closes the door. As you are washing your legs off, you
find yourself watching her through the translucent shower door. She removes
her blouse, skirt, and underwear. Finally unsnapping her bra, she lets her
large breasts swing free. She drops her things on the floor, and starts to
get in. You turn your back, somehow embarrassed. Your beaten body looks so
bad next to her smooth, white skin.

“Hey,” she says. “It’s ok. It happened to me. I know how you feel. It’s
alright. You forget, I’ve had 2 years to recover. ”

She puts her hand on your shoulder, and you relax. She soaps up a
washcloth, and proceeds to wash your back. You must have sat in something,
because she sure washes over your ass a lot. But the soap and heat feel so
good. Your sore back relaxes. You know you’ll have bruises, but they won’t
be too bad.

She asks you to do her back. You agree, it’s the least you can do for her,
after all the kindness she has shown you.

Turning around, you grab the washcloth, and notice your breasts brush
against hers. My, she has some large pointed nipples! Bigger by far than
yours. She turns around, and you soap her up, washing over her back, her
shoulders. You decide to play the game, and wash over her ass, too. It’s
very soft, and looks smooth. She leans forward and holds onto the towel
bar, asking you to wash the inside too. For some reason, you think this is
funny, and start to giggle, but you do it anyway. With one hand, you pull
her cheeks apart, and run the washcloth up the crack of her ass. It didn’t
need it, but you did it anyway.

As you wash her ass, she sways back and forth, enjoying the heat and your
help. She asks if you would mind doing the backs of her legs, since she
can’t reach them. Still giggling, you kneel down in the bottom of the tub,
and wash the backs of her thighs. Feeling better now, and starting to feel
a bit playful, you put a small bite on her ass. She jumps, yelping “What
are you doing?” and starts to laugh. This sets you off, and soon the two of
you are having a water fight. You rinse out the washcloth and smack her ass
with it, and she cups a handful of water and throws it in your face. You
can’t see anything, and she backs you up against the wall, pressing her
body to yours, her breasts mashing yours down. “Now what are you going to
do?” she asks.

Thinking quickly, you kiss her full on the mouth. She backs up immediately,
and you grab her wrists and hold her back against the other wall of the

“Ok, you win. Let me go and I’ll do anything you say.”

“Not yet. First you have to bow down and pay honor to me.”

Letting go of her wrists, you let her slide down the wall and kneel at your
feet. You reach behind your back and turn the heat up. She looks up at you
with what she supposes are “puppy dog eyes”, and pleads with you to forgive
her. You step out of the way of the shower path, and let the hot water hit
her full in the face and chest. She falls backwards, and slides down the
tub, between your legs. You immediately sit down, on her stomach, holding
her in place. She looks up at you, and asks what she did wrong.

“Nothing. That’s why I’m doing it.” (What did you just say?)

You find yourself starting to enjoy some of this power she has given you.
You order her to get out of the shower and wait for you. After you get off
of her, she amazingly does what you say.

You rinse the rest of the soap film off of you and order her to get a towel
to dry you with. She does this, and holds it open for you to step into. As
you step out of the shower, she wraps the towel around you, and tucks it
tight. Your nipples harden at the cold air outside of the shower, and they
poke through the material. She sees this and starts to giggle again.

Playing the role, you order her into the bedroom, where she can take care
of you. You aren’t sure yet what you are thinking, but you like it, and
start to find yourself attracted to your Laura in a way you have never felt
about her before.

Heading into the bedroom, you remove the towel, and sit on the edge of her
large round waterbed. The heat has been turned up on the bed, and it feels
quite nice. You ask her to dry your back. She says no.

“Get over here and dry me now!” you command her.

She obeys, and you see what it is she wants to do. Ok, you can be her
master, if that’s what she wants. You could at least give it a try.

She dries your back expertly, not missing a drop.

“What about your front, Mistress? She all I dry that as well?”

“Yes, love. And dry under my tits too.”

She does what you command, and you find yourself once again enjoying the
power of the moment. With one hand, she holds up your breast, and runs the
towel under it. Her hands are so soft! And Warm! As she lets it back down,
her fingers run over your air-hardened nipples, making them tingle.

She towel dries your hair, and begins to use her brush to give it long,
smooth strokes, combing out the tangles and rat-tails. Her long blonde hair
must be a real pain to do.

Finally, she sits down next to you, and asks, “What’s next, Mistress?”

You tell her that you don’t know. That you aren’t sure.

She stands up in front of you, and backs away about 5 feet. She puts her
hands on her hips, and stands naked in front of you. You find yourself just
staring at her body. She turns sideways, and you get a very good view of
her profile: high pointed breasts, long blonde hair, a very flat stomach,
and long, tan, shapely legs. She turns with her back to you, and you notice
her ass looks even better than it did in the shower. Then she turns forward
again, giving you a full frontal view of her platinum blonde pussy. Without
the shower, you find yourself getting wet again.

“Are you sure you don’t know what you want, Mistress?”

In a husky voice, you tell her, “Come here. Come to me, and make me feel
good about myself.”

She walks forward, and you find you face level with her breasts. She puts
her hands on the back of your head, and pulls your mouth closer to her
nipple. It is so close, you can feel your breath bouncing off her skin. She
holds you there, waiting for you. You decide you are going to like this,
and place your wet lips an on her tit. It tastes very nice, you think, as
you begin to suck on her breast. You reach a hand up and hold her tit up to
your mouth, feeding it into your lips.

You start to use your tongue around her nipple, gently sucking with your
mouth, and she starts to sway again. She takes your free hand, and places
it it around behind her, placing your hand on her ass. It IS smooth! You
give it a squeeze, enjoying the firm, soft flesh.

You stand up and turn her around. You lay her back down on the bed, pushing
her up so that her whole body is on it. Her tits jiggle as she “bounces”
around on the water. You lay down next to her, and move her hand between
your legs. You put one leg up to give her better access, and she slides a
finger along your slit. She pulls it out and places it into her mouth,
getting a taste of your juices. She returns her hand to your cunt, and
kisses you, pushing her tongue in your mouth. You move your hand across her
breasts, and down across her stomach, into her waiting bush. Her hair is so
soft. Is there nothing hard about this girl, aside from her nipples? She
spreads her legs wide, and you delve a finger into her wetness. It seems to
grab your finger and pull it in. As you pump your hand in and out of her,
she uses her thumb on your clit, stimulating it to it’s full 1 inch length.
She is surprised at how big your clit is, and begs her “Mistress” to let
her see and taste it.

You agree, and she moves her head down between your legs, spreading your
dark covered lips apart with her fingers. She snakes her tongue out, and
you jump as she touches your clit. Her touch makes you tingle, and the
shock of contact makes your legs close around her head.