Hubby Came Home

After Teri’s husband came home from his business trip, we
didn’t get to spend much time together. Of course, we saw each
other at work, but the opportunity to be alone didn’t present
itself. Teri was getting bigger, but I still found her very sexy.
She was still going to her exercise classes and taking care of
herself. She never developed the puffiness about her that most
pregnant women seemed to and I was glad to see that.

When she was about seven months along, our office was notified
that the company auditors would be in for their annual check of
our travel and expense accounts. This was always a nervous time
for everyone, since the auditors were known to be nit-picky about
expense accounts. So, for several weeks, we spent many hours after
work each day reviewing our section’s records. Every penny had to
be accounted for and every voucher had to be correctly filled out
and filed. It was a hectic time for us and we often asked our
secretaries to help out. Unfortunately, my secretary, Marcia, came
down with the flu and was out for a couple of weeks. I really had
my hands full, and was bitching to some of the other supervisors
about not being able to get some temporary help in. Mark Peterson,
Teri’s boss, offered to ask Teri if she would mind helping me out.
Needless to say, I accepted the offer quickly and hoped Teri would

Mark came by my office the next day and told me Teri agreed
to working late the next couple of nights. Later, Teri came in to
find out what all needed to be done. I let her know what I was
doing and told her I’d see her at 5 o’clock. As we talked, she
smiled at me and winked. I smiled and winked back, thinking of the
couple of times we had gotten together and remembering her naked
body next to mine as we fucked and sucked the nights away. My dick
got hard just thinking about it and I was certainly looking
forward to that evening.

When 5 o’clock arrived, Teri showed up and we started going
over each salesman’s expense record. Teri was very competent and
it went faster than I had expected. We had been working for about
two hours when I suggested we take a break and get something to
eat. All the others had already left the office and we were alone.
Teri asked me, “What did you have in mind to eat?”

“I had thought about having ‘Teri on desk’ for starters,” I
said, only half kidding. During my daydreams, I often thought
about having just that.

“What are you waiting for, then?” she asked. And then she
came up to me, kissed me, and started rubbing my cock through my
slacks. I kissed her back and ran my hands over her back and ass.
As we continued to kiss, I forced my tongue into her mouth and
moved my hands to her tits. They were definitely larger now and I
could feel they had gotten heavier as her pregnancy progressed.

She moaned slightly as I fondled her tits and rubbed her
tummy against me as we stood there. I reached down and ran my
hands over her belly and felt her shiver slightly. I unbuttoned
her blouse and opened it wide so I could get at her boobs. Instead
of unhooking her bra, I pulled the cups up over her tits and
exposed them to the fresh air. The nipples had gotten darker and
became erect as soon as I started to pinch them. I broke our kiss
and bent down to suck her nipples. I sucked one and played with
the other, pinching the nipple and palming and squeezing the tit
until it was erect as it could get. I alternated back and forth
between her boobs as she got hotter. With my other hand, I felt
her belly and ass, running my hand over them and feeling the
tautness of her skin under her clothes.

As I did, she reached down and undid my belt and unzipped my
pants. She reached in and released my cock from its confines and
started to stroke it as she had before. She ran her fist up and
down its length and ran her thumb over the head. As I got more
excited, pre-cum formed at the tip and she smeared it over the
entire head and used it to lubricate her hand.

I broke away from her and cleared the center of my desk off.
I took her hand and led her to the desk and undid her pants. I
slide her pants and her panties down her legs to rest around her
ankles. Then I picked her up and sat her down in the middle of my
desk with her legs dangling over the side. I drew up my chair and
sat down. Now I was staring directly at her pregnant belly and
started licking it all over, while playing with her tits again.
She leaned back a little and spread her legs slightly. I could
just see her pussy nestled between her legs and covered with her
pubic hair. I spread her legs wider at the knees and buried my
head in her crotch. I starting licking her cunt and teasing her
clit with my tongue. I realized we didn’t want to take a great
deal of time, so I wasn’t going to waste any.

She leaned back farther and rested on her elbows. This gave
me unrestricted access to her pussy and I started eating her in
earnest. I separated her cunt lips and ran my tongue back and
forth over her clit. Her juices were flowing now and I lapped up
every drop I could. I kept eating her and running my hands over
her tummy and tits. She was squirming on top of the desk now and I
could tell she wasn’t far from cumming.

I kept eating her pussy, swapping back and forth between her
clit and driving my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I felt
her tense up and start to quake as she came. She moaned a little
louder now, but not as loud as she had when we were at my place or
her apartment. I figured she didn’t want anyone to come along and
investigate the noises in the office. A smart thing to do, as it
wouldn’t help either of our careers if we were caught.

As her orgasm hit her, she humped her pussy against me,
smearing her juices over my mouth and chin. I rode her clit with
my tongue, following it as she humped her ass on the desk.
Finally, she started to settle down and I licked her entire pussy
so I could suck up every drop of her cum and enjoy its taste.

All this time, my cock was sticking straight out of my
slacks, begging for some attention. I stood up and dropped my
pants. Then I moved closer to Teri and put the head of my dick
against her pussy. I rubbed the head against her cunt lips to
cover it with the lubrication she had produced. Finally, I thrust
forward and entered her. I stepped closer and started fucking her
pussy with deep and slow thrusts.

Teri laid back on my desk and spread her legs as wide as she
could so I could penetrate her fully. From my vantage point, I
watched as my prick entered her pussy and then withdrew with each
stroke. I widened my stance and gripped her hips as I pumped in
and out of her. With each stroke, I could see her pussy expand to
take my cock inside and watched as her outer lips slowly released
their hold on me. I was going as deep inside her as I could, and
watched as my cock buried itself up to my balls in her pussy.

I released her hips and held her swollen belly. As I kept
thrusting in and out of her pussy, I ran my hands over her
pregnant body. As I did, she started to hump her ass forward to
meet my thrusts and reached down between her legs to hold my cock
between her fingers. With each thrust, her tits would roll back
and forth and her belly would quiver. I moved my hands to her legs
and held her thighs, squeezing and kneading her flesh as we

I felt my balls tighten up and my cock seemed to grow inside
her as I pumped my cum into her pussy. I thought my cock would
spurt its hot load for hours, but finally, I stopped and my cock
lost its hardness. I continued to watch as it went limp and
slipped out of her pussy with a slight sucking noise. As I stepped
back, she slid down off the desk and knelt between my legs. She
took my cock into her mouth and sucked it clean of our cum. Her
tits were still exposed and I bent down and fondled them. As I
did, we heard the elevator stop and the rattle of mops and pails.
It was the cleaning crew, so we quickly dressed and sat back down
as if we were still working.

The cleaning lady knocked on the door and came in when I
answered her. She asked if we wanted her to clean up now or wait
until we were finished. I told her, we had just finished up for
the evening and were preparing to leave. Teri smiled at my comment
and licked her lips. We really had just finished for the evening,
but both of us hoped there would be more overtime in the future.

The next day, Teri called me and told me she couldn’t work
overtime, since her husband’s car was in the shop and she had
driven him to work. I was disappointed and let her know I could
drive her home the next day if she still needed a ride. She said
that would be fine and she would let her husband drive her in.

All that day and the next, I waited for work to be over.
Finally, quitting time came and Teri came down to my office and we
started going through the accounts again. We worked hard, getting
as much out of the way while others were still in the office, but
after the last person had left, we finished up the account we were
working on and put everything aside. Teri came over and sat on my
lap. I kissed her and ran my hand over her body as she sat there.

I felt the outline of her belly through the blouse she wore
and softly traced the curves. I unbuttoned her blouse and fondled
her tits through her bra. I could see her dark nipples and pinched
each until it was hard and erect. I leaned my head down and gently
bit each one. Then I removed her blouse and bra and felt her tits
and belly and we continued to kiss. She stood up and undid my tie
and shirt, stripping each off of me. Then, as I took off my
slacks, she undid her pants and let them slide to the floor. We
both finished undressing in a hurry and stood before each other

As I looked at her, my cock got hard and I reached down and
started to stroke it. She saw what I was doing and started to
pinch her nipples and finger her clit. She had to reach around her
belly to do it and bent down a little in the process. When she
did, her tits swayed out just a little and I reached out with my
other hand and played with them. Then we traded and she took my
cock in her hand and resumed stroking it while I fingered her
pussy and kept playing with her tits.

She stroked my cock with long, even strokes. Not holding it
too tight and letting her hand rub over the sensitive head. I
fingered her pussy, running my finger as deep inside her as I
could and rubbing my thumb over her clit. She reached down with
her other hand and started playing with my balls and I pinched her
nipples and ran my hand over her swollen tummy. As we did, we kept
an eye on the clock, alert for the cleaning crew so we wouldn’t be

Finally, Teri was as wet as she could get and I was as hard.
I turned her around and bent her over the desk with her head on
her folded arms. Her ass was smooth and inviting as I reached
between her legs and played with her pussy again. I stepped up
until my dick was at the entrance to her cunt and spread her pussy
open to accept it. As the head entered her, she thrust back and
buried my cock deep on the first thrust. I held still for a
moment, savoring the feeling of being inside her and feeling the
walls of her cunt hold my cock in their grasp. Then I started
pumping in and out of her, slowly at first and building up to a
steady motion.

With each thrust, she humped backwards at me, taking my dick
as deep inside her as she could. I reached around and took her
tits in my hands and massaged her flesh as I fucked her. Her tits
were swollen in preparation for the baby to feed from them and the
skin was as firm as anything I had ever felt. I pinched her
nipples, wondering again if I would be able to suck them one day
and sample the milk they were storing. I kept fondling them and
pinching the nipples until I was sure they had to be hurting her,
but she said they weren’t and told me to keep squeezing them.

Teri reached between her legs and ran her finger over her
clit and my cock as I moved in and out of her. She was breathing
hard now and I figured she was playing with herself to speed up
her climax. As for myself, as I pumped in and out of her, I felt
the walls of her pussy cling to my cock and the muscles squeeze it
each time I drove deep inside her.

I took my hands from her tits and grabbed her at the waist.
As I continued to fuck her, I ran my hands over her belly and felt
her pussy contract even more at the sensation. I moved my hands
back farther and held on to her hips and then her ass. I watched
as my cock disappeared between her legs and my belly pound against
the white cheeks of her ass. I ran my finger down her crack and
pressed it against her asshole. I pulled back out of her as far as
I could without my cock falling out and reached around her and
slid a finger inside her pussy, getting it wet with her juices.
Then I put it in my mouth and got it as wet as I could. With it
lubricated like that, I eased it against her asshole and slowly
worked it in and out. With each thrust into her pussy, my finger
entered a little more into her backside. She kept thrusting back
against both my cock and my finger.

When my finger was all the way in, she started to moan softly
and I felt her shudder with her climax. As she came, her entire
body shook and I could see her belly and tits move as she did. The
sight excited me to the point where I couldn’t hold off my climax
any longer and I shoved my cock as deep inside her as I could as
it started to pump cum into her. As we both came, she reached back
and held my ass with both hands, holding me deep inside her and
squeezing my ass cheeks with her fingers. When we had both
finished cumming, she moved forward and my cock slipped from her
pussy and between her legs. Again, she knelt down and sucked it
clean. When she was finished, I knelt between her legs and licked
her pussy clean, enjoying the taste of both of our cum.

We both stood up and kissed while we held each other. I felt
her belly against me and started to get excited again. But we both
realized we wouldn’t have the time before the cleaning crew got to
our floor. We both dressed and straightened up the office and got
ready to leave. As we were walking down the hall, the cleaning
crew arrived and commented on how late we had been working. Teri
smiled at them and said, “Yes, it does tend to wear me out, but
the work has to get done.”

As we rode down in the elevator, she backed against me and
rubbed her ass against my crotch and joked about how much she
loved her job. I was still feeling horny and reached around her
and fondled her tits. She leaned back in my arms and continued to
rub her ass against me. As the elevator slowed, we parted and she
gave me a quick kiss. We got out to my car, and after we had left
the parking lot, she slid over next to me and pressed her hand
against my dick through my slacks.

“It was nice,” she said, “but I’m still horny.”

With that, she reached down and undid her pants and slid them
down over her ass. By twisting my arm a little, I could just reach
her pussy underneath her swollen tummy. I ran my finger over her
clit and played with her pussy until I felt her juices start to
flow. As I did, she reached over and unzipped my pants and
released my cock and balls. She fondled my balls with one hand and
stroked my cock with the other.

As we drove down the road, she jerked me off and I finger
fucked her. Fortunately, my car is actually a four-wheel drive
vehicle and sits high on oversized tires. None of the cars we
passed could look inside and see what we were doing. As her hand
continued to stroke my cock, I could catch glimpses of it moving
up and down, stretching the skin back and the head swelling. I
wasn’t far from cumming and she realized it would make a hell of a
mess. She leaned her head down and sucked me as I came. Her tongue
rolled the head around in her mouth and as fast as I pumped my cum
into it, she swallowed it.

When she started to suck me off, I had to stop playing with
her pussy, but when she sat back up, I started again. She dropped
her pants to her knees and spread her legs as far apart as she
could. I ran my finger in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit
with each stroke. Finally, she leaned back in the seat and moaned
as she came. She flooded my finger with her cum and I could feel
her juices flow over my hand and onto the seat. I kept strumming
her clit until her climax passed and then returned my attention to
my driving.

She reached over and put my cock and balls back in my pants
and zipped them up as best she could. She then pulled her panties
and slacks back up and straightened herself out. By now, we were
only a couple of blocks from her apartment. She kissed me and then
slid back over to her side of the seat, careful to avoid the wet

We pulled into her apartment and I walked her up to her door.
Her husband met us as she unlocked the door and thanked me for
taking the trouble to walk Teri up. I honestly told him it was no
trouble at all and the least I could do for all the help she had
given me.

Her husband, Will, invited me in for a drink and I accepted.
We all talked for awhile and he told me he was grateful Teri was
able to get some overtime in. With the baby on the way, the extra
money would come in handy. I said that since my own secretary was
out, I appreciated all the extra time Teri was taking to help me.
As I did, I caught Teri’s smile and her wink behind her husband’s
back. She said it wasn’t any trouble, and she also appreciated the