In need for a place to stay

I had placed an ad in the paper to rent a room. Having to pay all of
the rent for such a large house was draining my resources. Besides,
a guy of 18 who had moved away from his parents watchful eyes, needed
to show them that he was self sufficient!

The ad said “Wanted, male, 18 to 24, to share 2 bedroom house, with same.
Rent, $200 per month. Call…” and the number was listed. I had the ad
running for a few weeks and a number of guys came by to look. The house was
a typical batchelor pad, sparse furniture and no frills. It was located
in a quiet neighborhood and far back far from the street and other houses.
I was renting from a couple who had moved to Florida and wanted someone
to take care of the house.

I guess that either the house was too far away from civilization, or my
housekeeping was atrocious, because I had no takers. My money was starting
to run low and having no extra income as I had planned, was getting to be a
real drag. Then I got a phone call from Julie. I hadn’t considered renting
the room to a girl, as I thought that it could cause some complications
when I brought a date home. She was in a terrible need of a place to stay.
Her apartment complex had been sold and the rent was increasing to a point
where she couldn’t afford to live there anymore. I told her that I didn’t
really want to rent to a female, but she must have sensed that I was
getting desparate to find a renter. She talked me into letting her look
the place over.

When I opened the door, I was taken by surprise. I had envisioned a plain
looking girl with glasses. She had long blonde hair, which cascaded down
to her waist. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement and she was a very
beautiful vision of lovliness. I ushered her into the room and began
making excuses for the shape of the house. She ignored my comments and
seemed to have a number of ideas to spruce up the house.

I was being entranced by her beauty and wondered if I should really rent
her the room. Although there was some complications, I thought that it
just might work out to our mutual benefit.