Memory Of The Woman

The crisp autumn air filled my lungs as I walked from the
parking lot to the post office. The warmth of the sun perfectly
counteracted the chill in the air. This was what the weather in
heaven was like, if there was any weather there. Or if there was
a heaven. I passed a couple of LaRouche supporters, trying to
spread their version of reality to a mother with one arm full of
infant and another full of at least three weeks of mail. I
reached for the door, considering the injustice of life. As I
opened it to enter the lobby, a vaguely familiar woman walked out.
“Thank you,” she said as she passed through the door I was
holding open. I turned to watch as she headed toward the parking
lot. She moved with an assured stride and just enough wiggle to
be interesting. I almost collided with another postal patron when
I turned to walk into the lobby. “Excuse me,” I said, “it’s
Monday.” As if that excused my inattentive behavior. Actually,
my mind was racing, trying to find that bit of memory that the
woman had stirred.
Karen. Karen Buckley. Holy shit. I hadn’t seen her in 15
or 16 years. The litle screen in my head flashed a picture of
smallish breasts with seemingly enormous nipples. Nipples that
seemed to stiffen if someone even looked at them. The first
nipples I ever saw in person. The first nipples, well, the second
nipples I had ever wrapped my lips around. And a smile that would
melt tungsten steel, set in quite a pretty face. Some of my
friends had said her nose was a little large for the rest of her
features. I thought it gave her some exotic character.
Karen and I had been classmates, and friends, in high school.
We studied together, trying to get through chemistry. We were
just friends and study partners, although when Karen told me about
some of the sexual adventures of her friends, I admit that I found
myself, in my virginal state, wondering about what it would be
like to repeat some of those things with Karen. Then one evening
we went to a park to study. And we did. For a couple of
hours, anyway. Talk of co-valent bonding gave way to adolescent
curiousity about what felt good. Kissing and hugging lead to
fondling and nibbling.
Before things went much farther, though, the sun had gone
down and I had to get Karen back home. It was a school night, and
her parents were kind of strict about being out late. But I had
seen, felt and tasted the first non-motherly nipples of my budding
sexual life and knew that if I died on the way home, it was okay.
I had sucked tit!
But as things often go in high school, our relationship
fizzled out, without another little liaison. We remained friends,
even after graduation, but there always seemed to be a sexual
tension just beneath the surface of our friendship.
“Sir, you can’t mail these unless I weigh them first.”
“Oh, sorry. I was, ah, daydreaming. These need to go
first class and this one goes library rate…” I conducted my
postal business, checked my P.O. box and headed out for the parking
lot. I was still thinking about Karen and how I would have been
quite happy to ball her during college, although my girlfriend at
the time wouldn’t have been too keen on the idea. But I had my
The LaRouchers had given up on the mother and were now trying
to deal with a staunch believer of something else, who was waving
his arms around, occasionally pointing his finger at the pair.
Maybe there is some justice.
As I walked down the row of vehicles to my mini-van, I
noticed one of the cars had its hood up. I hated car trouble, so
I walked over to offer any assistance I could give. Karen’s
pretty face turned to me as I walked up. “Do you know anything
about cars?” she asked.
“Not really, Karen, but I know a good mechanic,” I answered,
trying to suppress a smile of smugness.
She looked at me, squinted a little, then broke into a smile.
“Jurgen! My god. I haven’t seen you in…”
“Sixteen years. You look great,” I said as she threw her
arms around my neck and planted a quick kiss on my lips. She
stepped back before I had a chance to react.
“I didn’t recognize you with the beard and short hair,” she
laughed. She looked down at my body and added, “And you’re in
much better shape. Much better.”
“Thanks. I guess I’ve read so much about how getting healthy
keeps you young that I’ve started to believe it.” I caught her
looking down at my left hand. Which gave me the idea to check out
hers. It didn’t look like a wedding band, but I couldn’t be sure.
“I know what you mean. Aerobics three times a week and a
little weight lifting at home. When I have time,” she added.
We smiled at each other, not quite knowing what to say. Not
that it was awkward. More a matter of deciding where to take the
conversation. I decided.
“So, what seems to be the matter with this fine example of
Detroit workmanship?” I asked, although it wasn’t the question I
really wanted answered.
“I think it’s the battery. It tried to catch, but now it’ll
barely turn over.” She got behind the wheel to demonstrate. The
starter motor gave a feeble growl and then nothing. Dead battery.
But I had a pair of jumper cables in the mini-van. Karen got back
out of the car.
“Yeah, it’s the battery,” I said. “But I can jump you.”
“Let’s get my car started first,” was her instant reply. I
knew I must have blushed, but Karen just smiled at me with a look
that said it was my move now.
“You always were the one for practicality,” I said with a
wink. I wasn’t sure she was serious, but parts of me certainly
were voting that way.
I got my van and positioned it so the cables would reach.
With my battery umbilicalled to hers, the little car started right
up. I got out and went over to her window.
“Let it run a while to charge back up,” I suggested.
“Won’t do any good. This is the third time in two days I’ve
had to have it jumpstarted. I think I need a whole new battery.
And I don’t really have the time to get one today. Damn.”
I didn’t have anything to do the rest of the day, and
chaffeuring Karen around didn’t sound like a bad idea at all. So
I told her I’d be glad to follow her to wherever she wanted to get
her battery. She looked at me with little or no comprehension on
her face. “You can drop your car off, and I can drive you around,
if that’ll help.”
A slow smile formed on her mouth. She ran her tongue across
her upper lip and nodded. “Yes, that’ll help a lot.”
So off we went, dropping her car off at my mechanic, with
instructions to replace the battery. He said it might be tomorrow
before he could get to it. Karen looked at me, I nodded and she
said okay. I asked her where next and she directed me to one of
the local malls. “I’ve got to pick up a suit that’s being
altered, then shop for some accessories. I hope you don’t mind
waiting around in women’s clothing stores.”
I told her that actually, I enjoyed it. “It’s a holdover
from my marriage. My ex-wife insisted that I accompany her on
every shopping trip, although she never listened to my advice
about what I liked or thought looked good on her. So I made a
game out of it, mentally undressing women and redressing them in
outfits on display.”
As we drove along, I looked at Karen out of the corner of my
eye. Her skirt was just above her knees and what I could see was
very nice. She wore a matching jacket over a white blouse with
some kind of feminine version of a necktie. She looked like a
businesswoman, and an attractive one.
Our first stop was one of those fancy stores with three names
and saleswomen who tried to look like high fashion models, but in
size 12. Karen picked up her suit, glanced at some blouses and
headed out into the mall.
“I barely had time to get that woman back into something
decent,” I said. Karen laughed. She sounded good. It was a
throaty kind of laugh. A sultry laugh.
We stopped in a couple other stores, but Karen didn’t see
anything that appealed to her. I had, but she was working and
besides, she was too young for me anyway. The mall was full of
teenagers. Evidently school had been called off for the day. As
we walked along, I found myself staring at a girl wearing a denim
skirt that was so short, the bottom of her ass was hanging out.
And her ass was quite bare.
That was why I missed it when Karen turned into a shop.
After a momentary bit of confusion, I spotted her walking through
the displays of lingerie. She picked up a couple outfits, went to
the fitting room and disappeared. The saleswomen in this shop
were not trying to be high fashion models in size 12. They were
lingerie models in size 5. One, a brunette in a slit skirt and
plunging sweater, was helping a woman in her 40s pick out a
nightie of some kind. The other was a redhead, coming in my
direction. She was wearing a silkie button-front dress, and not
many of the buttons were fastened. As she walked, the tops of her
stockings peeked out between the button-front. And her breasts,
that seemed to have lives of their own, jiggled with every step.
“Can I show you anything?” she asked.
I blushed again, tried not to stare down the front of her
dress and stammered, “Uh, no, I’m with the woman in the dressing
room.” She said to let her know if there was anything she could
do for me and walked away. The back view was as tasty as the
front one had been. The stockings were seamed and her ass was
delightfully shaped. I could feel the stirrings of lust in my
I managed to compose myself just as Karen stepped out of the
dressing room. The stirrings became rampant. Karen was wearing a
deep wine colored corselet, with matching panties and garter. Her
breasts had grown considerably, but still retained their mouth-
watering appeal. And her nipples were pushing through the sheer
material like grapes under a napkin. Her attention to fitness had
formed her body into a work of art. An erotic work of art. Silk
stockings attached to her garters, accenting legs that seemed to
reach up to her neck.
“Well, how does it look?” she asked, smiling.
“Delicious,” came my whispered reply.
“How about the back view?” she asked, turning. “Better than
the naked ass of a 14 year old?”
“Infinitely so.” I was developing a snugness in my trousers
that was going to be obvious to any and everyone in a matter of
moments. “God damn,” I said under my breath, “you’re georgous.”
Karen turned back to me with a smile, glanced down at my
crotch and said, “I’ll be out in a minute.” I wandered to the
front of the shop, hands in pockets, trying to hide my erection.
The 40ish lady buying the nightie walked past, glanced down and
smiled. “Nothing to be ashamed of,” she said. “I’d be flattered
if it was for me.”
I was looking out into the mall, when I felt a touch at my
elbow. “I think I’m ready to head home now,” Karen said in a
husky tone. “Can you appear in public yet?” I just smiled.
We walked through the mall and into the parking lot. We
located my van and headed out. The skirt Karen had been wearing
seemed to have gotten shorter, as her incredible legs stretched
out in front of her. She turned a little in the seat and the tops
of her stockings showed a little. It suddenly hit me that she was
wearing the outfit she had shown me. I got rock hard very fast.

Chapter 2

Karen lived in an older section of town that had the garages
around back, accessed by an alley. I pulled in and stopped the
van. Karen didn’t wait for me to open her door, but stopped by
the side of the van. “Well,” she said, “I suppose we should call
to see if my car’s done yet.” I agreed and we walked to the back
door of the house. It was a rather large house, and I wondered if
she lived here alone.
“Looks like you have a lot of space,” I said as she opened
the door and went in. I followed her, shutting the door behind
me. She draped her suit over the back of a chair and turned to
face me. Her hand cupped the end of my erection, and started
gently rubbing it.
“Looks like you have a lot of cock,” she whispered as she
tipped her head up to kiss me. Our open mouths met and her tongue
snaked out. A soft moan escaped from my throat as her hand worked
my cock. I reached down to cup the cheeks of her ass, working the
hem of her skirt up. She moaned when my hands met bare flesh.
She was wearing the same outfit, but without the panties. I slid
a finger into the crack of her ass and probed downward. She
shifted to allow my finger fuller access. Her hands deftly
unzipped my fly and drew my prick out into the open air. She
pumped it with one hand and reached in to squeeze my nuts with the
other. I broke the kiss and cried out, “Oh god, you’re going to
make me come!”
She leaned back, undid my belt and unsnapped my jeans. My
pants fell to the floor, pooled around my ankles. “Well,” she
said softly, “that’s the whole idea.” She held my throbbing prick
with her right hand, tight against the base. A drop of clear
fluid glistened at the tip. Karen squatted down until her face
was even with my dick. She looked up into my eyes and slowly slid
out her tongue. Ever so softly, she licked the drop from my tip.
She smiled, then engulfed me in her hot mouth.
She moved her head forward until her lips brushed my pubic
hair. I could feel her tongue swirling around my cock as she
pumped her head back and forth, fucking me with her mouth. Her
hands grabbed my ass, her nails digging into the flesh. I reached
my hands back to the wall behind me, jutting my hips forward. The
wet sounds of her sucking mouth filled my brain. I could feel the
orgasm building, my sack tightening. I cried out as it hit,
spewing jet after jet of hot cum into Karen’s greedy mouth. I
fell back against the wall, weak from the intense spasms. She
kept sucking me in and out, the sensation almost unbearable on my
sensitive cockhead.
Finally, Karen let my softening penis fall from her lips and
stood up. “I’ve thought about doing that for a long time,” she
“That was incredible, babe. I felt like I was shooting my
whole soul out the end of my cock.” I pushed off the wall and
took Karen in my arms. I kissed her tenderly on her red, swollen
lips. Her tongue darted out, licking my lips, and our mouths
mashed together in a soft, wide open kiss.
I pushed her jacket back over her shoulders and she shrugged
it off. I threw it onto the kitchen table and started unbuttoning
her blouse, while she worked at unbuttoning my shirt. We let the
shirts drop to the floor as we ran our hands over one another,
still locked in a wet kiss. Her skirt dropped to the floor beside
the shirts. She ended up with her arms around my neck, while I
was kneading her muscular ass with both hands. She wrapped her
legs around my hips as I lifted her off the kitchen floor. I
stepped out of my pants and carried her to the counter.
Setting her on the edge, I said, “Now it’s your turn,” and
squatted down between her open legs. I started licking her thighs
where the stockings ended and worked my way up to her crotch. Her
labia were swollen, red and very wet. I teasingly ran my tongue
around her pussy, avoiding her clit and lips. She put her feet
behind my shoulders and pulled me closer. I looked up at her
face, seeing her eyes closed and lips parted, her tongue at the
corner of her mouth.
I turned my attention back to her soaked pubis and gently
blew on her clit. It seemed to swell as I watched, growing longer
and thicker. I lightly closed my lips around it, then sucked it
into my mouth. Karen gasped. Keeping up the suction, I vibrated
it with my tongue, causing her hips to tremble. Releasing her
clit, which was now about the size of pencil eraser, I plunged my
tongue as deep into her as I could. My upper lip was mashed
against her hard little button as I sucked and slurped her pussy.
Her fingers ran through my hair, pulling my head tight against
her. I pulled my tongue out and moved back to her clit, sucking
and licking it. I sucked it in and gently bit down on it, rolling
it between my teeth. She cried out and her hips spasmed again and
again. She got even wetter as she had orgasm after orgasm. I
kept working her clit with my lips, tongue and teeth until her
spasms subsided. She was moaning, and still circling her hips
when I stood up and took her head in my hands.
“And I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, too,” I told
her. I kissed her mouth hard, then stepped back. “God, you’re
really something.” Glancing down at my still erect penis, I said,
“I haven’t been this horny since college.”
“Well, I wanted you to fuck me then, so I’m glad to see I
didn’t really miss out,” Karen said. “Now come over here and put
that big dick in my hot little cunt.”

Chapter 3

Karen slid her ass over to the corner of the kitchen counter,
placing one foot on each side, spreading herself out at a ninety
degree angle. Her pussy gaped open, the juices glistening. I
stood in front of her, aiming my cock at that delctable hole. She
reached down, gripping me, and ran the purplish head up and down
her dripping box. Then she centered me right on target and said,
“Push it in. Hard!”
I thrust my cock into her pussy as fast as I could, slapping
our bodies tightly together. I paused and ground my hips against
hers, feeling the end of my dick rubbing her cervix. I slowly
withdrew, until just the head was still inside her, then slammed
it back in to the hilt. I repeated that for a while, until Karen
was meeting my thrusts. Then we just started to fuck. In and
out. Fast. Slow. Hard. Soft. Whatever felt good. She put her
feet behind my hips and helped vary our speed and intensity. I
put my hands on her tits and pinched her nipples. They were huge
and hard. When I pinched them, her hips shook and her pussy
tightened on my cock. We stared into each others eyes,
intensifying the lust our bodies felt. Her breath started to come
in short pants and I sensed her orgasm building. I was on the
edge, holding off until she started hers. Suddenly, she started
crying out. The muscles in her cunt started milking my cock and I
let go. Spurts of cum shot into her as we hit climax together.
Our bodies shook and she fell back against the cupboards. I
leaned onto the counter, my knees weak. We kissed. More gently
now that we had temporarily sated our sexual hunger. After a
moment of recovery, we held each other and softly kissed. From
the dining room door came a quiet cough.
“If you two are through working up an appetite, I’ll be happy
to fix some dinner.” An oriental woman, her long black hair
hanging shiny and straight, stood in the doorway, smiling. Karen
said, “Jurgen, I’d like you to meet my wife, Tse.”