Movie Star

A small ad caught Joy’s eye on the morning of January 5th as she
was sorting through the various sections of the New York Times. She
read it, paused, reread it. She chuckled softly, turned to the front
page, and read about the downing of two Libyan planes as she downed
her toast and coffee.

Ten minutes later she was looking at the ad again. She got up from
the table and dug around in a kitchen drawer for the scissors, then
re- turned and carefully snipped the ad. She folded it and slipped
it in the coupons pocket of her purse. Then she went to work.

It was lunchtime when Joy fished the ad out of her purse, picked up
the phone, and dialed the number. Busy. She put the receiver back
in its cradle on her desk, put her chin in her hands, and stared at
the un- shrinkable pile of papers in her IN basket. Sigh. She
picked up the phone again, dialed. A distant phone began to ring. A
tired voice answered. “Sunset Personnel Agency. May I help you?”

“Uh, I’m responding to the ad you placed in the New York Times today.
About extras for a movie?”

“Thank you, just a minute while I connect-” Silence, and then some
awful elevator music. Hum de dum…

“Hi, this is Tom Franco speaking! So you want to be an extra eh?”
His booming, accented voice nearly drove the phone’s speaker to dis-

“Well uh, yeah, I am curious about the ad I saw this morning…”

“Fine, fine! Let me get my computer set up here…” Joy heard the
faint clack-clacking of a True Blue IBM keyboard, and giggled. She
was surrounded by the darn things here! Fortunately the others were
all off “doing lunch” somewhere. “O.k., first off I need your name,
age, address, and phone…” Joy hesitated, then gave the man the
info. His next question starled her: “Do you consider yourself
sexually open-minded? Willing to try new things?”

“Mmm, uh, well I’d like to think so! I-”

“Good! You would be able to travel to California for four days?”

“Yes, I have some vacation time I can use. Uh, how much-”

“Very good! You sound like just the kind of person we’re looking
for. You will need to be here on the 21st.”

“Wow! This month? That’s awfully short notice. Uh, how much-”

“Will you earn? One thousand five hundred dollars plus all traveling
expenses. Sound o.k.?” Joy could practically hear the grin on his
face. She gulped.
$1500 for four days’ work! “Yes! I’m interested! Where-”

“Don’t worry about a thing, dear. I’ll make all the reservations and
mail ’em to you. Thank you for calling! Bye.” Click.

Joy put the phone down slowly. Her mind was swimming, her heart
pounding. What am I getting myself into? This is incredible. $1500
to do what — walk by a camera, probably barely noticeable in the
background. And a chance to visit California! She had never been

That night as she lay in bed, snuggled up against her sleeping
husband, her imagination ran unfettered: a glorious day in the CA
sunshine, on the set of a major studio production, famous celebrities
so close you can touch them, Mel Gibson, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise,

It was a grey, wet mid-morning, January 21, when the American
Airlines DC-10 touched down on runway 25R at LAX. Joy stared out the
window at the rain pelting the tarmac as the plane taxiid to the
gate. Yuck! The TV ads and travel agencies always crow about the
“year-around” sun. Her husband and some of his friends were off on a
ski trip in Utah — they were probably enjoying more sun than this!
She sighed. Oh well, the studio is probably gonna shoot everything
indoors anyway. Aren’t they?

The flight had been an interesting one though, as she’d discovered
several other passengers who were flying to Los Angeles for the same
reason! Two of them, a married couple, were going to be in it to-
gether. They and Joy had a good laugh as they shared their
experiences which led them to this trip, such as the initial
conversation with Loudmouth Franco. The man, Todd, had somehow been
able to obtain some additonal information: there were a total of one
thousand extras — five hundred men, five hundred women. The
shooting of the scene would take but half a day, with the rest of the
time available to the people to do whatever they want: sightsee, go
to Disneyland, whatever. All paid for by the movie’s producer. This
promised to be an fun trip, if only the sun would come out.

That afternoon it did. The bright light filled Joy’s room at the
Bonaventure, waking her up from what was supposed to have been a
short nap. She looked at the clock on the nightstand: 2:35. Rats!
Half the first day already gone by. She got up off the bed and went
into the bathroom to freshen up. A little while later she stood at
the window, absorbed in the marvelous view of downtown L.A. A knock
at the door shook her out of her reverie, and she strode across the
room and opened it. Todd and his wife Cherie were brightly grinning,
looking ready for a trip. “They said on the radio that it would not
rain any more today, so we thought we’d go window-shopping in
Westwood. Want to join us?” Joy nodded immediately — she couldn’t
think of anything more enjoyable. “Let me get my stuff…” She
dashed back into the room, grabbed her purse, and put on a sweater.

Late that night she was back in her hotel room, sitting on her bed,
happily looking at all her purchases. While they were not up to the
N.Y. standards she was used to, the clothing stores in Westwood had
some pretty darn good stuff! It didn’t come cheap though. She fer-
vently hoped that the studio would reimburse her as they had
promised. But she didn’t want to think about it now, as she hung up
new dresses in the closet and put the new jeans in the dresser. She’d
had to buy another suitcase so she’d be able to get all this stuff
home! When all the clothes had been hung and stored, she turned back
to her bed. There was one item remaining to be put away: very sexy
silk lingerie.

She fingered one soft strap, and smiled. She was feeling very horny,
and wished that her husband was there with her. Cherie had purchased
some very similar lingerie, much to Todd’s wide-eyed delight, and Joy
knew that right now they’d be making hot love right about now. With
a delighted giggle, she pulled off her sweater and unbuttoned her

Pretty soon she was looking at herself in the full-length mirror on
the bathroom door. The lingerie hid very little of her sexy body,
just enough to tease and please. She ran her hands along the silk
stockings, and the figure in the mirror did likewise. Oooooh,
imagine the look on some man’s face if he saw this! Her hips and
upper body twisted slightly as she ran one hand across her bare
stomach. Then she began to remove, slowly, teasingly, what she’d put
on only minutes ago.

She imagined that some horny man was sitting on the bed, watching her
as she undressed, eyeing her luscious curves. She slid the stockings
down, exposing sexy hips and smooth silky thighs. Her bra went next;
she unclipped the clasp and lifted the cups away from her breasts,
and they bounced down and jiggled, happy to be set free. She shook
her shoulders, making her boobs jiggle even more. Mmmmm…. She
could imagine the man on the bed wanting so badly to press his face
against them and munch on them. A pile of silk grew at her feet as
more and more skin was exposed.

Last to go were the delicate lace panties. She swung her hips back
and forth as she pushed the panties down her legs. Then she stood
before the mirror, naked and very horny. The imaginary man on the
bed had a throbbing hardon as he watched her caress herself, running
her hands all over her body, feeling, squeezing, exploring.

She strode over to the bed, and lay down on it. The imaginary man
ran his fingers lightly along the length of her body, and then his
hands worked their way up, massaging and caressing her bare flesh.
She closed her eyes and let her imagination run its delightful course.

The next day, Sunday, Joy went with Todd, Cherie, and a young lady
named Missy (also an “extra”) to Disneyland. The sun stayed behind
thick cumulus clouds, and the park was crowded, but still they had a
wonderful time. Only Missy had been to Disneyland before (she was
from Costa Mesa, a city not too far south), and she made sure that
the others experienced all the best rides, despite the long lines.
Joy especially loved Star Tours, and insisted upon riding it three
times. The cars on the Matterhorn are designed so that pairs of
riders must sit pressed together, one between the legs of the other
— and when Joy was in that position against Missy, she was surprised
that Missy put her arms around Joy’s chest, rather than gripping the
handles on the sides. It felt good.

She spent that night like she’d spent the previous: making wonderful
love to a phantom. Her lovely naked body writhed and undulated with
endless sexual energy.

The Monday morning sunlight invaded the hotel room and tapped on her
eyelids. Joy opened her eyes, and stretched beneath the covers. The
heavy bedspread pressed against her body like a soft cocoon. She
piled the pillows behind her back and slid to a sitting position.

On the nightstand next to the bed sat a manila folder. Joy picked it
up and examined its contents. She’d leafed through it before, but
had not taken the time to really read it contents.

The first page gave directions to Walker Studios in Burbank, on whose
backlot the scene was to be filmed. Walker Studios? Joy had never
heard of it. She shrugged her shoulders and looked at the next page.
It was a map of the Walker Studios lot, showing the entrance off
Buena Vista, and the building where she and the 999 other extras
would assemble. Clipped to the page was a paper “badge” that she
would need to display to the guard at the entrance.

The third and fourth pages were a computer-generated mishmash of
arrows, X’s, and dotted lines covering a map of what appeared to be a
city block constructed on the backlot. The pages had her name on
them, and printed text indicating the “beginning” of her “route”, the
“endpoint”, and various “stops” along the way where she would
encounter and have to deal with various “events” involving other
extras. The text did not say so, but the word had come down the
grapevine that these “events” would be of a sexual nature. Joy’s
body tingled as her imagination played with the many possibilities.

Missy, Todd, and Cherie rode with Joy in her rented Buick. Todd sat
in the back seat, with Cherie lying across it (and his lap). One of
his hands lazily traced figure-eights on her stomach. On the radio,
Rick Dees rattled off his sound effects and tasteless jokes and kept
everybody giggling. The Monday morning L.A. traffic made slow,
steady progress. Eventually they reached the Buena Vista offramp and
headed north, passing the more famous studios. They parked in a
$4/day lot next to their destination, as indicated on the map.

People streamed by them, heading for Walker Studios, and soon Joy &
Co. were part of the crowd. Joy flashed her “pass” as she passed the
guard’s booth at the entrance, and the bored guard eyed her body and
gave her a smile. Missy had her pass taped to her chest, and she
teased the guard by pressing it against the booth’s window, right in
front of his face. The guard got up quickly from his stool, grinning
lecherously. Missy giggled and dashed to where the others were wait-
ing for her. Todd and Cherie unanimously pronounced her a sex-crazed

Joy looked at the map she was carrying, and declared that they
appeared to be following the correct crowd. The people were
generally very friendly, with introductions being made all around as
the crowd wound its way along alleys between windowless buildings.
They turned a corner and found themselves pouring out onto what
looked like a typical shopping district street.

People were sitting down wherever a comfortable spot could be found.
Joy’s group found a patch of lawn next to the street, and they gladly
took the weight off their feet. The street was lined with stores and
restaurants, and a branch of Great Western Savings stood at one
corner. Another street cut across this one, with more businesses
lining it. Joy was amazed. It’s all a movie prop!

A pickup truck rambled around the corner and approached the still-
growing crowd. A thick-bearded man with a megaphone jumped out of
the back. He lifted the mike to his mouth and spoke. “When everyone
is here and seated, we will begin. Until then, just relax and enjoy
the scenery.” Laughter rippled through the crowd. The voice
belonged to non other than Tom “Bigmouth” Franco.

Joy watched with fascination as another truck joined the first, and
movie equipment was unloaded by the crew. Cans of film were opened,
and the film was loaded into the cameras, which the cameramen then
hoisted onto their shoulders. Sections of the crowd went wild as some
of the cameramen teased them by pointing their cameras at them and
pretending to shoot. Another pickup came around the corner, this one
much larger than the others. Mounted on its bed was a crane, and at
the end of the crane was a platform on which a large camera was
mounted. Two men sat behind the camera, one of them barking
instructions into a walkie-talkie.

Cherie recognized the man with the walkie-talkie. “My goodness, it’s
Daniel McReady!”

“Who?” Joy didn’t recognize the name.

“He makes really weird and sexy horror movies. I saw an article
about him on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ just a week ago!”

“You mean we’re in a horror movie?” Missy laughed. “Well this
should be fun!”

They watched as the man babbled on into his walkie-talkie. Then he
did something with the controls mounted on a panel in front of him,
and the platform began to rise into the air. The crowd looked up as
one as the crane’s arm telescoped and the platform ascended above
them. It stopped abruptly, and the arm shook slightly from the force
of the sudden stop. Yuck, I would not want to be up there, Joy

Franco reappeared before the crowd, and hoisted the megaphone to his
lips. “Jeez, he really doesn’t need that thing,” Joy muttered, and
chuckles could be heard from the people immediately around her.
Tom’s booming voice silenced them. Todd put his arms around his
wife, and gave her an affectionate squeeze.

“Well it looks like everyone is here, so we’ll begin. I first want
to thank, and congratulate, all of you here today. You have chosen
to take part in something that I think you will find quite enjoyable.
I chose you all with that very factor in mind. Sexual open-
mindedness, that’s the key here.” Laughter swept through the crowd.
Somebody not far behind Joy cried out, “so who do I get to FUCK!?”
More laughter.

“All that will be explained to you. First I need to fill you in with
some background information.”

He sure does, Joy thought.

“The scene here is your typical downtown street, Anywhere U.S.A., and
you all are here going about your daily business: selling, banking,
shopping, buying, etcetera. Well, that is, you WERE doing those
things, until the aliens messed with your minds.”

More chuckles in the crowd, and vocalizations of the “Twilight Zone”
theme, could be heard.

“They’re invading Earth, and they can manipulate our emotions and in-
hibitions. We are, in effect, guinea pigs for their tests, and their
whims. They have chosen the population of this community for a test
which they will find most interesting and amusing. They will erase
all sexual inhibitions from most of your minds. Not ALL of you will
be affected at the same time, I must point out. The aliens will
leave some of you as is for a while, to enhance the test
environment.” Laughter and nervous giggles rippled through the crowd.
Joy, Todd, Cherie, and Missy all looked around and at each other.
“Wow!” was all Joy could manage to say.

“You can all probably guess what I’m leading up to. With all such
checks on your desires stripped away, it will be a sexual free-for-
all in Anywhere U.S.A. Now is the chance to act out your deepest
fantasies. The more variety, the better! The town will be at your

Someone shouted “OWWWW BABY!!!” and the crowd roared with laughter
and applause. Joy felt flush with the excitement that surrounded her
and permeated her. Is this guy SERIOUS?

“With that said, it’s time for your all to take your starting
positions as indicated on your maps. Everybody up — let’s go!”

With cheers and yelps the crowd rose to its feet and began to
scramble every which way. Joy felt a tap on her shoulder and turned
to find herself facing Missy, who extended her hand. “Good luck!
Hope we can get together after this is all over.” Joy shook her
hand, and then gave her a soft playful slap on the side of her face.
“Have fun!”

“Oh I know I will,” Missy said in a sultry voice. Her face beamed.

Joy made her way through the crowd and tried to relate the symbols on
the map with what she saw around her. According to the map, she was
a “slsprsn” at “Wa.G” somewhere around here… She looked up and
scanned the storefronts. Bingo! Joy headed for Waterbed Gallery.

Somebody grabbed the map from her hand as she entered. “Hey!” The
man looked at the map, then looked at her and smiled. “Hi! You’re
going to be the sales lady here. Put this on.” He handed her a
badge with “Waterbed Gallery” and her name printed on it. Joy
clipped it to her blouse. “May I have my map back?”

The man shook his head. “You won’t be needing it any more. Good
luck!” He quickly shook her hand, then dashed off.

Now what? Joy looked around. It was a waterbed store all right.
New beds in all directions. She had never slept on a waterbed
before, so she sat down on one, curious to see how one felt. The
surface “gave” a little more than usual under her weight, but it
didn’t slosh about like she had expected.

There was one other person in the store, a man. He smiled when he
saw her, and strode on over. “Hi! I’m Paul. Looks like we’re going
to be doing this thing together.” He seemed shy, and wouldn’t quite
meet her gaze.

“I’m Joy. Soooo, what do we do now?”

“I guess we wait for further instructions.” He sat down on the bed
next to her.

Shortly another man entered the store, wearing a badge like Joy’s.
He came up and greeted them. “Howdy folks! Well, another salesman!
Or I guess I should say salesPERSON. Name’s Bill.” He extended his
hand. Joy shook it, then Paul.

Another lady entered the store and joined their little group. She
blushed as they all glanced at her. “Hi! Uh, I’m Chris.”
Introductions were made all around. Then Chris said, “I was told
that you,” she pointed at Bill, “are to be trying to sell me a bed at
the start of this and you, Joy, are selling Paul one!”

“Sounds simple enough,” Joy responded. “Then what?”

“Then, when you hear the word ‘ALIENS’ on the P.A., the guys are
supposed to act like their minds are being ‘twisted’, and turn into
‘wild sex animals’. Joy and I are to resist at first, then after a
few minutes our minds are ‘changed’ too. She blushed and giggled.
Then Franco’s voice boomed out from speakers hidden all over the huge

“We’re ready to roll — everybody take their places!”

“I guess we better do as he says! You two stay here, and Bill and I
will go over to another part of the store.” Bill nodded in instant
agreement. “Yes ma’am!” He eyed her body as a teenager might look
at a Playboy centerfold for the first time. Together they set off
down an aisle.

Joy stood up, and Paul followed suit. “Well Paul, I guess I better
think about how I’m gonna do this. I’m not much of a salesperson!”

“That’s o.k.,” Paul said with a smile. “I don’t think that’s what
you’re gonna be remembered for here anyw-”

The P.A. boomed: “ROLL CAMERAS!”

The man pushed the paycheck and deposit slip across the counter
toward Missy. She picked them up, looked at them, then began to peck
at the keyboard of the IBM bank terminal, trying to make it look at
least somewhat like the way the teller did it at the bank she went
to. She tried not to notice or be pressured by the presence of the
cameraman, who was filming her and her “customer” at that very
moment. Meaningless numbers and text flashed on the terminal’s
plasma display — presumably the film’s audience would not be able to
see it in detail.

Todd and Cherie sat in “their” car in the parking lot of Burger King.
They had just gone through the drive-thru line, and were now munching
on Whoppers and shakes. Customers went in and out of the Burger
King. Everything appeared normal…

“ALIENS!” boomed the loudspeakers.

“…and any of these beds comes with a full one-year warranty
against, uh, er…”

The Waterbed Gallery saleslady stopped her spiel when the expression
on her customer’s face changed. He was no longer looking
thoughtfully at the bed. He was looking at her with undisguised lust.

“Oh mama, I want your body NOW!”

He dove forward and encircled her with surprisingly strong arms.
Their chests were pressed tightly together, and he was kissing her
face and neck with ferocious zeal. “Mmmmph, blrb, glub, get away
from ME…!” He tripped her off balance and she landed on the bed.
Her customer was instantly on top of her. “Bluh mmmmph are you mmmmph
CRAZY???” The man grabbed her arms and spread them outwards as he
kissed her chest through her blouse. The saleslady struggled against
him, but could not break free. Then he reached inward and grabbed
her blouse at the collar, and pulled outward. Buttons flew as the
blouse was ripped open. The saleslady’s boobs bounced out and shook
and jiggled, and the sex-maniac customer dove his face into them. At
about that time, the expression on the saleslady’s face began to
change. The man pressed her yummy tits against the sides of his face
with his hands as he feasted hungrily on her chest, and her struggles
diminished. Then she put her arms around his back, and she smiled.

Teller #4 at Great Western had just put the check in the drawer when
there was a disturbance on the other side of the counter. She
glanced up, and saw the depositor climbing up onto the counter. His
eyes were locked on her body. He’d been looking at her appreciatively
all along, but this was crazy! Panic-striken and wide-eyed, she
backed up against the coin-counting machine. The depositor jumped
down and headed for her, wild passion in his visage. She glanced
around frantically, but no one seemed willing to help her. They all
seemed to be having problems of their own… He grabbed her about
the waist, and planted his lips on hers. Her whole upper body bent
back as his tongue probed deep into her mouth and his hands felt all
over her back and sides and chest. She beat on his back, trying to
get him off, but it was of no use. One hand reached up under her
shirt, cupped her breast. She continued to struggle, which only
fueled the fires of his horniness even more! His hand slid down into
her pants, feeling, probing at hot flesh. His fingers encountered
soft panties, pushed underneath them. Then he brushed against her
pussy lips. Her whole body bucked, and then with a mighty PUSH she
managed to break free of his grasp. She tried to dash off, and he
caught hold of one sleeve. One whole side of her shirt ripped away.
She made a break for the waist-high door that separated the tellers’
area from the customers’. She vaulted over it, her exposed breast
bouncing wildly. She turned toward the nearest door… and another
horny customer wrapped himself around her. His hand squeezed her
breast as he kissed her passionately. Her body seemed to go limp for
a moment, and then she put her arms around his shoulders. With his
other hand, the man pushed the remaining half of her shirt off her.

In the front seat of the Camry, it was the woman who was “affected”
first. A funny expression formed on her face, and then she put down
the remaining morsel of her Whopper, turned, tore off her T-shirt,
and flung herself on her boyfriend. She kissed him all over and
rubbed her chest against his face. He was stunned — they’d only
been seeing each other a few days now! But he could not resist the
urges that suddenly built within him, and he grabbed this wild nymph,
tried to steady her so his lips could get a clear shot at hers. Her
boobs, still trapped in her bra, were driving him wild, and she saw
this and with a quick movement flung the offending article of
clothing away. She shook her shoulders wildy, making her breasts
smack against his face. He caught them with his hands, pressed them
together. The nipples pointed right at him, and his eager lips and
tongue found their mark.

Outside the car, on the street, it was pandemonium. A mailman was
pinned underneath two very horny women, who were tearing off his
uniform with great gusto. A sexy blonde had emerged from the tanning
parlor wearing tight shorts and a halter top, and she was easy prey
for the nearest horny male, who was hungrily enjoying every luscious
curve right there on the sidewalk. A naked man was running down the
street in panic, pursued by a woman in the process of becoming naked
herself. Suddenly the man stopped with that quizzical expression on
his face, turned, and swept his pursuer into a passionate embrace.
There they stood in the middle of the street, kissing and kissing and
kissing, one of her thighs raised up and pressed against his hip,
where it was lovingly caressed all over by his hand.

The waterbed saleslady and her customer were making hot love right
there on the bare mattress. He had one hand on her pussy, fingering
and rubbing and causing her great ecstasy, and his other hand was
massaging a breast as they continued to kiss. Nearby, a salesman and
his female customer were also in a hot tight embrace. So consumed
with passion were they that they didn’t even make it to a bed — they
did it right on the parquet floor. She was kissing and licking his
chest as she stroked at his hard cock. He held her against him and
buried his chin in her hair.

Next to the bank’s exit was a plush waiting area, with sofas, lounge
chairs, and a long low oak table. A man lay spread-eagled on the
table, his hands and feet bound by long pieces of string to the
table’s legs. He struggled and writhed and moaned with pleasure and
pleaded for mercy. Above him stood Teller #4, totally naked,
observing her slave as he gazed up longingly at her luscious body.
She got on her knees and let her fingers slide along his body, from
his chin down, barely grazing his throbbing cock. Then she got up on
the table and formed a bridge that spanned above him, perched on her
fingers and toes. She said something to him, and he nodded
excitedly. She changed her mind, and the man begged, pleaded for her
do do that to him with her beautiful body. She got up above him
again, then lowered herself to hands and knees, her boobs hanging
down, the nipples inches above his chest. He lavished heaps of
praise on her and her gorgeous body, and strained against his ropes,
trying to raise his chest so that it would touch hers. She lifted
herself up a little and wagged a finger at him. He begged, pleaded,
praised, WORSHIPPED the goddess whose flesh was so close to his. She
slowly lowered her body. Her nipples touched his skin, and he sighed
with delight. She continued to lower herself down on him, and her
boobs slowly squeezed between them. Her stomach pressed against his,
and his cock was sandwiched between his lower abdomen and hers. He
moaned with delight and continued to praise his master’s beauty.

The Camry was bouncing now. The driver’s seat was reclined all the
way back against the rear seat, and a man lay on it in total sexual
bliss while his girlfriend rode him like a hobby horse. His hands
climbed up her body, gripping her sides, then squeezing her boobs
together. Then they gripped her hips and held on tight as her
bouncing grew in intensity. His cock was a blazing missile, and she
was the main Red Army base. When they came together, the fire was as
hot as the sun.

On the sidewalk, the tanned blonde beauty was being mauled by three
lustful pedestrians. One was kissing her, one was enjoying her boobs
and caressing her all over, and the third was munching on and sucking
her pussy for all it was worth. The mailman was fucking a woman
doggie-style while another lady was behind him, pressing her boobs
against the back of his head. Undelivered mail was scattered all
around them. All over the lawn next to the street, acts of hot wild
love could be observed.

Then the military arrived.

Large camouflaged trucks rolled around the corner and stopped. Rear
flaps flew open, and troops poured out, ready to restore order to
this city which had been paralyzed by some bizarre epidemic.
Soldiers ran into stores and businesses. Others went to the hot piles
of flesh that writhed on the street and sidewalk.

A soldier reached the blonde beauty and tried to pull the men off
her. They pushed him away. More soldiers came over and grappled with
the men. The first soldier found himself confronted by this beauty,
full of hot lustful fire. She flung herself against him. The
soldier, who’d never had a girlfriend in his life, forgot all about
duty to his country. He licked and squeezed and kissed and caressed
this luscious girl with instant horniness.

Two soldiers emerged from the waterbed store, with a lovely naked
woman in their grip, her boobs jiggling as she struggled to free
herself (so she could fling herself on somebody). Two more soldiers
came over and grabbed her luscious legs, and they carried her to the
truck, not traveling too quickly as they enjoyed the sight of her
suspended between them. They swung her up into the back of the
truck. The soldier with the blonde beauty lifted her up and brought
her over to the truck, and she was transferred inside. The soldiers
then climbed in, and zipped the flap closed.

The bank teller was sucking on her slave’s cock when the soldier
burst in. He took one look at her and lunged for that succulent
flesh. If he has to apprehend people, he thought, he might as well
apprehend the sexiest ones! He wrapped his arms around her and
dragged her outside, as the tied-up man shouted insults and
damnations at him. His hands were on her boobs, and he squeezed them
and played with her nipples. She did not resist — instead she turned
around in his arms, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him.

Inside the Camry, the two lovers embraced each other and savored
their collective warmth. Every once in a while one of them would
peek out the window and observe the sexy shenanigans going on
outside. He or she would chuckle and share it with his/her partner.
Then they would resume kissing.

The military had been conquered. The soldiers were now part of the
orgy that had enveloped the whole city. The aliens saw how effective
this was, and began to use the same technique in major cities all
over the world. Soon the majority of the planet’s population was
consumed with sex, and the aliens observed them with delight while
they plundered Earth’s resources. All precious metals and minerals
were brought up to the massive mother ship, and the aliens left with
their unspeakably valuable cargo. Those puny humans had been so easy
to conquer!

The screen went black. Then the end credits began to roll.

Joy and her husband just sat there as others in the theatre began to
get up and file out. There was alot of chatter — exclamations like
“wow!” and “oh man!” Many of those who would leave the theatre would
be having sex or masturbating that night like they hadn’t in a long

Together they sat and watched the credits roll by. Her husband put a
hand on her thigh and squeezed. She leaned over and rested her head
on his shoulder. She did not know how her husband would take seeing
her in this scene, and was pleasantly surprised at his delighted
expression as he watched. She thought she’d only be visible for
maybe a second at most, but she had been up there on that
thirty-foot-high screen several times in different hot scenes. Of
course, this being an R-rated release, the hottest and most explicit
stuff was cut out. But it didn’t matter to Joy at all. What was up
there had been SO erotic and sexy.

That night she and her husband made the best love since their wedding
night. It lasted ALL night.