Party games – Games

Ted and Donna usually threw a party about once a month, inviting their
closest “party friends” and a smattering of new faces. This party was very
typical of Ted & Donna; plenty of wine, good food, and several nice clean
private rooms upstairs where people could get away from the crowd. And it
was CROWDED! I had to move sideways through most of the crowd just to get
to the kitchen and collect my “glad you could make it” kiss from Donna.

The party wound down about one in the morning, leaving only about twenty
of us to sit around and talk. Ted usually made sure everyone left sober,
or with a sober driver, keeping car keys for people until the next morning.
Of the twenty people left, none of us had much to drink, but just enough to
make us feel happy and friendly. Ted brought out one of his party-games that
he invented, and started explaining the rules for the benifit of the new
faces. Simple rule really. Ted would read a card (Donna read his) and the
person designated would either do what the card said or lose an article of
clothing (Ted’s decision of ‘article’ was final). Everyone had waited for
this part of the party — “the games”.

We sat in a loose boy-girl-boy-girl fashion, but there seemed to be several
extra girls. Two of them sat to my right. Ted asked us to first introduce
ourselves to the group by first name, with a short statement of what our
favorite sex-act was. The blonde to my right was named Kelly, and her ‘act’
was tit-fucking (she had large breasts), and the redhead next to her was
Jennifer who said that her favorite act was giving head. My turn and I said
my favorite (truthfully) was also giving head (to girls) and getting too.
By the time we went around the room, most of the guys were showing bulges and
the gals I’m sure were getting wet.

Ted started with the far end of the circle, at the end of the couch. The
guy sitting there was asked to “pick a person of the opposite sex and do some-
thing to them you wouldn’t do in public”. Normally this game started with
guys being “shy” and picking their girlfriends and doing something like kiss-
ing a breast or mouthing their pussies through their clothes (no you couldn’t
undress them to do it!).

Several guys and gals were ‘unattached’ (me being one of them) and one guy
was brash enough when his turn came with ‘pick a person and remove an article
of clothing without using your hands’ to pick on Donna — the host’s wife!
Donna was a cheerful redhead who played the games with a lusty good humor.
The fellow unbuttoned Donna’s blouse with his lips, pulling it from her skirt
and dropping it on the sofa. Then it was my turn.

Somehow I always thought Ted cheated, giving the “good” cards to people
he knew, wanted to embarass or both. His opportunity came. The card said
‘With eyes closed turn 3 times and pick a person (of opposite sex) and kiss
them for at least one minute. Then identify the person after sitting down.
Eyes closed until seated’. Whew! Donna stood me in the middle of the room,
and turned me thrice. I began to point and I navigated by the room lights,
trying to pick out one of several girls I’d been eyeing. I made a choice.
She came up to me, and we kissed. Tenatively at first, then my tounge seemed
to be drawn into her mouth, her arms around my neck (my hands had to remain
at my sides said Ted; no clues that way). The longer we kissed the more we
rubbed our bodies together and the hotter our tounges got. Ted let us go
for a two minutes and almost had Donna throw cold water on us. When seated
I was asked to point to the gal. I looked right at her and winked, and she
was sure I knew (I did), but I pointed to a blonde across the room. Everyone
laughed and the redhead I’d kissed got to remove my shirt.

This went on, getting progressivly hotter and raunchier until most of us
were naked. Ted’s house rules declared garter-belts and stockings as non-
clothes (they kept them on because Ted found ’em sexy) and the same went for
crotchless panties, men’s g-strings (they can’t hide a hard-on) and for
push-up bras with open nipples. One gal had her bra on since it just cupped
her tits underneath, and another had the garter-belt/stockings. The redhead
and blonde next to me were both down to panties and I was buff-naked. My
turn came just as Ted swapped decks, saying it was time for the “REALLY ADULT”
cards! (Thanks old buddy! Thanks a bunch!)

I was suprised when he read the card. Ted had a whole new deck of cards
(all were hand made anyhow), and some of these had some really ‘open’ actions
for the players. My card was; ‘Pick any player or players and do something
very arousing for the other players for five minutes. You can have 30 seconds
to discuss it once you choose your partners’. I looked at Ted and he judged
that I could pick up to two players to participate with me, beyond that it
would have to arouse the rest of the people there. The big breasted blonde
leaned over and whispered in my ear and I smiled at her. “I need one other
gal” I said, and the redhead’s volunteered like a shot. We huddled together,
Kelly bouncing over to ask Ted’s opinion about a rule (removing clothes —
it was ok now), and we made our plans.

Kelly knelt on the floor, close to the sofa, her head about a foot from
the knees of another nude blonde with a partially shaved pussy. Jennifer
came alongside and I knelt behind Kelly, hard and ready. Jennifer rubbed
Kelly’s ass, her head bending over to lick at my flagpole while she asked me
if I really wanted to fuck this blonde.
“Would you like to fuck her pussy nice and hard?” Jennifer asked.
“Yes” I said.
“Yes what?” Jennifer teased, her tounge barely touching my rod.
“I’d like to fuck her pussy, nice…and HARD.”
“Would you like to cum inside her?” Jennifer teased again, licking towards
my cock as I tried to reply.
“Yesss.. I’d like to cum deep inside her pussy.”
“I’m going to guide you into her…make you move with my hands…fuck her
with your body…your cock.” Jennifer said. Her voice was very even and she
sounded like she was describing cooking a meal or something equally dull.
Kelly sat there, Jennifer’s hands running around her ass, between her legs,
and over her back. Her big tits were hanging straight down, her ass arched
up to receive my cock if it ever got there. Looking around the room, several
very prominent hard-ons were in evidence, some with female hands around them.
Everywhere I looked, nipples were hard and erect, even in the warmth of the
room. Jennifer had moved Kelly’s panities aside, exposing a wet slit for my
cock. Almost no one could see that, but knew that Kelly still had her panties
on (and most were waiting for them to come off).
“Oooo. You’re sooo hard!” Jennifer said, stroking my cock with her fingers.
“I’ll bet you really want to fuck her good now!”
“Yessss. Really nice and hard!” I moaned back.
“Mmmmm.” Jennifer teased again. “Why don’t I put you against her pussy with
just her panties in the way?”
She pulled my cock forward, placing the head directly on Kelly’s bare slit,
holding me from pushing forward. She moved my cock up and down against the
girl’s slit, making us both moan.
“I bet if I let go, you’ll push right through her panties and fuck her hot
dripping pussy really hard won’t you?” Jennifer hissed. “Rip right through
her panties to fuck her wet, dripping cunt!”
“Ohhh GOD!” I moaned. “Let me fuck her!”
She let go dramatically, her hands raised by her shoulders as she said,
“YES. FUCK HER PUSSY! Slam into her!” and she pushed on my ass hard.
I slipped into Kelly’s wet cunt, sliding my cock easily all the way into
her wet hole. She gave a loud gasp when I pushed, and Jennifer’s showman-
ship continued.
“Ohhhh Jesus! Right through her fucking panties! Jesus you’re so hard!”
Buried to the hilt, I looked up at a sultry brunette, her fingers were
dancing on her clit while her boyfriend pinched her nipples. He was jacking
himself, eyes wide on us.
Jennifer’s hands pulled and pushed on my hips, making me pump in and out
of Kelly’s wet cunt. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon I needed
help and was slamming against the blonde’s ass in blind lust. Jennifer’s
words echoed in my brain.
“Ohhhh yeaah! Make her big tits bounce!” She hissed, “Make her cum with
that cock shoved up her cunt!”
I gazed around the room, seeing one gal sucking off her boyfriend, her
head turned to watch us. Ted had some brunette astride his lap, his hands
cupping her tits. Donna was getting her pussy licked by some guy, watching
us and tweaking her nips. My eyes found Jennifer, next to us. She was on
her knees, sitting back on her heels, one hand was fingering her pussy, the
other busily fondling her tits. Kelly was thrusting back at me hard and
fast, and I could feel her contract around my cock, her own orgasm starting.
I watched Jennifer as I fucked Kelly, slamming into her rough and hard.
Kelly began to come, moaning and holding back against me. I kept on pounding
her, raising up and grabbing her hips.
I looked up and saw that Donna’s eyes were closed, her orgasm arriving as
her partner kept tounging her. I felt my own boiling semen rising in my cock
and felt myself about to come. Almost everyone was involved in some sort of
carnal activity now, not just us. The brunette was approaching her orgasm,
still jacking her boyfriend. I pulled out of Kelly, and stood, turning to
Jennifer, her hand pumping her pussy, her eyes glazed over.
“Here baby…” I said, holding my cock to her, “You wanted me to cum!”
I put my cock against the side of her face, pointing down, and she moaned
as Kelly’s wetness made it slide against her cheek. She’d just stuck out
her tounge to lick at it when I started coming.
Hot, thick, white cum spurted onto her face, splashing against the side of
her tounge. I crouched lower, and spurted again, washing her chest and her
right tit with hot cum. She started licking at my cock, her hand jerking
against her own orange bush madly. The third or fourth spurt landed a thick
gob of cream on her left nipple, and her other hand quickly rubbed it over
her tit. I grabbed her head and guided her mouth to my cock, spurting three
more times into her mouth. She moaned loudly around the mouthful, her hand
moving sporadically against her cunt. When she finished, she released my
cock, and leaned back, spreading her legs in front of her.
Kelly had been getting herself off watching and now bent down to lick the
white drops of cum from Jennifer’s right tit. Jen and I looked around and
she saw a guy trying to jack off onto a gal’s small breasts while she sat
there letting another blonde lick her pussy. Jen smiled at them, and issued
some encouragement.
“Oooooo yeah! Shoot your jizz all over her!” She smiled. “It feels sooo
good when you cum on our tits!”
We watched as he unloaded about a gallon of sperm onto her tits, some of
it running down her stomach to be licked up by the blonde. The gal took
the guys cock and sucked him dry while rubbing his cream all over her tits.
Kelly saw Jennifer rubbing her clit while watching, so she took her turn.
“Lay back and spread your legs you horny slut!” She hissed at Jennifer.
Jennifer promptly laid back and Kelly bent the girl’s legs back, turning
her pussy straight up. I watched her eat redhead pussy, my cock returning
to hardness again.
Some gal behind me moaned, and I saw her begin fucked by her boyfriend
while a gal licked her tits, and she sucked another guy. She was trying to
make the guy come in her mouth without success, so I moved over to help her
get him off. I sat next to them on the floor and said loudly enough for all
of them to hear me “Ohhh yeah! Suck him off! You’d love to feel him cum in
your mouth wouldn’t you?”
“UmmmmmmHmmmm” was her reply.
“You want to taste his hot cum flooding your mouth…thick creamy cum in
your mouth…dripping down your chin…onto your tits…all over your face!”
“Ohhh suck his cock. He’s gonna cum right in your mouth! Watch you try
to swallow the gallon of hot jism…hear you drinking his cum!”
“Ohhhhh yeaaaahh!” The guy moaned, his hips shaking.
“Urggurglll” she moaned too as he shot his sperm into her mouth.
I watched her swallow most of his cum, some shining on her lips as he
pulled out and collapsed next to her. I turned my attention back to Kelly
and Jennifer, still on the floor.
I moved back and pulled Kelly from Jen’s pussy, kissing her long and hard,
tasting Jen’s cum on the blonde’s lips and tounge. Then I started to lick
Jen’s dripping cunt too. Her legs came down around me, and she started to
pleade with me.
“Nooo!” She moaned. “Don’t eat me…Fuck me! Get your cock in me!”
I moved up and positioned myself, her fair legs encircling my hips. Kelly
moved up and sat over Jen’s face. As I slid my cock into her sopping pussy,
I heard Jen moan.
“Yesss. Let me lick you too.” She said to Kelly.
As we slipped into our carnal world, Jen’s legs urged me faster and deeper
into her. Her hips rocked against me, twising and lifting, a motion I’d never
felt before. We fucked each other hard, her hands were pulling the blonde’s
bush against her face, her tounge and lips making wet noises. On and on,
deeper and harder, faster. Quickly I felt my come rising again, and knew
that I’d have to slow down or come. Jennifer didn’t let up. She wanted my
cock pounding her, fucking her. Kelly leaned forward and kissed me, and I
cupped her sweaty breasts, feeling them over. I whispered to her and she
Kelly got off of Jen, pulling her up to her large tits. Jen’s head was
in her lap, almost like a baby’s, sucking the large nipples. I was still
slamming her cunt hard, and she was pulling on her own smaller nipples, making
them stretch her tits out. Suddenly I pulled out of her and moved quickly
up to Kelly’s tits. When Jen opened her eyes and saw me starting to spurt
onto Kelly’s big tits she went crazy. I came with Kelly leaning back just
a bit, spurting streams of sticky cum onto her tits, between them and then
finally on her face and lips. She sat there enjoying it, licking the sperm
from her lips. Jen sat up and cupped her hands under Kelly’s drooping tits,
catching the cum in small pools in her palms. She raised on hand to her own
tits, rubbing the cum over them. The other she licked off. Kelly grabbed
Jen’s head and pushed it between her tits, rubbing her face against those
massive breasts. After a moment, I pulled Jen’s face up, glistening with
my cum. Kelly grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard, her tounge in
Jen’s mouth. For her part, Jen buried two fingers inside Kelly’s pussy,
keeping them both hot. I bent over and whispered to them.
“You two are such hot, foxy sluts!”
They both moaned and Jen broke the kiss to suck my cock for a second, then
she resumed their kiss. I moved behind her and with my semi-hard cock, I
resumed the interrupted fuck that she deserved.
I watched as three guys jacked off on a gal who had beautiful tits with
nipples that covered their ends, large and dark areolae. Two gals were on
either side of her, stroking her tits and her mound, edging the guys on to
make them all come. One gal was getting it from behind while she helped and
her tits bounced happily as she fucked her partner back. When the three
studs started to come, the other gal grabbed their cocks and aimed their
jism where ever it suited her. The first guy was aimed on the girl’s tits,
some of the cum landing on the girl aiming the cock. He was followed quickly
by the second, and she jerked him into the girl’s mouth, being sure not to
get it all on target, rubbing the cock over the girl’s lips. The girl with
large nipples was licking her lips when the third guy came. He had a monster
cock and the girl jacked him off into her own mouth, where she could only
get part of her mouth around him. The effect was cum pouring out of her
mouth as he shot off. She quickly pulled him down to the other girl’s face
and made him shoot the rest on both their faces while she kissed the big
nippled girl.
I hadn’t realized what watching that tableau had done until Jen cried out
and I then found that my cock was rubbing her cervix as I pounded her pussy.
I was so incredibly horny that I wanted to fuck her for hours, but she had
to say the one thing that makes me pop.
“Ohhh God…cum in me…cum in my cunt…Shoot your jism in my cunt!”
I felt it about to shoot, and so did she.
“YES! YES! BABY! CUM in meee! Cum in my cunnnnnttt!”
I exploded for the third and last time of the night, deep inside her hot
cunt. I could feel the wash of hot sperm flooding into her, just as she had
felt my cock engorge as I started to come. The three of us collapsed in a
heap together, tired and sweaty.
People were getting tired, resting up for the next go if the could, and I
watched the big nippled brunette walk over and sit down next to Kelly and
Jen. I lay behind Jennifer, my cock still inside her. The girl introduced
herself as Gayle.
“I loved what you guys did.” She said, then to Kelly, “And I love your
breasts! You’ve got such great tits!”
Kelly laughed and looked at Gayle’s sperm drenched nipples. “It seem some
guys like your tits a lot too!”
Gayle leaned over and kissed Kelly, running her hands over those large
breasts. She leaned down and sucked on a nipple. Kelly moaned. Jennifer
gave my cock a squeeze with her pussy, and leaned back, giving Gayle access
to Kelly’s pussy. The two of them, cum drenched and sweaty began again
to arouse themselves.
Jen and I watched for a while, then moved off to a corner together. It was
about 4 am when Jen and I dressed and left. We had breakfast together and
I took her home. We went in and went right to bed, and this time, we fell
asleep in each other’s arms.