Sexual Adventures

Erica’s first year after State U. had turned out to be very
disappointing for romance. She’d made friends, but just hadn’t found
any guys to play with.
She went through her wardrobe and selected an outfit for a
night on the town. First the black stockings attached to a satin garter
belt. Next a pair of almost luminescent white panties, followed by a
loose silk blouse and an above-the-knee skirt. Lastly, some medium
heels, a tailored jacket, some light makeup and perfume.
Erica decided to head to the Max Club, a northside bar that
wasn’t too crowded. That night the crowd was lively if small. It didn’t
take her to long to attract the attentions of a tall blond guy. He was
wearing a subdued leather jacket and black jeans. He strode over to her
table with another bottle of the beer she was drinking.
“May I offer you another, ma’am” drawled the man in a hokey
cowboy accent. Erica smiled and gave him permission. Erica surveyed
him. He was quite well-built, with no hint of flab on his muscular
frame. He had a soft blond moustache and blue eyes. He went to get them
two more bottles after some simple small talk. His buns were tight in
the jeans and she guestimated that he could be quiite well-endowed
although that was speculation.
The dance music in the bar finally got them away from the
table. They skipped the latest by Prince and went up for a slow song.
She smiled warmly at him and noticed another heat beginning inside her
panties. He held her close and firm, and she could feel his cock
starting to grow inside his jeans. She wanted to fall for him and she
wanted to play with a cock that she didn’t tuck inside a drawer after
her orgasm.
Their body language was unmistakable as Erica pressed herself
against his growing hardness. He shifted his hips to accentuate the
pressure. Not to many songs later she agreed quickly to his suggestion
to get some air.
They walked into the parking lot and paused to take in the
beautiful night sky. At least that is why Erica paused.
“Why don’t you take your panties off?”
Erica was shocked by his command, but the heat between her legs
kept her from telling him off. She could already see his hard-on in the
tight jeans and his order struck a chord in her.
Thinking that she was probably making the biggest mistake of
her life, she smiled and began to draw her skirt upwards. She did it
slow, never taking her eyes off his face. He was motionless but his
attention was fixed on her legs. She felt the skirt slip above her
hips. She hooked a finger under each side of her panties and drew them
down her legs, bending over to do so and hide her pussy from his
immediate view. She also knew that her breasts were now displayed
prominently down the loose front of her blouse. Finally she
straightened up and after a moment pulled her skirt back into
Erica walked up to him and tucked her panties in his back jeans
pocket. She returned to her original spot about six feet away. She
could play this delicious game as well.
“Caress yourself.” He smiled slightly and let his hand drape
over his bulge as it had been wanting to do for half an hour. He moved
against his cock slowly, drawing his fingers along its length. He was
teasing her. She wanted more.
“Take it out.” He paused slightly but the prize in this game
could be very great and he obviously decided to go for it. He
unbuttoned his fly slowly to reveal briefs which pushed out of the
opening from his cock’s strength. Next he hooked his thumb over the top
and pulled them down below his balls. His cock hung out in the warm
night air, hard, thick, and long. Erica could see the tip glisten with
Erica walked up to him and let her fingers wrap around his
thick meet as her lips drove to his. His tongue split her lips and
teeth. Its length surprised her as they caressed each other’s tongue.
His cock was hot and throbbing with his heartbeat. She felt like he was
consuming her through their passionate kiss. Having his cock pressing
against her stomach was not good enough. She wanted it filling her
His fingers crept to the hem of her skirt and he raised it
easily until it lay bunch over her hips. Erica lowered his cock to the
right height and pulled it into her until she felt she could take no
more meat. He held it inside her as he renewed his kissing with
Finally his hips began to stroke in and out of her, throwing
her back and forwards with his thrusts, but never letting his cock slip
completely out of her soaked and steaming cunt. He was fucking her to
the bass beat of the club, clearly audible out in the parking lot.
He finally drew back from their kiss, leaving Erica panting for
air. His hands slipped around her bare ass and he doubled his pumping
rhythm. Erica moaned and tried to keep in the best position for deepest
entry. Her breath was short and ragged.
His fingers squeezed her cheeks and slowly moved closer to her
asshole. Erica loved the feel of double penetration and she began to
breathe him encouragement to explore her backdoor.
His fingers accepted the challenge gladly and she whimpered as
they began to penetrate her behind. The exposure to the outside world
and his fingers caused her aching pussy to convulse in orgasm. Her
gripping cunt walls brought him off as well, his thrusts including
jumps and jerks as she felt his come coat her insides.
She slowly withdrew from his embrace and felt his still hard
cock slide from her pussy. She slipped her skirt back into position
and snatched her panties from his pocket. With a big smile she zipped
him up and led him back to her car. She sat down and started the car
noting with pleasure that her skirt had ridden up. When she spread her
legs her pussy came out to be admired.
A quick start and they were headed out to the outerbelt highway
around the city. It didn’t take long to find a sparse road and Erica
let her legs spread. He didn’t pause at the sight. His fingers slowly
wandered across the seat, over her thigh and down between her legs.
He petted her pussy hair and slowly explored her with his hot
fingers. His pace maddened her with desire and she wove her fingers
into his hair as her arm stretched out.
Soon his fingers were pumping her and playing with her
clitoris. And Erica knew she wouldn’t be able to drive much longer. She
pulled off to the side of the highway and leaned back with a deep moan
as his fingers did not let up. They explored inside her and tweaked her
clit until is was swollen and hyper sensitive.
She started to pant and cry out into the warm summer night.
Moments later her thighs were clamping around his hand as her pussy
began to spasm in orgasm. Her stomach was shaky and her legs seemed
strangely uncontrolled as she flexed in the best orgasm she’d had in
Long after she’d fallen from her peak, Erica released his
hand. He brought it to his lips and licked his fingers clean of their
pussy juice coating. Erica smiled devilishly.
Her fingers went to the front of his jeans, made tight by his
swollen cock. A few deft movements later and she had his big fat cock
free in the night air. She pulled her left hand from behind her back
and quickly wrapped her panties around his cock. She began to stroke
him through the soft silky material. He seemed to really enjoy the
His anticipation left him little time for warm up and it wasn’t
a minute later that he was begging for her to take him in her
“Later, my meat.” she replied casually as her left hand doubled
her stroke speed and easily brought him to orgasm in the panties. She
could see his come turning the white to wet.
As his cock softened, she wrapped it in the panties and tucked
it all into his jeans.
“You can have them now.” was her only comment as she restarted
the car and headed excitedly towards her apartment.
The car ride was long enough to let them both relax a little
although the sexual desire and tension kept them silent.
His hands found her breasts as they walked through the doorway
to her living room. Erica turned around to give him better access. She
as proud of her breasts and found nipple stimulation to particularly
effective. He spent several minutes in the view of her open apartment
door, sucking on her breasts and letting his strong hands roam around
the rest of the curves of her body, her ass, her thighs, her back, her
neck, her face.
Eventually, she was getting to worked up to let him continue.
She forced him to pause as she walked over to the door. Her blouse was
wide open and her jacket was in her car so her breasts were displayed
for any number of watchers across the way to see, glistening with
wetness. She closed and locked the door, convinced that she had created
a following of eager watchers with her frequent masturbation episodes,
having never remembered to close the drapes to her room ;-).
She led him to her bedroom. He smiled at the bed, wide and
covered with a thin black satin coversheet. She walked to the window
side and took a couple minutes to strip off all of her clothes but
the stockings and garter belt. He took the cue and removed his
clothes, dropping the panties from his crotch onto the pile as well.
She laid him back on the bed and straddled his thighs. His
hands quickly grasped her ass, caressing and squeezing it and urging
her to move over his hardening cock.
“I thought you wanted me to suck that big cock of yours,
meat,” she said with a hurt tone. He smiled and apologized.
“I’m not so sure now.” He recognied his clue.
“Please, will you suck my cock?” Erica wanted to yell Yes but
resisted to string him out a little longer. She enjoyed her power.
“It doesn’t sound like your really want it…”
“Please, wrap your ruby lips around my meat, suck it and lick,
stroke it and suck my balls, tongue my cum-hole. Please, please,
please suck my cock,” he seemed to really be pleading and by the
hardness of his organ, she realized it was sincere. Erica needed no
more encouragement.
She swung around and laid her breasts on his stomach,
positioning her hands and mouth to work his cock over and also to place
her pussy over his lips to be attended to. She pressed her thighs to
the sides of his head and caressed him with her stockinged legs. He
began moaning in delight and his tongue flicked her garters playfully,
eager for her to drop her cunt into range. She obliged and felt his
tongue splitting her and diving into her muff.
She turned her attention to his cock. She took in all its
detail. It curved a little up, perfect for her sucking in her current
position as it would slide across the curve of her tongue to her
throat. The head was reddish purple and engorged, with precome at the
tip and a light glisten of his own come from her handjob in the car.
His hair was thick black and curly.
Erica began by dropping her teeth over the helmet of his cock
and running them lightly over the peak sensitive area underneath as her
tongue flicked his come hole. He moaned into her pussy and began to
lick and suck her with even more vigor.
Erica took a nice long time with his cock because she couldn’t
expect much more performance that night and she wanted him to blast his
rocks in her cunt. So she enjoyed his talented tongue work, having
three tremor orgasms, and stopping her work each time to concentrate on
her own cumming. But she knew her pussy wanted to get fucked by this
well oiled meat so she could have a night-capping orgasm.
Erica pulled herself away from his delightful tongue and eased
herself around his body, unsteady due to her intense arousal and wobbly
thighs. He laid back and grasped the pillow, the biggest grin on his
face imaginable. Erica smiled back and kept his eye contact as she
maneuvered over his aching cock and settled down, letting its thickness
slide into her.
She knew he wasn’t far from popping so she had him play with
her ass as she began to tweak her own nipples. His fingers pushing into
her rear passage, the jolts of sexual energy from her pinched nipples
jump started her orgasm. She began to hump him in wild abandon stopping
only to keep him inside her. Barely a minute went by before she
exploded and her pulsating cunt brought his last cum shooting into