Sexy fantasy party

The following weekend couldn’t come fast enough, but on Friday evening
the girls showed up as planned. I having invited six of my friends from
the club around for a drink that night. I showed the girls to their
bedrooms and watched them unpack.

They got showered and changed while I sat and chatted. They soaped and
fingered themselves all over. Lathering their bodies, they worked
their nimble fingers into both love holes, washing them out before
towelling themselves dry and rubbing scented oil into their sexes.

Claire rubbed scented oil into her smooth clean shaven cunt, then down
between her pussy lips and into her arse. Then rubbing vasoline into
the puckered opening of her anus, she dressed in a white Basque, stocking
and G-string, under a white silk wraparound dress. The dress was so sheer,
every detail of her underwear could be seen as she moved.

Tracy rouged the lips of her sex and nipples, before rubbing scent into her
pubic mound and down between the cheeks of her plump bottom. Like Claire
she also rubbed vasoline into the entrance to her anus, before dressing
herself in black silk stockings and suspender belt, under a red skin tight
dress, which buttoned down the side. She wore no bra or knickers, and with
the buttons undone from her crutch down, when she walked you got the
occasional flash of stocking top and pubic bush.

At about 9 o’clock my friends started to arrive. I introduced them to the
sisters in turn, then showed them into the lounge, where drinks and food
were waiting. I had set out a bar with wine, beer and spirits, plus the
usual mixers. I had also laid out a buffet with sandwiches, salads, fruit,
snacks and deserts, plus a few additions the sisters had asked for.

Soon every one was there, seven men sitting around eying up Tracy and
Claire, who acting very demurely, got drinks for everyone, chatting gaily
to us all. They laughed and giggled as the night wore on and drink made
our comments more suggestive.

Dave who had been chatting to Tracy for a while, started to dare her to
undo more buttons of her dress. Tracy climbing up onto one of the two
coffee tables in the centre of the room, started to dance erotically. This
gave us all the occassional flash of stocking top etc. I put on some moody
music and sat down to watch.

Tracy undid a button at a time while still dancing. Until she reached the
last three under her left armpit, then Claire, removing her wraparound,
climbed onto the other table. Tracy undid the last buttons to reveal all,
as Claire slipped off her G-string. They then both cavorted and danced
around the tables stimulating themselves erotically.

The girls started to tease us into stripping off as well. So Dave, Steve,
Peter and Nick surrounding Tracy, stripped off. Mike, Martin and I stripped
off around Claire. Once stripped off we started to fondle the girls, but
they pushed us away, refusing to be rushed. They demanded we sit down once
undressed, while they continued the show. They both touched and fondled
themselves while dancing, until Tracy moving over to the buffet table, said
she would offer each of us a feast.

At first we didn’t understand what Tracy’s offer meant. We soon caught on
to what she had in mind though, when she invited us in turn to approach
the buffet table. She sat herself on the edge of the table with her legs
spreadeagled apart and hanging over the edge, leaving her cunt and arse
wide open for us all to admire.

We watched amazed as she covered her delectable cunt in spoonfuls of thick
fresh cream, rubbing it into her sopping slit and pubes with abandon. Then
slowly peeling the largest banana in the fruit bowl, she licked and sucked
at its length like a meaty cock, before easing it as far as possible up
her vagina. Once in she started a slow wank using the banana like a huge
dildo, before finally embedding it up her now sopping cunt.

Once Tracy had the banana embedded up her hole to her satisfaction, she
beckoned Dave to approach the table where she laid back across it. Kneeling
between her wide flung thighs, he tucked into his feast. Licking, sucking
and chewing his way through the juicy offering. He eventually had to use
his fingers to scoop out the cream cocktail mixed with banana, before
sucking them clean in his mouth. He continued his meal until he had cleaned
her gaping sex completely. Tracy’s vagina, from all Dave’s administrations,
was now oozing sticky juice down her legs. It ran down the crack of her arse
to form a spreading pool on the table.

Steve was next, being offered a trifle covered cunt with six cherries and a
plum, pushed into her now streaming hole. Followed by Nick, who had the
pleasure of eating a squashed, cream filled chocolate eclair from her love

Peter lastly was offered a cunt smothered in melba sauce, with a whole ripe
stoned peach pushed and sqashed up her vagina, the juice running down her
slit and arse onto the table. He ate and licked the peach, juice and sauce
from her cunt. Then taking a straw from the bar, shoved it up her cunt and
sucked out the cocktail within. Once finished he raised her legs into the
air, pushing them forward over her head and licked the spilt juices from
the scented crack of her arse.

Meanwhile Claire was not inactive, she grabbed a half full wine bottle
from the bar, and after pouring most of the contents over her breasts and
cunt, started to masturbate herself off using the long neck of the Hock
bottle. She shoved it as far up her vagina as it would go, the remaining
wine running into her cunt before pouring out around the sides of the
pistoning bottle neck, as it slid up her hole.

When she had finished, the bottle had copious amounts of her love juice,
mixed with wine in the bottom, so putting it to her lips, she slowly
licked the bottle neck dry, before tilting her head back and drinking her
own spendings.

Beckoning us over she then lay beside Tracy on the buffet table, where she
smothered her beautiful smooth cunt in honey. Martin had the pleasure of
licking it clean. Next came Mike, being offer the pleasure of her silky cunt
covered in jam with sponge fingers wedged up her hole. They slowly went soft
as her love juice soaked into them, making a soggy mess which got harder
and harder to scoop and suck out. Mike eventually had to use a teaspoon to
remove the last of the feast, slipping it up her gaping sex and scooping
it out until none was left.

Finally I got my turn at Claire. She picked up the whole butter pat from
the table, and slid it up and down her mound and slit. She oiled the whole
area of her sex. The butter melted on contact with her warm skin running
down into the openings of her anus and cunt. Carefully moulding the block of
butter into a long phallus, she opened the swollen lips of her sex wide and
worked the butter slowly into the dribbling opening of her vagina.

Leaving the butter jutting from her sex, she peeled a large banana. Dipping
it in melba sauce and holding it in one hand, she slid the melting butter
shaft out of her cunt and pushed the sticky banana up her well greased
avenue. At the same time she rubbed the remaining butter into the valley
between the cheeks of her arse, slipping the occasional finger into the
puckered oily opening of her anus.

I knelt in front of her, and started to eat my way through the feast.
I soon reached her oily cunt lips which entrapped the last half of the
banana. Digging deep with my tongue, while sucking hard, but I couldn’t
remove any more, so I resorted to using my fingers to scoop and dig at her
hole. Sliding a finger under her bottom, I wedged it into her arse, hooking
it over for grip, so that I could hold her while removing the soggy mess bit
by bit. The last bit being so far down, I used a teaspoon to scoop it out,
wasting none I swallowed the last of my meal. I then, like a good little boy,
licked the plate clean, including the valley and cheeks of her arse.

Standing up and walking around to the other side of the table, I first
stuffed one, then both my balls into Claire’s gaping mouth. She sucked on
them greedily. Then after licking the whole length of my rigid meat with
long, slow, wet slurps, I fed my dribbling cockhead into her hot, deep and
welcoming mouth.

Opening her mouth as far as possible, she first relaxed her throat, then
gulped and swallowed as I pushed, my cock slowly slipped into her mouth,
until to my utter amazement, the whole length of my fat wet prick was
wedged down her pretty throat. With my pubes tickling her chin and my balls
slapping her nose, I started to slide the whole length of my cock in and
out of her mouth, letting the head slip almost out of her lips, before
plunging it in again to the hilt. Fucking her tight, slinging throat as
if it was her cunt. What a fantastic sensation, feeling my cockhead
nudging deep down her throat. Sliding into her mouth, with her rippling
throat muscles milking the length of my fat 9″ shaft it wasn’t long before
the crisis came.

While I shafted Claire’s throat for all I was worth, Martin wedged his fat
cock into her slippery cunt. I watched as inch by inch he stuffed his red
hot meat up her, until his pubes met her smooth, butter soaked cunt lips.
Building up a slow rhythm, he fucked her with long deep thrusts, driving her
further onto my throbbing meat.

Nick stood over us while Claire slid between our pounding cocks, like a
well oiled piston. She gripped his rod, wanking him as fast as she could,
and rubbing his length over her breasts and throat. Occasionally letting my
cock go, she took Nick’s meat down her throat, sucking on its length before
fitting my huge erection back into her gaping mouth.

I spewed my spunk deep into her mouth, letting my hot sperm jet down her
throat. Some spilled out of the corner of her mouth as she gulped it down
as fast as she could, choking slightly as I wedged my still jetting cock
deep down her throat again. I came and came in the biggest orgasam I can
remember, hosing sperm into her willing mouth and throat again and again.
I thought from the amount of spunk she had received, I was going to drown
her, but apart from choking when I sprayed the back of her throat she
swallowed everything I gave her.

I continued to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, with her suckling
and sucking for all she was worth. She used every trick she knew to try
and keep my cock hard and stiff, which she succeeded in doing well.

While Clare took care of Martin and I, Tracy I noticed was catering to
the others. She was kneeling on the coffee table close by, astride Peter,
who’s cock was wedged up her cunt as far as it would go, while Dave using
the butter Claire had used so well, as lubricant, had wedged his cock up
her arse at least six inches, with more going in at each thrust. Finally
her mouth was doubly well occupied, Steve had his 11″ rod fitted snuggly
into her mouth, and from the look of it she was gagging on his massive
knobend as sank into her throat. Mike was standing next to Steve, and every
few strokes she would spit Steve out and gobble his cock instead.

As I watched, Steve started to grunt and twitch as he spewed the contents
of his huge balls down Tracy’s throat. Sperm spurted out the sides of
Tracy’s mouth, running down her chin and throat. Steve must of shot gallons
into her, but as he pulled out, his knob spat like a gun, firing thick
white, sticky bullets time and again. His seed squirted full into her face,
splashing over her nose and cheeks, into her eyes and hair, and onto her
lips, chin and forehead. It hung there thick and creamy, while some having
missed her face had sprayed down her chin and breasts, hung from her swollen
nipples like white swinging stalactites.

Steve was followed closely by Peter and Dave, spurting their loads into
her cunt and arse together. As they withdrew Tracy flopped down on
her back exhausted, spunk dribbling from her cunt and arse, mingling to
form a spreading puddle on the table. Mike immediately took advantage of
the situation.

Kneeling in front of her he sucked and licked her cunt and arse clean of
sperm, before standing up and wedging his massive erection up her anus.
He drove her along the table, his huge tool emmbedded up her backside, until
with grunts and heaves he spewed the contents of his balls up her well tight
greased arse. Pulling out of her the flood of sperm washed down onto the
tablecloth leaving another spreading stain.

After a few minutes of fucking Claire’s mouth, my cock was again rock hard
and ready to go. I withdrew my erect and well wetted cock from it sheath,
and walking round to the other table, stood between her sisters wide flung

As I withdrew from Claire’s mouth, Nick immediately took my place, sliding
his not inconsiderable length down her throat where I had been moments
before, while Martin continued to hammer away between her thighs.

Holding Tracy’s legs out wide, I gently pushed my cock deep into her
sopping cunt. It was difficult because she was so tight, even after all
the previous abuse, so I wondered how Steve would manage up her love
tunnel later. Eventually in up to the hilt, I began to pump in and out
as smoothly and fast as possible.

As I sliced into Tracy’s hole, Martin alongside us began to buck and groan,
spewing his load into Claire’s grotto. Nick reached his peak watching
Martins efforts at the opposite end, pumping his hot spendings deep into
Claire’s mouth, but withdrawing to give a few final squirts into her
upturned face. They continued their efforts at each end of Claire, refusing
to let their erections go soft. Claire’s cunt became a sodden swamp as
or combined cum spurted out the sides as Martins pistoning cock worked in
her very juicy grotto.

Tracy began a long slow climb back to a climax, and I helped her along by
playing with her breasts and pulling and pinching her nipples. Martin who
being replaced in the warmth of Claire’s cunt by Peter, slid his semi hard,
cum dripping length into Tracy’s mouth as I worked away between her legs.
Soon she was in the rythm of us both, each driving her further onto the
others shaft. Martin becoming more aroused at each stroke, regained his
erection, which as it grew wedged further down her throat with each thrust.

As Tracy reached orgasm I felt the wash of her juices around my embedded
erection. Slipping my length out of her cunt, and bending her legs upwards
and forwards over her head. I rubbed the length of my cockmeat from her
inflamed clit down her exposed cunt to her arse. Letting my knobend slip
between the cheeks of her arse, I nudged my length into her puckered spunk
dribbling hole. Pushing gently until her anus started to distend around my
prick. I thrust the head of my cock fully into her tight slippery arse. She
jerked at the force of my entry, giving a yelp of pain as my length slid in.

I leaned my weight down on her to assist the penetration, and as my length
eased further in, the lubrication of Daves and Mikes spunk, mixed with the
butter and vasoline, made the going easier. She settled down to enjoy it,
riding the length of my shaft as it tried to uncoil her entrails.

I slid and pushed into Tracy’s arse, juice and sperm trickling out to
cover my balls. Her entrails were already swimming in sperm, making the
going easier. So sticking my fingers in the butter, I slid one up her
arse alongside my thrusting prick, pushing the others into her streaming

Claire was now kneeling in front of Steve, Peter and Martins combined
sperm dribbling from her gaping wet sex. She was trying very hard to
restore his massive erection by skilful use of her mouth. So taking
advantage of the offered position I withdrew from Tracy’s arse. Being
replaced at once by Nick, who alternated between shafting her cunt and
arse, while using a bottle in the hole not occupied by his prick.

I picking up the butter pat and moved up behind Claire. Sticking my fingers
into the butter, I greased the cheeks of her arse, smothering them in butter.
I then pushed first one then two fingers slowly up Claire’s amazing, tight
arse. It was very hard because she was so tense, and she protested at first.
But after working them in and out for a while she settled back, relaxing to
enjoy the sensation. I slid my fingers out of her tight hole, then holding
the butter up I pushed the length of my cock through it, smothered in
butter I rubbed it in by giving it a quick wank. Once I had it well
lubricated, I wedged the butter pat between the cheeks of Claires arse,
moulding it to the shape of the valley. Sticking my fingers through the
butter and up the hole of her anus, I rammed plug after plug of butter
into her anus, using my fingers to poke it as far up as possible.

Scraping the remaining butter from the deep cleft between the greasy cheeks
of her arse, I started to force my rigid, greasy cock into her tight well
greased anus. She at first complained and tried to pull away as I eased my
butter covered cock slowly into her tight rear orifice. But as it sank
further into her entrails she started to moan and pant, pushing back onto
my embedded weapon to force it further up her arse.

Nick and Martin both spilt their spunk deep into Tracy’s arse and mouth
respectively. I could see the lust on their faces, and hear their groans
as she feasted on Martins spurting prick. Sperm dribbling from the corners
of her mouth, while Mike filled her entrails with his hot, sticky seed.
Humping and shaking her behind as jet after jet of hot spunk sprayed deep
up her already overflowing arse.

Steve by now stiff again, unplugged Claire’s arse from my cock with a wet
sucking squelch. Lifting her bodily onto his cock, he slowly forced her
down, impaling her on his massive erection. I watched fascinated as pushing
on her shoulders Steve forced the purple head of his cock into her cunt.
It looked about the size of a babys clentched fist, and stretched her cunt
lips wide, before his huge tool slid slowly into her.

It was like watching a suckling pig being driven onto a large wooden stake
for roasting. Inch after inch wedged further up her straining sex, until
she couldn’t take any more. There was still about three inches of his meat
jutting out as Claire sat there perched on top of his weapon.

I washed my cock off using a bottle of wine, then watched as Peter, who
having rested, stood around Claire with Dave and Mike, so that she could
suck on their rampant cocks in turn. First one then another, and finally
taking two at a time, dipping them into her warm wet mouth and throat.

Claire wanked and sucked the three cocks around her, while Tracy seeing me
stretched out on the floor, knelt over me and gripping my still rampant cock,
wedged it up her cunt from below. Martin crouched down behind her, and
thinking he also was about to assult her anus, she reached for the butter.
But Martin had other ideas, pushing her forward onto my chest he forced his
cock into her cunt alongside mine. Both of us gripping her around the waist,
we forced her down onto the combined width and length of our cocks.

It felt like we would split her in half, but she kept humping our double
rod as hard as she could, begging for more. Hearing this, Nick dipping his
cock into the jar of honey, presented it to her mouth. When she opened her
pretty mouth to take him in, he slammed her head down so hard, his whole
length disappeared down her throat, almost choking and gagging her.

Claire impaled on Steves massive tool, gobbled the three other cocks until
the inevitable happened. Peter, Dave and Mike came one after another,
drowning her mouth, face and hair in hot spunk. They pumped their combined
loads into her pretty features, leaving sperm dripping from her nose, cheeks
and chin, with some dripping down to cover her large breasts. With bleary
eyes from the spunk in them, and streams of white sperm hanging from her
nipples Claire was tossed around on Steve erection like a tiny doll. She
had so much cum in her mouth she couldn’t hold it all. It dripped and ran
out of her lips before she could swallow it all. But like a cat trying to
get the last of the cream from its whiskers, she licked her lips and chin
before setting about cleaning up the mess on her tits.

Claire massaged the warm sperm into her large tits, paying particular
attention to her nipples, until they shone with the combined juice of
all those cocks. Soon they were caked white with drying sperm. Then using
her fingers, she wiped the spunk from her face and sucked it into her

Martin and I slammed Tracy down on our pricks as hard as possible, while
above our heads we watched her greedily feast on Nicks rigid meat. Martin
started to twitch, then buck as he unloaded his balls deep into Tracy’s
stretched cunt. I could feel his sperm jetting up her hole drenching my
straining cock with wave after wave of hot cum. The sensation sent me over
the top. Sprayed my load up her, mixing with Martins spunk to flood her
insides completely. As we finished Nicks weapon recoiled violently, as it
spat its load down her throat. In the ecstatic spasms, his cock slipped out
of her mouth, spraying its load into her face. Where it ran down across
her chin and tits onto my upturned face and neck. I reached up and rubbed
the streams of white, warm cum into her breasts, twisting the wet, sticky
nipples between my fingers. Then sitting up I sucked on her erect sperm
coated nipples. Biting and licking them until she climaxed. She then
slumped down against my chest and licked my face clean of Nicks cream.

The men then joined us all for a well earned rest, and to watch Steve, who
holding her thighs wide apart, stretched Claire’s love tunnel wide with
his massive erection, now slippery with her juices. Picking Claire up by
her wide flung thighs, Steve stood up and walked across the room to
the sofa, Claire still impaled almost to the hilt on his weapon. Laying her
across the sofa so that she was kneeling on the edge with her head over
the back, Steve resumed his assult on her from the rear.

We watched amazed at the spectacle of Steves huge weapon spearing into
Claire’s tight, sperm soaked cunt. While her sperm soaked tits bounced
and shook. The look of lust on her face, also soaked in sperm prompted
Tracy to go over and start fondling Steve balls and rod as it plunged
into Claire’s grotto.

Tracy grabbing Steve by the embedded weapon dragged his off Claire, and
laying back on the sofa guided him into her sodden sex. Steve pushed and
shoved as hard as he could, bringing tears to Tracy”s eyes. Suddenly
his erection slipped halfway into her straining cunt, and no matter how
much they tryed he couldn’t seem to get any more in.

After a few strokes Claire having recovered her breath, ordered Steve
back to work on her love tunnel. So standing up Steve obliged by ramming
his length back into her proffered cunt from behind. Steve straining and
grunting finally gave up the fight. Whipping out his rod just as it spat
its first salvo, drenching her back and arse. He then plunged it back in
to hose out Claires love tunnel with the rest of his spendings.

Tracy immediately started to lick the splashed spunk from Claire’s back,
and when Steve finally withdrew from Claire, she licked his rapidly
softening cock clean. Tracy then insisted on sucking Claire’s breasts,
neck and face clean of all the spilt spunk, while I licked and sucked her
spunk and juice soaked cunt clean and dry.

Sitting around talking we drank and ate for a while, talking over the past
few hours labours. It was decided that all would now adjourn to their
seperate beds for the night, and we would meet tomorrow lunch time.